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facresearch.doc.doc Document Transcript

  • 1. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Adaska, J Dairy Cattle Biotechnology Molecular epidemiology of potential food- CAHFS Beef Cattle Epidemiology borne agents such as Salmonella Ruminant Food Safety Gastrointestinal Disease Immunology Infectious Disease Affolter, V Comp Animal Dermatology Histiocytic diseases in dogs & cats; PMI Dermatopath- characterization of proliferative or ology, dysregulatory diseases of leukocytes and Immunology immune system; chronic progressive lymphedema in horses; canine ischemic dermatopathy Aly, SA Cattle Epidemiology Veterinary infectious disease epidemiology: PHR Sheep Food Animal design and implementation of observational VMTRC Goats Medicine and experimental studies. Herd Health Statistical analysis including mixed models. Bovine Dairy production medicine, cattle Reproduction reproduction, herd health and outbreak Biostatistics investigation Anderson, Beef Cattle Infectious Disease Bovine abortion and reproductive diseases; CAHFS ML Dairy Cattle bovine, enteric, respiratory diseases; PMI immunohistochemical procedures for diagnostic pathology Angelastro, Rodents Cancer and Stem Brain tumors, breast cancer, and neural VMB JM Cells stem cells Angelos, JA Beef Cattle Infectious Molecular biology; vaccine development; VME Dairy Cattle Bacterial Diseases recombinant protein expression/vaccination; development of novel recombinant protein vaccines to prevent pinkeye of cattle; pathogenesis of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis Atwill, ER Beef Cattle Epidemiology Epidemiology and medical ecology of PHR Dairy Cattle Infectious Disease infectious diseases; assessing microbial VET EXT Equine contamination of the environment by VMTRC Wildlife livestock and wildlife, with a special emphasis on microbial contamination of surface water; development of intervention strategies to reduce or eliminate identified hazards that may exist between livestock, wildlife, the environment and humans Bain, MJ Companion Clinical behavior Clinical domestic animal behavior VME Animals Animal welfare, problems, such house-soiling and primarily aggression in cats, and aggression and companion anxieties in dog. Human-animal bond animals research, such as dog parks and client Human-animal compliance. Animal welfare, such as by bond evaluating different types of handling and training on dogs and cats. Ball, B Equine Reproduction Sperm biology and semen preservation; PHR Canine contraception and nonsurgical sterilization; stem cell biology Bannasch, DL Canine Biotechnology Canine & equine; molecular genetics; PHR Equine Genetics clinical genetics; DNA diagnostics Clinical Med
  • 2. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Barr, BC All Species Infectious Disease Veterinary diagnostic pathology of CAHFS Avian livestock, poultry, exotic, avian, PMI Beef Cattle mammalian, wildlife species; infectious Dairy Cattle protozoal, viral diseases, protozoal abortion Ruminant in livestock species Barter, LS Companion Anesthesia, Mechanisms of anesthetic action. VSR and Food Analgesia, Anesthetic induced immobility. Clinical Animal Mechanisms of effects of anesthetics and analgesics. species anesthetic action Barthold, SW Lab Animal Infectious Disease Host-agent interactions during persistent PMI Pathogenesis infections, with emphasis on Lyme Disease CCM Mouse Biology (Director) Baumgarth, N Lab Animal Immunology Regulation of immune responses to CCM Human Infectious Disease pathogens; emphasis on influenza virus and PMI Retrovirus HIV; mucosal immunology, respiratory tract immunity; early B cell activation Blanchard, Beef Cattle Epidemiology Neonatal diarrhea of ruminants and pigs; CAHFS PC Dairy Cattle Immunology salmonella infections; food animal diseases VME Swine Infectious Disease and pathology Borjesson, DL Mouse Infectious Disease Infectious disease: Tick-borne diseases, PMI Human Stem Cell especially Anaplasma phagocytophilum. Horse Research Pathogen interaction with host cells including neutrophils, platelets and endothelial cells; infection-induced alterations in hematopoiesis and mechanisms of cytopenias during infection. Stem cells: isolation and characterization of mesenchymal stem cells from equine tissues for use in regenerative medicine. Boyce, WM All Species Infectious Disease Epidemiology and ecology of health and PMI Wildlife Wildlife Ecology disease in large mammals (especially lions CVEC Conservation and bighorn sheep) and birds; special WHC Parasitology interest in zoonotic diseases such as avian Public Health influenza and West Nile Virus Brault, AC Avian Arboviruses Molecular virology, viral pathogenesis, PMI Alphaviruses viral evolution CVEC Flaviviruses Brosnan, RJ All Species Anesthesiology Although inhaled anesthetics have been VSR Cardiorespiratory used since 1842 to produce unconsciousness physiology and immobility in patients, the mechanism Pharmacology by which these drugs act in both humans and animals is still a mystery. Our lab uses molecular, cellular, and whole animal models to probe inhaled anesthetic interactions with potential protein and membrane targets. Additionally, we study the cardiovascular and respiratory effects of these agents in large and small animal species
