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  1. 1. Dean’s Newsletter June 16, 2003 Special Commencement Issue Table of Contents • Special Newsletter on Commencement • Faculty Awards • Address to the Graduates o Eleanor Suchada Click, Graduate Student o Feyza Essam Marouf, Medical Student • Commencement Speaker o Julie Louise Gerberding, M.D., M.P.H. • Graduates During the summer months the Dean’s Newsletter will depart from its every other week schedule to a more irregular reporting schedule. Regular biweekly issues will resume after Labor Day. Special Newsletter on Commencement On Saturday, June 14th, the School of Medicine held its celebration and diploma awarding event on the Dean’s Lawn. The University Commencement Ceremony, was held on Sunday morning, June 15th. This year, the School presented 29 Master of Science degrees, 91 Doctor of Philosophy degrees and 74 Doctor of Medicine degrees. Among these, students received combined degrees, including eleven MD/PhD degrees, two MD/Master degrees, one PhD/Masters, and one BA/MS. Please join me in extending our personal congratulations to each and every graduate and to their parents, families and friends. What a wonderful accomplishment by all. I would also like to take this opportunity to especially thank Char Hamada, Zera Murphy and Suzanne Bethard and others in Student Affairs for all of their painstaking efforts that made this yearís commencement a tremendous success. Also thanks to Sharon Olsen, Lorena Najarro, Velessa Peairs, Cassandra Sooter, Ann Davis, Kathryn Fitzgerald, Eon Rios, and Justin Odegaard for helping to set up Saturdayís great event. (Eon and Justin are current medical students who volunteered their time on Saturday to carry the flags). Working behind the scenes on Friday to help make the day a success was Eva Vasquez, Robin Casey, Juhn Verano, and Patricia Perez. Faculty Awards In addition to congratulating our students for their accomplishments, commencement is also a time to honor faculty who have made significant contributions to their education. Accordingly, I am pleased to list the teaching awards that were announced at the School of Medicine Commencement. The Arthur L. Bloomfield Award: In Recognition of Excellence in the Teaching of Clinical Medicine Neil Gesundheit, Associate Professor of Medicine (Endocrinology, Gerontology & Metabolism) and Associate Dean for Medical Education
  2. 2. John Giacomini, Professor of Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine) Sherry Wren, Associate Professor of Surgery (General Surgery) The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Award: For Outstanding and Innovative Contributions to Medical Education Brian Hoffman, Professor of Medicine (Endocrinology, Gerontology and Metabolism) The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Award: For Excellence in Preclinical Teaching Ben Barres, Professor of Neurobiology and of Developmental Biology and of Neurology and Neurological Sciences Gilbert Chu, Professor of Medicine (Oncology) and of Biochemistry Steven Guest, Adjunct Professor Medicine, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Julie Theriot, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and of Microbiology and Immunology The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Award: For Excellence in Clinical Teaching Myriam Curet, Associate Professor of Surgery (General Surgery) Neil Gesundheit, Associate Professor of Medicine (Endocrinology, Gerontology & Metabolism) and Associate Dean for Medical Education Jose Maldonado, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences The Franklin G. Ebaugh, Jr. Award:For Advising Medical Students Oscar Salvatierra, Professor of Surgery (Transplantation) and of Pediatrics (Nephrology) The Compassion in Medicine Award Samuel LeBaron, Associate Professor of Medicine (Family and Community Medicine) The Alwin C. Rambar-James B.D. Mark Award: For Excellence in Patient Care Stanley Schrier, Professor of Medicine (Hematology), Emeritus Stanford University School of Medicine Award for Graduate Teaching Julie Theriot, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and of Microbiology and Immunology Stanford University School of Medicine Award for Outstanding Service to Graduate Students
