2012 MAPD Annual Conference Program


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MAPD 2012 Annual Conference Program

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2012 MAPD Annual Conference Program

  1. 1. 1Massachusetts Association of Planning Directors, Inc.2012 AnnualConferenceSpringfield, MassachusettsJune 7th and 8th, 2012Springfield Sheraton Monarch PlaceOne Monarch PlaceSpringfield, MA 01144
  2. 2. Thursday, June 7, 20128:00 am Registration and Continental Breakfast8:30 am~9:00 amWelcome and Opening Remarks William Roth Jr., AICP, Planning Director, Town ofFairhaven & President of MAPD Inc.Domenic J. Sarno, Mayor, City of SpringfieldMayor Domenic J. Sarno, a Springfield native, was elected as the City’s 54th Mayor in 2007 afterserving four terms on the City Council and as a member of the Springfield Finance ControlBoard. He also served for five years as executive director of the South End Community Center.Mayor Sarno has pursued community-based programs to address quality-of-life issues,education and public safety. As Mayor of a city comprised of many cultures and ethnicities,Mayor Sarno is committed to inclusiveness. In the weeks following his election, he assembled a45-member Transition Team comprising diverse professionals in the areas of public safety,education, finance, economic development and human services. His Mayoral Staff representsthe most diverse in the Citys history. Mayor Sarno credits his upbringing for his respect for allpeople and personal motto of treating everyone equally and with dignity.SESSION 1A B9:00 am~10:30 amOpen Space Subdivisions: AvoidingPitfalls in Securing Conservation AreasRobert A. Levite, Esq., Environmental Attorney andConsultant, University of MassachusettsJoel S. Russell, Esq., Joel Russell AssociatesConservation subdivision development (aka Open SpaceResidential Development or Natural Resource Protection Zoning)secures the preservation of significant open space resourceswithin attractive developments. The most effective tool for doingthis is a conservation restriction (CR). This workshop willaddress the practical and legal issues in securing CRs, and howbylaws and regulations can ensure proper procedures to avoidcommon pitfalls and headaches. It will cover technical issuesinvolving conservation analysis, ensuring the protection ofconservation values, drafting of bylaws and CRs, and ownershipand management of protected land.AICP CM|1.5EthicsRobert P. Mitchell, FAICP, Planning Consultant- Land Use, Planning, Sustainable Development, &Training ProgramsPeter Lowitt, FAICP, Director, Devens EnterpriseCommissionDwight H. Merriam, Partner, Robinson & ColeThis interactive session will review the AICP Code ofEthics and provide attendees an opportunity toanalyze and respond to a number of hypotheticalethical issues that may face planners from time totime, and to work with your colleagues to determineappropriate actions.The presenters will draw from their considerableexperience in this regard and this session is expectedto satisfy the CM Ethics requirement.AICP CM: Ethics|1.510:30 am~10:45 amRefreshment BreakPlease take time to visit with and review materials from this year’s Conference Sponsors to beavailable in the common area throughout the Conference
  3. 3. SESSION 2A B10:45 am~12:00 pmPublic Infrastructure inMassachusetts: Costs, Strategies,FundingModerator: Larry Koff, AICP, Principal, Larry Koff& AssociatesMartin Pillsbury, Environmental Division Manager,Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC)Peter Richardson, PE, LEED, Vice President andPrincipal, Green International Affiliates, Inc.Dana Roscoe, Principal Planner, Pioneer ValleyPlanning CommissionMany Massachusetts communities are working withbare-bones budgets, with little if any money left torepair aging infrastructure. This session will provide aforum for learning about and discussing the status ofthe current funding short-fall and some suggestedstrategies for planning and funding based upon bothnational reports, a local case study and the final reportof the Water Infrastructure Finance Commission.The panel will present recent findings regardinginfrastructure conditions and the funding gap. Giventhe size and scale of the infrastructure deficit, how willwe prioritize and what political/administrative actionsmay be needed to carry this out?AICP CM|1.25Public Finance for PlannersJeff Levine, AICP, Planning & Community DevelopmentDirector, Town of Brookline & Adjunct Faculty, Tufts UEPAdam D. Gaudette, AICP, Town Administrator, Town ofSpencerThis presentation will provide planning directors andplanners with an overview of local public finance and how itcan affect planning decisions. While the stereotype is thatthere is always pressure to accommodate new commercialgrowth to pay for services – and that residentialdevelopment always loses money for a town – the reality ismuch more complex. The session will focus on local publicfinance in Massachusetts in the context of Proposition 2 ½ ,examining local option taxes, the Community PreservationAct, user fees, intergovernmental grants, 40R and new toolslike District Increment Financing.This session includes the perspective of a current planningdirector as well as a former planning director who hasmoved to the position of town administrator. An initialpresentation will be followed by interactive discussion.AICP CM|1.2512:00 pm~1:15 pmLunch – with special guest Anthony FlintFellow and Director of Public Affairs, Lincoln Institute of Land PolicySESSION 3A BThursday, June 7, 2012 cont’d...Springfield has plenty ofsights, attractions andrestaurants to enjoy.For more information, see:www.springfielddowntown.comwww.springfieldmuseums.orgwww.hoophall.comwww.nps.gov/sparwww.springfieldcityhall.com/Parkwww.choosespringfieldmass.comThursday, June 7, 2012 cont’d...
