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Yetam training, Plan Kwale
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Yetam training, Plan Kwale


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Map Kibera and Voice of Kibera introduction at YETAM training, Plan Kwale

Map Kibera and Voice of Kibera introduction at YETAM training, Plan Kwale

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Digital Mapping in Kenya, a case study of Map Kibera YETAM workshop, July 21, 2010 GroundTruth Initiative OpenStreetMap photo:
  • 2. Overview • Geography terminology • History/background of Map Kibera • Voice of Kibera platform • Questions, comments and discussion
  • 3. What is geography? • The study of patterns and process that take place on the earth‟s surface • Everybody experiences their own geography each and every day! …citizen geography! (also known as neogeography)
  • 4. History of new geography tools (new media) in 60 seconds…
  • 5. GIS, GPS, Mapping… • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (information management for geography)– ArcGIS $$$ • Global Positioning System (GPS) • Digitize and Geo-reference • The expansion of: – The internet – Cheap GPS devices – Software that is less technically demanding (on the user and data processing)
  • 6. Internet mapping • Google (or Yahoo! or Microsoft) proprietary software • Open Street Map (free software)
  • 7. Internet mapping cont. • Open Street Map
  • 8. Free and Open Source • Data and/or Software itself is free • Anyone can use it and customize it • What else do you need to think about? – Human resources, skills, time, training, etc – Technical customizations (vs out- of-the-box)
  • 9. Kibera 500,000 people(?), 2.5 km2 was a blank spot on the map
  • 10. Existing Data satellite imagery
  • 11. Partners and Allies NGOs/CBOs: Social Development Network (Infonet), Carolina for Kibera, Kibera Community Development Agenda (KCODA) Broadcast and Community Media: Pamoja FM, Kibera Journal, Kibera WorldWide Tech Community: Ushahidi, OpenStreetMap Funding partner: Jumpstart, International – American NGO
  • 12. *Recruited Mappers Recruited Mappers
  • 13. *The Mappers The Mappers
  • 14. Map Kibera • Uses Open Street Map (free and open source) • GPS devices (more on this later…) • Phase I and Phase II • Walking Paper • Digitizing and georeferencing
  • 15. Mappers took to GPS Surveying naturally
  • 16. * open data ... all Open Data Potential of about potential Can be a little abstract in Kibera
  • 17. How does Map Kibera benefit or impact the people in Kibera? • Develop Entities and Skills • Kibera Mappers • Kibera News Network • Citizen journalism • Voice of Kibera • SMS Reporting
  • 18. Phase II • Health • Education (informal) • Security (focus on girl‟s security • Water and Sanitation
  • 19. Voice of Kibera • Uses the Ushahidi platform to aggregate data and maps the info on the Map Kibera map • Ushahidi does not run the website; VoK Advisory/Editorial Board runs the site • m
  • 20. Out-of-the-box
  • 21. Customized
  • 22. Customized - Voice of Kibera
  • 23. What is Voice of Kibera? • Non-profit and independent community information sharing platform by, for and about Kibera • It uses a. articles, photos, videos and SMS b. a unique information mapping tool and c. moderation of content to ensure accurate reporting • A unifying and catalytic agent to contribute to positive change in Kibera and Kenya • A citizen journalist website sharing the real story of what Kibera is • Aims to fill current information gaps in terms of emergency and accurate information adding location data when relevant
  • 24. Reports
  • 25. One website, lots of media! • Media on the site • Video: creating videos and posting on the site • Examples: Kibera News Network & Kibera TV • Photos: featuring work by local photographers • Reports: sending SMS to 3002 or submitting online • Twitter: see „tweets‟ about Kibera • Local Media • Report may be featured in other media • Creating awareness through radio and print
  • 26. Sending in Reports There are two ways you can submit reports: 1. Sending an SMS to 3002 • Make sure SMS includes the word “Kibera” and as much detail as possible, including location. 2. Clicking SUBMIT A REPORT on the website.
  • 27. SMS Reporting • Send message to short code, 3002, including “Kibera” in the text [cost: 5 KSH] • SMS Reporters • Possibilities of things to submit: • Things happening right now in the community whether good or bad (e.g. a fire, street festival) • Info about local organisations (e.g. events) • Opinions on local businesses or services (e.g. experience at a clinic) • Other news and events
  • 28. SMS Demo • Submitting a report using SMS • Include “Kibera” and as much detail as possible, including location in message • Send the message to 3002 • Check the site to see your report!
  • 29. Kibera News Network (KNN) (in partnership with KCODA)
  • 30. Future plans…
  • 31. Expansion – to other locations in Kenya
  • 32. Challenges • Engaging with youth – resources (paid vs volunteer)? • The map is not enough – The digital divide is both infrastructral and social – Otherwise, you're simply contributing to status quo of inequality
  • 33. • large agencies (UN, govt) are very interested • how to support them without simply allowing them to co-opt the work the citizens are doing
  • 34. • without extra effort, open source and open data really just means, open to the elites which is not actually open at all.
  • 35. Regynnah’s story
  • 36. Other tools • Budget tracking tool
  • 37. Constituency Development Funds (CDF) Budget Tracking Tool (SODNET) SMS 3002 with constiuency#issue (eg: matuga#education)
  • 38. Other tools cont. • Huduma
  • 39. Recap • Open Street Map (open source data) • Ushahidi (open source software, but remember other inputs needed) • FrontlineSMS • Budget tracking tool (3002 plus constituency #issue 3002: kwale #water) • Huduma • Flip cameras (YouTube)