Marble Virtual Globe 1.3 Factsheet (English)


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Marble Virtual Globe Factsheet for Version 1.3

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Marble Virtual Globe 1.3 Factsheet (English)

  1. 1. The Free Software GeobrowserMarble – a virtual globe ...Marble is a virtual globe and world atlas that you canuse to learn more about Earth: You can pan and zoomaround and you can look up places and streets.A mouse click on a place label will provide a matchingWikipedia article. Of course Marble can do even more Website: http://www.marble-globe.orgfor you: You can measure distances between locationsor watch the current weather and the real-time cloud License: GNU LGPL 2+ (Open Source)cover. Version: 1 . 3 , January 25, 201 2 OS: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, MeeGo... and a polished jewel Qt / C++Marble offers different thematic maps: A classroom-style topographic map, a satellite view, street map, New features in Marble 1 .2 / 1 .3earth at night and temperature and precipitationmaps. All maps include a custom map key, so it can • Marble Touch – Qt Quick version for mobile usealso be used as an educational tool for use in class- • Basic OSM Vector renderingrooms. For educational purposes you can also change • Global Online/Offline Routing and Searchdate and time and watch how the starry sky and the • Voice Navigation with speaker filestwilight zone change on the map. • Improved Map Creation Wizard • Better GPS/GPX supportIn opposite to other virtual globes Marble also • Elevation Profilesfeatures multiple projections: Choose between a Flat • Satellite OrbitsMap ("Plate carrée"), Mercator or the Globe.The best of all: Marble is Free Software / Open SourceSoftware and promotes the usage of free maps. Andits available for all major operating systems(Linux/Unix, MS Windows and Mac OS X).For software developers the full feature set of Marbleis available as a library for use in other applications. Marble is part of the KDE Education Project:
  2. 2. Find Your Way and Explore the WorldFeaturesEasy to UseIntuitive map navigation allows for panning andzooming. Map data is automatically beingdownloaded in the background and cached on thehard disc.Standard Map ThemesAtlas, Satellite, OpenStreetMap, Plain Map, Earth atNight, Historical Map, Moon Map and more.Map Data (Tile Server Layouts)Multiple layers of data can be specified and blended A KML file displaying the US states in Marblevia filters. Marble also provides a map creation wizardfor users. Supported tile layout schemes include:• OpenStreetMap• Google Maps, Ovi Maps• WMS support• Custom Server Layouts (specified via XML)ProjectionsGlobe, Equirectangular, MercatorSupported File Formats• KML / Google Earth(TM) user data, no KMZ• GPX, OSM , more formats via pluginsPosition ProvidersGPS (via gpsd, Qt Mobility, GeoClue, Maemo 5) OpenSeaMap with multiple layersRoutingThe user interface allows for entering routes via dragand drop. The technical specs include:• Global Online Routing, Yours, OpenRouteService• Offline Routing: Monav, Routino, Gosmore• Plugin based routing backends• Turn-By-Turn Navigation, Voice Navigation• Profiles (fastest/shortest Car, Bicycle, Pedestrian)• Via points and alternative route suggestions• Elevation profilesWikipedia Integration Marble running on a Nokia N900 in a carAnd more ...Software developers can extend Marble via plugins or http://www.marble-globe.orgthey can embed it into their own applications.Community and commercial support available. Marble is part of the KDE Education Project: