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  • 1. 2008.6.19 = "Third Generation Library Information"? 2~5 september 台北 5~7 september 台中 7~9 september 台南 9~12 september 台北 The Civil Society [公民社會宣言]- TUAC : Seoul Declaration, to the OECD future of the internet economy, Seoul, Korea, 將推動近用知識(Promotion of Access to Knowledge)列為 11 個議題之一, 16 June 2008, iq 30941847 teema1, msn mao3244 teema1, sype -> maolins 國科會之帳號為 9003242 密碼為 94814299。 => koha => abc100 => Eprints Demo, (shift)dion0104; 公司; admin => abc100 dspace 帳號: 公司 amazon -> blue, abc100 lins -> mao lins3244 lins2004@p dllib - pooh 5117 dlkoha, root=koha FreeiraQ, 館員=mao lins - free file sharing and storag TimesMachine - 紐約時報的公版內容, 1851-1922, Submission of Abstract/ Proposal - July 15, 2008 sent to International conference of Asian Special Libraries on Shaping the future of special libraries: beyond boundaries, from 26-28 November 2008. ��.1參與式學習 (Participation-based Learning) ��.2網路書籤 (Social Bookmarking) ��.3MIT Free Culture - YouTomb [被 YouTube 拒絕的影片], Students for Free Culture 專利法保護的是「想法或概念」,著作權法涵蓋的是「表達方式」,商標法保護的是「表彰商 品」,公平交易法規範的是「交易秩序」; Search Engine [搜尋引擎史], Diffusion of Treatment Research: Does Open Access Matter?, impact factor, reading factor
  • 2. Library Technology Guides: Key resources in the field of Library Automation, 是 Innovative consortium,打算 move to Koha. ILS Basic Discovery Interfaces: A proposal for the ILS community. Many great free textbooks from India [印度的免費教科書] Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS, FLOSS, or FOSS)? Look at the Numbers! [選擇 自由軟體,數字說話] / David A. Wheeler, Revised as of April 16, 2007, BussShout: bring you the best and most innovative web technologies, ��.1开放存取:学术出版的理性回归, ��.2OPEN J-Gate: World's biggest Open Access English Language Journals Portal, ��.3Directory of Open Access Journals, Koha OPAC - koha dion0104 Koha Intranet - koha dion0104 DSpace - 106 root dion0104(+shift) 107 root dion0104 evergreen2shin FRBRoo One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)的 XO 電腦 Everex 的 CloudBook 瀏覽器 - Firefox 網路瀏覽器; Flock Browser - The Social Web Browser Hosannas.Wang <> - Koha Taiwan 在北京大學圖書館專業 Huang Tao <> - 在上海的公司圖書館員 開課 - 專業服務理論、圖書館自動化軟體 ��.1Access to Knowledge - New Tools for the Dissemination of Knowledge ��.2Department of Culture, Media & Sport, DCMS, 英國圖書館的主管機關 ��.3flip book reader used in the Open Library ��.4On the Record: Report of The Library of Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control (January 9, 2008) [PDF] [書目控制的未來] -
