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Marc Canter talk
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Marc Canter talk


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Marc Canter talk Thank you for having me
  • 2. Here I was at LeWeb „08
  • 3. Status • • • • • Adored by some, unknown to most, original software dude Wikipedia page, blog, mentor, public speaker Entrepreneurial for 30+ years, put my own projects on back burner 1+ years ago Ready to relocate, fired up Matt called me a CPO
  • 4. A Hero‟s journey • • • • Started a company, got VC, became an industry Continued my Quest, started Family 2.0, watched Web 1.0 & 2.0 evolve Started more companies, built a platform, fought battles, wrote a book Moved to Cleveland, have an approach to “create on-line jobs for normal people” – called the “Digital City” project • Here‟s what I‟ve been doing since I left Macromedia in „92
  • 5. Content + Technology – ‟92-‟97 • • • • MediaBand The Marc Canter Show MediaBar SuperBowl XXXII
  • 6. Digital Cities Cyber-club – Trieste, Italy – „98 Citizen Dashboard Digital City Navigation
  • 7. Notice the Patterns, Spot the Trends • • • • • • • Content + Technology + Community Do something WITH the bandwidth – Smart Cities need software infrastructure Media rich intelligent client side Multi-device, multi-platform, multi-location Lots and lots of stuff to keep track of, participate in and maintain presence in Adaptive User Interfaces Digital Lifestyle Aggregation
  • 8. New work habits, ways to run a project • • • • Virtual Agile Open Source Project-based • • • • Brainstorm Design, Architect Recruit, Grow team Lead, Inspire
  • 9. While also staying relevant • • • • • Story teller, Blogger, Advocate, Believer Participate in Conversations, Forums, Comment threads, Social Media Speeches, Panels, Audience member Mentor, Adviser, Friend Constantly learn – and teach
  • 10. Notice Outliner Structure editor
  • 11. User Interface Adjusts to the user
  • 12. AOL Prototype of a Video chat Community Relationships of people to each other
  • 13. Design for “Friends” Portal and Community - Warner TV -‟01
  • 14. Design for new kind of Social Network – „02
  • 15. eg. I can design, architect and build large scale systems with virtual, local or hybrid teams.
  • 16. Enabling humans with tools To control Structure, Content and Community in the proper context
  • 17. Case study: the Persona Editor • • • • • Structure editor for managing one‟s digital lifestyle In-Do-Out – never hold onto data – or lock customers in Based on the “two-way web” – which doesn‟t exist – yet Prototype built (view video starting @ 23:05 prototype = 28:50–30:35) What can we learn from this tool design and it‟s history – about me?
  • 18. Kill several birds with one stone • • • • • • Useful tool, day one, becomes selling point to two-way web – solve Catch-22 Licenseable technology, works with everyone Establish an open standard, attain leadership = publicity Gradually expose the Kimono, multi-year roll-out strategy Work with others, build consensus and community around solutions that help Web service + Tool + Packaged Content + Community
  • 19. Tool Goals • Come up with an open format to inter-connect networks, platforms, vendors and independents – together (“Connect the dots”) • Leave crumbs on the table – for the little guy (eg. Distributed Open Architecture) • Be the co-creator and leader of this format‟s growth and importance • Ride on those coattails – with a coolio new kind of tool – that can edit the content, services and user‟s data – in an outliner
  • 20. We start off with “open social networking” • A Dashboard Container format – for inter-connecting stand alone networks • …..together
  • 21. Dashboard Container format • Microformats built into HTML web pages – discoverable “by others” • Regardless of website, blog, eCommerce or Web Service – they all have “Contact Us”, “About”, or some way of finding out “what this site IS?” • Proposed set of “dashboard containers” that we‟d all “share” – to facilitate an open distributed architecture
  • 22. Shared Access examples • Drunken Coed uploads photos – after a rough night • Changes her mind the next day • How can she retrieve not just the images from the main site (even after Snapchat expiration) – and make SURE nobody has access – anymore? • Shared Software Infrastructure – open APIs – free access and usage: • Listings, Catalogs, Directories (ala Craigslist, Etsy, Angie‟s List, AirBnb, Yelp, Kudzu) • History of a local region – senior citizen and figurehead interviews • Surveillance cameras, security status
  • 23. The format is the agenda • • • • • Make sure that all stakeholders have a problem that gets solved Find sponsors and licensees – to bootstrap and slowly iterate Build consensus through great solutions Open Source, Developer program and lots of Code Libraries Cross-vendor promotions
  • 24. In-Do-Out • • • • Import and/or Point at external data Do something to the data (combine w/other, edit, tag/categorize, annotate) Send it back out (publish, route, update) Supports real-time dynamic data that is coming from various real-time services, content sources, publishing nodes and end-points • And is going back out to multiple nodes, web presences, conversations, dashboards, networks, channels, games or end-points.
  • 25. Persona Editor MVP – 1st version • • • • • • Is the launching pad for the format Works w/Facebook, Google, most existing platforms Maintains one‟s personal Media collection Enables you to combine, publish, maintain Something coolio – dynamically changing, updating Becomes utility for the real-time web
  • 26. Show working prototype
  • 27. Buh bye • • • • • • Marc Canter – 925-876-0475 Marc@DigitalCityMechanics Marc.Blogs.It @MarcCanter4Real
  • 28. Digital City project