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Tips and ideas for your social science classes

Tips and ideas for your social science classes



Slide Contains many tips and advice on social science tools to use in the canadian classroom. Original is found at edtechvoice.com

Slide Contains many tips and advice on social science tools to use in the canadian classroom. Original is found at edtechvoice.com



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    Tips and ideas for your social science classes Tips and ideas for your social science classes Presentation Transcript

    • Your Source For Educational Technology InformationTips and Ideas to Use 21st CenturyResources in Social Science Classes This slide show is a shared slide show. Find the original or republish with respect to CC license. To open click the link below and you will be able to edit and keep up with all the improvments we add to this slideshow. Follow us on Twitter @marcdubeau This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.0 license.
    • newspapermap.com Phils EdTech Digest January 30th, 2012 Breaking News: Newspapermap.com!- newspapermap.com and its -Whats going on inapp now make it possible for Timbuktu? Lets learn moreyou to translate newspapers and find out! Great for socio-from around the globe, geographical studies, mediaanytime, anywhere, and studies, and languageinstantly. studies!- Have iPads or similar devicesin your classroom? Why not - So dont stress aboutgroup your students in fours collecting newspapers!using a tablet device (or Check out newspaper.comcomputer!) to examine daily to begin exploring theevents from around the globe. worlds news, as it happens!- Simply open the app orwebsite and click the mapmarker to open and translate Philipthe newspaper Joly
    • Lookingfor a Mapfor yourHistoryClasses? Animated MapsPAUSE Key Eventsand PLAY and Personasvideo and highlightednarrator Gavin McOnie
    • Comprehensivesource of MoreCanadian reliable thanHistory Wikipedia!Pictures,videos, and CANADIANlinks ONLY CONTENT Gavin McOnie
    • Historical Tweets provide often humourous tweets of what might have been. The site includes many neat features like Random Tweets and many many humourous tweets. It is a great way to introduct social media to your students with a historical twist. Students can be asked to create their own historical tweets using this website as inspiration.AnExample!@marcdubeau
    • Want to get in touch with current events? Check the top 100 stories making headlines across the world using this great ressource! Offers quick and easy It showcases the top 100 stories access to the information in pictures and, when hovered that you want when youover, the pictures title appears on want it. No need to the right side of the images. spend your time sifting through google search When the picture is selected, a results, 10x10 is not only little box pops up with a list of intereactive, its easy toheadlines on the selected subject. use!
    • OECD and The World Bank provide real time date visualization of various important population indicators. Great for Macro Economics, World Issues, Geography and Data Management Classes. Data is easy to manipulate and manage and allows students to easily spot trends and draw conclusions and/or create theories based on real time data. Makes collecting Statistics Easy and Fun For Students. See the graphes in real time-- no waiting for Info!@marcdubeau
    • Think Quest 2/2How to use it in the classroom•Allows teachers to easily view and manage class material.•Students can be added to a class account.• Students can develop web based research projects and websites for aclass assignment.•Teachers can utilize the library to share resources and create interactivelesson plans.•Students can use the library to conduct research for class projects.•Teachers can create their own class projects, add students to thatcreated project How to use it • View Tutorial • Login not required to view published library material •Create an account • Create a project - choose a topic (e.g., Social Sciences) •Add members by assigning student accounts to the created project •Create project by adding pages, pictures, discussions, surveys and so on by using the control panel and selecting the appropriate icons.
    • Phil WakefordGoogle public data explorer is a great way to get students interested in statistics orbegin researching a project..It allows anyone to quickly and easily find out facts about the nations of the worldby visiting one site.There’s also an animated twist to make graphs more intuitive. You can actually seehow the data changes over time.
