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Social Media - Agora Partnerships
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Social Media - Agora Partnerships


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. What is Social Media? 2 Marcella Chamorro
  • 2. What is Social Media?  Media for social interaction that uses Web 2.0 to change broadcast media monologues into social media dialogues  Represents many areas of an organization  Social networks, blogs, social bookmarking, sharing, etc.  Media that engages  Different from traditional forms of media 3 Marcella Chamorro
  • 3. Why Social Media? 4 Marcella Chamorro
  • 4. Why Social Media?  We are no longer in the Information Age. We are in the Attention Age.  Consumers are now spending more time in front of screens – computer and mobile.  It’s not about competition. It’s about engagement.  Spend time where your users/consumers/ clients/donors/etc. are hanging out. 5 Marcella Chamorro
  • 5. Why now?  Twitter is producing over 2 billion tweets a month. 6 Marcella Chamorro
  • 6. Why Social Media? Worldwide Latin America  72% of the Internet  Latin America makes up population are active on 10.4% of the world’s at least 1 social network. Internet users.  In the last 5 years, time  32% of Latin America’s population has access to spent on the Internet has Internet. gone up by 117%.  From 2007-2009, growth  YouTube is the 2nd largest rate of Nicaraguan users search engine – bigger with Internet access was than Yahoo! and Bing. 287%. 7 Marcella Chamorro
  • 7. Why Social Media? New form of Marketing  Push and pray vs. pull and stay  Marketing mix:  Product  Promotion  Price  Place  A Participation  Importance of going viral 8 Marcella Chamorro
  • 8. Measuring Success 9 Marcella Chamorro
  • 9. Measuring Success The bottom line  Life is marketing, and marketing lives off of ROI.  Convincing the staff is sometimes the hardest part.  Move from “eyeball-based” marketing to “conversion-based”marketing.  The amount of data and experiments possible are limited only by your imagination. 10 Marcella Chamorro
  • 10. Measuring Success Tools  Metrics are the key to success.  Google Analytics  HootSuite, TweetDeck  Google Alerts – i.e. Acumen Fund blog  Wordpress plugins  Twitalyzer  Facebook Insights  Set goals and create reports 11 Marcella Chamorro
  • 11. Agora’s Outposts 12 Marcella Chamorro
  • 12. Agora’s Outposts  Official website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Blog  Slideshare?  Open up, face the fear of being open  To-Finish list:  Read, comment, and guest post  Reply to each and every comment  Share buttons  Promote others 12x more then yourself  More @replies than broadcasts – and properly  Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions  Upload, upload, upload  Egg timer  Lots done already. Lots more to do. 13 Marcella Chamorro
  • 13. Agora’s Outposts 14 Marcella Chamorro
  • 14. Connect with me marcinators marcellachamorro mchamorro http://feeds.feedburner. com/marcinator marcechamorro marcella.chamorro