  • 3. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Buckpitt, AR Lab Animal Pharmacology Metabolic activation and detoxication of VMB Primate Pulmonary environmental chemicals that produce Toxicology tissue selective cytotoxicity, particularly of the lung; mechanisms for cellular degeneration, especially the role of reactive metabolites; use of DNA arrays and proteomics in toxicology Byrne, BA All Species, Bacteriology Pathogenesis and vaccine development for PMI but primarily Pathogenesis of Rhodococcus equi pneumonia; Microbial Equine, bacterial diseases community structure of the gastrointestinal Marine tract in health and disease; Fecal pathogen Mammals pollution of the environment and detection of pathogens in marine mammals; Diagnostic bacteriology Carpenter, All Species Epidemiology Livestock production economics; VME TE Avian Economics mathematic and simulation modeling; Beef Cattle Risk Analysis spatial and wildlife epidemiology; risk Ruminant analysis Wildlife Case, JT Avian Epidemiology Veterinary informatics; development of CAHFS Beef Cattle Informatics computer surveillance systems, health VME Dairy Cattle information; health data analysis; medical Equine and veterinary terminology; epidemiology Ruminant and disease surveillance; geographic information; avian respiratory diseases; viral pathogenesis and immunology prevention and control Chang, WL Primates Infectious disease Molecular virology, herpesviruses, CCM Lab Animal Virology influenza virus, viral diagnosis, viral (Mice) Immunology immune evasion, viral immunology, dendritic cell biology, cytokine/chemokine, vaccine strategy, primate and mouse models for vaccine studies Charlton, B Avian Immunology Poultry diagnostics and diseases; CAHFS Infectious Disease Biotechnology application to poultry Microbiology diagnostics and diseases; Differentiation of bacterial strains within a species Chen, X Canine Comparative Molecular Oncology, Comparative VSR Feline Oncology Oncology, Oncogenes and Tumor Equine Suppressor genes, Breast Cancer, Human Melanoma, and Sarcoma Chin, R Avian Infectious Disease Diagnostic poultry medicine; avian CAHFS mycoplasmology; Ornithobacterium PHR rhinotracheale infection Chomel, BB Comp Animal Biotechnology Epidemiological and diagnostic aspects of CVEC Lab Animal Epidemiology some major infectious zoonoses; emphasis PHR Primate Immunology on cat scratch disease and other Bartonella Wildlife Infectious Disease infections, rabies and pet bites, new and Zoo/Exotic Zoonoses emerging zoonoses and serological surveys of zoonotic diseases in wildlife Christopher, All Species Clinical Pathology Erythrocytes, anemia, and oxidative stress; PMI MM Pathology Diagnostic and wildlife clinical pathology; Informatics Pathology and laboratory informatics: decision support, terminology and reporting standards; Veterinary and clinical pathology education
  • 4. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Conley, AJ Mammals Reproduction Cellular and molecular control of the PHR Swine Steroidogenesis development and function of mammalian Ruminants Endocrinology and reptilian steroidogenic tissues Equine Biochemistry including gonads, adrenal glands and Primates Molecular biology placenta; androgen and estrogen synthesis; (human & Toxicology biochemistry and biophysics of P450 non-human) steroid hydroxylase enzyme function; Carnivores functional evolution of sex steroid Bats synthesis; vertebrate sexual differentiation Reptiles and reproductive strategies (alligator) Rodents Conrad, PA Marine Infectious Disease Molecular characterization and PMI Mammals Protozoology immunology of pathogenic protozoa; Wildlife Biotechnology development of parasite-specific DNA Beef Cattle probes and immunoassays; immunological Comp Animal and epidemiological studies on protozoal Dairy Cattle parasites of terrestrial and marine wildlife, Equine dogs, horses and cattle including Humans Toxoplasma, Sarcocystis, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Babesia and Theileria species. Special interest in ecology of pathogen pollution – flow of fecal protozoa from the land to sea via water. Corbeil, LB Cattle Immunity to Pathogenesis and host response in PHR mucosal infections Trichomoniasis and Haemophilus somnus infection Cortopassi, G Human Mechanism of Involvement of mitochondria in VMB Beef Cattle Neuro- neurodegenerative disease; biochemical Degenerative mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease; Disease biochemistry/molecular biology; aging, Mitochondrial somatic mutagenesis Genetics and Disease Molecular Genetics Cowgill, LD Comp Animal Infectious Disease Diseases of kidney; small animal medicine. VME Phosphate metabolism; NMR spectroscopy; hemodialysis; anemia, chronic renal failure; systemic hypertension Crespo, R Avian Pathology Pathology and epidemiology of the avian CAFHS diseases. Special interest in Fresno Lab musculoskeletal system and genetic epidemiology of infectious agents Crossley, B Livestock Veterinary Virology, molecular methods in veterinary CAHFS Poultry Virology, medicine, outbreak investigations, Molecular diagnostic assay validation and Epidemiology, equivalency, new and emerging viral and Biotechnology diseases of livestock and poultry Cullor , JS Dairy Cattle Food Safety Pathophysiology and immunology of PHR Infectious Disease disease due to gram-negative bacteria; VMTRC bovine mastitis; ontogeny of neonatal Dairy Food immune system; antibiotic, chemical and Safety Lab microbial residues in milk or meat; vaccine development and testing; food safety, food defense, public health, environmental health
