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Millat Marble is your Reliable and Trusted Partner for all your Natural stone needs from Pakistan. Pakistan natural stone is famous all over the world for it's beauty. We can help you to source best natural stone from Pakistan. Visit us on

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Pakistan Marble Company Millat Marble

  1. 1. Millat Marbles Company Profile and Introduction.We Create Wonderful Spaces with Natural Stone .
  2. 2. Copyright © 2011 by Millat marbleAll rights reserved.Publisher: Millat MarbleEditor: Umer HayatDesigner: Pro Options MarketingThis is the Introduction about Millat Marble. This is Promotions products and also available on ourwebsite: Millat
  3. 3. Welcome to Millat Marbles.An exporting company dealingwith Natural Stone, Mosaics and Handicrafts. Our clients arelocated all over the world and we provide quality products forany construction project.4–5 6–7 8–9An Introduction and some facts and Our Products Range which includes Some of our clients and our Portfo-Figures about our company and Flooring tiles, Slabs, Mosaics and lio. Our recent projects and contactNatural Stone Industry in Pakistan• Dimensioal Stone for any construc- details.• tion project• 3
  4. 4. Our History Know about us. Millat Started in 2006, Millat Marble is the lead- ing Marble and Natural Stone Supplier from Karachi Pakistan. We started with Domestic supply of natural stone and now have clients Introduction/ in all major cities in Pakistan. Now we are developing as an Export com- pany from Pakistan and we have clients in US, UAE and China. Why work with us. M illat Marble is the natural stone supplier and exporter from Karachi, Pakistan. We have more then 10 years Our Vision: Providing high quality products at Competi- tive rates and retaining customers by custom- There are many reason that make us unique and reliable natural stone supplier. One of the main reason is our promise. we delieve what of experience in providing high quality er support services. our customer ask for and we make sure that flooring and construction naterials to the they get what they need. contractors, builders and interier design- ers. Product Range Our main products are Marble floorig tiles and Slabs but we have diversified our range with marble Mosaics, Floral Patterns and4 Dimensional Stone products. Millat
  5. 5. Millat Marble is serving us for last 4 yearsand they always provide quality product atcompetitive price. They are good people towotk with.— Adil Khan. PakistanFinding a reliable supplier is very difficulttask and very important for your businesssuccess. Millat Marble is the best supplier ofmarble and natural stone i’ve work with.— Super Marble Pakistan
  6. 6. Our Products Natural Stone Products / We Provide: Materials * Marble Tiles * Marble Slabs * Marble Mosaics »» Black and Gold * Marble Column and Pillars »» Indus Gold * Marble Patterns »» Teak Wood »» Verona »» Beige Spotted »» Onyx6 Millat
  7. 7. 1 Mosaics Mosaics are make with Small peacesof marble and mostly used in flooring. Wecan create mosaics according to our customerdesign and Specifications. 2 Marble Slabs For Your Counter tops, we havesome high quality marble slabs. We can giveyou polished slabs, honed and any otherfinishes. Standard thickness of our slabs is2CM. 3 Marble Tiles We have more then 20 colors ofmarble available for tiles and you can see thecomplete details on our website. Our standardthickness for Flooring tiles is 2 cm. We pro-vide very competitive rates and high qualityservice internationally.Patio Flooring with Beige Marble 7
  8. 8. Image a Winderful Evening with your family8 in your garden with Marble mosaic table top.. Millat
  9. 9. We ship InternationallyOur Clients Popular Destination Network/ Middle East is the one of the best market where we are doing exports. We have build good relationship with many of the contractors and builders. We have clients across the globe and we are still ex- Client List: ploring new markets. Gulf United Stones & Marble Al Hashem Marble We have provide our ma- AL-AMOUDI CO JEDDAH - SAUDI ARA- terial for many local con- BIA struction projects. Misuk Trading Co., Ltd. Korea We have clients from all over the world. The Most popular destination for our products are UAE, US M. B Internation Australia and China. RR Construction USA 9
  10. 10. What to Know More? Don’t hesitate. Get in touch! Millat Marble P: 0092 346 222 44 44 MangohPir Road P: 0092 312 345 89 89 Karachi Pakistan Email: Web: http://MillatMarble.com10 Millat