  • 3. ��.5Consulting on the future of copyright in the digital age / by UK Interllectual Property Office [英國智財局] [著作權的未來] ��.6ITIE2008: Connecting Rural Communities - 5/18-5/22 ��.7近用及散布數位化的公版著作 - Project Gutenberg ��.8Koha - Open Source Evangelist ��.9近用及散布學術資訊 - The SPARC Open Access Newsletter ��.10The Political Economy of Academic Journal Publishing, 1 November 2008 ��.11Access, usage and citation metrics will be one major information service that researchers will need on an everyday basis to handle the complexity of science. ��.12Access, Usage and Citation Metrics: What Function for Digital Libraries and Repositories in Research Evaluation? [PDF], 26 p. / Chris Armbruster,, A preprint self-archived January 29, 2008. • Yesterday once more - Karaoke • We Will Rock You -Karaoke • 教學 • 學術論文 • 圖書館服務隊 • 讀者投書 • 國際會議 • 自由軟體應用 • Ubuntu 安裝 工具 • Introduction, Methods/Materials, Results and Discussions = 前言、研究方法與設計、結果與 發現、結論與建議 • 線上問卷 - - Powerful tool for creating web surveys • OLPC in Ethiopia Indian students with OLPC OLPC demo by Hakon Wium Lie • LISU: The Library & Information Statistics Unit, 蒐集、分析、解讀及出版英國圖書館的統 計資料, • SlideShare (share powerpoint presentations online, slideshows, slide shows, download presentations, widgets, MySpace codes) [簡報共享], Books for money
  • 4. • 搜尋引擎 - Google • Ubuntu - 新創公司 Canonical a. 新版 Ubuntu 以 Mobile Linux 為優先目標 教學 ��.A搜尋引擎 - 根據 comScore 的 2007 年 12 月資料, 全球前三大的搜尋引擎分別是谷歌 (Google)、雅虎(Yahoo!)及百度(Baidu) a. 2007 年全球 10 大搜索引擎 b. Baidu Ranked Third Largest Worldwide Search Property by comScore in December 2007 c. comScore Releases December U.S. Search Engine Rankings ��.B資訊組織 a. LibraryThing, LibraryThing for Libraries - 網路編目與世界接軌。GuruLib、、Shelfari b. Harmonization of Metadata Standards / Mikael Nilsson, ProLearn January 29, 2008 c. The FRBR Blog,  書目紀錄功能要件最終報告 = Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records / 徐蕙芬、戴怡正譯, 文華, 2007 年 12 月 01 日, ISBN: 9789578708907  Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records [書目記錄功能需求], FRBR, IFLA, 1998;  What is FRBR? a Conceptual Model for the Bibliographic Universe [FRBR 是什 麼?上 中] / Barbara Tillett, 2004;  書目記錄功能需求(FRBR)初探 / 陳和琴; 書目記錄功能需求之發展 / 張慧 銖, 2004。 d. Functional Requirements for Authority Data [FRAD]: A Conceptual Model (Draft 2007-04-01) / IFLA Working Group on Functional Requirements and Numbering of Authority Records (FRANAR) e. RDA: Resource Description & Access is a content standard for the semantic web as much as for the library. [資源著錄與檢索], scheduled for release in early 2009  DCMI/RDA Task Group Wiki: This Task Group is for collaborative work to enable broader use of the Resource Description and Access (RDA) f. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, ISSN 0163-9374 i. Cataloging Compared to Descriptive Bibliography, Abstracting and Indexing Services, and Metadata / Yee, Martha M., Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, Volume 44, Numbers 3-4, 25 July 2007 , pp. 307-327(21) ��.C網路社群建立與應用
