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IMMUNOCON-2009 PROGRAM 16th Dec.09 CME 09:00AM- 010:00AM ....doc IMMUNOCON-2009 PROGRAM 16th Dec.09 CME 09:00AM- 010:00AM ....doc Document Transcript

  • IMMUNOCON-2009 PROGRAM 16 th DeC.09 CMe 09:00AM- 010:00AM Inauguration by Dr. D Nagaraja, Director/Vice Chancellor NIMHANS, Bangalore CME PRESENTATIONS: 10:00AM-10:30AM ----------------- Dr. S.K.SHANKAR 10:30AM-11:00AM —--------------Dr. SITA NAIK 11:00AM-11:30AM --------- -------Dr. DESIRAZU N RAO 11:30 AM-11:45AM-----------------Tea break 11:45AM-12:15AM------------------ Dr. SATISH DEVADAS 12:15AM-12:45PM------------------ Dr. TARUNA MADAN 12.45PM-01.15PM----------------------Discussion 01:15PM-02:00PM------------------- Lunch break 02:00PM-02:30PM---------------------Dr. PLACID E. D’SOUZA 02:30PM-03:00PM--------------------Dr. UDAYKUMAR RANGA 03:00PM-03:30PM--------------------Dr. V.D.RAMANATHAN 03:30PM-03:45PM--------------------Tea break 03:45PM-04:15PM-------------------- Dr. S.L. HOTI 04:15PM-04:45PM-------------------- Dr. RAVI KUMAR 04:45PM-05:30PM--------------------Discussion 07:00PM :Inauguration of conference by: Dr. VISHWA MOHAN KATOCH, Director General, I.C.M.R Secretary, Ministry of health and Family welfare,Govt. of INDIA WITH KEYNOTE ADDRESS 7:30 PM -----------------------------------Dinner
  • 17TH Dec. 08.00 AM Plenary talk: Prof. N K Mehra, AIIMS, New Delhi Prof. Vijaya S., IISc., Bangalore 09.15AM- 11:15AM Symposia-1 Mycobacterial Immunology (HALL-B) Chair : Dr. C. Jagannath, Dr. P. Salgame Symposia-2 Immunology of parasitic and other bacterial diseases. (HALL-C) Chair : Dr. S. K. Shankar, Dr. K. Prasad 11.15AM -11:30 AM TEA BREAK. 11.30AM-12:45 PM Free papers related to the symposia. HALL B: Chair:, Dr. Ramanathan, Dr. Kenneth Shindler HALL C: Chair: Dr. Shakila, Dr. N. A. Khan 12:45 PM-01:30 PM SENIOR SCIENTIST ORATION AWARD Prof. Ajit Sodhi, Banaras Hindu University 01.30 PM-02:00 PM LUNCH BREAK. 02.00 PM- 04:30 PM Symposia-3 Basic and Molecular Immunology (HALL-B) Chair : Dr. Vijay Singh, Dr. S. L. Hoti 04.30 PM -4:45 PM TEA BREAK. 4.45 PM -05:45PM Poster viewing. 05.45 PM -07:00PM Free presentations and presentations from posters.(HALL-B) Chair: Dr. Joshy Jacob, Dr. Sunil Arora 07.00 PM - 07:30 PM Student group discussion.
  • 07.30 PM DINNER 18TH Dec.09 07:30AM -8:00AM BREAK FAST 08:00AM - 09:15 AM PLENARY TALK: Jayasree Das Shubhada Chiplunkar 09.15 AM – 11:15 AM Symposia-4 Diagnostic and Clinical Immunology HALL-B: Chair: Prof. Sita Naik, Prof. Shaila Symposia-5 Viral Immunology and Cancer Immunology HALL-C: Chair: Dr V. Ravi, Dr. S. N. Madhusudhana 11:15AM - 11:30AM TEA BREAK 11.30 AM-1:00PM Poster viewing 01.00 PM – 2:00 PM LUNCH BREAK. 02.00 PM-04:00 PM YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD. Chair: Dr. D.N. Rao. 04.00 PM TEA BREAK. 04.15- 06:00 PM Symposia-6 NeuroImmunology (HALL-B) Chair : Dr. Rajani Rani, Dr. Jayasri Das 04:15- 06:00PM Free papers and presentations from posters. (HALL-C) Chair : Dr. Mustaq Siddiqui, Dr. Devinder Sehgal 06.30 PM-7:30 PM General Body Meeting.
  • 07.30 PM Banquet 19TH Dec.09 07:30AM -8:00AM BREAK FAST PLENARY TALK 08:30-09:15AM SRINI KAVERI 09.15 AM -11:30 Symposia-7 Vaccines and Immunomodulators.(HALL-B) Chair: Dr. Madhusudhana, Dr. Anjali Karande Symposia-8 Veterinary Immunology. (HALL-C) Chair : Dr. Placid E D’Souza, Dr. K. L. Phaniraja 11.30 AM -11:45 TEA BREAK 11.45 AM -12.45 PM Free papers (HALL-C) Chair: R. B. Narayanan, Dr. Bonnie Dittel 01.00 PM – 2:00 PM AWARD ANNOUNCEMENT AND VALEDICTORY FUNCTION.
