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Greater Manchester Hepatitis C Research
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Greater Manchester Hepatitis C Research


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  • We are within the School of Translational Medicine and the research group that is the Occupational and Environmental Health Group and our unit is the Clinical Epidemiology & Public Health Unit. Thanks are due both to Sarah for taking over when Dick left us and Raymond for adopting us during the reorganisation into the new research groups back in 2007. Within our Unit we have formed the Manchester Urban Collaboration on Health
  • … with the mission statement to perform world class research on urban issues for the benefit of local populations. Our perspective on “Local populations” encompasses those of Manchester, England, Europe and globally for different “Health Economies”. There are two main strands to our research activities within this mission statement. The first is Euro-URHIS 1 & 2. URHIS 1 was funded by DG SANCO and submitted its final report on work completed up to the end of July this year and Euro URHIS 2, funded by DG Research, is due to start work in January next year. Euro-URHIS 2 will build on the work of Euro-URHIS 1 and both have the combined full economic cost value of slightly less the 5 million Euros. The second strand within our mission statement is represented by a suite of Blood Borne Virus and respiratory projects. These projects have been facilitated respectively by:- Erika Duffell from the Greater Manchester Health Protection Unit and Urin Vestbo from the University Hospital of South Manchester
  • Transcript

    • 1. Hepatitis C Research in Greater Manchester Arpana Verma Senior Lecturer On behalf of Manchester Blood Borne Virus Prevention Steering Group Association of Greater Manchester PCTs Hepatitis C Strategy 11 th International Hepatitis C Conference 16 th November 2009
    • 2. Acknowledgements Health Protection Agency Labs: Dr Paul Klapper Mr Ben Brown NHS Manchester: Ms Janet Mantle Mr Colin Tyrie Manchester City Council: Mr Ian Deasha Ms Cara Ciliento Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust: Dr Javier Vilar, Ms Sue Russell, Ms Jane and team Greater Manchester NHS Trusts, Voluntary Agencies and Local Authorities Greater Manchester Health Protection Unit: Dr Erika Duffell Greater Manchester Hepatitis C Strategy: Ms Siobhan Fahey Dr Sheila Will Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust: Ms Sheila Wilson Ms Claire Watson Ms Debbie Carr Central Manchester Foundation Trust: Dr Martin Prince, Ms Esther Pears and team NTA: Mr Alan Neill The Blood Borne Virus Research Team would like to acknowledge the funders of the projects, Manchester City Council Drug and Alcohol Strategy Team and the Association of Greater Manchester PCTs Hepatitis C Strategy and Greater Manchester Health Protection Unit.
    • 3. Who are we?
      • University of Manchester
      • School of Translational Medicine
      • Manchester Urban Collaboration on Health
        • Prof Sarah O’Brien
      • Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health
      • National Drug Evidence Centre
      • School of Community Based Medicine
      • School of Cancer
      • School of Geography
    • 4. Manchester Urban Collaboration on Health
      • “ To perform world class research on urban issues for the benefit of the
      • local populations ”
      EU Commission Dr Erika Duffell Prof Jorgen Vestbo Prof Julietta Patnick Dr Sally Bradley Mr Colin Cox Mr Neil Bendel NHS Cancer Screening Programmes Mr Chris Booth Dr Rosemary McCann Dr Catherine Quigley Dr Peter Elton
    • 5.  
    • 6.
      • “ Better to give no data than bad data”
      • Anon.
    • 7. Table 1: Laboratory reports of hepatitis C infection by English region: 1995 to 2007 Source: Immunisation, Hepatitis and Blood Safety Department, Centre for Infections, HPA
    • 8. Figure 1: Neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester Source: Dept. Communities and Neighbourhoods
    • 9. Response to need
      • Healthcare Needs Assessments
      • Health Equity Audits
      • Teaching and Training Needs Assessment
      • Evaluation
      • Research projects
        • Primary Prevention
        • Prevalence
        • Patient Satisfaction
        • Do not attend
    • 10. Tools
      • Validation
        • Face
        • Content
        • Criterion
        • Back
      • Repeatability
      • Reliability
      • Sensitivity
    • 11. HCNAs
    • 12. Health Equity Audit Cycle Health Equity Audit Made Simple: A briefing for Primary Care Trusts and Local Strategic Partnerships (2003)
    • 13. Evaluation Harrison 2008
    • 14. Summary
      • Partnership working essential
        • GMHCV Strategy
      • Independent but responsive
      • Meaningful data
      • Evidence based
      • Teaching and training