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  • 1. eReaders
    Let’s make the change…
  • 2. Are textbooks obsolete?
    Types of e-Readers
    Educational Role:
    Preschool Level
    Elementary, Middle & High School Level
    College Level
    Impact on Publishers
    Environmental Impact
    PTHSD – Let’s make the change
  • 3. What is an e-Reader?
    • Small, digital electronic book
    • 4. Wireless
    • 5. Light weight
    • 6. Ability to store huge amounts of information
    • 7. Most come with dictionary feature
    • 8. Some have ability to highlight text
    • 9. Some have ability to take notes
  • 10. Amazon Kindle
    Cost and Specifications
    $139 – wireless
    $189 – 3G wireless
    $379 – DX larger screen
    free 3G
    Up to 3500 books
    Reads like real paper
    Long battery life – one month
  • 11. Barnes & Noble Nook
    Cost and Specifications
    $149 – free Wi-Fi
    $199 – 3G with Wi-Fi
    Stores up to 1500 books
    Battery life – 10 days
    Browse the Web
    Built in Dictionary
  • 12. Apple iPad
    Cost and Specifications
    Wi-Fi Wi-Fi+ 3G
    16Gb - $499 $629
    32Gb - $599 $729
    64Gb - $699 $829
    9.7 inch screen
    Backlit touch screen
    10 hour battery life
  • 13. Intel Reader
    Cost and Specifications
    • $1399
    • 14. Designed for people with low vision, blindness or reading disabilities like dyslexia
    • 15. Converts printed text to digital text
    • 16. Easily change font size
    • 17. Intel Reader
  • 18. Educational Role- Preschool
    “A major concern about reading is not how to teach children to read but how to ensure that they will continue to read, enriching and broadening their skills and interests.” - Rich (1997)
  • 19. Educational Role – Elementary, Middle & High School Level
    Effective for students with learning disabilities
    Enhance the learning for ELL students
    Books are read to student via headphones
    Students enthusiastic about new technology
    Shows pronunciation which can increase fluency
    Cost per student is fairly high initially
    Some additional technical support required
    Arecently released survey by
    Scholastic found that a third of 9- to
    17-year-olds said they would read more
    books for fun if they had an e-reader.
    (Ash, 2010)
  • 20. Educational Role – College Level
    Colleges testing out the use of eReaders
    Less expensive than purchasing multiple text books.
    Specific textbooks can cost up to $250
    The average cost of text books rose 186% from 1986 to 2005
    Students can print out the electronic version
    Ability to take notes within e-Reader
    Use dictionary for word meaning or pronunciation
    Changes how you learn
    Interaction with paper lost
    Ability to make notes, highlight has changed – slower
    Hard to locate page numbers on Kindle – reformatted
    For blind or vision impaired students the e-readers directions are not heard but have to be read
  • 21. Publishers
    Legislature in some states okayed using state money to buy digital textbooks – California, Texas, Florida, Indiana
    Texas – spends $500 million on textbooks each year.
    California spends approximately $400 million per year on textbooks
    Florida's spending is closer to $260 million per year
    K-12 textbook market reached $6.4 billion in 2007
    Average spending per pupil for books in U.S. public schools amounted to $64.51 annually or 36 cents per instructional day.
    McGraw Hill publishes 95% of their books electronically
  • 22. Environmental Impact
    e-Readers can reduce the amount of paper needed for textbooks.
    How can eReaders be recycled, what is their life-span?
    Paper can be recycled into many different items
  • 23. Parsippany-Troy Hills School District
    The average cost of text books rose 186% from 1986
    Average supplies cost per student is $241
    Average athletic cost per student is $219
  • 24. Parsippany-Troy Hills School District
    About 1000 special education students
    $139,000 cost for one Kindle per SE student
    $46,000 if purchased for every one out of three SE students
    At $139 cost is less per student than what is spent on athletics
    Does not factor in volume discount
    Some additional technical support needed
    Can be supported by current staff
    No additional training needed
  • 25. Proposal for PTHSD - Elementary
    “This [technology] is starting to
    enter our schools very rapidly,
    especially as the prices come down, and before that happens, we have to inform people. I don't think the e-reader in itself is going to make a difference, but if it's used with effective instruction, then it can make a huge difference. [E-readers] have the most amazing potential, but they're so new in terms of formal studies that there isn't a whole lot that has been done yet," Larson says. "Within the next year or two, we'll have some more evidence.” Lotta Larson (2010), assistant professor of curriculum and instruction at Kansas State University, in Manhattan, KS.
    One Kindle per classroom at the elementary level
    Ability to borrow within school for group use
    Effective for ELL learners to make the connection between text and word
    Effective for students with dyslexia
    Can aid auditory learners prior to official classification
    Students can take notes while reading
    Teachers can assess comprehension based on notes taken
  • 26. Proposal for PTHSD - Elementary
    15 units per school
    10 elementary schools
    150 total units
    Cost only $21,000
    Fraction of what is spent on athletics
    Increase of 1.4% of textbook and supplies budget
  • 27. Next step for e-Readers:
    Educators, manufacturers, experts in educational technology need to get together to create a product that is effective for all learners.
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