Collaboration as it really is, Working together, alone


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Collaboration is the participation of independent actors in mutual interactions to deliver a specific result, either chosen or not. The so-called collaboration is the outcome of the interactions that occur, initiated by the different participants for their own good reasons, but collaboration is not the purpose.

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Collaboration as it really is, Working together, alone

  1. 1. collaboartion as it really is working together alone Marc Buyens www.xpragma.comNotes accompany this presentation. Please select Notes Page view.These materials can be reproduced only with Gartner’s official approval.Such approvals may be requested via e-mail —
  2. 2. The #e20 / #socbiz collaboration promise• “Improve teamwork through the power of enterprise social networking. You can also safely include trusted partners, customers and vendors. With Socialcast share information, assign tasks, and collaborate on documents, keeping all members of the team in synch.” [Socialcast]• “Business depends on teamwork. But traditional tools hamper as much as help, resulting in wasted time, duplicated efforts and missed opportunities. Hours get swallowed up by email and unproductive meetings. Great ideas are lost in inboxes and siloed enterprise software. Essential information is drowned out by noise. It doesn’t have to be that way.” [Jive]
  3. 3. Collaboration is working together to achievea goal. It is a recursive process where two ormore people or organizations work togetherto realize shared goals, (this is more than theintersection of common goals seen in co-operative ventures, but a deep, collective,determination to reach an identical objective)Source: Wikipedia
  4. 4. The collaboration “system” Company A Objective / Deliverable Company A GOALS
  5. 5. The collaboration “system” Company A Company B Joint effort Objective / Deliverable Company B Company A GOALS GOALS
  6. 6. Collaboration and “trust” inability / dependency uncertainty - - decision to act - loss of diversity control + - joint effort objective / + deliverable
  7. 7. Web 2.0: it is about the individual, not about collaboration Individual B Individual A Individual C participation participation participation Individual A Individual C GOALS Individual B GOALS GOALS
  8. 8. Participative ollaboration Company A Company B participation participation Objective / Deliverable Company B Company A GOALS GOALS
  9. 9. Assumptions• Collaboration in a “regular” business context• The task at hand requires the involvement of several individuals; no single person is able to deliver the final outcome on his own• The final outcome is largely undefined; there might have been similar tasks before and there certainly is a "high concept" definition, but it remains a unique deliverable, not done before• The path to the solution is largely unknown. There might be past experience, best practices, methodologies, etc. that provide guidance; however, the real path will unfold as the group proceeds• Due to the above, there is the need for intense interaction between participants, exchanging information, making decisions and agreeing on next steps
  10. 10. This thing called “employee” Company A Employee B Employee C Objective / Deliverable Employee B Company A GOALS GOALS Employee C GOALS
  11. 11. Is #e20 / #socbiz a game changer? Employee A Employee BPerception Perceptionof risks, Collaboration Collaboration of risks,rewards and intent A intent B rewards andinconveniences inconveniences Enterprise 2.0 tools and Joint effort approaches Objective / Deliverable
  12. 12. Collaboration ability Employee A Employee B Collaboration Collaboration intent A intent B Collaboration Collaboration ability A ability B Joint effort Objective / Deliverable
  13. 13. Collaboration is the participation ofindependent actors in mutual interactions todeliver a specific result, either chosen or not.The so-called collaboration is the outcome ofthe interactions that occur, initiated by thedifferent participants for their own goodreasons, but collaboration is not the purpose..
  14. 14. annex
  15. 15. Creative Commons kevindooleykevindooley http://