  • G.P. TALWAR YOUNG SCIENTIST PRESENTATION GPT.01 Identification of micro RNA involved in IL-10 expression and its implication in inflammation and asthma. Amit Sharma, Manish Kumar, Tanveer Ahmad, Ulaganathan Mabalirajan, Jyotirmoi Aich, Anurag Agrawal and Balaram Ghosh GPT.02 Antimicrobial activity of skin secretion isolated from the indian cricket frog Fejervarya limnocharis. H.P. Gurushankara, M. Shanthala,P. Vishwaprakash mahadimane, Cletus JMD’Souza and V. Vasudev GPT.03 Transcriptional regulation of antimicrobial peptide expression at multiple mucosal sites. Krishnendu Chakraborty, Pujarini Dutta, Santasabuj Das. GPT.04 Suppression of effector t cells response by regulatory t cells at the pathologic site of miliary tuberculosis. Prabhat K. Sharma , P. K. Saha, Amar Singh, Surendra K. Sharma, Balaram Ghosh and Dipendra K. Mitra GPT.05 Molecular mechanism of immunomodulation and adjuvant activity of g1-4a, a tlr4 agonist from Tinospora cordifolia. Rashmi Raghu, Deepak Sharma, Vineet Kohli and Krishna Balaji Sainis GPT.06 Altered lipid raft–associated signalling and inhibition of CMI in indian leprosy patients: an immunotherapeutic approach. Shashank Gupta and Krishnamurthy Natarajan GPT.07 Developing defensin (s) as a mucosal adjuvant/mocrobicide with peptide antigens of HIV. Sudhir Kumar, Raza Ali Naqvi, Neena Khanna and D. N. Rao GPT.08 Voltage gated calcium channels negatively regulates protective immune responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Teena Mohan and D. N. Rao.
  • SYMPOSIUM-1: MYCOBACTERIAL IMMUNOLOGY MI-I.01 Homologous Recombination in Mycobacteria: Protein Structures, Mechanism and Regulation K. Muniyappa MI-I.02 Enhancing the efficacy of the BCG vaccine against tuberculosis Chinnaswamy Jagannath MI-I.03 Study of Host Immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection Padmini Salgame, Kamlesh Bhatt, Amanda McBride, Julius Potian, Wasiulla Rafi and Alexandra Uzelac. MI-I.04 Dynamics of local Immune response in Human Tuberculosis. Dipendra K Mitra MI-I.05 Modulation of Inflammatory responses by Pathogenic Mycobacteria K. N. Balaji MI-I.06 Can we improve on the BCG vaccine? Vijaya Satchidanandam MI-I.07 IL-7 and IL-15 promote long-lasting T cell memory against BCG Javed N Agrewala and Vijender Singh MI-O.01 Role of PknE, a Serine Threonine kinase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis in bacterial survival through modulation of apoptotic events P.Dinesh Kumar and Sujatha Narayanan MI-O.02 Immunohistochemical identification of M leprae with anti-BCG antibody in Leprous Neuropathy: A comparison with traditional ZN staining Anu CB, Yasha TC, Shripad A Patil, AB Taly MI-O.03 Mycobacterium bovis BCG induced expression of cyclooxygenase-2 requires nitric oxide dependent activation of Notch1 signaling Kushagra Bansal, Yeddula Narayana, Shripad A. Patil2 and Kithiganahalli N. Balaji
  • MI-O.04 Diminished baseline and antigen-specific Th1 and Th17 responses in pediatric tuberculosis N. Pavan Kumar, Suresh R, Ganesh R, Janani Shankar, V. Kumaraswami, Thomas B. Nutmanm and Subash Babu, MI-O.05 Influence of HLA-DR alleles on the efficacy of BCG vaccination Anuradha Bandaru , K.V.Krishna Moorthy, Suman Jain, KJR Murthy and Vijaya Lakshmi Valluri MI-O.06 Internalization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by non-phagocytic pleural mesothelial cells (Met-5A) Supriya Pokkali and Sulochana D. Das MI-O.07 To Study the role of IL-6 gene polymorphism at position-174 in Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients and their Contacts Lavanya Joshi., Suman Latha G., Vijayalakshmi V., Murthy MI-O.08 In vitro levels of interferon-γ, il-10 and il-12 to Mycobacterium bovis bcg r32kda antigen HariSaiPriya V, Sumanlatha G, Hasnain SE, Murthy KJR, Valluri VL MI-O.09 Chemokine and chemokine receptor expression in HIV-infected individuals with tuberculosis on ATT and ART. Kaustuv Nayak, Luke Elizabeth Hanna, Sudha Subramanyam, Anbalagan S, Soumya Swaminathan MI-P.01 PIM2 Induced MMP-9 Expression in Macrophages Requires PI3K and Notch1 Signaling Nisha Kapoor, Kushagra Bansal, Yeddula Narayana, Germain Puzo, Martine Gilleron, Kithiganahalli Narayanaswamy Balaji MI-P.02 Altered lipid raft–associated signalling and inhibition of CMI in Indian leprosy patients: An immunotherapeutic approach Sudhir Kumar, Raza Ali Naqvi, Neena Khanna and D. N. Rao