  3. 3. William Newsome, Professor of Neurobiology Congratulations to all. Address to the Graduates One of the traditions of the School of Medicine Commencement is a presentation by an elected member of the Graduate and Medical Student graduating class. This year, Eleanor Suchada Click or the 2003 Graduation class in Genetics (Ellie is also receiving her M.D. today), and Feyza Essam Marouf of the 2003 graduating class in Medicine, spoke to the graduates and guests. They each gave compelling and inspiring remarks. 2003 Commencement Speaker Julie Louise Gerberding, M.D., M.P.H. Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention We were also privileged this year to have Dr. Julie Gerberding as our 2003 Commencement Speaker. Dr. Gerberding addressed the importance of a national health system that embraces a health care system and the biomedical research enterprise that underlies it for the diagnosis and treatment of disease among individuals and a public health system for promoting health and preventing disease and injury in communities. She noted that while both of these systems have made extraordinary achievements in the past decades, there are still walls between them in far too many locales. For example, schools of Public Health on one side of the street that do not interface with schools of medicine on the other; clinicians in practice who have no clue about the local health department’s role in disease prevention; scientists at the bench with new knowledge to apply but no conduit for delivery; local health officials who collect data but provide no information or knowledge of use to doctors in practice. Accordingly, the dichotomy between the public health and the health care systems is artificial, ineffective, and absolutely obsolete. Therefore, it is time to integrate these two systems – to create a new state-of-the-art network – a health system - that takes full advantage of the extraordinary opportunities 21st Century science and technology afford us. Dr. Gerberding envisions this new health system as a highly connected network in the truest sense of the word. A network of people, scientists, clinicians, facilities, organizations, institutions, and communities and nations with the shared primary goal of ensuring that each of us enjoys the best possible quality and quantity of life. Specifically, she noted how the recent experience with SARS has taught us the value of a comprehensive global health network to address threats to our health - whether they are intentional terrorist threats, emerging infections such as SARS, WNV, monkeypox, or the epidemic threats of tobacco and obesity. We live in a global world but it is a small world. Protecting the health and safety of people in this small world requires that our health system be highly cross-linked. But certain links that involve you as physicians and scientists must be especially strong if we are to be successful:
  4. 4. The first strong link: Physician or scientist to local health officials – a conduit to the community. This might include, for example, the astute clinician who recognizes a new illness or syndrome and engages local health officials. Second Strong link: Physician or scientist and real-time learning resources, for example, just in time information; handheld data; computer searches – at the bedside just in time to make the right decision or “Just in Case” information that permits advanced appropriate preparation. Notably, Dr. Gerberding indicated that one of the strongest links of all is the stethoscope, since it is one of our last remaining personal tools – the link in the health system network that connects us to our patients. Indeed, using the stethoscope means that the physician and patient have to be present together, there is a laying on of hands, and most importantly, the physician has to listen, not just to the patient’s heart sounds, but to the patient’s heart. As concluded by Dr. Gerberding: “Science and technology have evolved enormously – we can do more to diagnose disease, save lives and mitigate suffering than we ever dreamed