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  1. 1. MINOT STATE UNIVERSITY FALL 2008 Course Outline Immunology (Bio 465) MWF 9-9:50 a.m. Moore 213 Text Immunobiology (7th edition) by Janeway et al., published by Garland Science. Chapters 1-10 covered in most detail. Parts of other chapters partially covered. Supporting material from a variety of texts/sources. (The Immune System, Peter Parham) **Take advantage of the supporting material on the CD and on the Garland website. Course instructor Heidi Super, Ph.D. Office: Moore 217 Phone: 858-3079 e-mail: heidi.super@minotstateu. office hours: MWF 10:00-11:00 a.m. or ANY time agreed on by appointment. Course web page: Course description An introductory course in immunology, focusing initially on basic cell biology and molecular mechanisms related to the mammalian immune response. Later focus will include the description of the normal immune response during infection and in immunization and immune dysfunction related to allergy and disease. Lab Lab activities will include hands-on experiments as well as reading and discussion of immunology-related research papers. Lab meets on Thursdays 11:00 a.m. to 1:50 p.m. in Moore 318 or in a designated classroom. Attendance is mandatory. ( Lab will meet briefly, August 28th, 2008) Assessment 3-4 lecture-based exams will be administered as well as a comprehensive final. Final exam is Tuesday, December 16th 2008, 8:-9:50 a.m. Students will also be assessed on a written term paper or presentation on an immunology topic. Laboratory activities will be included in assessment. Point distribution (subject to minor modification) 4 exams 200-250 pts Term Paper/presentation 50 pts Lab ~80 pts Final exam 100 pts
  2. 2. **Your grade is calculated using a straight percentage. In certain instances a borderline percentage will be recognized and the student rewarded to reflect marked improvement. All graded work will be returned so that the student can track his/her own percentage. Your percentage is calculated by dividing your points by total points! Total points will be posted periodically on the website. EXAM POLICY Check the exam dates ASAP!I f you fail to take an exam at the designated time (due to illness, official MSU event or other emergency/important conflict only) I will allow you to make arrangements to take it within 3 school days. However, I require you to contact me personally (confirmed email, phone call or personal discussion) as soon as you know you will miss the exam. e.g. Unless you are hospitalized, unconscious etc. you must notify me before the scheduled exam. You will not be excused for non-emergency appointments (dentist , haircut, work schedule etc). Again, lab attendance is mandatory and subject to the guidelines as the exam policy. ATTENDANCE POLICY/TEACHING PHILOSOPHY I do not track or award points for attendance to lecture. If you have a specific reason for leaving early or often during a lecture, please inform me. Regular attendance is simply expected. For most students academic success correlates with regular attendance. Students are responsible for all information disseminated at each lecture including changes to exam dates, assignments or due dates. Points may be earned through assignments given in lecture, and students must be present in lecture to earn those points. Success in the course requires effort beyond attendance. While there are many approaches to success, most students find following along in the text, re-writing of notes and careful attention to figures used in class a useful guide for enhancing lecture material. Course material will accumulate quickly and will build on itself. Stay on top of lecture material. Read before coming to lecture. My exams are designed to make you thinkers, not necessarily memorizers! Take responsibility for your success in this course. Be seen and heard! If my office hours are not convenient for you, please make regular appointments to ask questions. In the past most genetics classes have naturally formed peer discussion groups, with or without my input. Many times students teach it better than I do! In any case, do not hesitate to seek help and do so as early as possible in the semester. Students requiring help with disabilities are encouraged to communicate your needs with me and to utilize MSU’s disability services. Please call or visit Evelyn Klimpel, Student Health and Development Center---South Entrance, 858-3371.
  3. 3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Cell phone policy The classroom will be a cell phone-free zone, where students and instructors deserve uninterrupted time. It is expected that no phones will ring or vibrate audibly and no texting will occur during lecture OR lab hours in my class. If the policy is repeatedly violated, a student will be asked to choose between the phone in the classroom and credit for the course…Texting or cell phone use of any kind during exams will result in a zero for the exam, no questions asked, no second chances. Course Schedule(subject to modification) Week 1 (LAB WILL MEET THIS WEEK) Aug 27, 29 Introductions/guidelines / introduction to immunology/CHPT. 1 Week 2 Sept. 1 No class—Labor Day Sept 3,5 Components of the immune system (overview/cells/tissues) Innate immunity -- CHPT. 2 Week 3 Sept. 8,10,12 Adaptive immunity---antigen recognition-- CHPT. 3 Week 4 (enrollment rosters to Registrar) Sept 15,17,19 Generation of B and T cell receptors—CHPT. 4 Week 5 Sept 22,24,26 Antigen Presentation to T-cells—CHPT 5 Week 6 Sept. 29 Exam 1 Oct. 1, 3 Antigen Presentation to T-cells—CHPT 5 Week 7 Oct. 6,8,10 Cell signaling (overviews) through B/T cell receptors CHPT. 6 Week 8 Oct 13,15,17 Development and survival of B/T cells---CHPT. 7
  4. 4. Week 9 (Midterm deficiencies reported) Oct. 20,22,24 Putting all together----Immunity by T-cells---CHPT. 8 Week 10 Oct 27 Exam 2 Oct 29, 31 Putting all together----Immunity by T-cells---CHPT. 8 Week 11 Nov. 3,5,7 Putting all together----Humoral/antibody response---CHPT. 9 Week 12 Nov. 10,12,14 Putting all together----Humoral/antibody response---CHPT. 9 Week 13 Nov 17,19,21 The BIG picture---the immune response CHPT.10 Week 14 (No Lab this week—Thanksgiving!) Nov 24 Exam 3 Nov. 26 The BIG picture---the immune response CHPT.10 Nov. 28 Thanksgiving break---no class Week 15 Dec. 1,3,5 Failures of immune response—CHPTs 11/12/13 Failures of immune response—CHPTs 11/12/13 Week 16 Dec. 8, 10 Failures of immune response—CHPTs 11/12/13 Dec.,12 Exam 4 Week 17 Dec 16 Final Exam (8:00-9:50 a.m.)