  • 5. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Culp, WTN Canine Surgical Oncology Identification of biomarkers using VSR Feline metabolomics and proteomics; identification of novel diagnostic methods to improve treatment options in veterinary patients in order to use these diagnostic methods in a translational manner; evaluation of novel treatment strategies for spontaneously occurring neoplasia. Interventional Evaluation of clinical outcome in veterinary Radiology patients with Interventional Radiology techniques. Evaluation of the use of Interventional Radiology techniques to treat oncologic disease. DeChant, JE Equine Gastrointestinal Diagnostic and prognostic indicators of VSR Camelid diseases emergency surgical problems Surgery Inflammatory and immune responses in Critical care and health and disease emergency Improved management of surgical management emergency and critical care cases Dickinson, PJ Canine Neurology/Neuro- Canine primary brain tumors, VSR Feline surgery, Neuro- clinical/molecular characterization. oncology Development of novel therapies and delivery systems for intracranial tumors Ernest, HB Free-Ranging Genetics Wildlife ecological genetics & population Wildlife & Wildlife Wildlife Ecology health; conservation genetics; population Ecology Unit Health genetics. Threatened and endangered of the VGL Diseases species (with special interest in California PHR species). Carnivores including mountain lions; wild pigs; sea otters; raptors (birds of prey including hawks and owls); corvids (magpies, crows, jays, and relatives) Evans, MI Primates Pulmonary Cell biology of airway basal cells the APC Lab Animal Cell Biology basement membrane, attenuated fibroblast and their role in the pathogenesis of asthma Fanucchi, MV Lab Animal Pharmacology Pulmonary cell biology and toxicology; APC Primate Toxicology health effects of air pollutants and other Pulmonary environmental toxicants on postnatal lung development; role of biochemical defense mechanism native to pulmonary cells; drug metabolism Farver, TB No Species Biostatistics/ Applied statistics (medical statistics with PHR Epidemiology emphasis in sampling and multivariate analysis) and analytical epidemiology Fascetti, AJ Comp Animal Basic and Clinical Nutrition and metabolism in companion VMB Nutrition animals; trace minerals; taurine; improvement of pet foods; veterinary clinical nutrition Feldman, EC Canine Endocrinology Canine, and feline adrenal, pancreatic, VME Feline Clinical Med parathyroid, thyroid and pituitary diseases; specifically, hyperadrenocorticism, diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, and hyperparathyroidism, hypoglycemia, and pituitary tumors
  • 6. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Feng, S Lab Animal Infectious Disease Molecular biology, screening DNA CCM Lyme Disease expression libraries to search for candidates to develop vaccines or diagnostic tests, and to study functions of the novel genes using mouse models Ferraro, GL Equine Orthopedics Racing injuries and fracture repair; CEH Surgery orthopedic science and disease prevention; (Director) Clinical Med diseases and clinical maladies of draft horse breeds; equine infectious disease control; international health standards and regulations for horses Foley, JE Comp Animal Entomology Tick-borne diseases; maintenance of VME Equine Epidemiology infectious diseases in nature; population Lab Animal Immunology biology in infections Wildlife Infectious Disease Zoo/Exotic Clinical Medicine Ticks Shelter Medicine Vector-Borne Disease Galuppo, LD Equine Orthopedics Equine orthopedics; biomechanics and VSR biology of fracture repair, development of orthopedic implants and fracture fixation techniques Gardner, I Dairy Cattle Epidemiology Risk analysis related to livestock health and VME Equine food safety; diagnostic test evaluation – Swine practical and theoretical issues; Wildlife epidemiology of infectious diseases in livestock production systems, of protozoal myeloencephalitis in marine mammals and equids, and of catastrophic musculoskeletal injuries in racehorses Gershwin, LJ Bovine Immunology IgE – mediated diseases (including allergic PMI Equine Microbiology asthma), vaccines/adverse responses in VMTH Comp Animal domestic animals, respiratory syncytial Lab Animal virus pathogenesis; effects of environmental pollutants on respiratory immunology Gilardi, KVK Free-ranging Ecosystem health; Marine ecosystem health; marine WHC wildlife wildlife health conservation; wildlife disease; restoration Giulivi, C Human Biochemistry Role of nitric oxide produced by VMB Mouse Metabolic mitochondria in cellular oxygen Rat biochemistry metabolism and vasodilation; oxygen and Proteomics nitrogen free radical biochemistry; Free radical proteomics of aging and oxidative damage biochemistry of mitochondria; proteomics and metabolomics of human colon cancer Griffiths, LG Canine Cardiovascular Tissue engineering of heart valves based on VME Feline Disease. xenogeneic scaffolds. Identification of Mouse Transplant xenoantigens, in heart valve and heart Rabbit Immunology. transplantation models. Molecular Human Proteomics and comparisons of xenoantigenic proteins in Immunoproteo- order to establish if common antigen mics. determining domains exist.
