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Getting the most out of the world's biggest social network
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Getting the most out of the world's biggest social network

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This presentation was delivered at Social Media for Social Good in Glasgow on 26 April 2012.

This presentation was delivered at Social Media for Social Good in Glasgow on 26 April 2012.

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  • 1. FacebookGetting the most out of the world’s biggest social network#begoodbesocialMarc Bowkerwww.about.me/marcbowker
  • 2. What we’ll cover today • Getting started with Facebook • Facebook strategy • It’s good to talk • The Facebook Timeline • The Ubiquitous Network • Taking Facebook further
  • 3. Getting started with Facebook • Facebook Pages will give you more
  • 4. Getting started with Facebook • Have multiple administrators
  • 5. Getting started with Facebook • Keep it relevant
  • 6. Getting started with Facebook • Choose captivating images
  • 7. Getting started with Facebook • Reach out to your supporters and peers • Think carefully about linking Facebook to Twitter • Give people a reason to like your Facebook Page
  • 8. Facebook Strategy (ooo scary word) • Think about who your audience are – what are you going to post to get their attention? • Create a calendar of key events for your organisation • Gather inspiring stories to tell • Calls to action – empower your supporters • Build a community • Learn from the data by using Insights
  • 9. It’s good to talk • Keep it brief and inspire • Always reply to comments and posts on your page, even if they’re negative • Every so often thank your supporters • Ask for feedback
  • 10. The Facebook Timeline • Cover images
  • 11. The Facebook Timeline • Milestones
  • 12. The Facebook Timeline • Highlighting
  • 13. The Facebook Timeline • Pinning
  • 14. The Ubiquitous Network • Page stories boost your newsfeed presence – post a variety of story types • Encourage staff to list you as an employer and share your updates with their friends • Check ins • Use tools such as like boxes and share buttons on your website • Put a Facebook icon on your email footer
  • 15. Now it’s your turn • Split into groups of four • Choose one of your organisations • Plan a Facebook strategy for six months • include simple objectives, eg. gain 50 new likes • make a list of key dates • how often will you post? • who will post? • What unique element can you offer on Facebook? • something that your fans won’t get anywhere else
  • 16. My top tips • Ensure your cover photo is a strong image that captures the essence your organisation. • Don’t just broadcast what your organisation does. Get the conversation flowing and talk to people. Be human. • If you’re posting stories, try and put them on your website and post a link to that. It will drive more traffic to your website. • Wherever you have your web address, put a Facebook logo there too so people know you’re there. • Encourage people to like/comment on posts. The more people that do, the more visible your posts will be.
  • 17. Thank you for listening Keep up with the conversation on Twitter #begoodbesocial And of course on Facebook www.facebook.com/begoodbesocial Need more help/guidance? You can find me here: www.about.me/marcbowker marcbowker@gmail.com