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My ticket to a career in marketing, advertising and public relations

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  • Good morning all. Welcome to MAP Expo 2012. My name is Chris Gray and I will be acting as your MC for the day. By way of background, I am the Managing Director of a boutique public relations agency called ICON Communications which has about 60 people operating from two main offices in Sydney and Singapore – as well as smaller operations in the fast-growing markets of Indonesia and Malaysia. We are also linked to the world’s fourth largest PR firm called Ketchum Public Relations.Well I think you are in for a fabulous day. The list of speakers and presenters assembled today is second to none. I know I am really looking forward to hearing what many of them have to say to you.Each of the speakers or presenters is an expert in their field and is here today to help you maximise your opportunity. They are not here to flog product or convince you to buy their wares. They are here to help provide you with some guidance on your career choices. They are here to provide insight into the world in which they operate – and the world into which you are about to enter. So use this opportunity wisely. Listen. Learn. Ask questions. Network. Like everything in life, you will only get out of today what you put into it. So it’s up to you to make the most of the day.
  • You are all here today because you are preparing for a journey – a journey that will lead you shortly into the fulltime business world. And let me tell you – without a shadow of a doubt - you have made a very wise decision. Because, as I am sure my industry colleagues who will be speaking with you today will agree, you are about to set out on one of the most exciting career paths possible. The world of communications – whether that be defined in terms of marketing, advertising or public relations – is without doubt one of the most dynamic, creative and rewarding careers of today. No other single discipline exerts more influence over business around the world than communications. The work you will do in your future careers will help brands engage, educate, inspire, persuade and connect with audiences – whether they be consumers, employees, communities, governments, suppliers or media. I encourage you all to appreciate the simple truth that the journey you are about to embark on offers immense promise and opportunity.
  • Now before I talk a little about today’s agenda let me share a brief lesson I have learnt in life – and one which I think frames up today nicely. Life is not about how good you are, it’s about how good you want to be. If you want to stand out from the crowd, what to be the person other people notice, want to be offered the best job opportunities when you graduate, then base your life around this mantra – or something similar. Your life – your career - is in your hand (no-on else’s). The sort of people we look for when hiring in our agency – and the sort of people I am sure my colleagues look for when recruiting graduates for their businesses – are the people who seek greatness. They display passion, energy, desire, commitment and a willingness to get their hands dirty. They don’t expect the world to serve life up on a platter to them – they go out and hunt down the opportunities themselves!So aim high. And don’t settle for anything less. That way you will have a far better chance of securing the sort of job and the career you dream of.
  • OK, enough of the ‘warm and fuzzy messages’, let’s get down to some housekeeping matters and look at how today will run.MAPExpo has developed a little like a ‘mini-TED’ forum. I am sure most of you are familiar with the TED website/portal – one of the trafficked sites on the Internet featuring short videos from great presenters all around the world. In the same vein, MAPExpo will run a lot like TED. We will have a series of speakers delivering 20-minute presentations this morning, followed in the afternoon by a selection of interactive Masterclass workshops.
  • Our speakers and presenters come from a mix of both in-house roles as well as agency environments and will be covering a broad cross-section of the communications industry from media strategy to social media, direct marketing to digital marketing, public relations to outdoor advertising. The brands on this slide are just a sample of the some of the impressive organisations you will be hearing from today. In addition to the speaker and MasterClass sessions, we will also be running an interactive panel session this afternoon where we will be canvassing issues specifically relevant to you as you prepare to enter the workforce – things such as ‘how you can interview best’ to tips for ‘showcasing your personal brand effectively etc’.Many of the sessions will be video-taped, edited and loaded on to the MAPExpo website as well as being populated on social media networks. Which reminds me to remind you that you can go to the MAPExpo website throughout the day to check speaker profiles and details about today. There are also links there to a number of social media tools – and of course we have our Twitter feed running throughout the day – and indeed, we’d encourage you to feed any questions you’d like our panel to cover off in this afternoon’s session via the Twitter feed at hashtagmapexpo..
  • We are also running a series of competitions. Firstly there’s the Mabuzi T-shirt competition. The winner of the most creative T-shirt will win a $300 voucher to spend at Mabuzi’s online retail outlet. So why not photograph your friend’s T – or your own – and load it to our Facebook page? And if your friend’s is better, steal it from them! We will also have judges circulating through the day looking out for the best on offer.