  • 5. a. 聯合目錄 - LibraryThing, LibraryThing for Libraries - 網路編目與世界接軌 b. Five Weeks to a Social Library / Meredith Farkas, Chair, c. Social Software in Libraries: Building Collaboration, Communication, and Community Online / by Meredith G. Farkas, Information Today, Inc, March 20, 2007, 344 pages, ISBN-10: 157387275X ISBN-13: 978-1573872751, d. 網路書籤 - 加到網路書籤: 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 i. The Smarter Way to Surf the Internet : Blinklist [中文介面] - ii. Roodo! Cliip = 樂多網路書籤, iii. PChome Onlind 網路家庭: 書籤共享, iv. HEMiDEMi : 黑米共享書籤, v. LookSmart's Furl - Your Personal Web, vi. CiteULike [网络学术着作共享书签], vii., e. 社群網站 - 12 億上網人口,全球 65 億人 i. MySpace, 校內網 (簡體)Xiaonei ii. Facebook - 12 Ways to Use Facebook Professionally / Judi Sohn, July 24th, 2007 (6:30am); 2007 年 12 月 15 日在台北舉辦 Facebook 網路小聚(Facebook developer garage), Facebook 掀起網路淘金熱潮 iii. Friendster,。請尊重尊重繁體中文,Friendster! iv. Twitter: What are you doing? [推特], Social networking and microblogging service utilising instant messaging, SMS or a web interface. 有點像 Blog,不過 只能寫 140 個半形字,也就是中文字只能寫 65 個字。Twitter 和其他幾個類 似網站如 Jaiku、Tumblr、Frazr 以及大陸的模仿貓如「飯否」、「機歪 de」等,連歐洲大型社群網站 Bebo 也來湊一腳,這些結合網路、插件、手 機、IM 的服務,一起為另類的「微型部落格」(microblogging)吹了起床 號。巴布、樂多朋友。The 12-Minute Definitive Guide to Twitter / by Fred Stutzman, April 11, 2007 v. Cyworld vi. ChinaRen - 年轻人的门户 vii. 無名小站 viii. 愛情公寓米亞社群網, ix. Yacko 中文介面, x. 我的朋友,我的家 [簡體], ��.D公共圖書館
  • 6. i. The Living Library Project [借人的圖書館], 2005 年 8 月 22 日開辦。Mariana van Zeller visits a library in Sweden that actually loans out humans of all shapes and sizes as a means of promoting tolerance and understanding. At the public library in southern Sweden's third largest city, Malmö, a patron can check out a human being for a 45 minute chat. Swedish library launches 'borrow a person'. Don’t judge a book by its cover – borrow a living book - a success story at Malmö City Library (Sweden) / IFLA, Public Libraries Section Newsletter, Number 34 April 2007, p.4-5. They Call It the Living Library [mp3] ii. Public libraries in the 21st century : defining services and debating the future / by Anne Goulding, Aldershot, England, 2006. ISBN: 0754642860 9780754642862 iii. Dr. Kathleen de la Pena McCook, Courses Taught at the University of South Florida iv. Public Library Quarterly, ISSN 0161-6846 v. The New Performance Framework for Local Authorities and Local Authority Partnerships [地方政府服務架構] : Single Set of National Indicators, 07 LGSR 04876, 11 October 2007 [PDF 15 pages];Stronger communities [更強固的社 區] Use of public libraries 是 14 項指標裡的第 9 項; Strong and Prosperous Communities - The Local Government White Paper, 26 October 2006, ISBN 9 780101 693929, 地方政府從 198 項選出 35 項, cator vi. Britain's literacy fiasco [bad link], A devastating report says that British children today are no more literate than they were half a century ago and that the National Literacy Strategy, which was introduced to remedy Britain’s shocking rate of illiteracy, has been a complete waste of time. 學術論文- Find Articles, Google 學術搜尋, ��.1自由資訊 [中南大學] - Free Information: Open Access、Public Domain ��.2Library 2.0, (每月 6 日交稿,全國新書資訊月刊, 2007.6, ISSN 1560-6708) - 圖書館 2.0 [書] a. How to turn e-books into MP3, and how to listen to them [電子書轉換為 MP3] b. ebooks - Update p. 29,32 c. 數位學刊 - 重複購買: 期刊重複、資料庫重複; 沒有使用率 d. Bookmarking e. Information Wants To Be Free: A librarian, writer and tech geek reflecting on the profession and the tools we use to serve our patrons f. Top *13* Web 2.0 Tools for Librarians, August 17th, 2007 g. 推薦購買 - Findbook, NexTag, 找書、比價的服務
