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Yammer 101 for the WTH track - for folks who've never seen Yammer before. Based on Yammer provided presentation.

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YammerTime SPSKC

  1. 1. YammerTime! #SPSKC
  2. 2. About Me… Naomi Moneypenny Chief Technology Officer at ManyWorlds, Inc. Internally responsible for our knowledge infrastructure – defacto CIO Run the engineering team for Synxi machine learning engine for personalized knowledge and expertise discovery in SharePoint and other collaborative environments such as Yammer & Tibbr platforms. @nmoneypenny wwww.Synxi.com n.moneypenny@manyworlds.com Technology forecasting and strategy manager at Shell, consulted at many Fortune 100 companies since 3000+ followers on Twitter 3+3 dogs 20+ patents in adaptive systems Astrophysicist Passionate about user adoption and enterprise collaboration & innovation geek
  3. 3. Evolution… @nmoneypenny wwww.Synxi.com
  4. 4. Sound familiar? Who’s handling this account? I’m new to the company. Where can I find…? Who can help me with this project? What are common objections from prospects? Who’s going to the conference? Does anyone have experience with…. What’s our protocol for engaging with… Where can I find the latest travel policy information? The competition’s up to this. What do we do? Anyone know a good tax lawyer?
  5. 5. That’s Where Yammer fits in! Yammer is the private and secure enterprise social network through which employees connect, collaborate and coordinate. Yammer makes work: › Real-time › Social › Mobile › Collaborative › Contextual
  6. 6. Yammer Helps You to… › Ask questions and find answers faster › Save time by sharing great projects and preventing duplicate work › Meet colleagues with similar interests and relevant expertise › Share news and announcements with the people who need to know › Discuss major decisions and prepare for change › Gather opinions and ideas from across the company › Coordinate work for projects and teams › Gain visibility and insight on what’s happening, and where › Introduce new hires and get them up to speed quickly › Discover valuable information that can help you get more done › Stay connected on-the-go with Yammer mobile apps
  7. 7. Become an Agile Company Attract, engage and retain your employees Connect, collaborate and share with high performing teams Adapt, compete and win through rapid innovation
  8. 8. Engage Gallup Consulting "Employee Engagement, What's your Engagement Ratio?" 2008
  9. 9. Collaborate McKinsey, The Social Economy, July 2012
  10. 10. Innovate Adapt, compete and win through rapid innovation. McKinsey Global Survey: What Successful Transformations Share, 2010
  11. 11. Why Do We Call Them Users? Drug Dealers Only two industries call customers ‘users’… IT SPSKC @nmoneypenny www.synxi.com
  12. 12. Yammer 85% Fortune 500 8 Million Users July 2012 $1.2bn Partners Home Network Unique Testing Model Apps/ Public API Yammer support networks Customers (yourdomain.com) Suppliers Can have public/private groups SPSKC @nmoneypenny www.synxi.com Collaborative intercompany networks
  13. 13. Demo • - Join http://www.yammer.com/SPYam - the SharePoint community on Yammer • - Or check your domain – often there’s a network you don’t know about;) SPSKC @nmoneypenny www.synxi.com
  14. 14. Positioning Future is conversation layer embedded into content creation layer Doesn’t compete with SharePoint but yes, there is some overlap on social functionality. Jeff Teper, CVP Microsoft Office Division
  15. 15. Internal Case Study SPSKC @nmoneypenny www.synxi.com
  16. 16. ManyWorlds Case Study • • • • • • • • • Using Yammer since Fall 2010 Reduction of over 90% in internal email Groups are ‘open by default’ unless sensitive/legal Primary conduit for collaboration, SharePoint as repository Initially adoption was good, but mimicked email, i.e. 1 on 1 convos, not transparent Heavy use of external networks Code of conduct/behavior – peer governed Hashtags vs. groups still an issue Busy, vibrant network SPSKC @nmoneypenny www.synxi.com
  17. 17. Avoid User Confusion Give users guidance on what tool to use when. This should be specific to your company – how you use tools now Transitory Active Collaboration Work Products Current Team IM Yammer Group / Lync (Voice/Video) Yammer then archive to SharePoint Colleagues Yammer Yammer Group / Lync (Voice/Video) Yammer then archive to SharePoint Legal Email Specific Yammer group or SharePoint SharePoint Partners Email Yammer if on ext network, email, cc internal Yammer group SharePoint Customers Email Email/Lync SharePoint SPSKC @nmoneypenny www.synxi.com
  18. 18. Business Value… - Connection between international offices Cost Savings (bandwidth/email) Knowledge Worker Productivity #yamwins SPSKC @nmoneypenny www.synxi.com
  19. 19. SPSKC @nmoneypenny www.synxi.com
  20. 20. Wrap Up Future is conversation layer embedded into content creation layer Enterprise social is the evolution of email, communications SPSKC @nmoneypenny www.synxi.com
  21. 21. Thank you! • Happy to do free webinars/lunch & learns on any aspect of enterprise social adoption to your company • n.moneypenny@manyworlds.com • www.Synxi.com • @nmoneypenny SPSKC @nmoneypenny www.synxi.com