  • Then there is the Mumbrella award for the 5 best Tweets of the day.Each prize pack is valued at over $250 and features a copy of the Mumbrella Media Agency Review and Creative Agency Review book as well as a 12-month subscription to Encore magazine. Must-have reading for all you guys looking to get a handle on the media agency environment out there. Now both the Mabuzi and Mumbrella awards will be announced at 4pm – so make sure you stay around to be in the running – as you have to be in the room to claim any of the prizes if you are selected!
  • Lastly, our friends at DDB Group have been running a MapExpo ‘Pitch Yourself’ competition. The winner will be short-listed for DDB’s 2013 Graduate Program where you could end up scoring a career opening with one of the group’s various agencies. That competition closes at 5pm today and the winner will be announced in about two week’s time.So, as you can see, we have a lot going on today! I hope you enjoy it.
  • Ok – to our first speaker for this morning.Nestle is one of the best known brands in the world.A brand synonymous with great foods. I am thinking some of the products I grew up with – Milo, Kit Kat, Smarties – and so much more! Margaret Stuart is a senior communications specialist who works as the Corporate and External Relations Manager at Nestle. Margaret’s specialties include corporate communication, issues management, crisis communications, government relations and internal communications. She joins us now to open our morning session and share some of her observations around what’s in store for you if your career takes you down the path of in-house role. Please welcome Margaret to the floor of St Ben’s Hall.Margaret……………
  • Thanks Margaret………----------------------------------------------------------------------No to our second speaker for the morning.Having graduated university with three degrees, James Quinlan – or Q as he prefers to be known - has followed an amazing career course which has led him to his current job as Director of Social Media at DDB Group, a global marketing communications network. Interestingly Q told me yesterday he was actually initially rejected by DDB’s Graduate Program, but persevered and went on to become employee of the year! And now look where he is! Please welcome James – I mean Q – to the floor…… ----------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks James………----------------------------------------------------------------------Now to our third speaker.Having over nine years of corporate communications and media relations experience gained on three continents, Mitzi Saitzyk now works as Corporate & Public Affairs Manager at global healthcare and pharma company Johnson & Johnson. Mitzi is here to share with us some of the myths and misconceptions that continue to dog the PR and communications field.Please welcome Mitzi……………………………………..----------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks Mitzi………----------------------------------------------------------------------Now to our fourth – and last speaker – for the morning session.With a career spanning over 23 years, Keiran Moore is currently the CEO at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Australia’s largest PR agency group. Kieran's expertise covers media relations, reputation management, public relations strategy development and implementation, crisis management and corporate positioning. Kieran is going to speak today about the changing face of public relations and how the PR environment is undergoing a significant transformation.Please welcome Kieran……-------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks Kieran………----------------------------------------------------------------------OK that completes our morning session. Could you join me in giving me one more round of applause for of our first 4 speakers today.
  • I’d now like to draw your attention to the afternoon session.On the windows at the back of this room, you will see 4 sheets of paper – one for each of the Concurrent Interactive Masterclasses we will be running from 12 midday today. Hopefully you will have already decided which one of the 4 classes you are keen to join – because it’s a case of ‘first in, first served’.The Masterclasses are being hosted by the following 4 experts:1. Eric Prugh, of Exact Target – a firm that specialise in email marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing and campaign measurement.2. Annemarie Mansour, of Zadro Communications – an integrated marketing, communications and design agency.3. Matt Byrne, of Rova Media – Australia’s leader in taxi advertising solutions.4. Adam Hodge, of Octagon Australia – a specialist sports, music, events and entertainment marketing firm. So there’s some great variety there. Choose which session you want, sign up and then grab some morning tea upstairs in Room 301.And don’t forget the MasterClasses all start at midday. Oh and each session can only accommodate 20 people. Any overflow will be assigned to the main hall here Eric’s session.Ok, ready to sign up?…………………………go!
  • Welcome back everyone. Ok – by way of introduction, let me tell you a little about your MasterClass trainer today.Eric Prugh is the Director of Solutions Consulting at Exact Target, a firm that specialise in email marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing and campaign measurement.Eric tells me he has just accepted a new role with the company reporting to the President of Tech and Strategy as a Senior Director of Content Products. In his time, Eric has worked with brands such as Universal Music, Citigroup, Lonely Planet and Fairfax Digital.I will now hand over to Eric to take you through your Masterclass.Eric…………over to you.
