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Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
Power to Kentucky
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Power to Kentucky


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • In order to effectively market to patrons, libraries need to take a cue from corporations. Effective marketing is based on a strong understanding of users – who they are, where they are coming from, etc. By knowing who we are trying to reach, we can be more effective in how we promote your services. Because of this, in the next few slides, we will show you tools we are working on to help you in this quest.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Power to the Kentuckian
    • 2. Gale’s Vision
      • The library world is full of vendors; Gale strives to be a partner.
      • Advocating for libraries is not a choice; without libraries, we cannot exist.
      • By better understanding users and empowering them; we bring value to the library.
      • We are the glue that brings information together, making sense of it all.
    • 3. Gale as a Partner – the Value Promise
      • We held our prices flat for all customers in 2009, saving libraries more than $10,000,000.
      • We worked with hundreds of accounts by pricing their resources to fit their current budget constraints.
      • We saved 8 states more than $3,000,000 by having them switch to Gale resources from EBSCO.
      • We are now moving all customers to unlimited usage.
    • 4. Understanding Users
      • Power to the User; Value to the Library.
        • Understanding users leads to better products.
        • Better products lead to more usage.
        • More usage leads to more value per dollar to the library.
      Value to the library
    • 5.
      • What Do these Companies Have in Common?
    • 6. They Understand Their Users
      • They also do extensive user research, using a leading consumer satisfaction firm…
    • 7. What We Never Knew
      • 27% of our users are under 18.
      • 59% are female.
      • 29% are college students.
      • 5% are professors and 6% are teachers.
      • On any given day, 35% of our users are there for the first time.
      • 29% found our products via the library website.
      • 59% found what they were looking for.
      • 72% trusted the content more than what they found on Google.
      • But, 81% still use Google.
    • 8. Understanding Your Users
    • 9. Taking Action
      • Given the number of users that find out about our products from library websites, we set out to make the website experience better.
        • We have designed more than 1,000 websites for libraries in the past year – including the state site for Florida.
        • We have created more than 300 new widgets, with each customer now seeing a 400% increase in their usage.
      • Usage in the last three months is DOUBLE what it was last year.
    • 10. Your Proposal General Periodicals Health and Medicine Business and Law Education
    • 11. Endless Choices
    • 12. Gale Virtual Reference Library Package With the purchase of InfoTrac, choose 50 titles from a list of more than 450:
    • 13. Content that Students Need, No Restrictions
      • Fewer than 200 titles with an embargo.
      • Full-text of major newspapers, with 24 years of the New York Times , updated multiple times per day.
      • Abstracts for full Elsevier Collection.
      • Linking to Google Scholar , ISI Web of Science , JSTOR.
    • 14. The Story Behind the Numbers ProQuest Central Academic Search Premier Academic Search Complete Academic OneFile 11,134 8,261 9,682 13,046 3,757 1,406 2,246 4,121 1,205 2,230 2,493 189 1,316 942 1,755 2,225 377 days 335 days 335 days 70 days Total Titles Active, Full-Text with no Embargo Total Titles with an Embargo Full-Text, Refereed with no Embargo Average Embargo While quality trumps quantity every day, perception is important. InfoTrac is, hands down, the largest aggregation of academic content.
    • 15. Recent Acquisitions
      • Nature Biotechnology
      • Nature Cell Biology
      • Nature Chemical Biology
      • Nature Digest
      • Nature Genetics
      • Nature Geoscience
      • Nature Immunology
      • Nature Materials
      • Nature Medicine
      • Nature Methods
      • Nature Nanotechnology
      • Nature Neuroscience
      • Nature Photonics
      • Nature Physics
      • Nature Protocols
      • Nature Clinical Practice Urology
      • Bone Marrow Transplantation
      • British Dental Journal
      • British Journal of Cancer
      • British Journal of Pharmacology
      • Cancer Gene Therapy
      • Cell Death and Differentiation
      • Cell Research
      • Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology
      • Journal of Human Hypertension
      • Journal of Investigative Dermatology
      • Journal of Investigative Dermatology Symposium Proceedings
      • Journal of Perinatology
      • Kidney International
      • Laboratory Investigation
      • Leukemia
      • Modern Pathology
      • Molecular Psychiatry
      • Molecular Systems Biology
      • Molecular Therapy
      • Mucosal Immunology
      • Neuropsychopharmacology
      • Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics
      • EMBO reports
      • European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
      • European Journal of Human Genetics
      • Evidence-Based Dentistry
      • Eye
      • Gene Therapy
      • Genes and Immunity
      • Heredity
      • Immunology & Cell Biology
      • International Journal of Impotence Research
      • International Journal of Obesity
      • Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and
      • Metabolism
      • Obesity
      • Oncogene
      • Prostate Cancer
      • Spinal Cord
      • The Pharmacogenomics Journal
      • Vital
    • 16.
