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  • 1. E&V is a traditional French brand of margarines, creams and unique dairy products, all perfect for cooking easy and tasty recipes. However, the brand suffers from a low rate of purchase within the youngest audiences. This rises the brand risk of collapsing with senior consumers.
  • 2. Youngsters in France have a positive perception of the brand as Elle&Vire is used by their mum and grandmas for their delicious meals. The problem here is that in their everyday life, youngsters don’t really cook. They find it boring and time consuming.
  • 3. The French millennials do have time but they prefer to spend it doing shit young people do. Research shows that most of them spend their time connecting with friends or listen to music.
  • 4. Elle&Vire helps youngsters to cook easy and tastier recipes but adapting to their behavior.
  • 5. Elle&Vire partners up with Spotify to create a new innovative application that turns recipes into playlists (cooking step+music).
  • 6. Each cooking step becomes an audio tracks, which is followed by as many songs as the time required to perform that step. Example: The step Bring water to boil for 10 minutes is followed by two songs of 5 minutes each.
  • 7. Users can simply choose among different recipes that recommend the use of a new Elle&Vire product and then, share on facebook what are they cooking and with what music.
  • 8. Contextual ads in Spotify would invite people to enjoy a new recipe before lunch time, as well as start a user generated competition for music recipes. The prize, free tickets for concerts sponsored by Elle&Vire.
  • 9. With this innovative approach Elle&Vire not only brings a change of behavior into their youngest audience but also assures new ambassadors who will actively talk about the brand in digital and owned media.