possible, but what the patient actually wants and needs have changed far less. The truth is, most patients are far more concerned about caring than they are about curing. In too many corners of our health system, there is no care. The ability to care, not just for, but about patients is a quality that characterizes the best physicians. Sadly, empathy is so hard to maintain in this white coat world of science and technology. For those of you who will be new interns and residents, your empathy for patients will be increasingly challenged. Your stethoscope is the umbilical cord that tethers you to your patients, the extension of your ears and your conduit to the patient’s heart. You are the leaders of the 21st Century health system. As you occupy your place in the network of health, as physician, scientist, or both, you link your knowledge, your skill, your empathy and your responsibility with those of countless other dedicated professionals around the global. I urge you to make strong links and engage your colleagues in public health, research, and the clinical frontlines. As the newest credentialed members of our nation’s health system, I thank you - for I know our future is in excellent hands”. ************************************ Graduates listed below are our 2003 graduates for the School of Medicine. MASTER OF SCIENCE Betty Dusadee Bhudhikanok Gregory Mathew Garrison, M.D. Epidemiology Biomedical Informatics Phillip Ming-Da Cheng Jason Robert Gotlib Biomedical Informatics Epidemiology Sarah Pei-Win Chu Justin Vogel Graham Epidemiology Biomedical Informatics Bahareh Ebrahimzadeh Michelle Lynn Green Epidemiology Biomedical Informatics Todd Archibald Ferris Peter William Groeneveld, M.D. Biomedical Informatics Health Services Research Linette M. Fung Michelle Adrienne Hladunewich
  5. 5. Molecular and Cellular Physiology Epidemiology Jean Marie Gaare Stella Mai Huang Epidemiology Epidemiology Preety Kalra Farzad Soleimani Epidemiology Health Services Research Esther Jean Hyung Lee Christopher David Sundberg Epidemiology Microbiology and Immunology Rosy Lee Isabelle Kamga Tchamaha Molecular and Cellular Physiology Epidemiology Jaspreet Kaur Loyal Rohini Vij Epidemiology Health Services Research Crystal Marie Luetters Ashley Wysong Epidemiology Epidemiology Irene Wai Yan Ma Hsin-Yu Yang Epidemiology Epidemiology and Statistics Uma Maheswari Mohanasundaram Hoi-Yan Yiu Epidemiology Epidemiology Shawn Jason Rangel Epidemiology DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Shaad Mohiuddin Ahmad Carol Hsen Fae Cheng Cain Developmental Biology Biomedical Informatics Identification and Characterization of Targets Representing and Reasoning about of the Sex Determination Hierarchy in ContextuallyChanging Organizational Drosophila Melanogaster Behavior Using Simulation Models of Medical Susanne Elizabeth Ahmari Work Molecular and Cellular Physiology Michelle Whirl Carrillo Synapse Formation in the Hippocampus Biophysics Arash Alizadeh A Knowledge-Based System for Biophysics MacromolecularModel Building and Genome-scale Characterization of Normal and Evaluation Pathological Gene Expression Programs in Katie Suzanne Carroll Immune Cells Biochemistry Steven Paul Bennett Molecular Cooperation in Mannose 6- Biochemistry Phosphate Receptor Transport Structure and Visualization of Functional Helen Hyonhee Cha Motifs Developmental Biology Jonathan Adam Bernstein The Mouse Tail Kinks Locus Encodes Genetics Halfback, a Novel Protein Required During Global Analysis of mRNA Decay in E. coli Somitogenesis Using cDNA Microarrays Rodolfo Jose Chaparro Timothy Robert Brazelton Immunology Molecular Pharmacology Etiology of Autoimmune Diseases: A Study of Plasticity in Bone Marrow-Derived Cells Nonimmune Components in Mathew William Brock AutoimmuneDiabetes Neurosciences Swaine Lin Chen Selective Open-Channel Block of KV1 Developmental Biology
