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Social Media for Nonprofits: Silver bullet or bunch of hype?
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Social Media for Nonprofits: Silver bullet or bunch of hype?


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology

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  • So let’s have a conversation about ExpectationsToolsStrategyand staying sane
  • Be human.Listen first
  • Great for driving traffic back to your site
  • Notice my “influencers” list. It’s (hopefully) private, viewable only by me.Do this for donors though.
  • Infographic,
  • You don’t get this if your nonprofit is a profile!
  • Useful in sharing ideas and links that all can publically shareCould be good for a team
  • Picture of a Hangout with opera and theater nonprofits
  • Infographic,
  • Twestival and Epic Change and charity:water and Movember and more are proving it
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media for Nonprofits
      Silver bullet or just a bunch of hype?
      Marc A. Pitman, The Fundraising Coach,
      Twitter: @marcapitman
    • 2. Would you help?
      Could you tweet @aboutdotme and ask them to choose the bowtie of @marcapitman for Times Square?
    • 3. There are so many pressures on nonprofits
    • 4. Social media seems too good to be true!
      Lots of options
    • 5. But it can be a bit overwhelming!
    • 6. Raise as much as Obama?
      Not likely
      You need millions of potential donors
      AND a compelling message
      But you can learn
      Get emails everywhere you can
      Study online marketing
      And you can “stack the deck”
      Have major givers give through social media
    • 7. But isn’t Social Media Free?
      This stuff is free, right?
      It costs T-I-M-E
    • 8. You CAN raise money online
      Some are making money
      $500,000 in 1 dayMarch 24, 2011
      $30,000 around Mother’s Day 2011
    • 9. Great example of “listening”
      Local businesses do it. Why not nonprofits?
    • 10. More listening
      Even Red Box is doing it
    • 11. Have fun with it
      (It’s not what you think…)
    • 12. Twitter
      More good social media
      Listen, engage, explore
    • 13. Twitter Ideas
      Use it to be succinct
      140 characters (really only 120 if want RTs)
      Create donor list
      Share their stuff
      Promote others in your cause space
      Participate in Twitter chats like #smnpchat#blogchat #fundchat
    • 14. An example of a Twitter List
      You can see my other lists on the rights
    • 15. Twitter does increase fundraising
      Blackbaud study shows Twitter increases resulsts
    • 16. Facebook
      Be sure to be involved personally first
      Find out what bugs you, what attracts you
    • 17. Facebook
      Huge audience: over 600 million people
      Yes, Virginia, your donors are on FB
      Huge time on site: >50% of Americans spend at least an hour on FB a week
    • 18. Facebook Ideas
      Set up a FB page
      The ONLY place for organizations
      Experiment with posts
      Keep track of FB Insights (analytics)
      Set up “secret” groups
      Maybe with like causes to RT their stuff
    • 19. A nonprofit FB page
      Be sure to watch John Haydon’s webinars on customizing. (One is in
    • 20. An example of FB Insights
      Lots of graphs and helpful information
      Use this to guide the content you post
    • 21. A secret FB group
      Sorry, I can’t show you…it’s secret
    • 22. LinkedIn
      LinkedIn, the little engine that could
    • 23. LinkedIn Idea
      Experiment with setting up appointments through LinkedIn
      Use LinkedIn for donor research
      How do they describe themselves?
      Use the “Answers” tool
    • 24. LinkedIn Answer
      Can be related to your cause or not!
    • 25. Google+
      Awesome potential for nonprofits
    • 26. Google+ Ideas
      Follow interesting people
      New search features help you find them!
      Notice how people interact differently
      Answers tend to be fuller & use more media
      Experiment with Hangouts
      Lots of potential here for nonprofits
    • 27. Example of a Google+ Hangout
      Now you can also:
      Broadcast your hangout (so 10 interact but many more can see)
      Name your Hangout (something that fits your organization)
      Share screen or collaborate on Google Docs
    • 28. How do we organize all this?
      I love HooteSuite, others like TweetDeck
      HootSuite allows you to see all of this in one place (almost all, not Google+ yet)
      Searches _ particularly FB searches
    • 29. Lots of lists in one screen
    • 30. Facebook Searches
      Helps you see related public posts
    • 31. An example of Twitter chat
    • 32. Schedule Posts
      Comfort with this varies, but I find it helpful
    • 33. Measuring Success
      URL shorteners (ie.
      Can track clicks
      Google Analytics
      See if social media is driving traffic to your site (that is the point after all)
      Services like Flowtown can show where your donors are
      If you have emails. You have emails, right?
    • 34. Email IS social media
      Email is social media. It’s the grand daddy.
      And in my tests, is far more responsive
    • 35. Tough times are hear to stay
      Times are tough. And will be fore a while longer.
    • 36. Not a silver bullet
      But not a bunch of hype either
    • 37. But social media can help:
      Money is possible
      Raise money and raise PR
    • 38. Free Webinar 9/26
      Frank Barry & the 501 Mission Place crew discuss online fundraising as year end approaches!
    • 39. Give me your card for a free copy of $100,000 Guide to Email Solicitation e-course
      Tool shop including the Ask Without Fear! book and DVD
      Free blog, articles, book reviews, and more!