Successful Fundraising in a Recession


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Fundraising in a recession is challenging. In this keynote, Marc shares way to keep "mental hygiene" to prevent catching the "recession bug." Filled with practical, actionable tips, this presentation will help you raise more money for your nonprofit while strengthening relationships with your donors.

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  • This situation is really tough For businesses and small businesses:Employment IS helping our community. Ask anyone that’s lost employers.Assets aren’t equal to cash flowNO ROOM FOR ENTITLEMENT! It’s ugly
  • Homelessness is on the rise
  • NBA team: Not practicing Michael Jordan gravity-defying tricks. Stillpracticing simple lay ups. Not silver bullets. But the basics.THE BASICS ARE EXTREME!
  • So let’s get to the sanitizing! In my book, I simplify fundraising to four steps: research, engage, ask, and loveYou all know these already. Today, let’s examine each in light of a recession
  • Saying you’re an authority is one thing.Having a major news publication say it is MUCH more convincing. And being cited in a NYT’s article makes your board and donors proud too!HARO is free and gives you the opportunity to help reporters with their stories.
  • Watch your phraseology: ( is the Inland Foundation website. Check out the language we FR’s use.
  • This is the hospital website. THESE are the words our donors are interested in.They expect us, as professionals, to know the other slide. But we need to engage them in this conversation.
  • Go where the conversations are! Check out social media. -Create videos with a Flip-upload photos with Flickr (Or Microsoft Photosynth)**Not a fundraising substitute.** Fans, donor evangelists, will use it to fundraise. So orgs should be familiar these tools.Start a blog. Play with Twitter. Seek out colleagues. Seek out people interested in your cause.Most importantly: LISTEN. Use these tools to LISTEN.
  • Board member got excited about me raising $30K in sponsorships and said we should be raising $50k.So I asked him for $10,000. He said no to $10,000. So I asked for $1000. “Inland is lucky to have you!” trying to stay in the black and keep people employed.But staying in black is the goal.
  • Your missions matters! People need you to fundraise!Don’t make up the mind for your donor. Give them the dignity by respecting them enough to make up their own mind!SYBUNTS: be sure to ask them, direct mail, phone callsDonor Profile: Do you really know who’s giving to you? I thought it was elderly Eleanor (80 y.o. widower) but found out is was Baby Boomer Bill & Betty!
  • LOVE The final step in REAL: LoveHow many times are you supposed to say “thank you” between asks? SEVENFlexible with pledge payments: be proactive- even if donors don’t take you up on this, they’ll be grateful.All the things FP “Dust Picture” – to all last year’s sponsors, advertisers, & ticket purchasers AND – to all in any previous yearMessage: We’re investing your gift right now
  • Successful Fundraising in a Recession

    1. 1. Successful Fundraising when most giving is going down Marc A. Pitman,
    2. 2. The Present Condition
    3. 3.  Huge DNA picture strand
    4. 4.  Campfire picture with people talking
    5. 5.  A trip to the grocery store
    6. 6. Let’s get fundraising!
    7. 7. Hero must be a person
    8. 8. Picture of Elevator  Or people in an elevator
    9. 9. Horse vet picture
    10. 10. There’s nothing compassionate about not asking!
    11. 11. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
    12. 12. Free Resources  – Blog – Articles on Twitter – Audio  Give me your business card for – Free subscription my ezine – Free copy of my email solicitation guide