    • Just choose the type of data you want to see (by typeand country) and the format in which it is displayed.Then watch how the data changes over time. World Bank, World Development Indicators Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Country, Economy Economic Sector, and Gas Agriculture, value added (% of GDP) Greenhouse gas emissions Cash surplus/deficit (% of GDP) Greenhouse gas emissions intensity Exports as percent of GDP Per capita greenhouse gas emissions Public data explorer 2 of 2 (Phil Wakeford)
    • Ancient History Encyclopedia is a free app available through Google. A.H.E. is a non-profit community This app allows students to quickly and accurately website that uses definitions, research the most important events that occurred timelines, maps, illustrations, and in ancient history. Customized timlines clearly articles to present ancient history in differentiate between types of events, and the an easily accessible way. glossary provides background information. This is a great resource in the classroom for historyPhil Wakeford teachers, and a fun resource for students at home.
    • See the Impact Youre MakingNow every household will have the opportunity tomake a difference!The Ecological Footprint Quiz measures how much land and water area that isrequired to support your consumption of food, goods, services, energy, andwaste. Geography students can compare their familys footprint and designtheir very own plan to reduce it.Teachers can get students to reduce their familys footprint by improving one ofthe following: ● Carbon Footprint ● Food Footprint ● Housing Footprint ● Goods and Services FootprintKathryn AubinJanuary 23, 2012
    • Great online documentaries are only a click away! CBC offers a great archive of documentaries with David Suzuki. This Canadian television series documents environmental and other issues. These documentaries are 45 minutes in length and are a great resource for Geography, Earth and Space Science, and Environmental Science classes. Students will gain a better understanding of the following topics: ● Geology ● Endangered Species ● Canadian Issues (tar sands, nuclear plants, hypoxia etc.) ● Advancements in TechnologyKathryn AubinJanuary 23, 2012
    • Maps of World Finding Maps has Never been Easier! With Maps of World, every teacher now has access to several different types of maps including: ● World ● Thematic ● Projection ● Flash ● Satellite ● Blank Tons of great maps are only a click away. This tool is great for all social science courses.Kathryn AubinJanuary 23, 2012
    • Creat e Hist for th ory assig e 21s nmen t Cen tury! ts Check out this roast of Napoleon Bonaparte: a creative and unique way to learn & teach!Teachers are reinventing theirlectures to suit a variety oflearners with the use ofXtranormal.Heres how: ● create a free account ● choose FREE characters ● choose FREE backgrounds ● create a dialogueand VOILA! A cross-curricularsite where students enjoylearning about history andmovie-making. Melissa Maluorni (melissamaluorni@teacherportal.ca)
    • AskPhilosphers is a collection of This site is an excellent supplementanswers to philosophical questions. for students in a philosophy class to explore topics that are notIf there is a question that covered in class.hasnt already been answeredthat you would like answered, It allows students to posethe site allows users to submit questions related to philosophy, asthem to a panel of trained well as contribute their ownphilosophers. responses on others questions. Features:To date, over 3000 questions have - Advanced Searchbeen submitted, with over 5000 - Browse by Categoryresponses in total. - Browse by Concept Cloud - Question of the Day Henry Tai
    • A Virtual History through McCordMuseums EduGames With the McCord museum, students can test their knowledge of Canadian history with role-playing, association, observation and quizzes.Ever wonder what a woman would wear to a Go to the websites 1920s nightclub, or how a true gentlemanwould act in a Victorian ballroom? With role-playing through Edugames, you can explore game section to get for youself! started! McCord Museum EduGames 1/1 Added by KatelynSouthern
    • Explore the Diefenbunkers History Interactively! Use: This site is great for getting students to explore and learn about the history of the Diefenbunker and the Cold War without havingStep 1: Click the link (Project the students realize they are learning!Rustic).Step 2: Explore and Play! Chelsey Lackner 1/2
    • The website is offered in bothProject Rustic 2/2 French and English! The site also The great uses historical ineractive games video clips to and pages allow get students students to see into the what life was like mindset of a during the cold person who war, specifically lived during in the bunker the cold war. and out. Chelsey Lackner
    • Put a Face to History: The Memory Project This website has an enormous database of Canadian online oral histories. Allow your students to put a face to a soldier by getting each to study a different veterans story.Chelsey Lackner
    • Memory Project ContObserving this personalview of anevent willhelp make history, "real," to yourstudents. Tip: The site also allows you to contact veterans in your area for visitation opportunities! Chelsey Lackner
    • Explore the Royal Ontario Museums huge compilation of artifacts digitally!Click here to explore a vast array of unique and ancientartifact images. This ROM site is great for educators everywhere because of its huge library of online images with references and valuable information. It allows students to either view artifacts online, or browse them and narrow down which artifacts they will visit on their trip to the ROM. Added by Michael Slusarczyn. January 20, 2012.
