reproductive Biology, infections and Autoimmunity


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reproductive Biology, infections and Autoimmunity

  1. 1. B e r z e l i u s symposium 74 Immune regulation – a common link in reproductive Biology, infections and Autoimmunity September 4–6, 2008 in Linköping · Sweden WOMeN AND iNFANTs’ HOsPiTAl OF 200 ÅR AV rHODe islAND · BrOWN uNiVersiT Y The symposium is arranged by the Swedish Society of Medicine in conjunction with the 2nd Brown-Linköping Conference on Basic and Clinical Reproductive Immunology
  2. 2. iMMuNe regulATiON – A cOMMON liNk iN rePrODuc TiVe BiOlOgY, iNFec TiONs AND AuTOiMMuNiT Y This international symposium, is one in the se- · microbe-host interactions ries of Berzelius symposia. · adaptive immune reactions and immune re- Recent advances in immunobiology and in- gulation flammation medicine have revolutionized our The symposium is primarily directed to clini- understanding of several inflammatory condi- cians and scientists in the fields of obstetrics tions. Also, an increasing number of targeted and gynecology, reproductive biology, infec- biological interventions are radically enhancing tious diseases, rheumatology, and immuno- the management of diseases previously regar- logy. ded as therapy resistant. This timely meeting will highlight advances in cutting edge topics You are cordially invited to participate! including: · genes, environment, lifestyle and interac- Göran Berg (chair), Christina Ekerfelt, tions between and within these factors Jan Ernerudh, Pia Forsberg, Leif Matthiesen, Surendra Sharma, Thomas Skogh · new biological therapies e.g. targeting cyto- kines, cytokine receptors, antigen-presenting orga nising com mi t t ee cells, lymphocytes and other cells · innate recognition and inflammation induc- tion (e.g. via toll-like receptors and inflam- masomes)
  3. 3. PreliMiNArY PrOgrAMMe AND iNViTeD sPeAkers Thursday September 4, 2008 09.00 cOFFee / TeA AND regisTrATiON 10.00 WelcOMe ADDress by the Swedish Society of Medicine 10.15 introductory lecture Conversations between tissues and T cells. Polly Matzinger, USA 11.00 immune regulation and translational research Chairpersons: Lucia Mincheva Nilsson, Sweden and Dan Cua, USA Translation of recent advances in immunobiology into the clinic in 11.00 Reproduction. Surendra Sharma, USA 11.20 Autoimmunity. Lars Klareskog, Sweden 11.40 Infections. Jan Andersson, Sweden 12.00 Discussion 12.15 luNcH – VisiT exHiBiTiONs 13.15 The role of Nk cells, regulatory T cells and macrophages in immune regulation Chairpersons: Leif Matthiesen, Sweden and Sandra Blois, Germany 13.15 Normal function of NK cells and role of NK cells in autoimmunity and transplantation. Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren, Sweden 13.45 Uterine NK cells, angiogenesis and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Surendra Sharma, USA 14.15 Tregs and alternatively activated macrophages in pregnancy. Jan Ernerudh, Sweden 14.45 cOFFee / TeA – VisiT exHiBiTiONs 15.15 Neuro-endocrine-immune and bone interactions Chairpersons: Hans Carlsten and Thomas Skogh, Sweden 15.15 The inflammatory reflex. Kevin Tracey, USA 15.45 Estrogen-mediated effects on the immune system and bone. Hans Carlsten, Sweden 16.15 reFresHMeNTs – VisiT exHiBiTiONs 16.30 Microbial pathogenesis Chairpersons: Sven Bergström, Sweden and Alan Barbour, USA 16.30 The role of CMV in autoimmunity. Stefania Varani, Sweden 17.00 Microbial gene expression in pathogen-host interactions – the example of Lyme Borrelia spirochetes. Alan Barbour, USA 17.30 Host-immune responses in Lyme Borreliosis. Christina Ekerfelt, Sweden 18.00 End of Day 1 · Reception
  4. 4. Friday September 5, 2008 08.30 Oxidative stress in health and disease Chairpersons: Olle Stendahl, Sweden and Polly Matzinger, USA 08.30 Oxidative stress in placental pathology. Graham Burton, UK 09.00 Pathogenic effects of the oxidative burst in inflammatory disease. Claes Dahlgren, Sweden 09.30 Health promoting immunoregulatory role of the oxidative burst. Rikard Holmdahl, Sweden 10.00 cOFFee / TeA – VisiT exHiBiTiONs 10.30 Therapy: present and future immunomodulatory treatments Chairpersons: Kevin Tracey, USA and Ronald van Voollenhoven, Sweden 10.30 TNF and recurrent spontaneous abortions. Joanne Kwak-Kim, USA 11.00 Present and future immunomodulatory treatments in autoimmunity. Ronald van Vollenhoven, Sweden 11.30 Present and future immunomodulatory treatments in infections. Jan Andersson, Sweden 12.00 Immune pathogenesis and TNF in mycobacterial infections. Olle Stendahl, Sweden, 12.30 luNcH – Visit exhibitions 13.30 recent advances in immune regulatory mechanisms Chairpersons: Maria Jenmalm, Sweden and Dario Vignali, USA 13.30 IL-23, IL-27 and IL-17 pathways in immune activation and