Reduce the Cost of Your Software Licenses Across Your Business


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With LANDesk SLAM application, you can inventory and manage your software licenses across your business and your network on any device.

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  • Configure multiple source attributes to single attributes. Even apply validation rules to the data map to only get the data you wantExample: A computer model Number may or may not exist in multiple fields and what data does exist may vary. Apply data validations and map it to a single field for consistency
  • License monitoring tracks the quantity of licenses owned, compares it with what is installed and takes action when the count of available licenses drops below a defined threshold.License reclamation permits IT to identify assigned but unused licenses and launch email campaigns to reclaim them from the user community
  • Reduce the Cost of Your Software Licenses Across Your Business

    1. 1. LANDesk Client Management Solutions…Software License Asset Management DemoPresented By:Mark BastinWest Area System EngineerWelcome to our Webinar
    2. 2. LANDesk Software Confidential1 WHAT’S NEW?23 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS8Want to save big money? 20% of enterprise IT budgets are spent onsoftware licenses and maintenance. 60% of organizations over-license their software 30-40% - Effective software asset managementcould save your organization in operatingexpensesAgendaNOTE5 minutes30-40 minutes5 minutesDEMONSTRATION
    3. 3. What’s New
    4. 4. LANDesk Software Confidential• Content• Static Groups• Dynamic groupsManufacturer Normalization
    5. 5. LANDesk Software Confidential• Static Groups– Add theproductsselectively• DynamicGroups– Use wildcardsto find allproductsProduct Normalization and Groups
    6. 6. LANDesk Software Confidential• Automatically Discovered Products– MSI, Shortcuts and Executed softwareProduct Discovery
    7. 7. LANDesk Software Confidential• User configurable Runtime files– Calculate usage based on the exe that matter (distiller.exenot reader.exe)Runtime Usage
    8. 8. LANDesk Software Confidential• Based on a LANDesk Query or Files• Web Product Monitor SaaS applications (URL)Custom Products
    9. 9. LANDesk Software Confidential• Filters that can be used to find the software– Simplified searchProduct Filters
    10. 10. LANDesk Software Confidential• Know what you have, where you got it from• Purchase date, expiration, what you paid for itLicenses10
    11. 11. LANDesk Software Confidential• License can have multiple products associated– Licenses are processed in the order listedProduct to License association
    13. 13. LANDesk Software ConfidentialData Analytics - data from Inventory scanNormalizedDataEULAAwareLicensedSoftwareAdd RemoveProgramsBenefit -Turns 1000’s ofsoftware titles to lessthan 100 in most cases
    14. 14. LANDesk Software Confidential• Manufacturer Name• Software TitleBenefits• Data fixed at scan time• If wanting to move datato other DB or usereporting in 32 consoleData Analytics Normalization
    15. 15. LANDesk Software Confidential• Uses all raw data , normalized or notand only worries about “licensablesoftware”• Compare it to an accountant thatknows all the tax codes, EULAAnalytics gives credits for multipleversions , bundles or suites.• Results in software list per machineunder “licensed software “tabEULA Analytics
    16. 16. LANDesk Software Confidential• Analyzes the softwaresDowngrade rights• Standard MSRP cost used andis adjustable based on yourcosts• Data is sent to SLM asCONTENTEULA Analytics – Downgrade rights
    17. 17. LANDesk Software ConfidentialLicensed Software Analytics
    18. 18. LANDesk Software Confidential• Takes all “licensed software data” results and moves into SLM as contentData Analytics is a SLM content provider
    19. 19. LANDesk Software Confidential• Connector to Microsoft Volume Licensing and Adobe cloud to dynamicpull in the effective licenses quantities directly into SLMData Analytics software B2B connectors
    20. 20. LANDesk Software ConfidentialNew – VDI Licensing
    21. 21. LANDesk Software ConfidentialNew – VDI Licensing
    22. 22. LANDesk Software Confidential• Normalizedsoftware title list• Global Groups• EULA analyticsresults“Installations”• Total licenses“Effective licensequantities”• Software Usageunder “+” and “-”End Game – The compliance report
    23. 23. LANDesk Software ConfidentialNext Step -RECLAMATIONLANDesk SoftwareLicense Asset Management• Data Analytics• B2B connectors• EULA management• Software License Management• Monitoring• Automated Reclamation• Tracks the quantity of licenses purchased• Tracks the quantity installed• Tracks the usage of the licenses• Determines unused licenses• Policy based license reclaiming• Threshold based limits• Automatic vs. ManualLicense MonitoringLicense Reclamation
    24. 24. LANDesk Software ConfidentialGet IN Touch!Phone:714-408-4700www:www.irontouchms.comSocialMediaCONTACTin
    25. 25. LANDesk Software Confidential25Thank You!The information herein is the confidential information and/or proprietary property of LANDesk Software, Inc. and its affiliates (referred to collectively as “LANDesk”), and may not bedisclosed or copied without prior written consent of LANDesk.To the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, LANDesk assumes no liability whatsoever, and disclaims any express or implied warranty, relating to the sale and/or use ofLANDesk products including liability or warranties relating to fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, or infringement of any patent, copyright or other intellectual propertyright, without limiting the rights under copyright.LANDesk retains the right to make changes to the information herein or related product specifications and descriptions, at any time, without notice. LANDesk makes no warranty forthe use of the information herein and assumes no responsibility for any errors that can appear nor does it make a commitment to update the information contained herein. For themost current product information, please visit or © 2013, LANDesk Software, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. LANDesk and its logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of LANDesk Software, Inc. and itsaffiliates in the United States and/or other countries. Other brands and names may be claimed as the property of others.