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  1. 1. During 5th semester, our English teacher asked us to do three projects. The fist one was about our lifes, the second one about disabled people and the third one was to organize a play. In this presentation I will talk about each one of my projects and my personal experience.
  2. 2. During the first period of my fifth semester, our English teacher asked us to create a presentation with our autobiography. We had to use powerpoint to illustrate some episodes of our lifes and to describe, in some words, who we really are.
  3. 3. I think it was the easiest project, because we had to talk about ourselves, and I think we are experts on that subject. I really liked this exercise because, when we presented our slides, I got to know my classmates better; I dicovered new things about them and enjoyed watching their photographs.
  4. 4. The second period, my beautiful English teacher asked us to make a report on how enterprises or companies treat people with disabilities. The job was to make a video and a spot about Earth conservation, by teams. My team was conformed by Mony Polanco, Tony Soler and Romina Calle. At first I thought it would be a little difficult, but as I started I realized it would be really interesting.
  5. 5. My project began when I called to the Fairmont Princess Hotel, to get in touch with Mr. Lars Garrido. I know he is the director of operations because he is the father of my sister’s friend. When I interviewed him I learned that this big company does hire people with disabilities and there are five working there.
  6. 6. My ecological spot showed 5 simple ways to save the planet. It gave advices on how to become a superhero to our planet, because it is starting with small thing, that you can do bigger acts later. It was really funny because I had to record my voice to narrate the spot.
  7. 7. I really enjoyed doing this project because I learned about disabled people and how are they treated in the professional environment. It was great because I found good news and it was very touching. Many times, they are discriminated just for being a little different from us, but the truth is that they are, sometimes, better than us in many ways. They don’t give up and they try to overcome the obstacles that life presents to them. Even though they have a physical problem, they develop other qualities and virtues. So it is really great that they are considered to do normal jobs, such as receptionists.
  8. 8. This period, our assignment was to organize and present a play to kindergartens. 3°D decided to present High School Musical.
  9. 9. I was the “director” of the play, but I also helped to create the choreographies, and to edit the script. It was a little difficult because it took a lot of time and effort to make all this stuff work together, and honestly, I consider we had very little time to plan the show.
  10. 10. Even though we were able to rehearse 2 times before the final show, we were all both nervous and excited. The boys were a bit confused with the choreographies but the girls were confident about it. We learned our dialogues and our stage doors and we also prepared our costumes. I played the role of Jason, a boy, so I had to get long shorts, sneakers and hats; it was really funny.
  11. 11. I have to confess that the first time we presented High School Musical, most of our dialogues and chats were improvised because we were nervous. However, this was the best show we ever made, all the audience laughed and they were really interested in the play. It was quite a success.
  12. 12. We also presented it, two more times, and even though we liked it, we were all tired and exhausted. To organize a play is a hard job, but, in the end, I think we all enjoyed it and had a great moment.
  13. 13. We also had the chance to watch other plays, such as Hercules, High School Muscial 2 and Snow White. I thought they were all well-made and very funny, specially Snow White; Alex Castrejón did a great job as Hercules and High School Musical 2 was super organized.
  14. 14. Even though some period projects were a little difficult to organize, I liked doing each one of them. I got to know my classmates better and to spend more time with them as friends. It was a hard but great experience for me!