  6. 6. Potassium Channels by S-Nitrosodithiothreitol Leveraging the Caulobacter Crescentus (SNDTT) GenomeSequence Gregory Mitsuo Chin Robin Demetria Gantzos Developmental Biology Molecular Pharmacology Preservation of Genomic Integrity in the Rflat2 Co-Activates Rantes Nematode C. elegans Transcription:Building the Rantes Promoter Nam Kyoung Cho Enhanceosome Biochemistry Paula A. Giardini Developmental Control of Blood Cell Cancer Biology Migration by the Drosophila VEGF Pathway Force Generation by Actin Comet Tails: and its Implications for Blood Vessel Evolution Physical Influence of the Moving Object and Raymond Cho its Surroundings Genetics Jeffrey Louis Goldberg The Application of High-Density Neurosciences Oligonucleotide Arrays Toward the Axon Growth and Regeneration in the Central Interrogation of Biological systems on a Nervous System Genome Scale Scarlett Su-Chia Lin Gomez Julie Lynne Christensen Epidemiology Immunology Methodologic Issues Regarding Race, Mechanisms and Mediators of Hematopoietic Ethnicity,and Birthplace in Epidemiologic Stem Cell Fate Research:Focus on Asia Eleanor Suchada Click Amy Carina Groth Genetics Cancer Biology Genetic Analysis of the Small GTP-binding Phage Integrases and Site-Specific Integration Protein ARF1 in the Yeast Saccharomyces in Drosophila Cerevisiae Pedro Jose Adolfo Gutierrez Lara Shayne Collier Cancer Biology Cancer Biology Genomic Instability Induced by Mutations in Characterization of Genes Involves in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae DNA Polymerase Hedgehog Signal Transduction Alpha Lisa Gabrielle Defazio James Joseph Havranek Biochemistry Biophysics Role of DNA-dependent Protein Kinase in Introducing Specificity into Protein Design Nonhomologous End-joining Kaede Hinata Jason James DeVoss Cancer Biology Immunology The Role of NF-kappaB in the Growth and The Role of Classical Allergy Related Genes in Death of the Epithelium the Pathogenesis of Experimental Autoimmune Dean Yuin Hung Encephalomyelitis, an Animal Model for Genetics Multiple Sclerosis Regulatory Genes Involved in Caulobacter Jonathan Matson Dugan Cell Cycle Progression Biomedical Informatics Lesley Ann Jar vis Using Surface Envelopes in 3D Modeling Cancer Biology Maitreya Jnana Dunham Inhibition of FGF Signaling Pathways by Genetics Mouse Sprouty Proteins Genomic Analysis of Experimental Evolution Eric Mabus Jorgenson in S. cerevisiae Genetics Jimmy Thomas Efird Genetic Analysis of Human Quantitative Traits Epidemiology Brett Kian Kaiser Epidemiologic Issues in Squamous Cell Skin Cancer Biology
  7. 7. Cancer, Primary Adult-onset Brain Cancer, Regulation of the Centrosome and DNA and Parkinson's Disease Replication Cycles by the Human CDC 14A and B Phosphatases Katrin Karbstein David Seungwon Paik Biochemistry Biomedical Informatics Dissection of Conformational Changes in the Computer Aided Interpretation of Medical Tetrahymena Group I Ribozyme and Images Selfsplicing Reactions Omar David Perez Theresa Helen McCarthy Keegan Molecular Pharmacology Epidemiology Single Cell Analysis of Multiple Intracellular Bone Density, Falls and Fractures Processes: ICAM-2/LFA-1 Interactions as Julie Ann Kerns Functional Adhesion Molecules of the Genetics Immunological Synapse Genetics of Pigmentation in the Domestic Dog Katherine Barnett Peters Charlene Yukimi Kon Cancer Biology Developmental Biology Mechanism of Tirapazamine Under Hypoxic Characterization of the Drosophila Homolog Conditions of p66, a Protein Associcated with the NURD Rita Ashok Popat Chromatin Remodeling Complex Epidemiology Stacie Lambert Reproductive History and Pharmacological Immunology Agents as Risk Factors for Amyotrophic Mechanisms of TCR Vaccine Induced Lateral Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease Protection in a Murine T cell Lymphoma Darrell Michael Porcello Model Neurosciences Brie Ann Linkenhoker Functional Relationships Between Ion Neurosciences Channels and Intrathalamic Rhythmicity: Neural Plasticity in the Adult Barn Owl Transgenic Animals and Pharmacology Auditory Localization System Thomas J. Purcell Barry L. Lubarsky Biochemistry Biochemistry Single Molecule Studies of Myosin V The Essential Role of Apical Membrane Jason Lee Pyle Regulation and Maintenance During Molecular and Cellular Physiology Expansive Growth of Drosophila Trachael Physiological and Molecular Characterization Tubes of a Mammalian Central Nerve Terminal Susan Elizabeth McCollum Xiaoli Qin Genetics