  • 7. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS Tissue Engineering FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Hart, LA Comp Animal Behavior Socializing role of companion animals; PHR Human Epidemiology health and lifestyle effects of companion Ctr for Animal Lab Animal Geography animals; animal welfare and alternatives, Alternatives Elephants communication and cognitive behavior of Ctr for Animals in Society elephants Havel, P Mouse Biochemistry, Regulation of the production and secretion VMB Rat Endocrinology, of pancreatic (insulin and glucagon), Cat Physiology and gastrointestinal (GIP, GLP-1 and ghrelin), Dog Pathophysiolo-gy and adipocyte hormones (leptin and Rhesus of Diabetes, adiponectin). Role of dietary Monkey Obesity, and macronutrients (e.g., fat and fructose) in Human Cardiovas-cular energy balance and lipid/carbohydrate Disease metabolism. Animal models of obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes. Clinical research in nutrition, diabetes and CVD. Effects and endocrine mechanisms involved in weight loss and diabetes resolution after bariatric surgery procedures. Hawkins, MG Birds Anesthesia Opiate receptor density and distribution in VME Reptiles Analgesia exotic species, Small exotic Critical patient pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics of mammals care of birds, anesthetics and analgesics in exotic species reptiles and companion small exotic mammals Hayashi, K Canine Orthopedic Comparative and veterinary orthopedics in VSR Feline research joint pathology, osteoarthritis, VORL Musculoskeletal wound/fracture healing, and surgical GGCP disorders treatment MCIP Hedrick, RP Wild Fish Infectious Disease Effects of infectious diseases on cultured VME Captive Fish fish and shellfish VMTH Shellfish Higgins, RJ Comp Animal Biotechnology Neuropathology of domestic animals PMI Lab Animal Cancer Research Spontaneous canine primary brain tumors Immunology of Experimental therapeutic strategies for the CNS in Dogs treatment of brain tumors in animals Hoar, BR Bovine Infectious Disease Epidemiology, economics, reproductive VME performance Hodzic, E Mice Infectious Gene expression, molecular bacteriology, CCM Primate Bacterial Diseases bacterial immunology, vector-agent Hamsters Lyme interaction, mouse model for polymicrobial HGA diseases Helicobacter Babesia Leishmania Hollingsworth Feline Ophthalmic Inflammatory ocular disease, exotic VSR , SR Canine diseases ophthalmology Equine Exotic
  • 8. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Hopper, K Canine Acid base, Mechanisms of acid base derangements; VSR Feline Mechanical dilutional acidosis, contraction alkalosis. Rat ventilation, Improving clinical acid base analysis. Incidence and prognostic significance of acid base abnormalities in dogs and cats. Improving clinical application of mechanical ventilation in veterinary medicine. Incidence and prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia, development of protocols for ventilator weaning. Hurley, KF Feline Shelter Medicine Feline upper respiratory infection, CCAH Canine infectious disease VME Hyde, DM Lab Animal Immunology The role of neutrophils, lymphocytes and APC; Primate Pulmonary macrophages in oxidant induced epithelial CNPRC, Toxicology injury and repair; airway inflammation Director Inflammation and immunology in asthma, pulmonary Stereology fibrosis and emphysema; postnatal ontogeny of pulmonary inflammation and development of airways and alveoli. Ihrke, PJ All Species Dermatology Comparative dermatology; immune- VME Comp Animal Clinical Med mediated diseases of skin; infectious disease VMTH of the skin (bacteria, yeast); allergy; dermatopharmacology, ‘new’ diseases Ilkiw, JE Comp Animal Anesthesiology Small animal anesthesiology; VSR pharmacology of anesthetic agents, especially in relationship to cats Jandrey, KE Canine Small Animal Mechanisms of hemostasis and thrombosis VSR Feline Clinical in clinical patients with cardiac disease. Emergency & Platelet function and physiology. Critical Care: Coagulation Platelets Hemostasis Thrombosis Pulmonary Cardiovascular Johnson, EJ Canine Diagnostic Ultrasound diagnosis of naturally VSR Feline Imaging occurring canine and feline diseases. CT lymphography. Johnson, LR Comp Animal Clinical Med Pathophysiology; diagnosis and VME Swine Pulmonary management of upper & lower respiratory Primates Physiology diseases of dogs and cats; regulation of Vascular Biology endothelial cell function and response; cardiopulmonary interactions Johnson, ML Fish Growth Salmonid development under temperature VME Development stress, fatty acid metabolism, metabonomics, the effects of endocrine disruptors on gene expression, quantitative measures of ecosystem health Jones, JH All Species Comparative Comparative physiology: exercise, VSR Equine Physiology respiratory, cardiovascular, metabolic,
  • 9. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS thermoregulation, environmental, integrative, evolutionary; biomechanics, allometry, structure-function relationships; physiological ecology FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Kajekar, R Mice Neurobiology Neural control of respiratory function; APC Primates Respiratory Childhood asthma and allergy; disease Environmental pollutants and neurodevelopment Kapatkin, AS Canine Small animal Gait analysis (kinetics & kinematics), VSR Feline orthopedic clinical trials to evaluate response to surgery surgical treatments Kass, PH Comp Animal Cancer Research Non-experimental inference, epidemiologic PHR Epidemiology methodology and analysis, epidemiology of Pet Overpop- environmental hazards of animals and ulation humans, companion animal epidemiology Biostatistics Kent, MS Canine Radiation and Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer; VSR Feline Medical Oncology Radiation and chemotherapy resistance; Clinical trials evaluating anti-cancer agents Kinde, H Avian Food Safety Emphasis on Dairy Product testing for CAHFS Mammalian Infectious Disease Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli O157:H7; PMI Epidemiology Pathogenesis