  4. 4. 1:15 pm~2:30 pmInnovative Zoning Proposals:East Harwich and AmherstDavid H. Spitz, Harwich Town PlannerJonathan Tucker, Planning Director, Townof AmherstSteve G. Cecil AIA ASLA, FoundingPrincipal, The Cecil Group, Inc.Proposed new zoning for the East HarwichVillage Center involves Smart Growth, villageplanning, design guidelines, NaturalResource Protection District, wastewaterplanning and more. Following many years ofpublic process and civic engagement,consensus on the proposal has not beenreached. However, there is a great deal tolearn from this “work in progress” experience.Likewise, proposed “form based” zoning intwo sections of Amherst achieved 60% of thevote at a fall 2011 Town Meeting, but failed toreceive the required 2/3 majority. TownMeeting is expected to take up this matteragain before June.Principals involved with both projects willshare their experience and insights regardingthe substance and process of these innovativemixed-use zoning proposals.AICP CM|1.25Preparing for the Storm: Lessons Learnedfrom Tropical Storm Irene on Planning forResiliency in Local InfrastructureCarrie Banks, MA Division of Ecological RestorationBob Dean, Franklin Regional Council of Governments andSelectman, Town of BucklandPatrick Garner, Wetlands Scientist and Hydrologist, Patrick C.Garner Company, Inc., NorthboroughModerator: Heidi Ricci, MassAudubonMost culverts and storm drainage systems are designed usingcalculations of storm flows that are more than 30 years out of date.When high intensity storm events occur, critical infra-structure suchas roads may be at high risk of washing out, creating hazards topeople and property as well as enormous costs.Updated hydrologic data and models are available that can beapplied to new roads as well as on road repair and rehabilitationprojects. Learn how planners can incorporate up-to-date storm flowcalculation and culvert design methodologies into local road andstormwater design regulations, and work with local and statehighway departments to plan for replacement of existing undersizedstructures. Make your community resilient to storm flows, andprevent disasters from happening. Added benefits include improvedfisheries and healthier streams.Session will offer case study examples from Tropical Storm Ireneand information on new techniques for improving storm damageresilience in the design of critical infrastructure, with Q&A paneldiscussion.AICP CM|1.252:30 pm~2:45 pmRefreshment BreakPhoto credits. Top: www.springfielddowntown.comTop right (Tropical Storm Irene): blogs.hamweather.comRight (Shelburne Falls during Tropical Storm Irene):news.blogs.cnn.com
  5. 5. SESSION 4A B2:45 pm~4:15 pmMobile Workshop A -Springfield Materials RecyclingFacility / Solid Waste StrategiesJustine Fallon, Massachusetts Department ofEnvironmental ProtectionAmy Donovan, Program Director, Franklin CountySolid Waste Management DistrictSolid waste management, including recycling andcomposting, has implications for municipal land use,budgets and environmental quality. Attendees will tourthe Springfield MRF to learn about the mechanics of howrecycling works on a macro level.The workshop will also present success stories related towaste management including affecting practices of large-scale municipal institutions like public schools, andimplementing creative community-based strategiesincluding the Shelburne Falls Compost Collaborative inwhich several local restaurants are working together toimplement a model waste diversion program.Learn how municipal planners and Board members canlead or facilitate innovative local policies and strategies!