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How to apply suggestion Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Suggestion  and RT Part One How to submit suggestion      Part Two How to apply suggestion (working on RT)  
  • 2. Part two How to apply suggestion (working on RT) 
  • 3. 1. What is RT and the function of RT system;2. About "Priority" RT;3. Work with engineer on RT:apply your RT on;request to test it on product site;request to apply it to all product sites;4. RT request email and Apply Commenter;5. Resolve your RT.
  • 4. 1. What is RT and the function of RT systema. RTAfter getting the bonus comment from RT commenter,then your suggestion will be created as a ticket in RTsystem ( You will receive twoemails from RT system (both emails have an RT number at the beginning of theemail subject in format: [sm #123456]). Note: From now on, you are working on RT to apply changes in your suggestion to the website(s). Two emails from RT system with RT number:     
  • 5. b. RT system ( can track your rt status, rt engineer and everything about this RT in RT system.
  • 6. 2. "Priority RT"Sometimes, RT commenter will add "priority-x" at thebeginning of the bonus email subject to emphasize thepriority level of this RT. If x is 0 or nothing, CALL RT engineer immediately after seeing the email;If x is 1, engineer must finish it within 1 day. If not, bug engineer immediately;If x is 2, engineer must finish it within 2 days. If not, bug engineer immediately. When getting "Priority-x" RT, call and bug your RTengineer right away to work on the RT. Fine 100RMB on staff who fails to work the Priority-x rtwithin the given calendar days.  
  • 7. 3. Work with engineer on RT:a. Apply your RT on on RT commenters comment, normally, engineer will first work this RT on getting the reply from engineer after applying this RT on, test it on MasonSoftto make sure your changes are applied correctly.
  • 8. b. Request to test it on product site.After the test on, send the request email to Apply Commenter will receive your RT request email then decide whether to apply it to aproduct site for test, or apply it to all product sites directly.During this step, Apply Commenter will assign another engineer to apply your RT to product site(s).Follow Apply Commenters instruction carefully and contact the correct engineer. NoteSometimes, Apply Commenter will reject your RT request and ask engineer to revert it from product site(s) and with reasons in details. In this case, you can do two things:a). Try to improve your RT changes to make it better.ORb). Send the RT request to RT supervisor in correct format the next day.To: RT supervisorCc: corresponding Apply Commenter.In the email body: list the reasons of rejection in detail.
  • 9. c. Request to apply it to all product sitesAfter the test on one product site for a certain period (normally a week, sometimes may be 3 days, or evenone month), send the request email to again to apply this RT to all sites. Notea). Sometimes, Apply Commenter will ask engineer to apply RT to all product sites directly without testing onone site, especially when the RT content is simple, or is not affecting registration ratio, payment ratio, etc;b). Sometimes, an RT will be tested on several product sites week by week. In this case, remember to sendthe new RT request email timely after the testing period;c). Be active when doing RT, 30 RMB fine on every 3 days delay.
  • 10. 4. RT request email and Apply Commenter;a. Format of RT request emailTo: rtrequest@gmail.comCc: no need cc anyoneemail subject: must use the standard RT email subject:[sm #123456](5/20)Sug-Registration: xxxEmail body contains 10 items:New feature:Advantage:Status:RT taken time:Reasons if it takes more than one week on MS:Competitors / Feedback:Before:After with changes marked (date 1/11):Commenter:Request:    
  • 11. Detailed requirement on each item
  • 12. Sample RT request after RT is done on MS by engineer
  • 13. b. About Apply CommenterSimilar to RT Commenter, Apply Commenter refers to staff who is in charge of dealing with RT requestemail.Apply Commenter has the right to approve and reject your RT request email. Please always follow ApplyCommenters instruction carefully during the RT procedure. Sample email when Apply Commenter ask to test your RT:
  • 14. Sample email when Apply Commenter ask engineer to apply RT to all product sites
  • 15. Sample email when Apply Commenter reject your RT with reasons in detail
  • 16. Pay attention to the RT rules:a. When replying and composing RT emails, always use RT title "[sm #123456]"at the beginning ofthe email subject. Then the rest part is your original suggestion email title "(5/20)Sug-XX:xxx". b. When contacting RT engineer, the correct email format is:To: engineerCc: By Cc, every email is recorded in RT system. It is easier to track yourwhole RT procedure in detail. c. When Cc, only keep the previous ONE email in the email. Do not keepall previous email records. Or, those emails records will be displayed in RT system again and again.It is annoying and inconvenient for checking. d. When contacting any other people except engineers, no need to Cc rt@rt.successfulmatch.comevery time. You may only record necessary information when Cc 
  • 17. 5. Resolve your RTAfter your RT is applied to all sites, or your own site if it is a project suggestion, you need to get itresolved before reporting your RT bonus. a. Test it on a live site (normally MM or your own site) and make screenshots.b. Send the screenshots with changes to directly.      c. In RT system, move your RT to "4review" queue. Then engineer will review and resolve it later.      d. Then you can forward the email from RT system with "Resolved" in title to to report your RT bonus.   After that, your RT is finished completely.