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Developing a Corporate Listening Grid
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Developing a Corporate Listening Grid


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A compilation of comments from #socialmedia Unpanel #8, "Developing a corporate listening grid", hosted by Radian 6's David Alston

A compilation of comments from #socialmedia Unpanel #8, "Developing a corporate listening grid", hosted by Radian 6's David Alston

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Developing a Corporate Listening Grid A collection of voices and thoughts from #socialmedia Unpanel #8
  • 2. What's the cultural shift that needs to happen today in business in order to accommodate social media?
  • 3. Companies need to be willing to trade control for conversation
  • 4. In larg e o rg anizatio ns , it take s a c hang e manag e me nt appro ac h be fo re s o c ial me dia pro g rams c an g e t o ff the g ro und ...
  • 5. Usually for people to be on board, they need to 1st understand what “social media” encompasses. Before blasting it at corp. culture
  • 6. Companies need to make sure the right person behind the brand is responding
  • 7. Employees like hiding behind their Brands. Because it allows them to not be accountable. Companies need to make individuals more accountable
  • 8. What should companies be listening for once they develop a listening culture?
  • 9. Listen for opportunity
  • 10. Listen for failure “Houston... we have a problem”...
  • 11. Listen for brand ambassadors
  • 12. Listening for brand conversations and the keywords that relate to their brand– that provide the opportunity to good times... or bad
  • 13. You should listen for competitive movements
  • 14. With listening, don't forget “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said”...
  • 15. Listen so they don’t vote with their feet! “Starbucks Twitter campaign hijacked by documentary about Starbucks' union-busting”.....
  • 16. How do we create a listening grid so all parts of an enterprise are involved in listening & engaging? Listening Skills... Active listening.. Tips f or Listening What is the active theme here? .. The role of listening in business .. Not-listening... Lis ninga tivitie ... te c s Greener listening... The Point of Listening...
  • 17. The grid needs a leader or point person
  • 18. Once the ‘grid’ is set up, It offers opportunities for co-creation, Solving problems, rolling out new products, etc.. Remember this guy?
  • 19. Sales, service, marketing, Product Dev, HR, etc all need listening Grids to start. They then move and evolve accordingly to their needs.
  • 20. Identify the need, and solve the problem
  • 21. Just avoid the trap of creating a new type of contact center(grid) staffed w/ powerless employees in dead-end jobs, who don’t care.
  • 22. Can you name a company that gets it right?
  • 23. Can you name a company that doesn't?
  • 24. Satisfied customers tell 3 friends. Angry customers tell 3,000 -Pete Blackshaw
  • 25. Knowing what to listen for in your grid is critical, but also listening on behalf of your org. with its best interests at hand is even more-so!
  • 26. Can I get an Amen?