Microbiology and Immunology DNA Methylation in the Bacteria Caulobacter Translational Control During Mitosis in Crescentus Mammalian Cells Thanyaphong Na Nakorn Arun Radhakrishnan Cancer Biology Biophysics Myeloid Progenitors in Normal and Malignant Condensed Complexes and the Chemical Hematopoiesis Activity of Cholesterol in Membranes Ingrid Andrea Kathryn Louise Soumya Raychaudhuri Oakley-Girvan Biomedical Informatics Epidemiology Using Text to Enhance the Interpretation of Correlates of Prostate Cancer Incidence and Large Multi-Dimensional Data Sets Survival Kirthi Reddy Eric Chace Olivares Developmental Biology Genetics HIM-17 and Meiotic Recombination in C. Phage Integrases for Gene Therapy: From elegans Concept to Applications Julie D.R. Reimann
  8. 8. Clare Risa Ozawa Biophysics Neurosciences The Role of the Newly Identified Early Mitotic VEGF Expression by Muscle: Pro-Angiogenic Inhibitor, Emi1, in Cell Cycle Regulation and Effects on the Target and the Source the Early Embryo Christopher Ryan Sclimenti Cenk Sumen Cancer Biology Microbiology and Immunology Novel Approaches for Long-term Gene T Cell Activation at the Immunological George Christopher Scott Synapse Biomedical Informatics Jean Yuh Tang Using Decision Models to Automate and Biophysics Individualize Interactive Decision Support for Cellular Responses to UV: Role of the DNA Patients Binding Protein DDB and Microarray Colleen Margaret Sheridan Analysis of Skin Cancer Immunology Olga G. Troyanskaya Multiple Kinase Regulation of the Nuclear Biomedical Informatics Factor of Activated T Cells Improving the Specificity of Biological Signal Amit Pal Singh Detection from Microarray Data Biomedical Informatics Marija Vrljic Computational Models for Protein Structure Biophysics Analysis and Protein-Ligand Binding Translational Diffusion of Single MHC Kryn Stankunas Proteins in Plasma Membrane Developmental Biology John Wang Conditional Protein Alleles in Mice Using Developmental Biology Chemical Inducers of Dimerization Global Analysis of Gene Expression Patterns Stephanie Marie Stoll in the Dauer Larvae of Caenorhabditis elegans Genetics Kristina Nicole Woods Stability of Transgene Expression In Vivo: Biophysics Extrachromosomal vs. Integration The Study of Low Frequency Collective Joshua Michael Stuart Motions in the Far-Infrared Biomedical Informatics Predicting Gene Function Based on DNA Microarray Data from Multiple Species DOCTOR OF MEDICINE Susanne Elizabeth Ahmari Leah Allison Bartsch New York Presbyterian Hospital - Columbia Children’s Hospital Boston New York, NY • Psychiatry Boston, MA • Pediatrics Jon Matthew Aldrich Sarah Ann Beckman University of California San Francisco University of California San Francisco Medical Center San Francisco, CA • Internal Medicine San Francisco, CA • General Surgery Eliza Gaenger Bennitt Arash Alizadeh Stanford Hospital and Clinics Principal Investigator, Fellow Stanford, CA • Internal Medicine University of California San Francisco Kendra Gail Bergstrom San Francisco, CA • Department of Clinical Research Fellow Microbiology & Immunology New York University Jennifer Marie Babik New York, NY • Department of Dermatology University of California San Francisco Jonathan Adam Bernstein Medical Center Stanford Hospital and Clinics San Francisco, CA • Internal Medicine Stanford, CA • Pediatrics
  9. 9. Meredith Jewel Barad Lauren Allegra Beslow Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Children’s Hospital – Philadelphia San Jose, CA • Medicine - Preliminary Philadelphia, PA • Pediatrics - Preliminary Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Neurology CHOP. Pediatric Neurology Jennifer Connolly Boldrick Joaquin Jesus Garcia Santa Clara Valley Medical Center University of California San Francisco San Jose, CA • Medicine – Preliminary Medical Center Stanford Hospital and Clinics San Francisco, CA • Pathology Stanford, CA • Dermatology Jeffrey Louis Goldberg Marcia Verenice Casas Santa Clara Valley Medical Center University of California San Francisco San Jose, CA • Transitional Medical Center – Fresno Sanaz Hariri Fresno, CA • Transitional Massachusetts General Hospital Einstein/Jacobi Medical