  • 7. h. Folksonomies, 分眾分類法, 維基百科, a brief introduction, popular articles tagged with "folksonomy" i. 搜尋引擎 - Technorati j. 自由資訊 - 龍騰世紀書庫 k. 工具 - Folksonomies, blog, wikis, Instant Messaging, RSS, Bookmarking l. Open Content - m. Roadmap for Open ICT Ecosystems n. The Open Library: Imagine a library that collected all the world's information about all the world's books and made it available for everyone to view and update. demo o. 圖書館的自由 .8 p. 借書系統 - 跨館借書、推薦購書、網路書店 q. 意見箱 - Blogger, r. 網路資源 - , 網路書籤 s. 參考服務 - 維基百科 ISBN 1-84334-178-6 p.11-12 t. 新知服務 - RSS ATOM u. 自由軟體 - Koha , 圖書館掌控自己用的軟體 v. 開放近用 - 作者就是讀者 w. 圖書目錄 - Google Book Search x. 網路讀書會 - 放生圖書、BookCrossing y. 讀者有座位 [PDF] .6 z. 借 書不用還 [PDF] .5 aa. 借書一定成 [PDF] .4 bb. 圖書館 2.0 [PDF] 2007.3 ��.3圖書館的數位服務 ��.4Google 的產品與服務 ��.5資訊倫理 = Information Ethics - Privacy Policy[隱私政策](TRUSTe ), freedom of speech, Acceptable Use Policies[服務條款](Terms of Service), 電腦處理個人資料保護法及電腦處理 個人資料保護法施行細則(Data Protection Act), Intellectual Freedom, ��.6智慧權與財產權 / 毛慶禎 Taylor, K. (2007) Copyright and research:an academic publisher's perspective. SCRIPT-ed 4(2) 233-236 Adams, Andrew A, (2007) Copyright and research: an archivangelist's perspective 4(3) SCRIPT-ed 285 a. World Digital Library vs. 國家型數位典藏科技計畫 vs. Global Memory Net (GMNet) ��.7筆記型電腦外借 - 優質網路政府計畫: 97 年至 100 年 / 行政院研究發展考核委員會, 96 年4月 a. 2005 年,國中生 95 萬人,國小生 183 萬人 i. Everex TC2502 gPC 祗在 Wal-Mart 銷售 EVEREX 創立於 1983 年,是國內 知名大廠 FIC(大眾電腦)全球化佈局下之自創品牌。) Ubuntu Linux - sold out, not for sale at Taiwan.
  • 8. ii. Asus' $300 EeePC Laptop - 4G 10499, 8G 14490 iii. VIA's $600 Nanobook. - 未上市,VIA NanoBook UMD 參考設計重量少於 850g,尺寸只有 230mm x 171mm x 29.4mm,高達 5 小時的電池壽命 ��.8中國字有 6 萬多字 - 漢韓大辭典,6 萬多個漢字,50 多萬個辭彙;2008 年 5 月,15 冊 + 索引 1 冊。三十年前被聘為東洋學研究所所長的韓國語學者李熙升博士,從一九七八 年以來開始傾力編撰「漢韓大辭典」的工作。到目前為止,所投入的預算約超過兩百億 韓元(約兩百十七萬美元)。由於這是韓國首次挑戰的艱鉅工作,直到一九九九年才出 版了第一冊。 日本諸橋轍次編輯的「大漢和辭典」,於一九六零年問世,收錄了約四萬九千個漢字和四十萬 個辭彙;台灣編撰的「中文大辭典」,於一九六二年上市,約五萬漢字和四十萬辭彙;中國編 纂的「漢語大詞典」,一九九四年上市,約五萬六千個漢字和三十七萬個辭彙。 ��.9圖書館要聯盟 - Cooperating Libraries In Consortium (CLIC) ��.10圖書館的數位落差 a. Developing Nations, the Digital Divide and Research Databases / Sam Brooks, Paul Donovan and Clint Rumble, Serials Review, Volume 31, Issue 4, December 2005, Pages 270-278 b. Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative, HINARI [西納里], The HINARI program, set up by WHO together with major publishers, enables developing countries to gain access to one of the world's largest collections of biomedical and health literature. Over 3750 journal titles are now available to health institutions in 113 countries, benefiting many thousands of health workers and researchers, and in turn, contributing to improved world health. c. The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications, INASP, Its Mission is to enable a sustainable network of stakeholders that owns and drives access, use, dissemination and communication of research information. d. American Physical Society e. North and South: bridging the information gap / R. Horton, The Lancet, Volume 355, Issue 9222, Pages 2231-2236 f. 