  • Excuse me everyone. I’d like to update you now on the next phase in today’s MAPExpo.It’s time to sign up for the next round of Interactive MasterClasses.We have 5 choices for this afternoon – and, just like this morning, it’s ‘first in-first served’. The options are as follows:James Griffin and Greg Daniels – from SR7, Australia’s leading social media intelligence company. SR7 is a pioneer in crisis monitoring and early warning systems for risk management and reputation management.Iggy Pintado – from UXC Connect, Australia’s largest ICT Infrastructure solutions and services company. I have heard Iggy speak on a number of occasions and I would rate him as the country’s most connected and articulate social media presenters.Kath Purkis – who founded Le Black Book, one of the country’s hottest online fashion retail sites featuring great design options and trends for women.Uma Sekar – from Zenith Optimedia, a global media planning, strategy, communications and marketing firm.Siew Lim – the online co-ordinator at Caritas Australia, an international aid and development agency.So you will need to sign up quickly. The MasterClasses begin at 2pm and run until 3pm, when we will all regroup in the main hall downstairs for our panel session and competitions presentations.
  • It give me great pleasure to introduce you to James and Greg from SR7 – a firm I know well.James Griffin is co-founder and Partner of the firm, while Greg Daniel is Chairman.The firm they run – SR7 – is Australia’s leading social media intelligence company and is a pioneer in crisis monitoring and early warning systems for risk management and reputation management.I will now hand over to James and Greg.
  • Welcome back everyone.It’s now time for our afternoon panel discussion. I am joined here in stage by 4 extremely well-credentialled industry colleagues. Let me introduce them to you.Firstly we have Sharon Williams – CEO of Taurus Marketing, a highlyWe are also joined by Will Collie – who runs the specialist healthcare practice for Edelman, the world’s largest independent PR firm. Welcome WillNext we have Richard Herring, head of APN Outdoor, the leader in outdoor advertising – billboards, bus shelters, airport advertising etc. Welcome to you Richard.And lastly we have Glen Frost with us. If Glen is not already well known to many of you, he soon will be! Glen is editor and publisher of the PR Report, the No 1 monthly newsletter for the PR profession with over 7000 subscribers. For those who enter the PR field, Glen’s newsletter is a must read every month. His company Frocomm also runs regular events and produced regular industry reports. Welcome to you Glen.OK. So the broad topic we want to discuss today is focused on providing our students with some advice, tips/techniques around entering the workforce – and what they will need to do to prepare themselves for the transition from the university environment to the business world.So Sharon, can I start with you. I know you recruit university graduates on a regular basis within your agency. Could you share with the audience what the 2-3 key things you believe employers seek from graduates when they start in the workforce;OTHER QUESTIONS• What are the 2-3 things graduates should do to stand out from the crowd;• How can students best prepare for that first interview?• How do students go about building their own brand?• What are the 2-3 secrets to success in terms of engaging colleagues in the workforce;• What are some of the pitfalls to avoid in terms of working in the workforce;• What were the secrets for success in your own careersCan you thank our panellists for their contributions today. I hope you all found the discussions interesting and helpful.Thank you Sharon, Will, Richard and Glen.
  • Ok we have come to the fun part of the day. It’s time to award our prizes to our winnersFirstly to our Mumbrella Tweeter award winners. We have 5 top Tweets we are recognising.Name winners – present packs to each.Now we come to the Mabuzi T-shirt of the day. The winner receives $300 worth of vouchers to spend at Mabuzi online retail outlet.Name winner – present voucher pack.OK that brings the day to a close. What am amazing event we have had. More than 18 speakers and presenter from all sectors of the communications industry. We hope you have all enjoyed today’s proceedings and will go away from here with some new ideas on how best to prepare for the transition from university life to the business world.I know we have all enjoyed being part of today.I’d like to thank all the staff who helped out in organising the event. I’d like to thank those organisations who supported 2012 MAPExpo, including the Australian Marketing Institute, the Media Federation of Australia, the Public Relations Institute of Australia, the Outdoor Media Association, the Communications Council, the International Advertising Association. Thanks to our sponsors Mumbrella and Mabuzi and of course to all our speakers. Thanks to our videographers, our resident photographer Richard Batterley and other volunteers behind the scenes.Lastly, I think a big thank you and congratulation are in order to the Associate Dean at the School of Business here at Notre Dame Phillip Cenere for the great job he and his team did in staging a great event.Thanks for your participation. Have a great evening and a great weekend. And good luck to all of you with your future endeavours.
  • Students from Notre Dame’s ePR class have been working hard to promote this event! [Play video]
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  • Invite students to also check out JessTheakstone’s submission [Don’t open website] during the dayGood luck to everyone who entered.
  • MAPexpo 2012 - Chris Gray (Managing Director, ICON International Communications)

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