Reinventing Yourself for Mission Possible
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Reinventing Yourself for Mission Possible






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    Reinventing Yourself for Mission Possible Reinventing Yourself for Mission Possible Document Transcript

    • Reinventing Yourselffor Mission PossibleA six-week journey of transformation Presented by: Annette Brackin, Journey to Results, LLC
    • "Leadership exists when people are no longer victims of circumstances but participate increating new circumstances. Leadership is about creating a domain in which human beingscontinually deepen their understanding of reality and become more capable of participatingin the unfolding of the world. Ultimately, leadership is about creating new realities." —Peter Senge An Invitation to Enter New Learning: Reinvention This transformative learning program offers innovative practices for assuming expanded leadership. The state of today’s world means radical change in human living and working are the norm, and the result is an ongoing sense of disruption, turbulence, and reduction of certainty.Yesterday’s success is insufficient to accomplish your mission possible today. Reinventionbegins with who you are “being,” not what you are “doing.” Your way of being is alsoknown as your observer. You will work with the observer model – the source of yourreality and your actions. Reinvention is not improving, fixing or changing yourself; it’sabout reinventing a whole new you to accomplish whatever your mission possible is,whether your mission possible is business or personal. This learning program is a WorldCafé and Collaborative Inquiry learning prototype that is suited to revolutionarychange, and to healthier and more sustainable living practices and results. − From the Newfield Network, www.newfieldnetwork.comThe Observer Model The Soul Knowledge Action Results Double-Loop Learning Single-Loop LearningYour “way of being” in the world is the alignment between your physical bodydispositions, your moods and emotions and your language patterns (speech acts,always-already-automatic listening and your interpretations). Your way of being is alsoknown as your observer. Language is not separate from your moods or your physicalbody and movements. They are linked and this coherence becomes a predisposition foraction, and what is and is not possible for you to accomplish. 2
    • Expected Benefits of Attending this Program Include: Individual Benefits Organizational Benefits• Creative tools to move from breakdowns • Results-driven tools to move from to breakthroughs and take previously breakdowns to breakthroughs inconceivable new actions• Powerful language distinctions and • Powerful language distinctions and conversation practices which dialogue practices which foster foster coordination of new action coordination of action and results• Integral somatic practices to manage • Practices and distinctions for your moods, emotions and language building trust in business habits to improve your effectiveness relationships• Empowered personal and group • Leading-edge concepts in human responsibility for daily actions and development and expanded “ways of responses to changing events knowing” in the world (expanded epistemologies)• Expanded self-awareness enabling • Methods to establish networks of meaningful and effective actions and collaborative relationships and group results learning that result in harmonious and sustainable working relationships• A new learning practice for addressing • Transformative workplace practices individual and group change for organizational problem-solving and health and human flourishing 3
    • The Learning Process This unique Collaborative Inquiry strategy bridges state-of-the- art learning theory with practical application in the work place over time. Rather than a one-day workshop where practical application is limited and workplace experience is non-existent, this program consists of 3 evenings, followed by 3 full days, spread over 6 weeks to facilitate the integration of theory and application to workplace challenges. Through the experience you will learn a fresh social technology to develop collaborativelearning environments and address highly complex business needs. In addition, you willincorporate personal transformative change practices.You will create and implement new practices both individually, and in groups. In groups,you will take new actions together, reflect on those actions and potentially shift yourperspective of reinvention in the workplace. Through individual and group work, you willhave the opportunity to engage in more meaningful and effective coordinated action. Theprogram incorporates the following processes:− Cycles of action and reflection− Learning, as a whole person, through expanded ways of knowing (epistemologies)− Using the imagination as the gateway to other learning capacities− Transformative learning, with the goal of perspective shift− Integral practices to design new language habits, moods and emotions, and body dispositionsThe core learning strategy fosters breakthrough thinking and action and draws out thehighest potential of individuals and theorganizations of which they are a part. It is anaction-learning approach that asks you toobserve your current reality, reflect on yourinterpretations, and act in more meaningful waysto create a new reality and future. 4
    • Program Details − This program covers six-weeks and consists of 3 evenings, followed by 3 full days. − It can be conducted as a public program, a program for specific groups, or a program for intact work teams. While the timeframe can be minimally adjusted, the goal is deeper learning that only occurs over time. − The Facilitator is also a coach who will support you to create and implement new individual, group and organizational practices.− The emphasis is on the integration of practices that enable you to coordinate body dispositions, language habits and mood/emotion patterns that determine your overall coherence and possibilities for action.− You will work with a group during the entire event and will receive a learning journal to record reflective notes. You will be making and sharing “new meaning” together.− Please wear casual, comfortable clothing as physical movement will be involved in the program.Program ValueThe program is currently offered upon request with pricing based on participants.Participants will receive:− Three days and three evenings of program attendance content− Two group coaching sessions− A learning journal with handouts to record reflective notes− Beverages and snacks− A template for conducting future Collaborative Inquiry groups and a resource bibliography− A 30-minute, end-of-program personal coaching session to discuss each participants’ one-page reflection paper and action plan 5
    • Criteria for Participation − You will participate in groups with new colleagues, not necessarily colleagues that attend with you. The facilitator recognizes the importance of trust and has incorporated opportunities to build trust in the process. − You are a volunteer to this experience. If you participate as a requirement of someone else, you will not achieve optimal learning results, and yourparticipation could hinder the learning experience of others.− This is your developmental learning process. Engaging in it fully and taking responsibility for your own learning are required to achieve the results you define for yourself.− This program is not a substitute for personal counseling or therapy, and will not ad- dress counseling issues such as depression or mental illness.Registration Process− Contact Annette Brackin at to discuss the program and registration details. 6
    • Reinventing Yourself to Prepare for Mission Possible REGISTRATION FORMPlease print clearly: Name Title Organization Address City, State, Zip Telephone Email Address Website URL List dietary requirements: Would you like assistance with Lodging? 7
    • Facilitator BiographyAnnette Brackin, MBA Annette is a Professional Ontological Coach and Organizational Development Consultant who has worked as an internal and ex- ternal consultant with Boeing, BJC Healthcare, Nestle Foods, Gen- eral Electric, Sprint, Aon Hewitt Associates, CIGNA, HSBC, and Deluxe Media. She has consulted with leaders at all levels to de- velop and improve team performance, create and execute strate- gic plans aligned with Human Resource practices, improve busi- ness processes, implement performance management systems and competency models, and initiate and sustain change. She has coached leaders at all levels and has experiencecreating and implementing leadership development programs. Annette has an MBAfrom Webster University, a BBA in Management from Sam Houston State Universityand is a graduate of Newfield Network’s Ontological Coaching program. Annettehas expertise in the following areas: · Leadership/Executive · Instructional Design · Transformative Learning Development (e-learning and (Action Learning, · Global Leadership classroom) Collaborative Inquiry, Development Appreciative Inquiry) · Leaders Teaching Leaders · Ontological · Training and Needs Programs Coaching Assessment · Assessments, via · Performance · Team Development Certification Management and – Myers-Briggs, Insights, Competency Birkman, Spiral Dynamics DevelopmentContact Annette through LinkedIn to Learn More. 8