Center Boston, MA • Harvard Combined New York, NY • Emergency Medicine Orthopaedics Gabriel Chamie Susanne Pelley Martin Herz University of California San Francisco University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals Medical Center Seattle, WA • Pediatrics San Francisco, CA • Internal Medicine Yoon Mark Hong Department of Medicine Allen B. Barbour Brigham & Women’s Hospital Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine Boston, MA • Urology Daniel Matthew Chavira Kurt Huang Harbor - University of California Co-Founder Los Angeles Medical Center BitPass, Inc. Los Angeles, CA • Emergency Medicine Palo Alto, CA Chloe MuyChou Chhor Carl Hurt New York University School of Medicine Stanford Hospital and Clinics New York, NY • Medicine – Preliminary Stanford, CA • Internal Medicine University of California San Francisco Vivek Jain San Francisco, CA • Diagnostic Radiology University of California San Francisco Annie Chiu Medical Center White Memorial Medical Center San Francisco, CA • Internal Medicine Los Angeles, CA • Medicine – Preliminary Lesley Ann Jar vis Emory University School of Medicine Alameda County Medical Center Atlanta, GA • Dermatology Oakland, CA • Transitional Cheryl Renee Clark Jennifer Lynne Johnsen Brigham & Women’s Hospital Women’s Health Coordinator & Independent Boston, MA • Internal Medicine Patient Advocate, Atlanta, GA Eleanor Suchada Click Chauncey Tallaferro Jones University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals University of Maryland Medical Center Seattle, WA • Pediatrics Baltimore, MD • Medicine – Preliminary Demetrius Leutrel Dicks Johns Hopkins Hospital Master’s Program in Clinical Research Baltimore, MD • Anesthesiology The Mayo Clinic Joel David Kochanski Rochester, MN • Department of Urology & Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital/University Graduate School of Medicine of Chicago Joshua Clark Eby Chicago, IL • Transitional Brigham & Women’s Hospital University of Chicago Hospitals Boston, MA • Internal Medicine Chicago, IL • Radiation Oncology Megan Leigh Fix Kimberly J. Lee Brigham & Women’s Hospital University of California Los Angeles Medical Boston, MA • Emergency Medicine Center
  10. 10. Carlos Alberto Galvan Los Angeles, CA • Otolaryngology Graduate School Una Jeannie Lee Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Medical College of Georgia Ft. Worth, TX Augusta, GA • Urology Eric Yukai Lin Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Wesley Holbrook Neal San Jose, CA • Transitional University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals University of California San Francisco Seattle, WA • Internal Medicine Medical Center Rebecca Suzanne Newton San Francisco, CA • Anesthesiology Stanford Hospital and Clinics Aravind Mani Stanford, CA • Psychiatry University of California Los Angeles Medical Eddy Vu Nguyen Center Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Los Angeles, CA • Internal Medicine San Jose, CA • Transitional Michelle Nguyen Mariano University of California Los Angeles Medical St. Mary’s Medical Center Center San Francisco, CA • Medicine – Preliminary Los Angeles, CA • Ophthalmology University of California San Diego Josephine Cam-Van Nguyen San Diego, CA • Radiology National Naval Medical Center Department of Radiology Norman Blank, Bethesda, MD • Transitional One-Year M.D. Award Internship Feyza Essam Marouf U.S. Navy • Tour as Flight Surgeon New York Presbyterian Hospital – Cornell – David Allen Nix Payne Whitney Clinic Stanford Hospital and Clinics New York, NY • Psychiatry Stanford, CA • Emergency Medicine Roger Hungkai Mar-Tang Matthew David Njaa University of California Davis Medical Center Duke University Medical Center Sacramento, CA • Internal Medicine Durham, NC • Anesthesiology George Robert Matcuk Joseph Wylie Norman VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System University of Michigan Hospitals Los Angeles, CA • Medicine – Preliminary Ann Arbor, MI • Internal Medicine UCLA/WLA Shan Pai University of Southern California Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Los Angeles, CA • Diagnostic Radiology San Jose, CA • Transitional Jonathan