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Marc Canter talk

  1. Marc Canter talk Thank you for having me
  2. Here I was at LeWeb „08
  3. Status • • • • • Adored by some, unknown to most, original software dude Wikipedia page, blog, mentor, public speaker Entrepreneurial for 30+ years, put my own projects on back burner 1+ years ago Ready to relocate, fired up Matt called me a CPO
  4. A Hero‟s journey • • • • Started a company, got VC, became an industry Continued my Quest, started Family 2.0, watched Web 1.0 & 2.0 evolve Started more companies, built a platform, fought battles, wrote a book Moved to Cleveland, have an approach to “create on-line jobs for normal people” – called the “Digital City” project • Here‟s what I‟ve been doing since I left Macromedia in „92
  5. Content + Technology – ‟92-‟97 • • • • MediaBand The Marc Canter Show MediaBar SuperBowl XXXII
  6. Digital Cities Cyber-club – Trieste, Italy – „98 Citizen Dashboard Digital City Navigation
  7. Notice the Patterns, Spot the Trends • • • • • • • Content + Technology + Community Do something WITH the bandwidth – Smart Cities need software infrastructure Media rich intelligent client side Multi-device, multi-platform, multi-location Lots and lots of stuff to keep track of, participate in and maintain presence in Adaptive User Interfaces Digital Lifestyle Aggregation
  8. New work habits, ways to run a project • • • • Virtual Agile Open Source Project-based • • • • Brainstorm Design, Architect Recruit, Grow team Lead, Inspire
  9. While also staying relevant • • • • • Story teller, Blogger, Advocate, Believer Participate in Conversations, Forums, Comment threads, Social Media Speeches, Panels, Audience member Mentor, Adviser, Friend Constantly learn – and teach
  10. Notice Outliner Structure editor
  11. User Interface Adjusts to the user
  12. AOL Prototype of a Video chat Community Relationships of people to each other
  13. Design for “Friends” Portal and Community - Warner TV -‟01
  14. Design for new kind of Social Network – „02
  15. eg. I can design, architect and build large scale systems with virtual, local or hybrid teams.
  16. Enabling humans with tools To control Structure, Content and Community in the proper context
  17. Case study: the Persona Editor • • • • • Structure editor for managing one‟s digital lifestyle In-Do-Out – never hold onto data – or lock customers in Based on the “two-way web” – which doesn‟t exist – yet Prototype built (view video starting @ 23:05 prototype = 28:50–30:35) What can we learn from this tool design and it‟s history – about me?
  18. Kill several birds with one stone • • • • • • Useful tool, day one, becomes selling point to two-way web – solve Catch-22 Licenseable technology, works with everyone Establish an open standard, attain leadership = publicity Gradually expose the Kimono, multi-year roll-out strategy Work with others, build consensus and community around solutions that help Web service + Tool + Packaged Content + Community
  19. Tool Goals • Come up with an open format to inter-connect networks, platforms, vendors and independents – together (“Connect the dots”) • Leave crumbs on the table – for the little guy (eg. Distributed Open Architecture) • Be the co-creator and leader of this format‟s growth and importance • Ride on those coattails – with a coolio new kind of tool – that can edit the content, services and user‟s data – in an outliner
  20. We start off with “open social networking” • A Dashboard Container format – for inter-connecting stand alone networks • …..together
  21. Dashboard Container format • Microformats built into HTML web pages – discoverable “by others” • Regardless of website, blog, eCommerce or Web Service – they all have “Contact Us”, “About”, or some way of finding out “what this site IS?” • Proposed set of “dashboard containers” that we‟d all “share” – to facilitate an open distributed architecture
  22. Shared Access examples • Drunken Coed uploads photos – after a rough night • Changes her mind the next day • How can she retrieve not just the images from the main site (even after Snapchat expiration) – and make SURE nobody has access – anymore? • Shared Software Infrastructure – open APIs – free access and usage: • Listings, Catalogs, Directories (ala Craigslist, Etsy, Angie‟s List, AirBnb, Yelp, Kudzu) • History of a local region – senior citizen and figurehead interviews • Surveillance cameras, security status
  23. The format is the agenda • • • • • Make sure that all stakeholders have a problem that gets solved Find sponsors and licensees – to bootstrap and slowly iterate Build consensus through great solutions Open Source, Developer program and lots of Code Libraries Cross-vendor promotions
  24. In-Do-Out • • • • Import and/or Point at external data Do something to the data (combine w/other, edit, tag/categorize, annotate) Send it back out (publish, route, update) Supports real-time dynamic data that is coming from various real-time services, content sources, publishing nodes and end-points • And is going back out to multiple nodes, web presences, conversations, dashboards, networks, channels, games or end-points.
  25. Persona Editor MVP – 1st version • • • • • • Is the launching pad for the format Works w/Facebook, Google, most existing platforms Maintains one‟s personal Media collection Enables you to combine, publish, maintain Something coolio – dynamically changing, updating Becomes utility for the real-time web
  26. Show working prototype
  27. Buh bye • • • • • • Marc Canter – 925-876-0475 Marc@DigitalCityMechanics Marc.Blogs.It @MarcCanter4Real
  28. Digital City project