      • 45 peer reviewed journals in biotechnology and other areas from Mary Ann Liebert. All in full text, no embargo .
      Recent Acquisitions
      • Key Titles
        • AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
        • Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care
        • Biosecurity and Bioterrorism:
        • Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science
        • Biotechnology Law Report
        • Cloning and Stem Cells
        • Election Law Journal
        • Human Gene Therapy
        • Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research
        • Journal of Neurotrauma
        • Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology
        • Obesity Management
        • Stem Cells and Development
      Not available in other databases 3 of the top ten US searches on Academic Onefile in 2008 were related to stem cells and cloning.
    • 17.
      • Live surgeries from OR LIVE
      Recent Acquisitions Rhinoplasty , Knee Replacement , Heart Transplant , Robotic-Assisted Prostatectomy , Craniotomy Treatment for Meningioma Tumors , Anterior Spinal Fusion, Kyphoplasty for Vertebral Compression Fractures
    • 18. Recent Acquisitions
      • Key Titles
        • Business Law today
        • Criminal Justice
        • Labor and Employment Law
        • ABA Journal
        • Fidelity and Surety Digest
        • State and Local Law News
      More than 50 titles from the American Bar Association .
    • 19. Recent Publisher Signings
      • Academic Journals, Inc. Was EBSCO Exclusive
      • American Association for Clinical Chemistry, Inc. Was EBSCO Exclusive
      • Asian Institute of Development Communication (AIDCOM)
      • Boulevard: Journal of Contemporary Writing
      • Expert Reviews Ltd. Was EBSCO Exclusive
      • Future Medicine Ltd.
      • Institute of Art and Law
      • Institute of Law, Psychiatry & Public Policy
      • International Visual Literacy Association Was EBSCO Exclusive
      • Journal of College Literacy and Learning Was EBSCO Exclusive
      • Journal of Medical Internet Research
      • Manchester University Press
      • Massachusetts Medical Society
      • National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research
      • New York Folklore Society
      • Society for American Music
      • Southern New England School of Law
      • The Black Scholar
      • The Evelyn Waugh Society
    • 20. The Best Periodical Collection Available
      • Time, back to 1923.
      • Full collection of NPR recordings, with transcripts.
      • Collections of videos from NBC, PBS, Associated Press.
      • More than 500 travel guides, including every Fodor Travel Guide.
    • 21. More Magazines than Anyone Else ProQuest Central EBSCOhost InfoTrac 11,134 15,318 21,510 3,757 6,246 12,658 1,205 2,493 189 377 days 335 days 70 days Total Titles Active, Full-Text with no Embargo Total Titles with an Embargo Average Embargo InfoTrac is, hands down, the largest aggregation of serial content.
    • 22. Support for Avid Gardeners
      • Magazines, Journals and Books
      • Step by step guides around floral design, landscaping, and floral arrangements
      • Perfect for the botanist or weekend gardener
    • 23. Support for the Next Emeril
      • Perfect for chefs and aspiring cooks alike
      • The Textbooks the World’s Best Chefs Use
      • Magazines such as Bon Appétit
      • Catering Journals
      • Exclusive texts of the:
    • 24. Support for Extreme Makeovers
      • From Small Projects to New Construction
      • 250 full-text titles
      • How-to-Guides in Color
      • Also covers Interior Design
    • 25. Support for the Jetset
      • 500 Travel Guides, full Fodor’s collection
      • 400 full-text magazines
      • Focuses on travel for leisure and the hospitality industry as a career path
    • 26. Helping Students Succeed
      • InfoTrac Student
      • More than 1,200 full-text magazines, reference books and primary sources for High School Students.
      • InfoTrac Junior
      • More than 350 full-text magazines and books for middle school students.