  • MI-P.03 High resolution structural analysis of Biofilm formation in Mycobacteria V.Kumar, T.Sachan, D.S.Chauhan and V.M.Katoch MI-P.04 Polymorphism at the -237 position of the IL-12Rβ2 promoter region and its functional implication related to susceptibility or resistance to tuberculosis Vikas Kumar Verma, Megha Jain, Sangeeta Sharma ,D. Behera and H.K. Prasad. MI-P.05 CD38 expression in HIV-TB coinfection Sharada Iyer, Surekha Rani H, Anuradha B, Jhunu Audito, KJR.Murthy, Vijaya Lakshmi Valluri MI-P.06 QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube (QFT-GIT) assay to detect active and latent tuberculosis infection Sambasivan V, Anuradha B, Satya Sudheer P, KJR murthy, Krishnamoorthy KV, Suman Jain, Hasan Q and Vijaya Lakshmi Valluri MI-P.07 Antimicrobial response of KG-1 derived dendritic cells during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection Rajashree P. and Sulochana D. Das MI-P.08 Purification and immunological characterization of recombinant Adenylate kinase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis D. Anbarasu and Alamelu Raja MI-P.09 QuantiFERON-TB Gold in-tube and Tuberculin Skin Test in tuberculosis contact investigation Basirudeen S, Paulkumaran P and Alamelu Raja MI-P.10 Analysis of HLA association among North Indian HIV patients with Mycobacterium tuberculosis B.Saikia, K.Sarkar, S.Mahakur, and A.Wanchu MI-P.11 A Study on Wound Infection among Leprosy patients. G. Dhivya; M. Andrew Pradeep; P. Kavitha MI-P.12 A study on susceptibility to dental caries among Leprosy patients
  • M. Manonmani Priyadharshini;M.AndrewPradeep;D.Ramya MI-P.13 Detection of Immune complexes in the CSF of Tuberculous Meningitis cases in correlation with antibody Response. K.Ponnammal and Shripad A. Patil MI-P.14 The immune subversion of XDR strains of M.tuberculosis isolated from Mumbai. S. P. Kulkarni , P. Chakraborty, K. B. Sainis MI-P.15 Functional characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb) proteins involved in modulating macrophage functions G Sreejit, C chaitanya, Sangita Mukhupadyay. MI-P.16 Differential endocytosis of Mtbhsp60 triggers anti-inflammatory response in activated macrophages Nazia Parveen, Shiny Nair, and Sangita Mukhopadhyay MI-P.17 Immunohistochemical detection of mycobacterial antigen in CNS Tuberculous pathology using polyclonal anti BCG- antibody. Deepashri Rao, Shripad A. Patil, Anita Mahadevan, S.K.Shankar MI-P.18 P2x7 gene polymorphisms and risk assessment for pulmonary Tuberculosis in Asian Indians Sambasivan V1, Murthy KJR 1, Hasan Q 1,2 and Vijaya Lakshmi V 1,3 SYMPOSIUM-2: BASIC AND MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY BI-I.01 Progenitor cells as an effective treatment for acute radiation syndrome. Vijay K. Singh, Julie L Christensen. BI-I.02Chronic antigenic stimulation reveals distinct outcomes in CD4+ and CD8+ T cells Ashenafi Tilahun, Miluka Gunanaratna,Chella S. David and Govindarajan Rajagopalan BI-I.03 Docosahexaenoic acid - induced upregulation of Foxp3, CLTA-4, TGF-β is not correlated with increased TREG cell activity
  • Naim Akhtar Khan. BI-I.04 Emerging Trends in Immunotoxin Rama S Verma, Sirisha Potala and Mrudula Mathew. BI-I.05 Involvement of the both C-terminal domains of Factor H in C3d/C3b binding is confirmed Arnab Bhattacharjee, Markus J. Lehtinen, Tommi Kajander.Adrian Goldman and T. Sakari Jokiranta BI-I.06 Protective immune responses to novel swine-origin 2009 a (H1N1) influenza virus. Ioanna Skountzou, Dimitrios G Koutsonanos, Richard Compans and Joshy Jacob BI-I.07 Cytotoxic T cells and the immune response Satish Devadas BI-I.08 Interaction of the complement system with Mycobacterium tuberculosis V.D.Ramanathan BI-O.01 The influence of human chorionic gonadotropin on systemic autoimmune responses. Alpana Satsangi, Nipun Jayachandran, Rahul Pal BI-O.02 Allergenicity assessment of osmotin, a pathogenesis-related (PR) family protein from Nicotiana tabaccum Prerna Sharma, A. K. Singh, B.P.Singh, K.C. Bansal, Naveen Arora BI-O.03 Abh secretors among blood donors. Sundar P, Patil S, BI-O.04 Neutralization of inositol polyphosphate-4-phosphatase, type i (INPP4A) aggravates asthmatic features in experimental allergic mice. Jyotirmoi Aich, Mabalirajan U and Balaram Ghosh BI-O.05 Mechanism of asthma pathogenesis: role of Stat3, Socs3 and IL-6 Vani Mishra, Bhushan P.Chaudhari, Bholanath Paul BI-O.06 Molecular dissection of antibody responses against pneumococcal surface protein a: evidence for diverse ‘DH-less’ heavy chain gene usage and avidity maturation.