    • Also, Access the Royal Ontario Museums activities digitally!The activities also allow teachers to bring digital Explore the ROMshistory into the classroom. Its as easy asclicking the blue links and clicking the activities unique activitieslink on the website. here and enjoyAdded by Michael Slusarczyn. January 20, historical activities2012. online!
    • Do your students have difficulty comprehending Shakespeares work? Are footnotes not enough? Then have No Get your prose translation of Fear of Shakespeare! Shakespeare hereThis site is great for educators everywhere because ofits huge library of prose Shakespeare with referencesand valuable information. It allows students to studyShakespeare without the language barrier assocaitedwith midle english. This site is great for college classesand ESL.Added by Michael Slusarczyn. January 22, 2012.
    • Boring bristol boards are a relic of the past! ● Save on paper/materials by creating a digital poster ● Allows the students creativity to shine through a host of digital software tools ● Have your students create posters in the computer lab at schoolAdded by Richelle McDonald. January 20, 2012.
    • Dont have wireless at your school? Having trouble accessing online videos? Use a video converter and convert any online videos and save them on a CD or USB key! ● A safe and secure way of ensuring your files are ready when you need them. ● Use interent files in your classroom despite technological restrictions.Added by Richelle McDonald. January 22, 2012.
    • The latest in visual search engines Use Oolone to search for anything on the web, but instead of getting a simple blue links you get the entire first page of the website for your preview. Want to know how to use it, watch a short demonstration video.Added by Richelle McDonald.
    • Sara Di Maulo EDUCA TE AN EXPLO D - Great K-12 cross-curricular RE ! lesson plans for teachers START HERE !   - Assessment Resources   -Interactive online games for students   -Homework Help for Studentshaving trouble completing their work Discover, teach, and learn more about our planet all at the same time !
    • Some Suggestions for Black History Month A resource for teachers and students to gain access to resources about Black history in Canada. You can see the Browse involvement from Black Canadians, Check out the curriculum a collection of chart that shows where profiles, and the theme of black history celebrates the fits into the social studies contribution of curriculum. Black Canadians to our country.Test your knowledge! Try the Black History Quiz Added by Ben McCoy on January 22, 2012. Visit My Blog
    • A website with great resources and activities for Students & Teachers! Try some interactive geography games, and before you know it, you will be a walking atlas! (Great for all ages) Or maybe you Teachers can also benefit would rather from this site practice your by accessing math skills. and sharing articles, There are activities and many games links with the and activities students! for you here! SCIENCE | MATH | GEOGRAPHY | HISTORY | LANGUAGE | AND MOREShady Hanna - January 23, 2012
    • NO MORE CHART PAPER!! students will be excited to present their create stunning word clouds with of the data (a.k.a. artwork) to the rest WORDLEget students on wordle at the start of class you what they alreadya unit to show great for brainstormingknow activities! beautiful word clouds compiled by Sandra Christie Jan 23 2012
    •   ● Tv Shows, Videos and Photos from around the world.   ● Provides learning opportunities for all social science and science courses.   ● The real life footage explores places Volcanic that are otherwise unreachable without Eruption means of technology.   ● Both students and teachers have the ability to easily access multimedia resources that can be used in the classroom to enhance their knowledge, while keeping the students entertained.   Aleda Talbot "Inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888"Created Jan. 23, 2012
    • The Urban PlannerGoogle Earths "HistoricalImagery" function allows you toturn back time.View neighbourhoods beforethey are developed and haveyour students be the UrbanPlanners of your city.See an Example Here! And another here! Compiled by Barry Cooper