(30 people maximum)AICP CM|1.5Mobile Workshop B -Historic Preservation / EconomicDevelopment, Downtown WalkingTourRobert McCarroll, Springfield HistoricalCommissionBrian Connors, Deputy Director of EconomicDevelopment, City of SpringfieldPhilip Dromey, AICP, Deputy Director of Planning,City of SpringfieldA member of the Springfield Historical Commission andformer Springfield staff planner and current Springfieldstaff will lead a tour of locations within walking distanceof the Sheraton, highlighting historic Mattoon Street,the Quadrangle comprising several wonderful museumsincluding the Dr. Seuss National Memorial SculptureGarden, and will point out several exciting downtowndevelopment projects including renovation of a formerschool department building into market rate housing.The City’s efforts to stimulate renovation in the CourtSquare area will also be discussed.Sound amplification will ensure that all attendeesbenefit from the speakers’ insights.AICP CM|1.5Attention cycling enthusiasts!Following the mobile workshops, Bill Roth andChris Skelly will lead a bike ride throughbeautiful Forest Park, the largest urban parkin New England. And:C u l t u r e & C o c k t a i l s !Thursday evening, all (age 21+) are welcome toenjoy the Culture & Cocktails – Summer Kickoffon the Quadrangle, an event co-sponsored by theSpringfield Museums, and the DowntownSpringfield Business Improvement District.Free for museum members, $5 for non-members,including food & entertainment. Cash bar.www.springfielddowntown.comThursday, June 7, 2012 cont’d...
  6. 6. Friday, June 8, 20128:00 am~9:00 amContinental Breakfast◄ MAPD 2012 AN N U A L MEE T I N G AN D EL EC T I O N O F OF F I C E R S ►SESSION 5A B9:00 am~10:30 amMunicipally SponsoredLimited DevelopmentsWayne Feiden, FAICP, NorthamptonDirector of Planning and DevelopmentCarolyn Misch AICP, NorthamptonSenior Land Use PlannerSarah LaValley, Northampton Land Useand Conservation PlannerLimited development projects allow acommunity to develop a portion of a largerparcel for development, while retainingthe rest for open space or other localneeds. The session will explore howlimited development projects can achievecomprehensive planning objectives,drawing on projects in Northampton thatare replicable in other communities. Wewill explore projects that provide openspace, recreation, agriculture, market-ratehousing, affordable housing, economicdevelopment, sustainable transportation,mitigate impacts on neighborhoods, andhopefully demonstrate to developers howeasy good projects can be to getpermitted. We will review theopportunities and real and potentialpitfalls.AICP CM|1.5Introduction to Historic Preservation at theLocal LevelChristopher C. Skelly, Director of Local Government Programs,Massachusetts Historical CommissionPatricia Kelleher, Preservation Planner, Community OpportunitiesGroupRobert McCarroll, Springfield Historical CommissionModerator: Judi Barrett, Director of Planning, CommunityOpportunities Group, Inc.This session will provide participants with an overview of historicpreservation planning at the local level. Presenters will discuss thetools local communities can use to identify, evaluate, and protect theirhistoric resources and how these efforts can be incorporated intobroader planning and regulatory efforts. Commonly used tools such ashistoric resource inventories, National Register designations, localhistoric districts, demolition delay bylaws, and preservation plans willbe explored. Through discussion and distributed literature,participants will gain a better understanding of these tools and howpreservationists and planners can work together to protect the featuresthat contribute to each community’s unique heritage and sense ofplace.Springfield has received much attention for its notable historicresources including recognition of the Forest Park Heights HistoricDistrict by “This Old House” as one of the Best Old HouseNeighborhoods in the northeast. A member of the SpringfieldHistorical Commission and former Springfield staff planner will lendhis insights.AICP CM|1.510:30 am~10:45 amRefreshment Break
