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  1. 1. Evaluation<br />By Dimple Verma<br />
  2. 2. My Magazine Cover and Poster<br />
  3. 3. A promotion package for a new film, to include:<br />A Teaser Trailer, together with two of the following three options:
<br /> A website homepage for the film
<br /> A film magazine front cover, featuring the film
<br />A poster for the film
<br />My Chosen Brief:<br />
  4. 4. In what ways does your media product Use, Develop or Challenge forms and conventions of real media products? <br />Codes and conventions of my slap-stick comedy trailer<br /><ul><li> I had thought about the type of music that was going to be playing, audio effects types of shots, types of editing, transitional effects. Whilst planning my trailer
  5. 5. I looked at the codes and conventions of similar trailers such as ‘Pink Panther’, Mr Beans Holiday’ and ‘The Dilemma’ which had similar genres (slap-stick comedy) as my slap-stick comedy trailer.
  6. 6. After researching similar products within my genre it facilitated me to identify the important codes and conventions and as a result helped me to convey the genre of my trailer. </li></ul>During the filming of my trailer I tried to use a variety of shots from different angles for example:<br /><ul><li>Close-up
  7. 7. Mid shot
  8. 8. Long-shot
  9. 9. High angles shots
  10. 10. Pans
  11. 11. Side shots
  12. 12. Far shot
  13. 13. However I focused more on the close-up shots of the face in order to create humor and thus allowing the audience to classify this trailer as a slap-stick comedy trailer </li></li></ul><li>In what ways does your media product Use, Develop or Challenge<br /> forms and conventions of real media products? (Continuation) <br /><ul><li>My trailer was just over a minute long which allowed my mass audience to understand briefly the storyline of my trailer, as from my research I found that a trailer needed to be just about a minute.
  14. 14. From my research specifically looking at the Mr bean trailer I noticed they had used fade in and outs, I had mainly used fade in and outs to connect each scene up and on the title cuts I used wipes these transitions were applied as I thought they looked more professional looking.
  15. 15. At the start of the trailer there was a green screen shown to make it look realistic and as part of the law it has to be shown.
  16. 16. Near the beginning I decided to show a quick glimpse of the ‘Universal ‘ logo so that the audience immediately know that this specific company is good at producing comedy films such as the Mr. Bean trailer therefore the audience are able to identify the age group and who it is aimed at in my case it is mass audience of all ages.
  17. 17. My mass audience would go and watch this film as soon as they see that it is produced a ‘Universal Pictures’ as they have created ‘Mr. Bean goes on Holiday’
  18. 18. The trailer is left uncompleted this is to create enigma as it forces the audience to think what is going to happen next thus persuades them to watch the film</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>The main costumes actors tend to wear in the comedy trailers were smart suits with smart shoes, ties, For example in the Mr. Bean’s Holiday, The Dilemma, Pink Panther as shown below
  19. 19. I thought that it was very important for me to keep the style of clothing throughout the video consistent therefore I had to purchase clothing to emphasize the genre through following the conventions and keeping the costumes consistent.
  20. 20. As Harry is the main focus throughout my trailer I had to ensure he was easily recogniseable through the same shirt and tie worn for my posters and magazines as well as in my trailer, however I had to make him change it to something more casual during the trailer to make it look realistic.