  • Soma Rohatgi, Debjani Dutta, Suhail Tahir and Devinder Sehgal BI-O.07 Identification of microRNA involved in IL-10 expression and its implication in inflammation and asthma. Amit Sharma, Manish Kumar, Tanveer Ahmad, Ulaganathan Mabalirajan, Jyotirmoi Aich, Anurag Agrawal and Balaram Ghosh. BI-O.08 Analysis of molecular mechanism associated with pesticide-induced immunotoxicity: role of apoptosis and heat shock proteins. Ashok Kumar Tripathi, Tanzeel Ahmed, Rafat S. Ahmed, Basudev Banerjee. BI-O.09 Dysregulation in Th1/Th2 cytokine ratios in patients with multiple myeloma. Rehan Khan, Suhasini Joshi, Manoj Sharma, Lalit Kumar, Alpana Sharma BI-O.10 B cell epitope prediction of alcohol dehydrogenase allergen from Curvularia lunata Smitha Nair, Neetu Kukreja, Bhanu Pratap Singh, Naveen Arora BI-O.11 Association between Plasma IgE and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in the β2-adreneoceptor Gene and Control of Asthma. Raj VL, Sabran A, Liam CK, Radhakrishnan AK, Naidu R, Mustafa MR BI-O.12 Prevalence of vitamin B12 deficiency in patients with Autoimmune thyroid disorders. Jaya Kumari S, Ganapathy Bantwal, Anitha Devanath Vageesh Ayaar and Sultana Furruqh BI-P.01 A preliminary study of high sensitivity CRP levels using particle enhanced turbidimetric immuno assay. Jaya Kumari S Anitha Devanath Sultana Furruqh and Venkatesh BI-P.02 Activation of map kinases in tributyltin treated rat thymocytes:role of intracellular calcium. Monika Gupta and Shashi Khandelwal BI-P.03 To unveil the functional domain of Glycodelin A- A pregnancy specific lectin Anjali A. Karande and Devasena .P
  • BI-P.04 Establishment of age related reference values for serum C-Reactive Protein (CRP) in the healthy indian population using a turbidimetric assay. Anitha Devanath, T Venkatesh Jaya Kumari S and Anita R Bijoor BI-P.05 Epitope mapping of a high affinity neutralizing antibody reveals an epitope adjacent to the defined region of neutralization. Ashutosh Tiwari, Anurag Sankhyan, Navin Khanna, Subrata Sinha BI-P.06 Allergenicity potential of proteins from green gram (Vigna radiata) Sandeep Kumar, BI-P.07 Stage specific agglutinin in a coleopteran beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros M.Jayalakshmi & Sr.M.R.Basil Rose BI-P.08 Effect of inflammation on the expression of proteins involved in iron transport. Harish P Janardhan, B S Ramakrishna Debasis Danda and, Molly Jacob BI-P.09 An approach towards development of a simple method for conjugation of laccase to antibody and its characterization by ELISA. Swarnadeep Ray, Protik Chowdhury, Nirmalendu Das and Biswadev Bishayi BI-P.10 Effects of Prenatal/Juvenile exposure of Chlorpyrifos on mouse immune system. R. Singh, A. K. Singh, P. Kumar, B.N.Paul BI-P.11 Intra and inter person variation of immunity parameters in ahealthy human population in bangalore, india. Upadhyaya, S., Damle, A., Telkar, A., DiasP Bhat, J., Rafi, M., Seetha, R and Banerjee, G BI-P.12 Specific IgE for diagnosis of allergic disorders. Hima Sravanthi .G, Surendaran B.R., Gangadhar RDeepsikha Srivastava, Dr Nagendra Prasad K.V. BI-P.13 Production of phosphotyrosine phenylsepharose CL-4B conjugated antigen. Devaraju K S, Saraswathi R and Gopi A BI-P.14 The role of suppressors of cytokine signaling 1 (SOCS1) in glutathione redox mediated regulation of NF-κb/ rel signaling and induction of proinflammatory molecules in macrophages.
  • Sheikh.Ghousunnissa, Kaiser Alam and Sangita Mukhopadhyay BI-P.15 Stimulation of γδ t cells by plant derived and bacterial alkylamines. Nirmala S, G Banerjee, V P Sinkar, S Chiplunkar BI-P.16 T regulatory cells (CD4+CD25+FOXP3+) function in transplant recipients with chronic allograft dysfunction. Sharad K Mittal, R K Sharma, Amit Gupta, Sita Naik BI-P.17 Toll-like receptor mediated innate immune responses in low birth weight newborns. Singh, V.V. and Rai, G. BI-P.18 Generation of molecularly distinct isozyme specific SCFV antibodies binding to the same epitope of placental alkaline phosphatase. Mukesh Kumar, Imran Khan, Pooja Goswami, Subrata Sinha SYMPOSIUM-3: IMMUNOLOGY OF PARASITIC FUNGAL AND OTHER BACTERIAL DISEASES PB-I.01 Phenotypic and functional profiling of effector CD8 and CD4 T cells during blood-stage infection of Plasmodium yoelii. Anmol Chandele, Paushali Mukerjee, Virandar Chauhan, Rafi Ahmed. PB-I.01 Filarial lymphatic pathology is characterized by augmented pro- inflammatory cytokine production in response to TLR2 and TLR9 ligands Subash Babu, V. Kumaraswami and Thomas B. Nutman PB-O.01 T-cell receptor Vβ (1-24) gene repertoire expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of patients with chronic pathology harboring Wuchereria bancrofti infection .Magapu Solomon Sudhakar, .R.B.Narayanan,Alalasundaram, .S.V.Chiplunkar, Trupathi Pradhan ,.Shailja Bhattacharya . PB-O.02 Decreased prevalence of filarial infection among diabetic subjects - Implications for “extended hygiene hypothesis”
