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TLASKALOVÁ –HOGENOVÁ Helena, Prof., M.D., DSc. Born December ...
TLASKALOVÁ –HOGENOVÁ Helena, Prof., M.D., DSc. Born December ...
TLASKALOVÁ –HOGENOVÁ Helena, Prof., M.D., DSc. Born December ...
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TLASKALOVÁ –HOGENOVÁ Helena, Prof., M.D., DSc. Born December ...


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  • 1. TLASKALOVÁ–HOGENOVÁ Helena, Prof., M.D., DSc. Born December 29, 1938 in Prague • Immunology, mucosal and developmental immunology • Member of Learned Society since 2000 Educational and professional preparation: • 1957-1962, Faculty of General Medicine, Charles Uni- versity (CU), Prague; • 1968, PhD, Institute of Microbiology (IMB), CSAS, Pra- gue; • 1994, DSc. Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic (AS CR); • 1995, Associate Professor, First Faculty of Medicine (FFM), CU; • 2001, Full Professor, FFM, CU Employment and academic positions: • 1962-1964, Physician, Hospital, Ústí nad Labem; • 1964-1968, post-graduate student, IMB, CSAS; • 1968-present, IMB AS CR, from 1991-2003, Head, Division of Immunology and Gnotobiology) Membership in selected Czech scientific organizations: • Member, Committee of Czech Immunological Society (Chair, 1996-2001) • Member, Committee of Czech Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunolo- gy (J. E. Purkyně Medical Society) • Member, Central Commission for Protection of Animals in Czech Republic • Scientific Councils: FFM, CU, Motol Faculty Hospital, IMB and Institute of Physiology, AS CR • 2003-present, Chair, Commission for Defence of Doctoral Theses in immunol- ogy at AS CR • Member, Council for the Doctoral Study Programme in Immunology Membership and positions in international organizations and societies: • 1995-2001, Member, Council of International Union of Immunological Societies • 1999-2003, Member, External Advisory Group (EAG), European Commission, Life Sciences “Control of Infectious Diseases” • International Society for Mucosal Immunology • International Society of Developmental and Comparative Immunology • Member, organizational committees of a number of international congresses and symposia • Member, Editorial Boards of, International Medical Magazine, Central-Euro- pean Journal of Immunology, Alergie 286
  • 2. Notable awards: • 1981, 1982, Awards of CSAS • 1987, J.E. Purkyně Medal, awarded by CSAS • 1996, Award, Gastroenterological Society • 1997, Award, Faculty of Medicine (for work in the area of mucosal immunity) • 1999, Medal, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan Selected publications: • Jelínková L., Tučková L., Cinová J., Flegelová Z., Tlaskalová-Hogenová H.: Gliadin stimulates human monocytes to production of IL-8 and TNF-á through a mechanism involving NF-ęB. FEBS Letters 571, 81-85, 2004 • D. Sánchez, L. Tučková, Th. Mothes, W. Kreisel, Z. Beneš, H. Tlaskalová- Hogenová : Epitopes of calreticulin recognised by IgA autoantibodies from patients with hepatic and coeliac disease. J. Of Autoimmunity 21, 383-392, 2003 • H. Tlaskalová-Hogenová, L. Tučková, R. Lodinová-Žádníková, R. Štěpánková, B. Cukrowska, D. P. Funda, I. Stříž, H. Kozáková, I. Trebichavský, D. Sokol., Z. Řeháková, J. Šinkora, P. Fundová, D. Horáková, L. Jelínková, D. Sánchez: Mucosal Immunity: Its role in defense and allergy. Int. Arch. Allergy Immunol. 128, 77-89 (2002) • D. P. Funda, L. Tučková, M. A. Farré, T. Iwase, I. Moro, H. Tlaskalová-Hogen- ová: CD14 is expressed and released as soluble CD14 by human intestinal ep- ithelial cells in vitro: Lipopolysaccharide activation of epithelial cells revisited. Infection and Immunity 69, 3772-3781 (2001) • B. Singh, S. Read, Ch. Asseman, V. Malmstrom, Ch. Mottet, L. A. Stephans, R. Štěpánková, H. Tlaskalová, F. Powrie: Control of intestinal inflammation by regulatory T cells. Immunol. Rev. 182, 190-200 (2001) • D. P. Funda, A. Kaas, T. Bock, H. Tlaskalová-Hogenová, K. Buschard: Gluten- free diet prevents diabetes in NOD mice. Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews 15, 323-327 (1999) • S. Krupičková, L. Tučková, Z. Flegelová, M. Michalak, J. R. F. Walters, A. Whelan, J. Harries, J. Vencovský, H. Tlaskalová-Hogenová: Identification of common epitopes on gliadin, enterocytes, and calreticulin recognised by antigliadin antibodies of patients with coeliac diasease. Gut 44, 168-173 (1999) • H. Tlaskalová-Hogenová, R. Štěpánková, L. Tučková, B. Cukrowska, T. Hud- covic, F. Bendjelloul, P. Malý, M. Jirkovská, V. Mandys, O. Kofroňová, E. F. Verdú, P. Berčík, M. Farre, L. Prokešová, D. P. Funda, H. Kozáková, P. Michet- ti, J. Cebra: Effector mechanisms in intestinal immunity and inflammation. In: Innovative concepts in inflammatory bowel diseases (Emmrich et al., Eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht/Boston/London 1999, pp. 74-83 • J. Mestecky, M. Russell, S. Jackson, S. Michalak, H. Tlaskalová-Hogenová, J. Šterzl (Eds.): Advances in Mucosal Immunology. Plenum Press, New York 1995 287
  • 3. • H. Tlaskalová-Hogenová, J. Šterzl, R. Štěpánková, V. Dlabač, V. Větvička, P. Rossmann, L. Mandel, J. Rejnek: Development of immunological capacity under germ-free and conventional conditions. Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. 409, 96-113 (1983) • M. Holub, P. Rossmann, H. Tlaskalová, H. Vidmarová: Thymus rudiment of the athymic nude mouse. Nature 256, 491-493 (1975) 288