regulation. Dan Cua, USA 14.00 IL-35 - a novel immunosuppressive cytokine related to regulatory T cells. Dario Vignali USA 14.30 EbI3 and regulation of immunity and pregnancy. Odile Devergne, France 15.00 cOFFee / TeA – VisiT exHiBiTiONs 15.30 recognition and initiation of the innate immune response Chairpersons: Peter Söderkvist, Sweden and Odile Devergne, France 15.30 Microbial recognition and induction of inflammation: TLRs, RAGE and HMGB-1. Helena Erlandsson Harris, Sweden 16.00 Pathogenesis and therapeutic potential of HMGB-1 in sepsis. Kevin Tracey, USA 16.30 The inflammasomes – “New” players in induction and tuning of inflammation. Anna Simon, the Netherlands 17.00 reFresHMeNTs – VisiT exHiBiTiONs 17.15 Periodic inflammation and recurrent fever syndromes Chairpersons: Jan Andersson, Sweden and Pia Forsberg, Sweden 17.15 The inflammasomes in rheumatic diseases and other chronic/relapsing conditions. Per Eriksson, Sweden 17.45 Recurrent fever of infectious origin; The example of Borrelia recurrentes. Sven Bergström, Sweden 18.15 End of Day 2 19.30 Dinner
  5. 5. Saturday, September 6, 2008 08.30 immune regulation, pregnancy and autoimmunity Chairpersons: Surendra Sharma, USA and Marie Wahren-Herlenius, Sweden 08.30 Immune regulation in pregnancy and the role of galectins. Sandra Blois, Germany 09.00 Microparticles in pregnancy and complications of pregnancy. Bettina Tooth, Germany 09.30 Anti-Ro antibodies in pregnancy and fetal outcome. Marie Wahren Herlenius, Sweden 10.00 cOFFee / TeA – VisiT exHiBiTiONs 10.30 gene-environment – lifestyle interactions Chairpersons: Lars Klareskog, Sweden and Tomas Olsson, Sweden 10.30 Polymorphisms and pregnancy. Silvia Daher, Brazil 11.00 Polymorphisms and autoimmune neuroinflammatory diseases. Tomas Olsson, Sweden 11.30 Polymorphisms and viral infections. Lennart Svensson, Sweden 12.00 Gene-environment interactions, the example of rheumatoid arthritis. Lars Klareskog, Sweden 12.30 Behaviour and gene expression related to stress. Per Jensen, Sweden 13.00 eND OF sYMPOsiuM · luNcH
  6. 6. geNerAl iNFOrMATiON AccOMMODATiON When & Where Quality Hotel Ekoxen September 4–6, 2008 at Konsert & Kongress, Klostergatan 68 in Linköping Musikalen, Konsistoriegatan 7 in Linköping. Single room 1 090 SEK Phone +46 (0) 13 25 26 00 Registration E-mail August 18, 2008, is deadline for registration. Internet Please return the registration form to the Booking number 57663 Swedish Society of Medicine, p.o.Box 738, se-101 35 Stockholm, Sweden. Scandic Frimurarehotellet Or send by fax: +46 (0)8 21 95 10. S:t Larsgatan 14 in Linköping Remittance must be made in sek, payable to Single room 928 SEK the Swedish Society of Medicine. Phone +46 (0) 13 495 30 00 Please indicate »Berzelius 74« and your name E-mail: on all money tranfers. We cannot accept Internet personal or company cheques. Booking number LIN040908 · Members of the SSM: 3 000 sek First Hotel · Non-members: 3 500 sek Storgatan 70-76 in Linköping · Ph-D and medical students: 1 500 sek Single room 977 SEK · Per day: 2 000 sek Phone +46 (0) 13 13 27 85 · Symposium Dinner: 500 sek E-mail: · Registrations after August 18: 4 000 sek Booking number UNI040908 Registration will be confirmed when payment has been received. For cancellations made after August 10, conference fees are not refundable. All congress documents will be handed out to the participants at the desk outside the symposium hall from 09.00 a.m. on Wednesday, September 4. Lunches and coffee are included in the registration fee. Organising committee Göran Berg (chair), Christina Ekerfelt, Jan Ernerudh, Pia Forsberg, Leif Matthiesen, Surendra Sharma, Thomas Skogh Symposium secretariat Annie Melin, the Swedish Society of Medicine, p.o. Box 738, se-101 35 Stockholm Phone +46 (0) 8 440 88 78 Fax +46 (0) 8 21 95 10 Conference website
  7. 7. regisTrATiON FOrM iMMuNe regulATiON – A cOMMON liNk iN rePrODuc TiVe BiOlOgY, iNFec TiONs AND AuTOiMMuNiT Y NAME MAILING ADDRESS POSTAL CODE CIT Y/COUNTRY TELEPHONE E-MAIL SEK Registration fee · Members of the SSM 3 000 · Non-members 3 500 · Ph-D and medical students 1 500 · Per day (Sept 4, Sept 5, or Sept 6) 2 000 · All registrations after August 18, 2008 4 000 · Symposium Dinner 500 Payment Please pay to The Swedish Society of Medicine Bankgiro: 160-3919 Plusgirokonto: 25 68-4 Bank: SEB, Sergels Torg 2, 106 40 Stockholm · Bank account no: 5201-10 156 18 IBAN: SE24 5000 0000 0520 11015618 · Bic (Swiftaddress): ESSESESS The number of participants is limited! Please fax to +46 (8) 21 95 10 or send by mail to The Swedish Society of Medicine P O Box 738, SE-101 35 Stockholm, Sweden Symposium webbsite
  8. 8. Affix stamp here or send by fax: +46 (0) 8 21 95 10 BER zELIUS SYMPOSIUM 74 THE SWEDISH SOCIE T Y OF MEDICINE ANNIE MELIN P.O. BOx 738 SE-101 35 STOCKHOLM SWEDEN