  7. 7. Friday, June 8, 2012 cont’d...SESSION 6A10:45 am~12:15 pmRecent Court DecisionsBarbara Saint Andre, Esq., Principal, Petrini & AssociatesIlana Quirk, Esq., Principal, Kopelman and Paige, PCModerator: Pam Brown, AICP, Esq., Brown and Brown, PCMAPDs annual tradition continues with a review of recent court decisions of relevance and interest to planners.AICP CM: Law|1.50Please Note: AICP CM = AICP Certification Maintenance (CM) credits. As was the case with prior years MAPD annualconferences, AICP CM credits will be pursued for all sessions at this year’s conference.Whether each session will be eligible for AICP credits will be determined by APA. This information will be providedas available, both online at www.apa-ma.org/events/mapd-conference and at the conference itself.Thank you to thefollowing for helpingwith this year’s MAPDConference!All of the volunteerconference sessionmoderators and speakers!MAPD President BillRoth, AICP, Town ofFairhavenMAPD Vice PresidentAngus Jennings, AICP,Town of WestfordSpecial thanks to PhillipDromey and Scott Hansonat the Springfield Office ofPlanning and EconomicDevelopmentBrochure photo credits:cover, Angus Jennings;others, City of Springfield,Massachusetts, except asotherwise notedA special thank you to this year’s MAPD Conference SponsorsMassachusetts Association of Consulting Planners www.macponline.orgHoward/Stein-Hudson Associates, Inc. www.hshassoc.comBrown & Brown, P.C., Counselors At Law www.brown-brown-pc.comVanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. www.vhb.com
  8. 8. Conference DetailsConference Registration:To register for the conference, simply print, complete and mail in thehard copy Registration Form on the following page, along with a checkfor the conference fees specified below. Or, download the form fromthe conference website, complete electronically, and submit to ChrisSkelly via email at skelly-mhc@comcast.net.Conference Fees:MAPD Members $85.00, Non-members $100.00. Fee includesworkshops, continental breakfasts, refreshment breaks and lunch onThursday. Registration and fees must be received no later thanFriday, May 25, 2012.Mail Check (payable to “MAPD Inc.”) & Registration Form to:MAPD Inc.PO Box 912Greenfield, MA 01302Hotel Accommodations:Hotel reservations and payment for overnight accommodations shouldbe made directly with the Springfield Sheraton Monarch Place,One Monarch Place in Springfield (01144) via phone at 413-781-1010or follow this link:https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/StarGroupsWeb/booking/reservation?id=1202144620&key=A9B93The preferred rate is $119.00, plus state and local taxes. In order toreceive the preferred rate you must make your reservationno later than Wednesday, May 23, 2012.Conference Contact:If you have any questions, please contact Angus Jennings at978-692-5524 or email ajennings@westfordma.govConference Updates Online:www.apa-ma.org/events/mapd-conference
  9. 9. MAPD Conference Registration FormName andJob TitleCompany/OrganizationAddressPhoneEmailaddressMAPD Member? Yes ◊ No ◊To assist in conference planning, please check the workshops that you plan to attend.SESSIONWORKSHOP A WORKSHOP B1 ◊Open Space Subdivisions:Avoiding Pitfalls in SecuringConservation Areas◊ Ethics2 ◊Public Infrastructure inMassachusetts:Costs, Strategies, Funding◊ Public Finance for Planners3 ◊Innovative Zoning Proposals:Amherst and East Harwich◊Preparing for the Storm: Lessons Learnedfrom Tropical Storm Irene on Planning forResiliency in Local Infrastructure4 ◊Mobile Workshop ASpringfield Materials Recycling Facility◊ Mobile Workshop BHistoric Preservation/Economic DevelopmentDowntown Walking TourFor Mobile Workshop attendees with mobility restrictions, please notify conference organizers sowe can ensure accommodations are made in advance to ensure full participation. Thanks!5 ◊Municipally Sponsored LimitedDevelopments◊Introduction to Historic Preservation atthe Local Level6 ◊ Recent Court DecisionsConference PaymentQty.MAPD Member x ($85) = $Non-member x($100) = $Total $Mail Check (payable to "MAPD Inc.") and completedRegistration Form to:MAPD Inc.PO Box 912Greenfield, MA 01302Registration and fees must be received no later thanFriday, May 25, 2012. In order to receive preferredhotel rate, hotel reservations must be booked byWednesday, May 23, 2012.