Zend\EventManager, Zend\Serializer and Zend\Cache
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Zend\EventManager, Zend\Serializer and Zend\Cache



A small introduction into:

A small introduction into:
- Zend\EventManager
- Zend\Serializer
- Zend\Cache
- Zend\Stdlib\ErrorHandler



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Zend\EventManager, Zend\Serializer and Zend\Cache Presentation Transcript

  • 1. ZendEventManagerZendSerializerZendCacheZendStdlibErrorHandler
  • 2. ZendEventManagerSimple subject/observer patternsAspect-Oriented designsEvent-driven architectures
  • 3. ZendEventManagerSimple subject/observer patternsAspect-Oriented designsEvent-driven architecturesIt does not mean it is asynchron
  • 4. ZendEventManagerAttach (aggregate) listeners Event name(s) Callback Priority
  • 5. ZendEventManagerTrigger events Event name Target Arguments / Parameters (optional) Until callback (optional)
  • 6. ZendEventManager Target EventManagerListener 1 Listener 2 Listener N
  • 7. ZendSerializergenerate storable representation of PHP types PHP type → string string → PHP type
  • 8. ZendSerializergenerate storable representation of PHP types PHP type → string string → PHP typeAdapter based interfaceThrows Exceptions on error
  • 9. ZendSerializerAdapters serialize() / unserialize() (default) igbinary_serialize() / igbinary_unserialize() JSON Action Message Format AMF0 / AMF3 XML using WDDX Pythons pickle module Native PHP code
  • 10. ZendCacheZF1 Inflexible frontend / backend structure Only permit strings Requires serialization on frontend level Different frontends are not usable together Tons of uncontrolled options Missing procedures for optimations
  • 11. ZendCacheZF2 Storage Adapters Wrappers for real storage resources Storage Plugins Objects to add missing functionality or to influence behavior of a storage adapter Cache Patterns Predifined patterns to solve known performance bottlenecks
  • 12. ZendCacheStorage Adapter get / has / set / add / replace / touch / meta / counting Multiple interface „Check And Set“ feature Find / Clear Support for namespaces Method for optimizing Capabilities Capacity
  • 13. ZendCacheStorage Capabilities Describes how a storage adapter works Static TTL max. TTL / max. key length Use request time Describes which features it supports Supported datatypes / metadata Expired read Iterable tagging
  • 14. ZendCacheStorage Plugins Event based Influence adapters control flow Reusable
  • 15. ZendCacheCache Patterns Predifined patterns to solve known performance bottlenecks Should be used only in the specific situations they are designed to address
  • 16. ZendCacheAvailable Cache Patterns: Output Cache Caching a part the the output Capture Cache Buffer a complete page and write it as regular file for further requests Callback / Object / Class Cache Caching function / method calls
  • 17. ZendCacheWhat next Add missing adapters Xcache / SQLite / DBA / MongoDB … Add missing plugins MasterFile Plugins to transform cache keys & values Add missing patterns PageCache
  • 18. ZendStdlibErrorHandlererror suppression operator issues Error will be triggered anymore Not save to catch error message with error_get_last() Not possible to catch more than one error Doesnt play well together with PHPUnit Possibly disabled
  • 19. Questions ?