  • Aravindhan V. PB-O.03 Immunotherapy of Leishmaniasis: An adjunct to chemotherapy. Farhat Afrin PB-O.05 Immune characterisation of cysticercal antigen with refrence to CNS infection Mehak Sharma and Shripad A. Patil, PB-O.06 Identification of B and T cell epitopes of YscF antigen of Yersinia pestis. Riyasat Ali, Sudhir Kumar, Ajaz Ahmad Bhatt and D.N.Rao. PB-P.01 Filarial lymphatic pathology is characterized by enhanced vascular and lymphatic endothelial growth factor production in response to TLR2 and TLR9 ligands Anuradha R, V. Kumaraswami, Thomas B. Nutmanand Subash Babu PB-P.02 Inhibitory effect of Cystone on uropathogenic E.coli adherence and H2O2 induced toxicity in NRK-52E cells. Vidyashankar S, Mahesh kumar P, Patki P S and Nandakumar K S. PB-P.03 Antimicrobial activity of skin secretion isolated from the Indian cricket frog Fejervarya limnocharis H.P. Gurushankara, M. Shanthala, P. Vishwaprakash mahadimane, Cletus JMD’Souza and V. Vasudev PB-P.04 Molecular characterization of multi drug resistant Klebsiella pneumonia by random amplified poly morphic DNA. Rajeshwari H, Deepti Parashar, Nagaveni S,Ajay Kumar Oli, Kelmani Chandrakanth R PB-P.05 Widespread emergence of multidrug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa in csf samples Nagaveni S, Rajeshwari H , Ajay Kumar Oli, S. A. Patil and Kelmani Chandrakanth R PB-P.06 Analysis of Whole Cell Protein Profiling to Characterize
  • Enterococcus species by SDS-PAGE Ajay Kumar Oli, Rajeshwari. H, Nagaveni. S, Kelmani. Chandrakanth. R PB-P.07 Stimulation of murine macrophages with recombinant Leishmania antigen (rA6) causes intracellular parasite clearance. Anuradha and Sunil K. Arora. PB-P.08 In vitro Model of Leishmania-Macrophage interaction suitable for screening of Anti-Leishmanial agents. Rajendra Kumar and Sunil K. Arora PB-P.09 Isolation of immunoreactive proteins of Setaria cervi adults by SDS- polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis Priyanka Priyadarshi, Deep C. Kaushal and Nuzhat A. Kaushal PB-P.10 Capsular typing of Staphylococcus aureus in different hospitals in Gulbarga Subhaschandra M. Gaddad, Venubabu Thati, Praveenkumar D and Channappa T. Shivannavar PB-P.11 Immunogenisity of locally isolated capsular type-5 and 8 Staphylococcus aureus whole cells in rabbits Subhaschandra M. Gaddad, Venubabu Thati and Channappa T. Shivannavar PB-P.12 Immunological Aspects of Protozoan Parasitic Diseases Amulya Kumar, JyotishmanVeepaschit &Raajeev Singh. PB-P.13 G3093T (exon 19, Complement receptor 1 gene (CR1)) was found to be in linkage disequilibrium with non-coding region A to T (introne 27, CR1 gene) and is prevalent in pockets of Falcipurum malaria transmission in northern India. Mayank Madhukar, J.C. Samantaray, Sukla Biswas,P. Aggarwal, Ratanesh K. Seth and Nibhriti
  • PB-P.14 Antigenic analysis of embryo stage of Setaria cervi, the bovine filarial parasite Poonam Singh, Deep C. Kaushal and Nuzhat A. Kaushal PB-P.15 Chlamydia Induces Caspase Activity and Apoptosis Signaling Pathway via Cervical Epithelial Cells. Vikas Vats, Tanvi Agrawal, Sudha Salhan and Aruna Mittal PB-P.16 Immobilization of C1 inhibitor by nematode Transglutaminase Chellam Gayathri.S., Pandiaraja.P., Perumal Kaliraj PB-P.17 Expression of IL-10 superfamily members in filarial lymphatic pathology Jovvian George. P, V. Kumaraswami, Thomas B. Nutman and Subash Babu, PB-P.18 Increased levels of circulating immune complexes and enhanced classical and MBL complement pathway activation in patent human lymphatic filariasis. Senbagavalli P, Anuradha, Ramanathan VD, Subash Babu PB-P.19 Antigen preparation of Mucor and Aspergillus and evaluation of antibody response in CNS infections. Soni R Sankapal, Shripad A.Patil PB-P.20 Effect of ph and temperature on laccase production by Tramates sps,. Manigandan.N. M.palaniswamy, Bharathi.S PB-P.21 Contribution of coagulase and toxic shock syndrome toxin-1 in Staphylococcus aureus induced septic arthritis in mice: possible therapeutic protection by chloramphenicol Sayantani Majumdar, Argha Manna, Rupanjan Mukhopadhyay, Kallol Dutta, Anirban Basu, Sunil Kumar Manna and Biswadev Bishayi PB-P.22 Evaluation of regulatory networks induced by B.malayi recombinant proteins in different patient population. Aparnaa Ramanthan, Madhumathi J, Perumal Kaliraj
  • SYMPOSIUM-4: DIAGNOSTIC AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY DC-I.01 Dysfunctional dendritic cells- root cause of subdued immune-response in chronic viral Hepatitis Sunil K Arora & Deepa Rana, DC-I.02 Clinical Immunology of Immunomodulators Pralhad PatkI DC-I.03 Primary Immune Deficiencies from Bedside to the Bench Sujatha Ramesh DC-I.04 FUTURE TRENDS IN DIAGNPOSTICS Shama Bhat, DC-I.05 SLIT in Management of Type I Allergy Disorders Nagendra Prasad.K.V, DC-I.06 SERODIAGNOSIS OF LEPTOSPIROSIS: Evaluation of two tests done within 8 days of onset against a Gold Standard of a combination of MAT and clinical features Kavita Raja, DC-I.07 Buccal Delivery System - SLIT Films .Paranjothy, DC-I.08 Highly Characterized Antibodies from Human Protein Atlas and Sigma Aldrich Sivaram Chintalapati, DC-O.01 Characterization and Functional studies with Monoclonal Antibody B11 F12 developed against Tumor Associated antigens of Squamous Cell Carcinomas Atul Anand, M.Patkar, S.G.Dakave and Shubhada V. Chiplunkar DC-O.02 IL-10 cytokine gene polymorphisms in allergic asthma patients Suman Latha G., Hari Sai Priya V., Lavanya Joshi., Vijayalakshmi V., Murthy K.J.R.
