Are You Prepared?

        Safety Tips: What to do before, during and after a storm.

   Here you will have access to inf...
Safety and health tips for your work, home and life—
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Preparing for a hurricane


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Preparing for a hurricane

  1. 1. Are You Prepared? Safety Tips: What to do before, during and after a storm. Here you will have access to information on Hurricane Hazards and creating your own Family Disaster Plan and a Disaster Supply Kit. Get tips, checklist and more in this packet of information. Maran Corporate Risk Associates, Inc. Phone: 631-283-8000 Email:
  2. 2. Safety and health tips for your work, home and life— brought to you by the insurance and safety specialists at [B_Officialname]. Preparing for a Hurricane What to do before, during and after a storm Hurricane season lasts from June • Store valuable papers and the area is re-opened. through November, when storms items in waterproof bags. • When inspecting your home, • Cover windows and secure wear sturdy shoes and with heavy rains and catastrophic clothing for protection. People any outdoor items. winds can severely damage or are often hurt after a • If you live in a trailer home hurricane, rather than during destroy homes in low-lying and/or are told to evacuate, it. do so immediately. coastal areas. • Allow only those trained to turn off damaged utilities and During Hurricane Season: During a Hurricane: appliances. • Plan evacuation routes and • Tune into a battery-operated • Use only bottled water until designate a “post-disaster radio or TV and follow local tap water is determined safe, contact” that family members authorities’ instructions. and do not eat foods stored in know to call after a hurricane. • Seek shelter in an interior the refrigerator if the power • Stock up on items such as a room away from windows, was out. week’s supply of bottled such as a closet. Don’t • Use the phone for water and canned goods, assume the hurricane is over emergencies only. along with a manual when the wind subsides. The can/bottle opener, flashlight, calm may be the eye of the battery-operated radio or storm, and the worst part television, nails, tarps and may still be on the way. plywood. • If the electricity goes out, use • Keep an up-to-date log a flashlight only (not (including photos/videotape) candles). of your possessions; review insurance policy coverage After a Hurricane: annually. • Stay inside until an “all-clear” • Keep trees and shrubs is issued. If you have trimmed to minimize potential evacuated, don’t return until damage. When a Hurricane Threatens: • Refill prescriptions, fill up Simplifying the claims process... your car’s gas tank, and [1] Contact your agent promptly to report damages. Be patient, as delays withdraw a week’s worth of are likely. [2] Do not alter the damaged property unless attempting to cash, as power outages may prevent further damage. [3] Keep receipts for ALL costs incurred, temporarily interrupt services. including temporary housing expenses. This flyer is for informational purposes only. Photography © 2000-2004 Getty Images, Inc. All rights reserved.