自由軟體應用 ��.1gnuLinEx [西班牙文][Novedades gnuLinEx 2006 = News gnuLinEx 2006 (Google 的翻譯 軟體)] 新聞 1 - 2005 年的某個週一, 位在西班牙西南部的 Extremadura(埃斯特雷馬杜拉)小 鎮,公務員上班時,很驚訝地發現,在一個週末之間,電腦桌面已全部換為 Linux 桌 面。這個小鎮位在馬德里(Madrid)、里斯本(Lisbon)及塞維利亞(Seville)三地的中心點。 它有 8 萬部桌面電腦使用 Linux, 6 萬 6 千部在學校及教育單位,其他 1 萬 4 千部置於公部 門辦公處所。二個學生有一部電腦。 LinEx 是西班牙埃斯特雷馬杜拉地方政府(Junta de Extremadura = Extremadura Regional Government)發起的 Linux 計畫
  • 9. ��.1 Labor Health and Human Services (LHHS) appropriations bill, which contained language mandating OA at the NIH. • Librarianship and Human Rights: A Twenty-First Century Guide / by Toni Samek (Author), Edgardo Civallero (Foreword), Kenneth, D. Gariepy (Contributor), Paperback: 232 pages, Chandos Publishing (Oxford) Ltd, (February 23, 2007) ISBN-10: 1843341468, ISBN-13: 978-1843341468, $69.95 • • NIH Open Access Bill and Green/Gold Conflation: Still Drubbing Peter to Pox Paul • 圖書館的數位服務 a. GNU GPL 授權之圖書館自動化系統在臺灣應用之可行性研究 - Koha - 國科會 b. 公版著作數位圖書館之研究 Gutenberg - 數位典藏國家型科技計畫 c. - 中南 d. Koha: GNU GPL 授權的整合性圖書館管理系統 - 大義國中 2007/12/6(四) 13:30 - 15:00 線上問卷 - "The Open Access Movement: opportunities and challenges for developing countries. Let them live in interesting times.", and it can be accessed at Diplo Foundation site: mao lins3244 免費圖書網站 26 個 Project Gutenberg - Project Gutenberg News ��.1Project Gutenberg Consortia Center ��.2Project Gutenberg of Australia - 澳洲的古騰堡 ��.3Project Gutenberg of Europe ��.4Gutenberg Canada ��.5Projekt Gutenberg-DE - 德文
  • 10. ��.6Project Runeberg - 北歐公版著作 ��.7LibriVox: acoustical liberation of books in the public domain, ��.8How to turn e-books into MP3, and how to listen to them IBM X30 with FreeBSD 6.2 256^4 = 4,294,967,296 已使用的 IP = 2,800,000,000 左右 圖書資訊學期刊 免費圖書 - 圖書館服務隊 待讀學刊 ��.1Ariadne - ��.2D-Lib Magazine, September/October 2007 ��.3from FJU library o Library Technology Reports (ISSN 0024-2586), o Computers in Libraries ��.4SPARC Open Access Newsletter, 09-02-07 ��.5Free Pint Newsletter, No.239(11th October 2007) ��.6Update : library + information, June 2007 6(6), • Koha a. Library Technology Guides: Key resources in the field of Library Automation b. Open Source ILS Market Penetration / by Blake on Monday October 15, @11:00AM, c. Koha History Koha History - draft d. 軟體免費,收取安裝、設定、維護、中文化等服務費 全國 163 個大學,每校每年收費 100 萬,共一億六千三百萬 e. Koha - GNU GPL 授權的整合性圖書館管理系統 f. Koha 圖書館資訊系統 g. Koha h. 與其他系統的比較 i. Trends in integrated library systems / Ebenezer, Catherine (2003) Trends in integrated library systems. VINE 32(4):pp. 19-45. [.doc]