of bacterial disease, in Avian Influenza particular, Salmonellosis; Pathology of Exotic Newcastle livestock and poultry; Environmental contamination of Egg laying hens with Salmonella enteritidis; Surveillance and Monitoring Kittleson, MD Comp Animal Cardiology The pathophysiology, etiology and VME Equine Clinical Med treatment of heart failure in the dog and VMTH cat; taurine deficiency related to feline dilated cardiomyopathy; hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Klingborg, DJ Dairy Cattle Food Safety Computer applications to dairy VET EXT Herd production; dairy nutrition; food VMDO Management safety/residue avoidance; mastitis BSE prevention; milking equipment and Bioterrorism procedures; calfhood diseases and Pharmacy prevention; reproduction programs; dairy regulations financial analysis, rBST; BSE, total quality Vaccines management and quality assurance; pharmacy regulations; national biologics policy; adverse event reporting Kreuder Wildlife Epidemiology Wildlife population health and stressors VME Johnson, C Conservation influencing wild animal survival with WHC Ecosystem Health special focus on toxins and harmful algal blooms in the marine system, lead exposure in scavenging birds, particularly endangered California condors, and zoonotic diseases emerging at the wild animal-human interface. Lamé, MW Lab Animals Pulmonary Mechanism(s) involved in the VMB Toxicology monocrotaline model of pulmonary hypertension with a present focus on determining if electrophilic insult directed at specific proteins can be linked to the observed pathology
  • 10. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS Lanzaro, GC Mosquitos Malaria Population genetics, molecular biology PMI Sand Flies Leishmaniasis West Nile Virus FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Larsen, RS Non-domestic Anesthesia Anesthetic and analgesic physiology and VME canids & Analgesia techniques WHC felids; Birds (esp. Epidemiology of Epidemiology of infectious and non- waterfowl, Infectious and infectious diseases in captive and free- seabirds and Non-infectious ranging wildlife populations; development parrots) Diseases and validation of diagnostic tests, including Great apes serology and molecular tests, for detecting and other disease, particularly mycobacterial primates infections Elephants Cervids LeCouteur, Comp Animal Cancer Research Development of novel diagnostic and VSR RA therapeutic approaches to brain tumors, VMTH using a rodent model and dogs with spontaneous brain tumors LeFebvre, RB Beef Cattle Biotechnology Development of DNA diagnosis probes for PMI Comp Animal Immunology bacterial diseases (borrelia, leptospira) Dairy Cattle Infectious Disease cloning of genes expressing antigens, Equine development of subunit vaccines, Ruminant pathogens; genetic characterization of borrelia and leptospira isolates; identify and characterize leptospiral isolates cultured from horses with equine recurrent uveitis Le Jeune, S Equine Acupuncture Evaluate efficacy and mechanisms of action VSR of acupuncture Lerche, N Lab Animal Epidemiology Opportunistic infections in SIV models of CNPRC Primate Infectious Disease AIDS; epidemiology and pathogenesis of PHR Wildlife primate viral diseases; disease ecology in Zoo/Exotic free-ranging primate populations Liu, IKM Equine Immunology Reproductive diseases of horses; special PHR Reproduction emphasis on the causes and treatment of VMTH Contraception in chronic uterine infection; including domestic and myometrial contractility and uterine blood wildlife animal perfusion. species Non-surgical contraceptive methods for controlling domestic and wildlife animal populations Lloyd, K Lab Animal Physiology Physiological mechanisms of enterogastric APC and brain-gut reflexes in the CCM gastrointestinal tract utilizing whole organ, cell culture and molecular biological approaches; Mouse mutagenesis, cryopreservation, transgenesis, cloning Lothrop, HD Mosquitoes Entomology Investigation of the mechanisms of mosquito- CVEC (Culex Epidemiology borne arbovirus persistence in CA and the PMI tarsalis, Cx. conditions that trigger their amplification and tangential transmission to humans. Past Quinque- projects included determining the role of wild fasciatus) birds in virus over-wintering and spatial Wild Birds distribution of host seeking mosquitoes in microhabitats. Current projects include
  • 11. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS assessment of applications of pesticides on vector abundance and virus transmission and the importance of managed wetlands as seasonal foci of arbovirus FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Lowenstine, Marine Herpesviruses Pathology of free ranging and captured PMI LJ Mammal Algal Toxins wildlife, especially marine mammals, birds Bird Cancers and primates; ecology of Herpesvirus Primate infection on cancer in sea lions; disease of Zoo/Exotic great apes Wildlife Lyons, LA Cat Genetics Genetic map construction; disease gene PHR Comp Animal Cancer Research mapping; feline domestication, genetic Equine Inherited Disease identification of traits affecting appearance Primate Population and body structure Genetics Coat color genetics Forensics Maas, J Beef Cattle Preventive Cattle nutrition, metabolic diseases, trace VET EXT Medicine element, vitamin metabolism; herd health Nutrition management; preharvest food safety; Food Safety internal medicine, diagnostics, environmental impacts of animal production systems MacDonald, Equine Orthopedics, General equine surgery; equine VSR M Performance orthopedics; equine lameness and gait Evaluation evaluation; equine performance testing. MacLachlan, Ruminants Biotechnology Viral pathogenesis, molecular CVEC NJ Equine Virology characterization of equine arteritis virus PMI Wildlife and bluetongue virus, pathogenesis of bluetongue and equine viral arteritis; equine, virology, vaccinology MacLeod, JS Canine Surgery Clinical research including pain VSR Feline management of post operative patients, oncologic surgery, wound healing Madigan, J Equine Infectious Disease Anaplasma phagocytophilum; CVEC Clinical Neorickettsia risticii, internal medicine; VME Neurology Rhodococcus equi. Headshaking in horses; VMTH Molecular neonatal encephalopathy; Use of TaqMan diagnostics PCR in diagnostic medicine Maggs, DJ Comp Animal Infectious Viral Pathogenesis, diagnosis & treatment of VSR Equine Disease infectious ocular disease, especially the Virology herpesviruses Pharmacology Herpesviruses Marks, S Comp Animal Small Animal Internal medicine – with emphasis on VME Internal Medicine gastroenterology. Specific research Nutrition interests include elucidating the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of enteropathogenic bacterial diarrhea in dogs and cats, and developing and validating new assays for the diagnosis of Tritrichomonas foetus and Giardia spp. Marthas, ML Primate Genetics Non-human primates to model human CRPRC