  21. 21. I decided to video the trailer in specific locations such as a </li></ul>Church<br />Green views<br /> Train station<br />Hotel<br />Hotel garden <br />Doors of a restaurant<br /><ul><li> The different locations were used to shown how differently Harry acted in unfamiliar locations on holiday reflecting how abnormal he is compared to the rest of the world. </li></li></ul><li>Clothing of Harry <br /><ul><li>The hotel was shown to suggest that he really is in his French hotel messing about
  22. 22. The restaurant doors shows how stupid he is in real life even when he go’s out not just in his hotel home
  23. 23. I had to choose quickly where I wanted to shoot for example in the hotel due to heavy snow falls and serious winds
  24. 24. This is the costume I had to make my character wear to follow the conventions of slap-stick comedy
  25. 25. A church was chosen at the beginning to illustrate that France is a city that’s well known for its ‘Tradition and culture’
  26. 26. The green scenery portrays that ‘France is a country known for its amazing green scenery’ </li></li></ul><li>The music in the film trailer<br /><ul><li> The trailer begins with some orchestral classical music and a male voice over introducing the beginning this music was chosen as it played well with the country-side scenery in France as it made it seem sophisticated and cultured unlike ‘Harry Hulbert’ as a clumsy character himself
  27. 27. As Harry was introduced coming of a train a funny piano melody begins to play which represents him as a hilarious farcical character. The speed of the piano music increases to go with the flow of the fast pace trailer and successfully reflecting the genre with the melody playing itself
  28. 28. As the piano is playing continuously it does not synchronize with the transitions to reflect that he is always a silly character throughout the film
  29. 29. The trailer itself is comedy slap-stick genre therefore I had to make sure ‘Harry’ the main actor in the trailer had made it very clear that this was specifically a SLAP-STICK COMEDY as said by </li></ul>Bordwell<br />‘Are Animation and documentary films genres or modes? Is the filmed play or comedy performance a genre? If tragedy and comedy are genres, perhaps then domestic tragedy or slap-stick is a formula’ <br /><ul><li>This suggests to us that we must be careful on the kind of genre we are trying to convey through the codes and conventions of the trailer, magazine cover and the poster as we do not want to attract the wrong audience as this can have a huge impact on sales revenue of the film and as a consequence on the profitability of the film itself. Although my product is aimed at mass audience it still should make it clear through the way it is presented that this is a slap-stick comedy product being presented to us. </li></li></ul><li>Text in the Film<br />Some Effects were applied for example I decided to add titles in between the clips to make it interesting and to make the trailer meet the slap-stick comedy conventions, because I had saw many titles in between the shots during my research on trailers with similar genres (slap-stick comedy). Therefore by developing and implementing similar titles in between the shots I thought very carefully what to write as this would create a developing image in the minds of consumers and remind them to watch my film, similar to how I couldn’t wait to watch ‘The Pink Panther’ and ‘Mr Beans Holiday’. I decided to execute these title cuts within my trailer as it reflected the genre of my trailer easily for the audience to identify this as a slap-stick comedy trailer. <br />Consequently I implemented this technique to follow the codes and conventions of a normal comedy trailer. <br />
  30. 30. Codes and conventions - Use of Bright Lighting <br /><ul><li>There was natural lighting used in natural locations such as the Train Station, Church, Green Scenery, Hotel Garden this natural lighting was required to meet the conventions as many of the shots were taken out doors in France, the natural lighting created realism similar to the ‘Mr Bean’ trailer.
  31. 31. As he is shown in the introduction coming of the train I thought this would be a good idea of showing some snow to portray how different he is compared to other people as it is different to have snow in hot countries such as France. </li></li></ul><li>(Continuation) How are Mr Beans Title cuts Used, Developed or Challenged in relation to my trailer in terms of Conventions and Codes? <br />As you may have noticed I used a similar orange colour text to my trailer, with a similar sky image in the background representing he is going on holiday. I had applied funny looking effects to make it look professional and meet the generic conventions similar to the Mr beans effects above.<br />I thought that my trailer reflects the genre (slap-stick comedy) well as it follows many of the generic conventions of a typical slap-stick comedy trailer. I think that the audience would watch my trailer as it would make them laugh as it follows the generic conventions however also helps to identify the genre of my trailer as similar trailers such as ‘Mr Beans Holiday’ and ‘The Dilemma’ have done this. <br />
  32. 32. How effective is the combination of my main product and my ancillary texts?<br /><ul><li>There is a clash between the blue and the red colors applied to the text and the background color - make it easier for the audience to read and interpret the main message the magazine cover is trying to convey.
  33. 33. The main image was positioned at the front on top of the title - make my main character stand out as the magazine is well known itself.
  34. 34. Both my poster and magazine cover were blue - as I felt no other colour connected well with all the other elements on the cover and the fact that the sky on the poster and the blue shade on the magazine cover connected well with the sky on the trailer which helped them to link and be presented as one product.
  35. 35. I could not use a sky background for my magazine cover - looked unprofessional and did not follow the magazine conventions as they usually have plain back grounds behind the central image to make the audiences attention to be mainly on the main central image, thus I decided to fill the background with a dark Blue background.
  36. 36. The poster has Red, Blue and Yellow
  37. 37. The ‘H’ letters that are filled in a bright red color clash well with the dark blue background and also goes well with the magazine colors with the same color used for the title of the magazine title ‘Popular’
  38. 38. As a consequence of the sky picture in the background of the poster I decided to apply a similar sky background image on my trailer to maintain my packages consistency</li></li></ul><li>How effective is the combination of my main product and my ancillary texts? (coninuation)<br /><ul><li>There are many similar characteristics kept consistent throughout both of the products.
