Chanel no.5


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Brand repositioning straregy for Chanel No.5 with campaign “Le chemin à l’Asie” (The way to Asia).

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Chanel no.5

  1. 1. C media introduce
  2. 2. Chanel No.5“Le chemin à l’Asie” (The way to Asia)
  3. 3. What for today• Chanel No.5 – A quick look• Customer insight – About Lady G• Brand positioning• Creative Concept• Marketing Activities
  4. 4. Chanel No.5 – A quick look • Coco Chanel • 5/5/1921 • No.5: Eau de parfum • Original form 1921 • Mixture perfume oil: jasmine, Rosa de Mai at Provence • Paris symbol: the myth scent
  5. 5. Customer insight• Lady G• Age: over 25 y.o• Class: AB• Gender: female• Beauty care
  6. 6. About lady G • Lady G uses perfume as routine, but Chanel No.5 for special occasions. • She needs something newer that helps her to show characteristics. • It gives her the unique style, personality “It helps me show my style and my impression” – Ms. Hieu (32 y.o)• Its luxury, sexy, fragrant, long-lasting.• “Where to buy” is important to her.Sometimes, I buy at trade center. But most of the time I buy when going abroad.” – Ms. To Anh (33 y.o)
  7. 7. Brand positioning Sexy AllurePopular LuxuryOrdinary Unique Classic Elder
  8. 8. Creative Concept
  9. 9. Marketing strategy Brand repositioning with campaign“Le chemin à l’Asie” (The way to Asia) • Orientation to Asia (Europe  Asia) • Younger generation: Broaden segment of Chanel No.5:  Classic & Elder  More Sexy and Allure  Target audience: over 25 y.o. (not just over 40 y.o.) Message: “My secret - Your mystery”
  10. 10. Marketing activities 3 phases: Feel me Touch me Love me
  11. 11. Phase 1 -Feel me• Asia Celebrity: Fan Bing Bing - Attract younger ladies over 25, let them feel about Chanel No.5• PR campaign about Chanel No.5 and it’s mystery, how it fits to young ladies• Media:Editorials on Magazine in Asia: Elles, Cosmopolitan, Rouge, local magazineTV: Brief documentary on: Asia Channel, Fashion TVSocial network: Build Facebook fanpage
  12. 12. Phase 2 - Touch me • Event “Beauty Gathering” at Chanel boutique • Fan Bing Bing – Chanel No.5 visage • Chanel No.5 Testing • Media: TV & Magazine supporting
  13. 13. Phase 3 - Love me • Show your love to Chanel No.5 (testimonials) • Loyal customers: get ticket to Paris to join banquet with Paris & Asia celebs
  14. 14. Questions &Response1. The link between customer insight & Style & Impression? The allure scent of Chanel No.5 makes her become unique, with luxury style. It bring her fragrant impression comparing to others around.2. How her habit of buying abroad link to new strategy? She buys abroad bc there’s lack of Chanel boutique in local. Strategy: asian-orientation (broaden market to Asia, more showroom, more boutique for her to buy at home comfortably).3. What does it mean by “classic and elder”? Chanel No.5 scent is original from 1921. It transfers the “classic” attribute, and it’s customers are elder people.4. Why choose Brand Repositioning? Because database shows that She thinks of Chanel No.5 as sexy.  repositioning the brand follow customer insight.
  15. 15. Response (cont)5. Existing group will continue loyal or not? Yes. Chanel No.5 doesn’t change it’s target audience, just broaden, enlarge the segment into younger generation. Chanel is still luxury and but now: more sexy and allure (suplementary). Mkt activities are still related to existing customers (loyal customers) (in phase LOVE ME: ticket to Paris to join banquet with Chanel celebs in Paris & Asia.)6. Why 3 phases? Because the strategy deals with the new orientation: Asia, it need step-by-step action to attain the target, follow the theory Feel- Do-Know (FEEL ME – TOUCH ME – LOVE ME). ME: both Chanel No.5 & herself7. And how 3 phases link to message “My Secret – Your Mystery”? Through 2 first phases, Chanel No.5 tells her the secret of myth scent which is luxury & sexy (for her to FEEL & TOUCH in her way). After that, in the final phase, She perceives the value of product as her unique mystery and shows her LOVE to Chanel No.5
  16. 16. Merçi bien ! Presented by Le Thi Hai Yen Mai Dinh Thi Ngo Hoai Diem Nga Du Ngoc Huyen Trang