Alexander Mathy University of California San Francisco Brigham & Women’s Hospital San Francisco, CA • Dermatology Boston, MA • Surgery – Plastic Surgery Brett James Pariseau Brooke Nicole Maylie University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Kaiser Permanente – Santa Clara Madison, WI • Plastic Surgery Santa Clara, CA • Medicine – Preliminary Irene Hee-Yon Park Preventive Medicine Stanford Hospital and Clinics Kristine Irene McCoy Stanford, CA • Pediatrics Sutter Medical Center Leticia Pelayo Santa Rosa, CA • Family Practice Stanford Hospital and Clinics Erica Marie Metz Stanford, CA • Pediatrics University of California San Francisco Peter Donald Peng San Francisco, CA • Medicine – Primary Stanford Hospital and Clinics Carmen Nereida Morales Stanford, CA • General Surgery Harbor - University of California Katherine Barnett Peters Los Angeles Medical Center, Family Practice Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
  11. 11. Rachel Patricia Mory Baltimore, MD • Medicine – Preliminary Master’s Program in Public Health Johns Hopkins Hospital University of California Berkeley Baltimore, MD • Neurology Berkeley, CA Svetlana Alekseyevna Pilyugina Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Meetpaul Singh San Jose, CA • Transitional Graduate School of Business Stanford Hospital and Clinics Stanford University, Stanford, CA Stanford, CA • Ophthalmology Noemi C. Steiner Elizabeth Carol Powers Contra Costa County Regional Medical Oregon Health and Science University Center Portland, OR • Family Practice Martinez, CA Family Medicine Julie D.R. Reimann Naiyi Sun Brigham & Women’s Hospital Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Boston, MA • Pathology San Jose, CA • Transitional Liliana Reynoso Stanford Hospital and Clinics Kaiser Permanente – Los Angeles Stanford, CA • Anesthesiology Los Angeles, CA • Obstetrics-Gynecology Jean Yuh Tang Christopher Campbell Robinson Santa Clara Valley Medical Center St. Mary’s Medical Center San Jose, CA • Transitional San Francisco, CA • Medicine – Preliminary Stanford Hospital and Clinics University of Iowa Stanford, CA • Dermatology Iowa City, IA • Ophthalmology Cristina Tarango Timothy Charles Rodwell Yale-New Haven Hospital Stanford Hospital and Clinics New Haven, CT • Pediatrics Stanford, CA • Medicine - Preliminary Mylin Ann Torres Elizabeth Erin Rogers Alameda County Medical Center University of California San Francisco Oakland, CA • Transitional San Francisco, CA • Pediatrics University of Texas MD Anderson Richard Rubio Houston, TX • Radiation Oncology Hospital of St. Raphael Kavita Kishor Trivedi New Haven, CT • Transitional University of California San Francisco New York University School of Medicine San Francisco, CA • Internal Medicine New York, NY • Anesthesiology Rafael Vargas Gordon Tadashi Sakamoto Southern Illinois University School of Stanford Hospital and Clinics Medicine & Affiliated Hospitals Stanford, CA • Neurological Surgery Springfield, IL • Diagnostic Radiology Christopher Timothy Shen Department of Radiology Norman Blank, New Enterprise Associates M.D. Award Baltimore, MD Gerald Jeh Wang William Scott Shin New York Presbyterian Hospital – Cornell Yale-New Haven Hospital New York, NY • Urology New Haven, CT • Internal Medicine Adam Paul Carter Warren Lynette Marie Sholl Postdoctoral Research Fellow Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania UCSF, Department of Orthopaedics Philadelphia, PA • Medicine – Preliminary Melanie Marie Watkins Matthew S. Siegel University of California San Francisco Rhode Island Hospital – Brown University San Francisco, CA • Obstetrics-Gynecology Providence, RI • Pediatrics – Psychiatry – Chou Yang Child Psychiatry University of Texas Medical Branch Matthew Neil Simmons Galveston, TX • Anesthesiology
  12. 12. The Cleveland Clinic Cleveland, OH • Urology Dale Jeremy Yeatts Chen Ming Yu Harbor - University of California Graduate School of Business Los Angeles Medical Center Stanford University Los Angeles, CA • Emergency Medicine Stanford, CA Cory Chi-Hong Yeh Grace Chen Yu Harvard Hospital San Jose Medical Center Boston, MA • Otolaryngology San Jose, CA • Family Practice