  • 11. j. Library Technology Guides: History of Library Automation / Created by Marshall Breeding, k. Next Generation Library Catalogs / by Marshall Breeding, Library Technology Reports, July / August 2007, l. Automated Systems Marketplace / by Marshall Breeding, Library Journal m. 傳統的 ILS 模組  Acquisitions 採購  Cataloging 編目  Serials Control 期刊管理  Circulation 流通  OPAC 線上公共目錄  Systems Administration 系統管理  Other associated modules (Binding, ILL, Course Reserves, etc.) 其他模組(裝 訂、館際互借、指定參考書等) n. 當代的資訊資源  類比及數位併存  管理系統 - 網頁/網路近用、多種資料庫及系統併存、聯盟式共享系統  標準 - Metadata, Dublin Core, TEI, EAD, METS, MODS、FRBR/RDA o. 當代的資訊技術 i. Web society - Library 2.0、Social Network、LibraryThing : Catalog your books online(Social cataloging、User Tagging) ii. WAN & LAN - Wireless and Wired iii. Visual Retrieval Engines - Global Memory NeteVision visual search technology search 、 • 教學 a. 網路社群建立與應用 - Five Weeks to a Social Library i. Blogs ii. RSS iii. Wikis - Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki iv. Social networking software and Second Life v. Flickr vi. Social Bookmarking software vii. Webcasts (video-conference) viii. Podcasts ix. Screencasts (videos of their desktop with narration) x. Selling social software @ Your Library Pixnet 痞客邦, 相簿及網誌, 分為會員及 VIP 兩等級, Technorati,
  • 12. Share and Enjoy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. b. 開放近用資訊 - UnCover 資料庫(2001 年 5 月 Uncover 併入 Ingenta 公司) 說明. Ingenta 是一個收錄期刊目次的資料庫。此資料庫建立於 1988 年。到目前為止, 共 收錄有跨越不同學術領域的英文期刊二萬七千餘種,一千三百萬篇以上的目次。此 資料庫提供使用者免費檢索其收錄之資料並且提供收費的文件傳送服務。 c. 公共圖書館- Laser Foundation Final Report 2007: Public Libraries What Next? (PDF format) 684KB i. Better World Books - 資訊素養, 送書, 教書, 志工 d. 資訊組織 - i. UNIMARC Forum ii. RDA: Resource Description and Access, scheduled for release in early 2009. • CIG Standards Forum and CIG AGM, 26 September, 2007 iii. FRBR - Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records • FRANAR - Working Group on Functional Requirements and Numbering of Authority Records • FRAD - Functional Requirements for Authority Data: A Conceptual Model a. 圖書館界支持開放近用學術文獻資源 b. 智慧財產權 i. c. Social Inclusion d. 績效指標 - 標準 評鑑 指標 i. Department for Culture Media and Sport, Public Library Service Standards - April 2007 PDF (79kb), 12 頁。Public Library Service Standards, March 2006 [英國的公共圖書館標準] - 85%的居民住在圖書館 2 英哩的範圍內。(PLS 1(i)) ii. 圖書館績效指標, 2005/10/31 11620->lins/works/11620.htm ISO 11620:1998/Amd. 1:2003(E) [筆記] Information and documentation -- Library performance indicators, First Ed. 1998; AMENDMENT 1 2003, Geneva, 2003。 Ubuntu 安裝 a. 中文 - 介面, 輸入法, 字型 b. Browser - File type(影片, 聲音, pdf) i. BBC 聽不到, c. 解/壓縮 - .rar d. 原有資料轉移 e. 安裝軟體 - skype, nvu, Adobe Reader, Opera, Netscape
  • 13. f. 多媒體 - DVD, CD, MP4, 錄音 We need libraries that innovate in their use of new tools to achieve great results for their constituents. This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error please notify The views expressed within this email are those of the individual, and not necessarily those of the organisation