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Online marketing for offline businesses

Online marketing for offline businesses



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Proposal Proposal Presentation Transcript

  • The Problem
  • The Problem
    • Consumers are using Google for local search
    • Business directory MerchantCircle has online profiles of 1.3 million small companies, four times what it had two years ago.
    • Review site Yelp had 31 million unique visitors in April, up 35 percent year-on-year
    • Your competition is listed
    • You are not listed
  • The Problem
    • Print advertising is expensive
    • Flyers, coupons, newspaper ads all have significant costs in both time and money
      • Hire out art-work and design
      • Pay for printing
      • Pay for distribution
      • Split-testing is expensive
      • Results are not measured
  • Expected Results
    • Be seen at or near the top of Google for popular local search terms targeting your business
    • Capture customer's email addresses automatically
    • Ability to send advertisements/notices of specials/incentives/etc at the click of a button
    • Active, on-line presence with an interactive web-log
  • Expected Results
    • Visibility in all of the on-line business directories
    • Presence on Facebook
    • Alternative media
      • On-line radio interviews
      • YouTube videos
      • Slideshare presentations
    • Press releases both on-line and traditional
    • Optimize ad spend with AdWords
  • The Solution
    • On-page and off page search engine optimization
      • Both blog and website
      • Keyword research to find top searched terms
      • Alter title tags, H1 tags, meta tags
      • Post backlinks
        • Blog commenting
        • Forum profiles
        • Article marketing
        • Social bookmarking
  • The Solution
    • Capture email with Newsletter opt-in form
      • Customer gets a freebie in exchange
      • Customer/prospect gets a series of emails
      • Ability to send one-off newsletter or special offer
      • Import existing customer list
      • Customer may opt-out at any time automatically
      • All emails compliant with the CAN-SPAM act
      • DKIM ensures high deliverability and avoids spam folder
  • The Solution
    • Create a Wordpress Blog
      • Builds an interactive web-presence
      • Offer advice to prospects & customers
        • Which products to use
        • How-to articles
      • Public is allowed to post comments and questions
      • Usage statistics tracked through Google Analytics
      • Automatic pinging for new posts
  • The Solution
    • Google Places
      • Connected to Google Maps
    • Yelp
    • Yahoo!
    • CitySearch
    • SuperPages
    • InsiderPages
    • Merchant Circle
    • More.......
  • The Solution
    • Facebook
      • Most people know 250 other people
        • Ask any funeral director how many people show up, on-average
      • When they become your Facebook friend, you can befriend their friends
        • 10 friends means 2500 potential friends
      • You become a part of the local community
      • You can contribute to local conversations
      • Post when you have a special offer
  • The Solution
    • Alternative media
      • YouTube videos
      • Professional videos on website
        • Hire local production company to do an interview
        • Video of a free seminar posted on the website
      • On-line radio
        • Record over the phone
      • Slideshare
        • Slideshows online
  • The Solution
    • Press releases
      • Post company news both online and traditional
    • AdWords
      • Allows you to be at top of Google for tough-to-rank keywords
      • Allows you to test keywords
      • Allows you to split-test ad copy
      • Will show an immediate response
  • The Solution
    • Google Analytics
      • Allows tracking of hundreds of metrics
      • Gives feedback on what works and what does not
      • Shows your traffic over time
      • Gives you demographics of your visitors
      • Shows which blog posts are more popular