    • Audacity is a free, easy-to- use, and multi-lingual audio editor and recorder. Runs on MAC OS X, Windows and GNU/Linux. Have students Teachers can create interactive and hands- s create podcast on lessons using this software. Better yet - from your classroom! students can get involved in the creative process as well! Features include: Turn a review ● Record live audio lesson into a ● Convert tapes and records into digital recordings catchy song! or CDs ● Edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF sound files ● Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together ● Import audio tracks and sound effects ● Change the speed or pitch of recording I never thought class could be this fun!Heather AmadoriCreated Jan 24
    • Canadian WarMuseum OnlinepropagandaExhibition● Teachers can create an ● Posters from the first and second interactive lesson on war are available for studnets to propagnada and use the view, along with a decription of propaganda posters provided by each poster. This will give the war Museum Exhibit. studnets a clear picture of the type of propaganda the canadian governemnt used in times of war. Enas MIsellati 4726176
    • POWER POINT GAMES Teachers can download intercative games on powerpoint and play themn in the classroom. Teachers can add any subject questions to these well known games and have a great interactive review for the studnets. Enas Misellati 4726176
    • Canadian Museumof Civilization:First NationsOnline ExhibtionThis is anexcellentsource ofvisual FirstNationshistroy. Itprovides the teacher with The information varies fromlarge amount of content that the Fur Trade to Arts andthe tecaher can take culture. All is available inlineadvantage of through and free Enas Misellatiher/his lessons. 4726176
    • A s CaLeD i uN VeRsE- This tool allows students to comparedifferent objects in the universe in termsof size- Great use for scientific demonstrationson the space unit!- Students can navigate with the scrollbar on the bottom of the screen- Zoom in/out by moving the bar to theright/left- All the objects change in size inproportion to each other Scale the Universe NOW!A great interactive tool to show students howlarge the universe is by scaling items within it! By Lana Hachem
    • Continents, Countries, Cities, Capitals...Where am I? Lizard Point Bring me to Lizard Offers: Point Now!●● Over 40 world geographical quizzes● Quizzes on location of countries and citiesQuizzes on capitals ofstates, provinces, andcountries By Lana Hachem
    • S L O W M A T I O N Whatch here!Create minianimations andnarrate them! Its great for creative assignments, and for review by assigning every student a different topic and having MAKE A SLOWMATION them all posted. NOW! By Lana Hachem
    • -World Of Teaching allows for students AND teachers to view Powerpoint slides on specific topics. -This resource adds an extra dimension to lesson planning because it allows the teacher to use information that they may not have been aware about. -Within these powerpoints there are youtube clips, movie suggestions, documentaries and important images that can enhance the learning experience for both the students and teacherDaniel Zappone
    • Tip # 1 - Collaborating with Students 1. Create a Popplet related to a concept/question in class. 2. Have students create their own popplet account, and then add them as collaborators into the popplet that was just created.   -Students can then sign in and respond to the Popplet question/idea.  -This allows for the opportunity to assess students understanding of said concept. -Additionally, it allows students to see each others responses and learn from other ideas. 
    • Tip # 2 - Creating a WebStudents (and the teacher) have the ability to respond to the initialPopple, but may also make comments to responses to the initial Popple. This allows for the creation of a web that can lead to extensions tothe discussion topic. 
    • Tip # 3 - Integrating Videos into YourPoppleYou can embed a youtube link or file (including video files) into yourPopple by, 1. Click the bottom right button of your Popple. 2. Choose the type of file/link you wish to embed into your Popple.  3. Click "add to popple".