  • DC-O.03 Comparison of PETIA kit from Siemens with Pureauto S CRP-Latex (SS-type) kit from Diachi to evaluate C-reactive Protein Anitha Devanath, Jaya Kumari, Anita R Bijoor DC-O.04 Telomerase activity in CD4+ T cells of Parthenium dermatitis patients Vivek Anand, Nasim Akhtar, Rakesh Khatri, K K Verma and Alpana Sharma DC-O.05 T effector and T regulatory lymphocytes during acute hepatitis E virus infection Mohd. Mushtaq Husain, Rakesh Aggarwal, Shahid Jameel, Sita Naik DC-O.06 Significance of antibody detection in the diagnosis ofcryptococcal meningitis Katyayani S., Arvind N. and Shripad A. Patil. DC-P.01 Molecular cloning, expression and diagnostic evaluation of rWbL1 protein for the detection of Bancroftian filariasis Siva Prasad. B.V, V.Anantharaman, D.Gajalakshmi, Reddy.M.V.R DC-P.02 Detection of HRP-2 and pLDH antigen of P.falciparum in malaria patients by Immunocapture based diagnostic assay. Priyanka Verma, Sukla Biswas and Rao D.N DC-P.3 Eosinophil Count and Interleukin-5 in Malaysian Asthmatic Patients Raj VL, Sabran A, Liam CK, Radhakrishnan AK, Naidu R, Mustafa MR. SYMPOSIUM-5: VIRAL IMMUNOLOGY AND CANCER IMMUNOLOGY
  • VC-I.01 Induction of anti tumor effector functions in gamma delta T lymphocytes by bisphosphonates. S. V. Chiplunkar VC-I.02 Japanese encephalitis virus and NF-κb: activation of the canonical NF-κb pathway and its importance in MHC-I induction Sojan Abraham, Soumen Basak and Ramanathapuram Manjunath VC- I.03 Relative transmissibility of an r5 clade c s HIV across different mucosae in Rhesus macaques parallels the relative risks of sexual HIV-1 transmission via different routes. NB Siddappa,A-L Chenine, VG Kramer, G Sciaranghella,RA Rasmussen, M Santosuosso, MC Poznansky , RR Amara,C Souder, DC Anderson, JG Else, FJ Novembre, E Strobert, SP O'Neil, WE Secor and RM Ruprecht VC-O.01 Interplay of TNF-α, superoxide anion (SOA) and apoptosis in HIV/AIDS patients. Sandeepan Mukherjee, Sheetal Rai, Sahil Kulkarni, Shraddha Mehta, Arunagiri Subramanian, R. A. Deshmukh, Abhay Chowdhary VC-O.02 Analysis of CD 4 T cell responses of HIV patients under different ART regimens. Sumi Mukhopadhyay, Indranil Dhar, Anindita Debnath, Joyabrata Mal, Sonali Das, Bibhuti Saha and Swapna Chaudhuri VC-O.03 Increased CD8+ T Lymphocytes in HAART non-responders with immunological failures. Sukhvinder Singh Jaideep S. Toor and Sunil K. Arora VC-O.04 Reconstitution of innate immune responses in HIV-1 infected subjects undergoing antiretroviral treatment (ART). Anuj Singla, Ajay Wanchu and Sunil K. Arora VC- O.05 Assessing the significance of exogenous interleukins on natural killer cell derived cytolytic molecules in HIV-infected individuals. P.V. Ramana Rao, S. Ramanavelan, S. Rajasekaran, Alamelu Raja
  • VC-O.06 Pathogenic and vaccine strain of Japanese encephalitis viral strain elicit differential human macrophage / DC effector functions. Harini Sooryanarain, Milind M. Gore VC-O.07 Soluble factors released by activated regulatory T cells suppress natural killer T cell function in cervical cancer patients. T. Pradhan, J.Patankar,B.Ravikiran, H. Tongaonkar, S.Chiplunkar VC-O.08 Modulation of targeted cancer therapy by cytokines in tumor microenvironment. Shyama Pal, Bhavani Shankar and K.B. Sainis VC-O.09 Natural killer T cell activation in Hepatitis B virus infection. Anuradha Tripathy, Rumki Das, Mandeep Chadha & Vidya Arankalle VC-O.10 Role of Tumor Microenvironment on DNA Damage Responses and Expression of IGF-1/clusterin Axis in Genomic Instability. Bhavani S. Shankar,1 Shyama Pal1, David A. Boothman3 and K.B. Sainis2 VC-P.01 Temporal analysis of early immune responses in patients with Hepatitis E virus infection. Rumki Das, Anuradha Tripathy, VA Arankalle & YK Gurav VC-P.02 Short-term immune response to Hepatitis-C virus in live related renal transplant recipients. Shivali Justa ,Ranjana W. Minz , Mukut Minz, Ashish Sharma,Neelam Pasricha, Shashi Anand