  • 12. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS Immunology disease, especially neonatal and pediatric PMI Infectious Viral infectious diseases Disease Vaccines Marty, G Aquaculture Pathology Diagnostic fish pathology; population basis APC (Fish) Toxicology of disease; aquatic toxicity testing FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Mason, WA Primate Behavior Social development and social organization CRPRC Clinical Med of nonhuman primates Mazet, JAK Wildlife Epidemiology Wildlife epidemiology; ecosystem health; VME Avian Infectious Disease effects and ecology of diseases transmitted WHC Zoo/Exotic Toxicology among wildlife, people, and domestic animals; development & evaluation of diagnostic tests for free-ranging wildlife; use of key wildlife species as sentinels of environmental health McCowan, B Primates Animal Behavior Behavioral biology and ecology with an PHR Humpback Applied Ethology emphasis on both the basic and applied CNPRC whales Behavior aspects of animal behavior and Bottlenose Management communication for enhancing wildlife dolphins health and conservation and behavioral Mexican management of laboratory animals, spotted owls livestock and captive exotic species Ground squirrels Cattle Sheep Mellema, MS Mouse Cardiopulmo- Nitric oxide in critical illness and VSR Rat nary asthma. Cat pathophysiology Neurophysiology of dyspnea. Dog Pathophysiology of respiratory failure syndromes. Pathways and mediators of vascular leak syndrome. Genetics of asthma, airway hyper- responsiveness and airway remodeling. Meyers, SA Equine Physiology Gamete interaction; male fertility; sperm APC Primate Reproductive biology and cryopreservation; Biology spermatogonial and stem cell Reproduction transplantation Clinical Med Miller, CJ Lab Animal Immunology Biology of heterosexual transmission of CRPRC Primate Infectious Disease HIV, mucosal immunology of infectious PMI diseases, pathogenesis of viral diseases, development of viral vaccines and immunotherapies Miller, L Lab Animal Immunology Developmental regulation of mucosal and APC Primate Pulmonary systemic immunity; emphasis on cell/molecular lung biology, environmental stress and chemokine mechanisms
  • 13. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS Miller, WA Wildlife Infectious Epidemiology of pathogen pollution as it PMI Livestock Diseases; pertains to veterinary, human, and Pets Molecular environmental health; Molecular Humans Epidemiology; epidemiology of zoonotic diseases; Microbiology; Ecosystem health approaches to studying Ecosystem Health. waterborne infectious diseases in developed and developing countries; Wildlife health. FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Moeller, RB Beef Cattle Infectious Disease Foreign animal disease and rapid CAHFS Dairy Cattle Foreign Animal diagnosis; botulism research in cattle Equine Disease Ruminant Toxicology Swine Botulisum Wildlife Food Safety Zoo/Exotic Fish Mohr, FC All Species Toxicology Endocrine disruption and immunotoxicity PMI Lab Animals Pathology caused by environmental contaminants Moore, PF Comp Animal Cancer Research Immunopathology; leukocyte adhesion PMI Equine FIV molecular biology; leukocyte antigen Immunology biology. Canine/feline/equine hemopoietic neoplasia; molecular clonality assessment in lymphoid neoplasia; feline immuno- deficiency virus induced disease; gene therapy in canine X linked SCID Munson, L Wildlife Reproductive Reproductive pathology including the PMI Zoo/Exotic Diseases mechanisms of carcinogenesis in the VMTH Infectious Disease reproductive tract; effects of contraceptives Cancer Research on reproductive health of zoo and wildlife species; characterization of diseases in zoo and wildlife species including the pathogenesis and epidemiology of diseases. Effects of stress on disease pathogenesis Murphy, BG Goat Molecular Transcriptional regulation of lentiviral PMI Cat virology of promoters; lentiviruses Cytokine-activated signaling cascades; (CAEV and FIV); Molecular determinants of viral tissue Viral-host gene tropism regulation; Cytokines; Orthopedic pathology; Molecular oncology Murray, J Dairy Cattle Biotechnology Mammalian molecular genetics and PHR/ Animal Dairy Goat Genetics genomics, including the application of Science Equine rDNA technology in domestic animals, Lab Animal including both the use of transgenic animal models and the development of genetically engineered livestock for use in agriculture
