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  • 1. Resolution Is most used when talking about monitors andprinters It refers to the clarity and sharpness of a image
  • 2. Resolution To every bitmap image there its resolution and its size The total number of pictures in a image are determined bythese two factors Bitmap images are composed of pixels The number of pixels per inch is image resolution
  • 3. Resolution 256 x 256 This is found on very cheap cameras and is very bad quality 640 x 480 This is also a low end product and not used much anymore 1216 x 912 This is good for printing pictures as it is a mega pixel image size 1600 x 1200 This is a high resolution with almost 2 million pixels 2240 x 1680 This is great for large images and is found on 4 mega pixel cameras 4064 x 2704 This is a top of the line camera and has 11.1 mega pixels
  • 4. Resolution If there are less pixels on a image , it will be displayed in a lot lowerquality The more pixels there are in a image will make it better quality On screen and in print are the two ways you can display a image. It is very easy to figure out for each image the optimum resolution whenyour preparing them you need to know what size to scan them to
  • 5. Resolution The standard for screen display is 72ppi The standard for print is 300 ppi
  • 6. Resolution