  • VC-P.03 2,5- Oligoadenylate synthetase2: a novel tumor derived factor involved in CD3 ζ degradation. S. Shah, D.Kulkarni, T. Pradhan, D.Chaukar,V.Manivel, K.V.S.Rao, S.Chiplunkar VC-P.04 Role of ß-2 microglobulin in prognosis of HIV/AIDS V Suresh Gupta, Arunagiri Subramanian, Shraddha Mehta, Sahil Kulkarni SandeepanMukherjee, R. A.Deshmukh, Abhay Chowdhary VC-P.05 Role of TNF-α and IL-6 in morbidity and mortality associated with HIV/ AIDS. V Suresh Gupta, Shraddha Mehta, Arunagiri Subramanian, Sahil Kulkarni SandeepanMukherjee, R. A.Deshmukh, Abhay Chowdhary VC-P.06 NK cells in recent HIV-1 infection showed down regulation of activatory receptors. Archana Kulkarni, Madhuri Thakar, Meera Singh and Ramesh Paranjape SYMPOSIUM-6: NEUROIMMUNOLOGY NI-I.01Dual Roles for Microglial Cells in Regulating the Progression and Resolution of CNS Autoimmune Inflammation Bonnie N. Dittel NI-I.02 Evaluation of Neuroprotective Therapies in Experimental Optic Neuritis Kenneth S. Shindler, Mahasweta Dutt, Philomena Tabuena,Elvira Ventura, Jayasri Das Sarma, Abdolmohamad Rostami NI-I.03 Functional implications of Vitamin D Receptor-HLA DRB1*0301 interaction in Type 1 diabetes Rajni Rani, Neetu Israni, Avinash Kumar,Ravinder Goswami
  • NI-O.01 Microglia,macrophage play a major role in mouse hepatitis virus induced demyelination Dhriti Chatterjee, Lawrence C Kenyon, Kenneth S Shindler and Jayasri Das Sarma NI-O.02 Immunopathogenetic differences between Guillain Barre Syndrome and Paralytic rabies Mahadevan A, Suja MS, Madhusudana SN, Patil S, Satishchandra P, Shankar SK NI-P.01 Pro-inflammatory phenotype of lean diabetic subjects compared to obese diabetic subjects- new definition for Asian Indian Diabetic phenotype Surendar J., Mohan V. and Aravindhan V. NI-P.02 Elevated Expression of HSP90α in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Rai, R. and Rai, G. NI-P.03 Association of IFN-γ and TNF-α gene expression with disease activity in children with Systemic Lupus Erythaematosus (SLE) -a prospective study from North India. Rana A, Minz R W, Aggarwal R, Anand S, Singh S. NI-P.04 Role of Toll-Like Receptors (TLRs) in Immuno-pathogenesis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Chauhan, S.K. and Rai, G. NI-P.05 In-vitro detection of anti achr antibodies secreted by lymphocytes in myasthenia gravis: A preliminary study M. P .jayakishan., shripad A patil. NI.P.06 Suppression of Experimental Optic Neuritis with Corticosteroids. Mahasweta Dutt, Philomela Tabuena, Lawrence C. Kenyon,Elvira Ventura, Abdolmohamad Rostami, Kenneth S.Shindler, Jayasri Das Sarma. NI-P.07 Autoantibodies to Heat Shock Protein- 65 (HSP-65kDa) in patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Ashica Sood A, P.Marimuthu ,Vandana Pradhan ,K.Ghosh and Shripad A. Patil
  • SYMPOSIUM-7: VACCINES AND IMMUNOMODULATORS IV-I.01 Natural antibodies : more than mere bystanders Srini V Kaveri IV-I.02 Roles of Ras activation during Interferon-gamma responses and acetaminophen-induced liver damage. Banishree Saha, S. Jyothi Prasanna and Dipankar Nandi IV-I.03 T cell Response to HCV Infection: Key to Vaccine Development Strategies Krishna K. Murthy, La Shayla D. Morrow and Kaitlin E. Campbell IV-I.04 Rabies vaccines : current state and new developments S.N.Madhusudana IV-I.05Prophylactic Vaccines Against HPV Infection: A Hope for prevention of cervical cancer? Jayshree R S IV-I.06 The immunomodulatory role of Glycodelin Anjali A Karande IV-O.01 Molecular aspects of immunoprevention by piperine in cadmium induced thymic atrophy and splenomegaly . Shashi Khandelwal IV-O.02 In vivo enhancement of Natural Killer Cell Activity through Tea fortified with Ayurvedic herbs Jyoti Bhat, aparna Damle, Pankaj P Vaishnav, Ruud Albers , Manoj Joshi and Gautam Banerjee, IV-OI.03 Saved by poisons : Plant toxins in targeted cancer therapy Sudarshan Gadadhar and Anjali A Karande