  39. 39. The character is the same
  40. 40. The title covers his face slightly similar to the magazine
  41. 41. The lighting is similar to one another
  42. 42. Similar colors are applied apart from the dark blue on the magazine – although I chose to have an image of the sky with different shades of blue to make them slightly similar for them to combine well together, thus allow the audience to identify the products along side the film easily.
  43. 43. Style of the main text kept consistent
  44. 44. The red shade of color used on the magazine ‘POPULAR’ is similar to the ‘HHH’ on the poster
  45. 45. I decided to maintain some of the elements consistency throughout the packages as I wanted the audience to identify the packages easily as well as for the products themselves to combine effectively.
  46. 46. I applied Red, Blue, White, Orange and Yellow for my whole package - illustrate how different the colors are from each other in parallel to how different Harry is himself.
  47. 47. A consistent rhythm of colors was applied - to convey a strong, robust image of the product overall</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>The common generic convention shown from my magazine is the main characters image - placed in the middle as the main focal point for the audience, the image has a slight brightened effect applied to it similar to the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ magazine has. The main image on the magazine cover persuades the audience to read on about Harry as he is pulling such a funny facial expression
  48. 48. The title is written in in a funny looking font representing the fact that this is a comedy magazine, the title is covered as the title is so well known the audience do not need to be recommended of the title as much
  49. 49. The red colors are the same on the poster of the ‘H’ and on the strap lines of the magazine cover, title and price star are all the same. The bright blue, red and yellow colors represent holiday colors
  50. 50. The strap line of the magazine cover where I mentioned 20 different famous comedy actors names - persuades the audience to read the magazine further
  51. 51. I also included the price, barcode, issue number, date of issue I shown these features and implemented these onto my magazine cover to make it look more realistic as normal magazines the ‘famous’ magazine cover does
  52. 52. I had to ensure that all three products matched by keeping some of the elements consistent in order for the audience to identify this as 1 package.
  53. 53. You may have realised some of the elements look similar such as the use of close-up’s on the face, the characters names, similar font styles and sizes this was done to make it look professional and visually fantastic thus the film itself a success. </li></li></ul><li>What have you learnt from your audience feedback?<br />I showed the whole of my package to some people and made them fill out some questionnaires and give their opinions on certain elements based on the package. <br /><ul><li>‘I was able to identify the genre of the whole package clearly with the use of bright effects applied and from the style of the text’
  54. 54. ‘I liked the way the clips faded in and out as it helped the whole trailer to interlink and it actually made it look like a real comedy trailer’
  55. 55. ‘I really liked the trailer as I personally really like comedy films and am a huge fan of them therefore I felt that the trailer itself really persuaded me to watch ‘Harry Hulbert’s Holiday’ film’
  56. 56. ‘I immediate could tell that the products you created were one package, but in one scene it is a bit dark unless it was to show he is really up to no good in his hotel in France’
  57. 57. ‘There were some really nice title cuts in between the trailer they made it really look like a comedy trailer as the font style kind of went well with the poster and the magazine font thus allowed me to see that this was one package’ </li></li></ul><li>How did you use new media technologies in construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?<br /><ul><li>From working on a previous project last year I had already used some equipment, for example I used a</li></ul> -Digital camera <br />-The Apple Mac’s<br /><ul><li> I found really difficult as the software (adobe Photoshop) was not easy to utilise to develop the magazine front covers and posters as I used these software's very little
  58. 58. During this project I used Final Cut Pro, Live Type, Adobe Photoshop and Blogger.
  59. 59. For the editing of my trailer I had used Final Cut Pro this was used to add effects/add a voice over/ add any music
  60. 60. Final Cut Pro allowed me to work effectively during the development stage of my trailer
  61. 61. I had never ever used this type of software before and was a new thing for everyone including the teacher (Miss.Simms) , however I over came this problem by learning from websites for example YouTube and I had made notes too during the exhibition stage
  62. 62. When it was put into practice of actually creating a successful trailer I found it much easier as I had become more confident in using this software
  63. 63. I had experimented on my trailer using Final cut pro without this software I couldn’t have made it very successful. </li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Final Cut Pro consisted of a time line with two viewer screens one for viewing what’s happening and one for editing
  64. 64. Final Cut Pro allowed me to apply effects and develop my trailer further in order to meet my customers expectations and thus making the trailer meet its genre (comedy).
