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Marcela salazar  method of language
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Marcela salazar method of language


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. ENGLISH DIDACTIC Marcela Salazar Caraballo Method of Language Teaching
  • 2. GRAMMAR TRANSLATION METHOD ADVANTAGES  An effective way for application of grammar and sentence structure  Few demands on teachers  Least stressful for students  Accuracy /translation  Language skills DRAWBACKS X Wrong idea of what language is X Less learners’ motivation X Create frustration for learners
  • 3. THE DIRECT METHOD     students speak much Use lesson plan Speak naturally Use lesson plan  An effective way in creating learners to be competent in using the target communicatively. X Grammar were emphasized X Grammar was taught inductively X Postponement of written word
  • 4. Audiolingual method  Allows Students to communicate quickly  Students become good at pattern X Emphasize in the “Form”, not the “Meaning  Focus on students’ pronunciation, and train their ability of listening by dialogues and drills X Turn Students into parrots X Not developing language competence.
  • 5. TOTAL PHYSICAL RESPONSE  Memorable.  Good for kinesthetic learners.  No matter the class size.  Work well with mixed-ability classes.  No requirement for many preparation or materials.  Effective with young learners. X Students feel shy X Less useful for upper levels X overuse TPR
  • 6. SUGGESTOPEDIA METHOD  Suggest the psychological barriers to learn vocabulary and conversation  Students can lower their affective filter  Increase oral proficiency  Lower classroom anxiety  Liberate instead of teach X No advanced comprehension technique X Unavailable of music and comfortable chair
  • 7. THE SILENT WAY METHOD  Students interact not only with teachers but also with each other.  Silent Way learners acquire «inner criteria»  Creates a correctly, adequately working inter-language  The self-esteem of the students will be increased and this will enhance learning  Learners gain practical knowledge and use of the target language X Method should be used in small groups of students X The rigidity of the system may be meaningless. X How successfully it might be used at more advanced levels is questionable X Language is separated from its social context and taught through artificial situations usually by rods
  • 8. COMMUNITY LANGUAGE LEARNING  Remove the feeling of distance and insecure X Teacher may become too indirective  Counselor allows the learner to decide the topic X Confidence based on an inductive strategy for learning