New zealand's project


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This is a ESL school project made by students

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New zealand's project

  1. 1. NewZealand
  2. 2. GeographyNew Zealand is dividedin two islands in thesouthwestern PacificOcean.The New Zealand’scapital is Wellington.
  3. 3. Environment Plants: Pohutukawa tree  Animals: Kiwi.This tree is a endemic plant This animal is a national iconin New Zealand. in New Zealand.
  4. 4. DemographicsNew Zealand has more 4 million of population. Ethnic groups 8% 7% 12% European/Other Maori 73% Asian Pacific people
  5. 5. EconomyThe New Zealandcurrency is NewZealand dollar.
  6. 6. HistoryNew Zealand was colonized by EasternPolynesians between 1250 and 1300.
  7. 7. CultureThe first Maori had their own culture basedon Polynesian culture.
  8. 8. CustomsThe typical dress of New Zealand has a lotoriental influences but with details owns.
  9. 9. LandmarksThis place is Milford Sound, a landmark ofNew Zealand.
  10. 10. FoodThe typical food of New Zealand is characterizing by coldelements and by her diversity.
  11. 11. DrinkThe most typical drinks of NewZealand are the Lemon andPaeroa, the kiwi shake and theLion Red beer.
  12. 12. Mass MediaThe radio arrived in New Zealand in 1922 and television in 1960.
  13. 13. Cinema LiteratureOne the most important One the most important writersfilmmakers of New Zealand is Peter of New Zealand is BarbaraJackson. Anderson.
  14. 14. SportThe most important sport in New Zealand is rugby.The national rugby team is called All Black.
  15. 15. MusicTraditional Maori Musical Instruments.Maori’s civilization developed traditional song and chants from theirancestors.