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  • 1. Blog assignment-Cell Phone Tetrad<br />Marion Bush<br />EDUC-7108 Emerging and Future Technology<br />Dr. David Thornburg<br />Walden University<br />September 29, 2011<br />Module 2 Blog Assignment: Cell Phone Tetrad<br />(Microsoft Corporation, 2007)<br />Cell phones have been around for years but the “first call that was placed from a cell phone was performed by Martin Cooper in 1973 (Newstream/Arraycomm, 2011). It has become more and more popular over the years. It is a technology that has grown and advanced so fast in features and functions but has been made smaller so that it is easy to carry around. People of all ages from elementary students to senior citizens have a cell phone and utilizes as a part of their daily life style. <br />Enhances- What does the technology do that is new?<br />The cell phone has changed over the years and have added many features such cameras (pictures), video (movies), listening to music (downloading, listening and recording ringtones and ring back tones), games, browsers (Internet, social beat, and email), navigators, contacts, calculator, Speed dial, voice command, alarm clock, stop watch, text messaging, notepad, a touch screen, calendar, and displays time and date. The cell phone provides ways to communicate or perform business while on the move and on the go by being small, mobile and wireless.<br />Obsolete- What does the technology replace?<br />Over the years, the cell phone has replaced technologies such as bag phones or car phones, phone booths, maps, watches, telephone books, and the palm pilots.<br />Reverses: What might replace this technology in the future, or what might it cause to occur? <br />The cell phone in the future when flipped and pushed to its extreme can conduct business on the go and be able to perform the functions of a handheld computer and the desktop computer.<br />Retrieves/Rekindles: What does this technology bring to mind (or retrieve) from the past? <br />The cell phone can be thought of as a wired or traditional home telephone, cordless telephone, <br />walkie talkie, CB radio, answering machine, letters, push button telephones, telegraph and pager.<br />Reference<br />Microsoft Corporation. (2007). Tetrad. Smartart. <br />Newstream/Arraycomm. (2011). Martin Cooper-history of cell phone. About com. <br />inventors. Retrieved from <br /><br />