  • 14. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS Nelson, RW Comp Animal Endocrinology Endocrinology, diabetes, thyroid, adrenal VME Physiology disorders VMTH Nieto, JE Equine Gastrointestinal Gastric ulceration; Ischemia reperfusion VSR Emergency and injury; Intestinal motility critical care FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT North, TW Comp Animal Biochemistry Long range objective is to understand the CCM Primates Molecular Biology mechanisms by which lentiviruses evade Pharmacology antiviral therapy and to utilize this Retrovirus information to help develop improved Infectious strategies for AIDS therapy. We have Diseases developed a non-human primate model for studies of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and we are using it to study multi-drug resistance and reservoirs of viral latency or persistence. We are also developing novel antiretroviral drugs, including entry inhibitors that directly inactivate HIV. Osburn, BI Beef Cattle Biotechnology Immunopathology: fetal and viral disease; VMDO Dairy Cattle Immunology bluetongue virus; pre-harvest food safety CVEC Ruminant Infectious Disease PMI (Sheep) CFAH Oslund, KL Human Respiratory Neutrophil-epithelial cell interactions, PMI Equine innate immunity molecular biology of respiratory and epithelium, cyokines, toll like receptors and environmental mucin regulation in equine airway oxidants epithelium Outerbridge, Companion Dermatology Infectious diseases that affect the skin. VME CA Animal Internal Medicine Metabolic diseases that affect the skin Owens, SD Equine Blood groups Research focuses on blood groups and PMI Dog Blood typing blood compatibility issues in dogs, cats Cat Immunologic and horses. Use of fresh platelet transfusion products in small animal transfusion reactions medicine and the collection, cryopreservation banking and use of mesenchymal stem cells in equine patients. Pascoe, JR Equine Clinical Med Equine surgery and lameness; VSR Pulmonary pathophysiology and respiratory and VMDO gastrointestinal disease Pascoe, PJ Comp Animal Clinical Med Small animal anesthesia especially VSR Equine Pharmacology analgesics and the control of post-op pain; VMTH Physiology the pharmacology of opioids in different species Pedersen, N Dogs & Cats Infectious and Novel infectious diseases of dogs and cats VME Immunological will continue to be found, and new CCAH Diseases of understandings will be gained on old (Director) Dogs and cats. disease agents. VGL Genetic diversity Genetics plays an important role in the (Director)
  • 15. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS among indigenous susceptibility to certain infections and the dog populations; form the infection takes. origin of dogs; The entire remaining genetic diversity of origin of breeds. domestic dogs and cats resides in indigenous (feral or semi-feral) populations, mainly in non-westernized countries and regions. This diversity is important in understanding the domestication points and ancestral origins of these species. FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Penedo, M. C. Horse and Genetics Gene mapping, genetics of coat color and PHR/VGL Other disease traits, molecular and population Livestock genetics Primates Perez, AM All Species Epidemiology International surveillance, spatial analysis, VME Medical molecular epidemiology, and modeling of informatics OIE-listed diseases Pesavento, P All Species, Comparative Disease pathogenesis, Feline Calicivirus, PMI specializing in Pathology Outbreak investigation (diagnostic large animal Infectious Disease pathology) for shelter animals or small animal herd health Pessah, IN Comp Animal Pharmacology & The Pessah lab studies calcium signaling in VMB Lab Animal Toxicology of striated muscle, neurons and dendritic Calcium cells. Pharmacological and toxicological regulation agents are used in combination with Malignant mutational analysis to better understand hyperthermia mechanisms regulating calcium signaling Gene- and their contribution to normal environment physiology and disease processes. interactions contributing to autism risk Pinkerton, Lab Animal Pulmonary Effects of environmental gases and CNPRC KE Primate Toxicology; particulates on lung structure and function; APC Sheep Pulmonary cell-to-cell interactions in acute and chronic CHE Avian Development lung injury; mechanisms of synergism between combined environmental pollutants; effects of ultrafine soot and transition metals, ammonium nitrate and carbon particles and environmental tobacco smoke on lung growth and development; effects of concentrated airborne particles from the Central Valley of California on cardiopulmonary function of healthy adult rodents Pollard, RE All Species Tumor imaging Using contrast agents and dynamic imaging VSR Ultrasound and techniques to understand tumor behavior CT and response to therapy, swallowing disorders in the dog, RF ablation of tumors Poppenga, Livestock Veterinary Developing new biomarkers of toxicant CAHFS RH Companion diagnostics exposure, wildlife toxicology VMB Animals Toxicology
  • 16. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS Wildlife Puchalski, Equine Orthopedic Diagnostic imaging of orthopedic disease, VSR SM Canine disease pathogenesis of equine tendon injury FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Puschner, B. Avian Diagnostic My primary goal as a veterinary CAHFS Poultry Veterinary toxicologist is to provide high quality VMB Beef Cattle Toxicology diagnostic toxicology service and to address Comp Animal Clinical emerging needs related to veterinary Dairy Cattle Veterinary toxicology. Interests include the Equine Toxicology investigation, review and interpretation of Ruminant Food Safety toxicology case submissions in light of Swine clinical, clinicopathological and Wildlife pathological findings. Provide consultation Zoo/Exotic about possible etiologies, therapy options, and prevention of toxicosis. Involved in the development of new methodologies for diagnostic toxicology testing. Interested in natural toxins, such as plant toxins and biotoxins. Pusterla, N Equine Internal Medicine Equine infectious diseases (Anaplasma VME phagocytophilum, Neorickettsia risticii, EHV-1/4, Rhodococcus equi, Lawsonia interacellularis, Sarcocystis neurona, Neospora hughesi), biology of vectors, experimental challenges, epidemiology, molecular diagnostics, pathophysiology of neonatal sepsis and neurologic infectious diseases Pypendop, Small Anesthesiology Clinical pharmacology of anesthetic and VSR BH Animals analgesic drugs, particularly in cats Ramsey, JJ Cats Nutrition Focus on energy metabolism as it relates to VMB Dogs Bioenergetics aging and obesity; the role mitochondria Lab Animals Gerontology and oxygen free radicals play in the aging process; mechanisms regulating food intake and energy expenditure Raybould, HE Lab Animal Neurobiology of Neural innervation of the GI tract; sensory APC the gastro- neurons; neuropeptides and their intestinal tract receptors; detection of nutrients in GI Nutrition tract; food intake; GI motility Physiology Rebhun, RB Canine Comparative and Metastasis, lymphangiogenesis, VSR Feline Translational osteosarcoma, lymphoma, melanoma, Mouse Oncology orthotopic models, comparative oncology Human
