Iron man 3


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Iron man 3

  1. 1. Iron man 3 was produced by kevinfeige and directed by shane black it is a classic comic bookby marvel and is very cleverly linked in with the avengers tony stark played by RobertDowney begins to all most fall apart most films do tend to play on showing the heroeshaving weakness and at some point doubting themselves after the immense battle tonytook part in the avengers he begins to have panic attacks and goes a little crazy he has tolearn to overcome this as the world needs him yet again I really like the aspect of him beinga very intelligent person who turned himself into a hero it is very different and stands outthe movie has the same sort of story line to the other two were a villain emerges and tonyhas to eventually save the dayThe films target audience is aimed at males aged 16 – 25 there are many reasons for this, asit’s a hard hitting action film crammed with weapons and technology males will love it also Ithink many will idolise tony has he is very intelligent rich and all ways gets the girl. Also theaspect of the comic books many people will of grown up reading them so in a way it hasbeen being advertised for years the public have already began to create a bond with thecharacter via paper and pictures now the get to see it full on action and explosions. The filmis a 12A and would maybe be seen as inappropriate for children there is some quite darkseen in the film which could be quite disturbing for a you child also they may find it hard tounderstand the humour used.At box office they got 1,073,273,000 with a budget of 200 million the advertisement of ironman 3 was very effective and started by creating a hype with the use of word of mouthbetween fans by realising pictures of the set, this is good as it allows the public to use hereimagination and sell the film to other people without even realising they then took thecountry by storm with massive eye catching bill boards and posters. There was quite a lot ofsynergy used with the film as when younger people see the film then want the iron manproducts its very clever how it all links together and results in them make a insane amountof moneyRobert Downey is a very famous actor the use of he his star theory and iron forms to createa intensely large hype around the film
  2. 2. The iron man posters are very iconic and eye catching there are many aspects whereanchorage applies anchorage is where if a person sees a logo or brand they instantly nowwhat it is iron man is a perfect example of this as it has many factors which it applies toThe iron man suit is veryrecognisable and everyone instantlyknow when they see itThe iconic red and gold ironman logo is also very iconicThe marvel logo is also very wellnone and fits perfectly on the poster