Children's hospital


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Children's hospital

  1. 1. Children’s hospital Central California
  2. 2. Hospital Description We are a not-for-profit, state-of-the-art children’s hospital on a 50-acre campus. We treat more inpatient cases in California, than any other pediatric hospital north of San Diego. Children’s Hospital services families that despite the ability to paid. Our vision is to become the nations best childrens hospital.
  3. 3. Organizational StructureThe organizational structure consist of many different positions, eachposition is under supervision depending on the hierarchy.
  4. 4. Mission/Vision Statement for the Department of Social WorkWith caring and compassion, we guide ourpatients and families through the entire careprocess. As guides, we want our patients andfamilies to feel secure and supported throughout their health care experiences, and we wantthem to say of us:“They listened and attended to us with care andcompassion. They smoothed the way for us bysharing practical and valuable informationwith people who could help us. They treated uswith dignity and respect. They were skillful andknowledgeable. They did not keep us waiting.”
  5. 5. Services Provided  Psychosocial assessments  Crisis intervention  Counseling  Support groups  Family contact  Brokering cultural diversity issues  Coordination and facilitation of community resources  Case management and coordination of legal issues  Discharge planning and coordination  Aftercare follow-up  Legal and advocacy assistance  Financial assistance  Bereavement and grief counseling  Patient education  Interpreter services in house and outside services  Assistance with meals, taxi service, other transportation and accommodations as needed.  Social workers provide services in all inpatient units, the Emergency Department and all the subspecialty practices.
  6. 6. Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Team In 1999, Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) Team was created. This is a multi-disciplinary team that includes physicians, nurses, social workers, law enforcement, Child Welfare, public health and other individuals. Its intended to help recognize and take action towards suspected cases of abuse. “On any day, 3% to 5 % inpatient population come to the hospital because of abuse or neglect. From 2004 to 2006, 34% of children under the age of one were non-accidental traumas. Another 30% said it was due to falls, but many were suspected to be abuse or neglect”.
  7. 7. Community Context Children’s Hospital Central California (CHCC) is the only hospital that has Pediatric Nephrologists between San Francisco and Los Angeles. CHCC provides medical services in Central Valley and San Joaquin Valley. Most of our patients are on Medical and California Children Services(CCS). We provide services to children ages 0-21 yrs. old Very diverse patients and families Nephrology Clinic Different stages of their illness:  Chronic kidney disease  Kidney Failure  Dialysis  Kidney transplant
  8. 8. Population-at-risk • Patients and families who have many social issues • Patients who are undocumented • Single parents
  9. 9. PracticesIn order to develop a plan to resolve problems andchallenges, we spend time talking with families togain an understanding of the family backgroundand culture, the child and parent’s understandingand reaction to the illness or injury, and any otherfactors. We assist families during critical moments,we are mediators of family conflicts, and we alsoserve as liaisons to community organizations.
  10. 10. Significance of the Department in Terms of Social Justice, Social Work Values, and Human RightsWe assist families with the personal, emotional, financial andfamily conflicts that may affect the health of the child. We can helpparents comprehend goals and treatment plans. We offerinformation, crisis intervention, and referral to community supportagencies and other services. We are sensitive to cultural, social andreligious beliefs. In order to improve the children’s well-being weassociate with spiritual and chaplain services, interpreter services,child life, clinical psychology, rehabilitation, and clinical nutrition.We offer great services by providing: excellence, compassionatecare, integrity, innovation, collaboration, and stewardship.
  11. 11. Reference