    • 27. Support for Children
    • 28. New PowerSearch Interface
      • A New User Experience.
      • Since 2002, Gale has experimented with the “one search box” Google experience.
      • Users are now asking for something different.
    • 29. My HomePage Named User Support, allowing users to create profiles and save content. Featured content, including user-specified RSS feeds to keep homepage personal. Featured publications, including recently added and titles chosen by librarians. Better, more visible navigation links. More visually appealing home page, giving users more of a “web-like” experience.
    • 30. Engaging Search Results Search within results; limit results by subject, publication, document type; date. Easy navigation using sliders. Context-sensitive multimedia, including images, video and podcasts. Web 2.0 sharing functionality, including RSS.
    • 31. Web 2.0 Functionality Additional Web 2.0 sharing tools
    • 32. Full Multimedia Gallery
    • 33.
        • Company profiles, including corporate parent/sibling relationships (over 440,000)
        • Industry rankings and statistics
        • Products and brands (over 365,000)
        • Investment reports from Reuters Research on Demand
        • Current investment ratings
        • Comprehensive and exportable financial overviews
        • Pricing momentum and key ratio measures
        • Financial ratios
        • Coverage of major business events and trends from 1980 to the present
        • Industry newsletter news and analysis
      Business and Company Resource Center Business & Company Resource Center provides a complete solution for your libraries, offering:
    • 34.
        • Business & Company Resource Center allows users of all-levels, whether an economics student in high school or a casual investor, access to a wealth of business information through one dynamic portal.
        • Conserves library financial and staff resources and provides more content for patrons (through an integrated interface) - buying any of the individual resources individually is costly.
        • The database adds new features and content on a regular basis to meet business research needs of many levels of patrons from the student to the day-trader to job seeker.
      Meeting All Patron and Student Needs Provide job seekers with the company information they need to succeed in interviews or to locate job opportunities in the community. Support the casual investor using the library to manage their portfolio. Engage business students as a resource with a tool that meets core curriculum requirements for undergraduate and graduate marketing, economics and finance case study work.
    • 35. Fundamentals Analysis Tool Main tabs provide high-level navigation cues. Sub-tabs provide navigation within that section Users can view annual or interim information and can look back 6 years or 5 interim periods Radio buttons let the user choose to make comparisons between companies or across time One-click export of whatever data is on-screen The Fundamentals Analysis tool offers patrons a dynamic tool for analyzing financial data, comparing a company’s financials to its competitors or non-related companies, and allows for exporting custom reports!
    • 36. Financials Dashboard Sub tabs provide navigation within the Financials Dashboard section The Financials Dashboard allows users to quickly receive up-to-the minute financial information on the company they are researching via the detailed quote sub tab, users can also locate company news, interactive charts, SEC filings and historical data. Podcasts, conference calls, press releases, and other news available from the News sub tab Web 2.0 sharing tools allow users to share information and connect with others
    • 37. Small Business Resource Center
    • 38. Report Functionality
      • COUNTER compliance:
        • Annual Independent Audit
          • New requirement for COUNTER compliance.
          • Performed by UK firm ABCe.
          • Completed in October, results expected this month.
        • Book Report 2
          • Implemented July, 2008.
          • Awaiting initial certification.
        • Code of Practice for Journals & Databases, Release 3
          • Published August, 2008.
          • On schedule to implement by Summer 2009.
      • SUSHI Compliance:
        • Implemented August , 2008.
    • 39. Dedicated Website for Customer Usage Reports
        • Access to usage reports is separate from InfoTrac admin account.
        • Portal can be configured at every level:
          • Consortium
          • Institution
          • Location.
        • Improved timeliness:
          • Real-time connection to Gale usage database;
          • Reports available by the 2 nd or 3 rd of each month.
      New Usage Reporting System
    • 40. Updated User Interface
    • 41. View Reports Online or Download to Excel
    • 42. Graphical Reporting Capability
    • 43. Our Commitment to You
      • Full Gale resources directed at ensuring your success:
      • Full marketing support to promote the products and services that matter.
      • Technical support & analysis to help increase usage.
      • Databases live when award is announced. Full training support.
      • Your feedback sought and incorporated into Gale’s strategic planning processes.
    • 44. We appreciate your time, and thank you for all of your business. More Power to You.