  65. 65. It allowed me to organize all my footage and put it chronological order of event which took a very long time to do.
  66. 66. The time line allowed me to put my footage in order to build a successful comedy trailer. </li></li></ul><li>How did you use new media technologies in construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? (Continuation)<br /><ul><li>I found using Adobe Photoshop very easy as I had developed my skills over the summer holidays. On Adobe Photoshop I had used different styles of fonts , I was able to apply different effects on the images and backgrounds and texts to create an effective package overall.
  67. 67. My poster and magazine were both created and developed in Adobe Photoshop – as you cans see I applied different types of effects on the images, backgrounds and texts (strap lines).
  68. 68. - I developed the faces by applying brightness effects
  69. 69. - I edited the text by applying different styles on to make it look professional
  70. 70. - I had used the lasso tool around the face to cut it from the background and to make it look effective on the poster and the magazine cover
  71. 71. Right from the beginning I have carried out research and planning on my blogger- helped me to plan the whole of my project as I was able to write everything at every stage this helped me to look back at my imaginative ideas before and what I was going to implement into my trailer to meet the audiences requirements and for my ideas to follow a comedic genre. </li></li></ul><li>Live type another piece of software I used to develop my trailer . This software was used to create the title cuts in between the scenes, similar to the Mr. Bean edits using titles. <br />Titles created using Live Type and then imported onto Final Cut Pro. <br />The effects and the text itself can be viewed on the screen to see if it is what I want in order to for it to be clear that it is comedy trailer. <br />Layers of work one for the sky<br /><ul><li>Effect on the text
  72. 72. Text itself
  73. 73. Other effects on the text
  74. 74. Style of text</li></ul>Effects can be selected from here<br />
  75. 75. How did you use new media technologies in construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? (Continuation)<br />Digital Camera<br />I had used a digital camera that allowed me to take images and apply the rule of thirds effectively in order to take effective professional images for my poster and magazine cover. <br />I had experimented for a long time on the camera in order to take the perfect close-up shots of Harry for my poster and magazine cover<br />Camcorder<br />During the filming of my trailer I had used a camcorder and placed it on a steady tripod to take steady footage I didn’t want my trailer to show scenes unsteadily as it would look unprofessional. Using the camcorder allowed me to develop my skills and gain confidence in utilising camcorders in the future<br />
  76. 76. How did you use new media technologies in construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? (Continuation)<br />During my research I had to use the internet and I had to use <br />Google<br />YouTube<br />Ask Jeeves<br />Yahoo<br />PowerPoint – to create a successful evaluation for this piece of coursework <br />I had to research into similar trailers such as the <br /><ul><li>Mr Bean Goes on Holiday
  77. 77. Pink Panther
  78. 78. The Dilemma</li></ul>To identify some of the codes and conventions of <br />slap-stick comedy trailers there were many fades in and outs which helped it to be classed as a comedy trailer thus allowing itself to be easily identified as a comedy trailer by different audiences. <br />
  79. 79. On the whole I was delighted with the creation and development of the whole of my package. I felt that I could have created an even effective trailer to meet my audiences expectations and to follow the codes and conventions of a comedy genre which would on the whole attract my target audience and cause my film to be a box office.<br /> I feel I have conveyed the message of my trailer effectively to my audience well by indicating that it’s a slap-stick comedy trailer by instigating similar codes and conventions of similar slap-stick comedy trailers. I was able to log my ideas and thoughts down easily using a software called blogger on the internet. From my experience of the creation and the development of my ancillary tasks and the trailer which was developed on new software called Final Cut Pro and Live Type I was able to produce an effective package altogether, I had to consider the importance of genre for my whole package. As I researched into similar products for example ‘The Pink Panther’, ‘Charlie Chaplin’ ‘Mr Bean’s Holiday’ I had realised the codes and conventions are similar and have hardly changed even though times have changed as quoted by <br />Neale<br />‘genres are instances of repetition and difference’ <br />Thus meaning that the codes and conventions of a slap-stick comedy never change and are repeated throughout generations within the film industry during the development of slap-stick comedy films. <br />After the creation and development of my full product I feel more confident in using Final Cut pro, Adobe Photoshop and Live Type as these technologies have developed me for creating films in the near future. <br />