    • One stop resource for everything thats Canadian! EH! A useful website as it covers grades from kindergarten to 12 and is focused on subjects involving Canadian content. This site has everything from lesson plans, unit plans, and rubrics. What more could a teacher ask for?!Andrew Grant
    • Find a WWI Veteran? Or 600,000?Within Library and Archives Canada is asection entitled "Military andPeacekeeping." There are excellentresources here but the best is "Soldiersof the First World War (CanadaExpeditionary Force)" section thatallows the user to find soldiers byname. LAC has digitized all the recordsfrom these soldiers and it is a greatway to get students to examine PrimaryResources electronically.It allows the opportunity to "get theirhands dirty" without actually leavingthe classroom. Having this source means that some students could search for family members or soldiers from their community! Added by Jamie Wood on Jan. 16, 2012 jamiewood@teacherportal.ca
    • Discover Canadas Heritage through Newspaper ArticlesCanadas Heritage from 1844 is acomplete digitization of everyedition of The Globe and Mailsince 1844. The site is useful toevery student that needs to writea paper about pretty much everytopic that is covered in a highschool history, politics, or lawclass.Articles can be searched for by date or by keyword, both ofwhich are extremely useful functions in a history paper. Thehits returned to the searcher provide the date of the issueas well as the page and section of the article. Further, thekeywords are highlighted in the text.CONTINUED ON THE NEXT SLIDE Added by Jamie Wood on Jan. 29, 2012 jamiewood@teacherportal.ca
    • Canadas Heritage from 1844 contd. A great example of a way that this site can be used in a classroom is mentioned in my blog. It proposes a sort of "I spy" on the internet, where students have to locate information online. This site is perfect for that.Added by Jamie Wood on Jan. 29, 2012jamiewood@teacherportal.ca
    • Smithsonian EducationThe Smithsonians "For Educators" portalis a huge source of teaching aids, fromactivities, images, and videos, to fulllesson plans.The lesson plans arecontained on a database that issearchable by subject. Here is an example lesson plan. Its subject is WWII on the homefront. It features some great propoganda posters. The Smithosonian Institution is one of the largest collections of historical artifacts in the world. While a lot of the links that it connects to pertain to American history, its uses for a Canadian teacher are still very broad. Added by Jamie Wood on Jan. 29, 2012 jamiewood@teacherportal.ca
    • WATCH, INTERACT, EXPLORETeachers can choose from Greatshort videos or content and longer videos high interestfrom the Nova levels formagazine and students of TV program. all types! Capturing Carbon Fastest Glacier Hurricane Katrina Calida Seifert
    • Great for enrichment in and out of the classroom. Teachers may pick a specific topic within their course and show part of the lecture within their classroom. Students may expand their knowledge on topics covered in class. Click above to see an example of a Classical   Mechanics Course Calida Seifert
    • Aka: Billy BishopUse the Library and Important Note: Less popular files may not beArchives Canada to digitalized yet. Onceresearch Canadian WW1 requested the process canSoldiers from your family or take several months. Make the requests at the start ofyour town the term. Contact Link Contributed By Robert Halpin
    • World Bank Real Time DATA! Data moves over time using real data. See trends by country! You can view Economic Data on this time animated Graph is a powerful way to allow students to identify economic trends and predict/explain they causes. This software unveils the beauty of statistical time series byCountriescan be converting boring numbers into enjoyable, animated and interactiveselected graphics./removed@marcdubeau
    • Check out the Video Have your students choose a theme related video, research it and critque it. A collection of videos where you can find a great hook for any Canadain history class Contributed By Robert Halpin
    • ● A powerful visual aid for any history lecture● Prerecord a tour that will feature all relevant historical sites for your lecture.● Takes only seconds to show your students any location, rivers, lakes or battlefield sites while you lecture. View the video for a full tutorial The Plains of Abraham
    • for iPad Explore ancient Rome like never before! ● 3D Maps of the cities of the Roman Empire ● Ranges from pre- Roman Italy to the Fall of Rome ● Combines text, photos, manipulable 3D objects ● Enter 3D cities with Bubble view Check o ut this DemoBy Richard Verver !
    • Ideal for use in any WorldIssues, History or English Newsmap.jp Current events, politics, media literacy, metacognition class which features: Geographically specific news: Powered by Google Newsmap.jp News Brent Sobol Contributor: Brent Sobol @sobietunion
    • Bienvenue a la Musée de la Civilisation: A Virtual Tour of The Citadelle of Quebec Interactive videos ofVirtual & eachAccuratetour of La section ofCitadelle du PlaceQuebec Royale (sample)The websiteis entirelybilingual asare all thevideos! Ideal for Contributor: Brent Sobol @sobietunion Intermiediate and Senior History Classes!
    • Canadian History and Geography Games! Tons of games for students to learn or assess their learning. Can YOU name the Could you ace Try and name the Prime countries of Europe? grade 10 History? Ministers of Canada.The site includes quizzes specific to Canadian history and geography, aswell as many other subjects. Most importantly; the site is fun forstudents. Submitted by Nicholas Cook
    • PBS: A great source for visual education Over 400 programs Rich digital audio- Excellent sources visual imagery Teacher Award winning Resources docum-entary
    • Three excellent educational programs to choose from PBS Nova: Science documentariesAmerican Experience: American historical documentaries (Great for CHA3U) Frontline: Political documentaries
    • One rich amazingly superb program: American Experience (Good for CHA3U)Watch fascinating documentary on famous Outlaw Jesse James Award-winning documentary explains the era of the wild west. Railroad bosses and the expansion to the West, indirectly empowered Jesse James and his gang.Graphically riveting images takes the viewer back to the era and illustrates the ultimate betrayal.
    • Why use Google Scholar? ● It offers you a more powerful "Stand on the shoulders of giants" search engine than most online databases. ● It gives you the use of many Utilize Googles powerful engine to search search filtering techniques to through scholoarly journral databases decrease the time taken to find articles and research How to use it: ● First, its helpful if you log into your univeristy library account or journal database account so you have access to the online journal databases. ● Next, open up google scholar in a new window. ● Use the search bar to type in your query:Phil Hutchinson
    • "Stand on the shoulders of giants" For more specific searches, you can use the "Advanced Search" feature to help filter results: How YOU can use it as a social sciences teacher: ● Go beyond the textbook. Look up scholarly articles to help contextualize your social sciences classroom ● Offer stimulating information and research to your students ● You dont need to know what youre looking for, just start with a search. ● Google Scholar offers you a powerful tool you can use in your office or at home, without the need to visit a library or campus
    • Amber PalmerWhat is it?• Basic free software that allows individuals to createsurveys and analyze data.• Can create a variety of question types (e.g., multiplechoice, rating scale, long and short answers).• Allows individuals to post surveys on twitter, facebook,class website and blogs to enable easy access to a largepool of potential participants.• Can create charts and graphs, and perform crosstabulations and other basic statistical functions.How to use it in the classroom:• Can be used to create tests and quizzes for students• To take student attendance• To gain student feedback on teaching practices• Students can create surveys to collect primary researchdata and analyze findings for research projects.
    • How to use it• Create an account• Provide a username, password and active emailaccount.• Select question type or choose a survey template thatprovides premade questions• Customize using themes for colour, insert logos, selectlanguage, and/or include debriefs (i.e., Thank you page)at the end of your survey.• Question logic - add a text box for participants to addfurther information for a response within a multiplechoice question. • Link surveys to an email, blog, or twitter feed by copying and pasting the provided link • When analyzing data use the analyze page and select the statistical function you would like to use. • Name the function, select question and row • To export results, under the analyze page select type of data (e.g., Summary Report) and format (e.g., Excel).
    • What is it •An online resource for elementary and secondary schools •Houses the largest student developed web projects in their library • Allows students and teachers to easily create online projects and activities to be used in the classroom •Sponsors student competition within the areas of ThinkQuest Projects (students develop a webpage using ThinkQuest), Digital Media (students use digital media to create a blog, public service announcement, photo essay or website) and Application Development (students can develop a game or application). • Gain access to the ThinkQuest Library that contains projects for the Social Sciences and Culture. 1/2Amber Palmer
    • Help us! Add your ideas/Tips/Tricks to our slide show. Please make sure to share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google + . Please follow us @marcdubeau (twitter).To find all our original Slide Shows on EdTechnology, Please Visit our Website www.edtechvoice.com.