Innovative Idea Assignment Presentation- Implementing Tumblr


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This is a presentation on how to implement social media site Tumblr onto a website effectively, as well as making Tumblr a useful tool for the clientele that you are trying to serve. I hope you enjoy my presentation!

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Innovative Idea Assignment Presentation- Implementing Tumblr

  1. 1. Innovative Idea: Tumblr By Mara Dickie
  2. 2. What is Tumblr? Tumblr is a social media platform that is extremely different from the “big 3” that libraries use most frequently- Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker It “allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog, named a "tumblelog.“” (Wikipedia article on Tumblr) For more information, see my summary of my Innovative Idea 
  3. 3. My Innovative IdeaAssignment in a practicallibrary setting
  4. 4. How to use Tumblr for yourLibraryExample- Project Graphical with Dickie Public Library
  5. 5. How to set up your blog  Three main components  E-mail address  Password  URL of your blog  This can be changed at any point, depending on availability of the name
  6. 6. Your Dashboard Your dashboard is your main posting hub (besides reblogging) I will be showing you how to create photo and text posts, because they are extremely common with any kind of blog
  7. 7. Two Ways to Upload a Photo
  8. 8. Creating Text Posts
  9. 9. Picking Out a Theme for YourBlog There are a lot of different themes and layouts to choose from, depending on what the purpose for your Tumbleblog is You can also make and find themes with HTML coding if you are looking for something extremely unique
  10. 10. Editing or Changing a Pre-set Theme(1) In many cases, the developer of the theme has left some areas open for the users to customize and make it seem like it’s theirs, rather than a template Changes to the original template could include  Colour changes (font, background, links, etc.)  Background picture change  Adding and deleting links  Adding and editing a description of what the blog is about Examples of this are on the next slide
  11. 11. Editing or Changing a Pre-set Theme(2) (Menus and Changeable Aspects)
  12. 12. Embedding Tumblr onto YourWebsite (1) Tumblr offers a script code (see next slide) in which all someone using it would have to do is copy and paste it into their website For my website, I have also included a “Share” button, which allows users to share the website that I have created on Tumblr through a post onto my dashboard
  13. 13. Embedding Tumblr onto YourWebsite (2) (Embedding the Blog)
  14. 14. Embedding Tumblr onto YourWebsite (3) (Share Button Codes)
  15. 15. Embedding Tumblr onto YourWebsite (4) The results of this are  You will need to put very plain, as seen in some sort of title or the next slide (with no link to your Tumblr additional coding blog in when involved) implementing this However, if you are technology at the good with coding very least (specifically with CSS  That way, people codes), then you can can go right to your make the layout look blog, and view the more appealing contents without setting up an account  An example of this implementation is within the next few slides
  16. 16. Embedding Tumblr onto YourWebsite (5) (No Extra Coding Added)
  17. 17. Embedding Tumblr onto YourWebsite (6) (Extra Coding Added,Share Button)
  18. 18. Embedding Tumblr onto YourWebsite (6) (What Happens Next?) Share Button- if someone clicks on the share button, a window (see right) will pop up and do the work for you Embedding your blog into a website unfortunately does not allow for any access to your blog, you will have to create that yourself
  19. 19. Advantages to Using Tumblr in aLibrary Setting The users are very up  Tumblr can be to date- in many anything you want it cases when it comes to be- it all depends to pop culture, Tumblr on what you want to users were already try and do with it (and aware of the trends who it is marketed just as they were towards) to make it a coming out on valuable social asset Facebook. This is to your library extremely important for people in the library, especially when it comes to
  20. 20. Web 2.0 Technologies In Tumblr Tagging- usually done within posts, helps categorize and organize what you post Social Media Integration- putting links from other social media platforms (such as other Tumbleblogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts) and giving your followers other ways to connect with you Highlighting (requires payment)- a unique feature to Tumblr that categorizes posts differently within three broad categories- news, events, creators, products, celebrations, questions, fandom, miscellaneous
  21. 21. Links I Used for Implementing Please also see my summary of this technology for more background information as well as clickable links
  22. 22. Thanks for Watching my Presentation!If you have any questions or comments about how to improve this InnovativeIdea, let me know!