  • IV-O.04 Immunogenicity of garlic immunomodulatory proteins upon oral administration in balb/c mice Fatima Clement and Y. P. Venkatesh IV-O.05 Molecular mechanism of immunomodulation and adjuvant activity of g1-4a, a TLR4 agonist from Tinospora cordifolia. Rashmi Raghu, Deepak Sharma, Vineet Kohli and Krishna Balaji Sainis IV-O.06 Evaluation of protective immunity induced by rWbGST-BmALT-2 fusion protein against Brugia malayi infection. Anandharaman Veerapathran, Kiran Pote, Munirathinam Gnanasekar, Maryada Venkata Rami Reddy and Ramaswamy Kalyanasundaram. IV-P.01 Ant-inflammatory properties of Septilin in lipopolysaccharide activated monocytes and macrophages. Sandeep Varma R, Ashok G, Vidyashankar S, Patki P S and Nandakumar K S IV-P.02 Regulation of PPAR γ and TNF α by Liv.52 in alcohol treated liver cells. Ashok G, Sandeep Varma R, Vidyashanker S, Patki P S and Nandakumar K S IV-P.03 Presence of immunomodulatory proteins in the medicinal herb, guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) Ivan Aranha, Fatima Clement and Y. P. Venkatesh IV-P.04 Enhancement of Immunity by Theanine Bhat J, Upadhyaya S, Banerjee G IV-P.05 Biochemical Effect of Curcumin and Embelin on chemical-induced hepatocarcinogenesis in Wistar rats M.C. Jagadeesh, M. Sreepriya, Geetha Bali, D. Manjulakumari IV-P.06 Expression Of Immune Molecules On Human Pbmc Upon Treatment With Extracts Of Pongamia Pinnata Linn. M. Manikannan, R. Balamurugan, S. Dinesh, V. Mythili and Elanchezhiyan Manickan.
  • IV-P.07 Prophylactic and therapeutic potential of Asp f1 epitopes in naïve and sensitized BALB/c mice Neelkamal Chaudhary, Lakshna Mahajan, Taruna Madan, Anil Kumar, Gajendra Pratap Singh Raghava, Ashok Shah, Seturam Bandacharya Katti, Wahajul Haq, Puranam Usha Sarma. IV-P.08 Turbo Methanol Extract inhibits bone resorption through regulation of T cell function B. Balakrishnan, M. M. Indapa, S. G. Dakawe and S. V. Chiplunkar IV-P.09 The Mucosal Adjuvant Activity Of Fructans Isolated From Aged Garlic Extract P. M. Chandrashekar and Y. P. Venkatesh IV-P.10 TLR dependent and independent immune responses to type 1 Sabin and wild poliovirus Madhu Chhanda Mohanty and Jagadish M. Deshpan IV-P.11 Lactobacillus sporogenes: Oral vaccine candidate Sarika Amdekar, Sapna Kushwah, Deepak Dwivedi, Purabi Roy, Vinod Sing IV-P.12 Glycodelin -A: Modulator of Cytolytic effector T cell activity Anjali A. Karande and Chetna Soni SYMPOSIUM-8: VETERINARY IMMUNOLOGY VT-O.01 Evaluation of immune response to recombinant dna vaccine against bovine tuberculosis in calves Phaniraj.K.L., Shrikrishna Isloor., Naveen Kumar.G.S., Ravikumar.P., and Vasanth.M.Shetty VT-O.02 Comparative Evaluation Of Rt-Pcr For Vp3, Vp7, Ns1 And Ns3 Genes In Detecting Bluetongue Virus In Clinical Specimens. S. Vinay, S.M. Byregowda, Y. Hari Babu, K.M. Purushotham
  • VT-O.03 Novel toxin-neutralizing nanobodies isolated from Indian camel phage display library possess unique molecular features Jangra, Pooja, †Pandey, Neelam and ¶Singh, Ajit VT-O.04 Immune Response to Persistent Foot and Mouth Disease Virus (Asia 1) Infection in Cattle and Buffaloes Mohan.S Maddur , Subodh Kishore , Ashok C Kumar, Suryanarayana V. V. S, Gopalakrishna S, Nem Singh, and Mukund.R Gajendragad VT-O.05 Identification Of Milk Based Protein Biomarker For The Diagnosis Of Mastitis J.Thanislass, S.Prathibha, P.X.Antony, S.Venkatesa Peruma1, K.V.Subba Reddy,R. M. Pillai VT-O.06 Purification Of Bacteriocin Like Substances From Rumen Liquor Obtained From Slaughtered Goats S.Barathiraja, J.Thanislass, P.X.Antony, S.Venkatesa Perumal,K.V.SubbaReddy, R. M. Pillai VT-P.01 Study of Humoral Immune Response against Recombinant-DNA Vaccine against Bovine Tuberculosis By Interleukin-4 Elisa. Phaniraj.K., jagadeesh Sanganal.., Jayaramu. G.M .. VT-P.02 Development of Anti-Methanogen Igy Antibodies And Their Potential Application Yogesh B.J , S.Bharathi and Michael A