  • 17. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS Reisen, WK Moquitoes Entomology Determine what mechanisms allow CVEC Wild Birds Epidemiology mosquito-borne arboviruses to persist in PMI Culex Ecology California and what conditions trigger Tarsalis Arbovirology their amplification and tangential transmission to domestic animals and West Nile virus humans. Current projects emphasize the Western Equine role of wild birds in virus overwintering or Encephalo- annual introduction, climate variability and myelitis virus Arbovirus epidemiology, and improved St. Louis methods of adult control Encephalitis virus FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Reynolds, JP Bovine Farm Animal Calf management, nutrition, physiology; VMTRC Welfare Farm Animal Welfare; Mastitis pathogens PHR Mycoplasma and control; Infectious disease control; Calf nutrition Dairy Production Medicine; Reproduction Rossow, HA Dairy Cattle Ruminant Predict milk and milk component PHR Beef Cattle Nutrition production and formulate diets that VMTRC minimize nitrogen and mineral excretion. Computer Assess whole farm nutrient balance and the modeling impact of manure processing technologies on manure used as fertilizer. Incorporate Systems Analysis transition diseases into metabolic model of a dairy cow. Systems analysis of feed management to assess feed loss and cost. Rowe, JD Dairy Cattle Epidemiology Reproductive epidemiology in cattle, sheep PHR Dairy Goat Infectious Disease and goats; caprine arthritis-encephalitis Meat Goat Reproduction virus, bovine Neospora abortion, scrapie, Sheep small ruminant estrus synchronization Schelegle, E Dairy Cattle Physiology Integrated lung defense mechanisms; lung APC Lab Animal Toxicology vagal afferents in airway and pulmonary Non-Human injury, repair and immunologic responses; Primates respiratory and cardiovascular physiology Human Shivaprasad, Avian Poultry Infectious Disease Avian pathology and diagnostics; CAHFS HL Exotic Birds pathogenesis of infectious diseases in PMI Zoo Birds poultry; salmonellosis, turkey viral (Zoo/Exotics) hepatitis, poult enteritis, etc., infections, metabolic, nutritional, toxic and neoplastic diseases of poultry, pet, exotic, wild and zoo birds; eye pathology in birds Skorupski, Canine, Medical Oncology Histiocytic sarcoma, MGMT mediated VSR KA Feline chemotherapeutic resistance, novel therapeutics, and clinical research using pets with cancer as models for human diseases Snyder, JR Equine Gastrointestinal General equine surgery VSR Physiology VMTH Sparger, EE Comp Animal Immunology Molecular pathogenesis of feline VME Infectious Disease immunodeficiency virus in cats; FIV/SIV Retrovirus attenuated virus DNA vaccines; Evaluation of Cytokine adjuvants: FIV/SIV Vif gene- associated pathogenesis; Characterization of FIV accessory genes: Development of
  • 18. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS feline immune response assays Spier, SJ Equine Immunology Equine internal medicine; endotoxemia in VME Infectious Disease large animals; hyperkalemic periodic VMTH paralysis in horses; corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis infection Spriet, M Equine Diagnostic Evaluation of magnetic resonance imaging VSR imaging as an imaging tool in equine lameness: Musculoskeletal optimization of MR imaging protocols, disease identification of pitfalls and artifacts. FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Stanley, S Equine Equine Trace analytical determinations of drugs, VMB Pharmacology metabolites and natural produces in CAHFS Pharmacokinetic biological specimens. (Maddy Pharmacodyna- This is accomplished by modern analytical Equine mics techniques, which employ high-pressure Analystical pk/pD modeling liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas Chemistry Proteomics chromatography (GC) and coupled with Lab) mass spectrometry for qualitative and quantitative determination. Tandem mass spectrometry is the technique for characterizing a preteome. The detailed information yielded by the mass spectrometer is used to identify proteins from complex mixtures. The work employs analytical chemistry, and MS technology to increase the scope, sensitivity, and throughput for solving practical proteomics problems. Stott, JL Beef Cattle Immunology Epizootic bovine abortion; immunology of CVEC Dairy Cattle Infectious Disease mastitis & Johne’s disease in dairy cattle; PMI Equine developmental and clinical immunology; Marine directs a basic and applied research Mammal program, commonly known as the Lab for Zoo/Exotic Marine Mammal Immunology, that focuses on developing and applying advanced immunologic tools for assessing the health of captive and free ranging marine and exotic zoo mammals Stover, SM Equine Bone Fatigue Musculoskeletal injuries in racehorses; APC (JD Canine Equine Limb relationship to microdamage and fatigue Wheat Vet Orthopedic fracture; Ortho Res Biomechanics Computer modeling of equine forelimb Lab) biomechanics and locomotion; Biomechanical testing of canine orthopedic implants Strelow, L Primates Infectious Disease Natural history of viral infections, CCM Virology multiplex analysis of cytokines expressed during infectious disease, primate model for vaccines against cytomegalovirus (CMV), CMV as a vaccine vector Stull, C Beef Cattle Animal Welfare Well-being; stress physiology; nutrition Vet Ext
  • 19. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS Dairy Cattle Nutrition physiology; behavior; agriculture animal Equine production systems Swine Veal Sykes, JE Canine Infectious disease Epidemiology and pathogenicity of canine VME Feline Immune-mediated and feline hemotropic mycoplasma disease infections. These are bacteria that infect Hematology red blood cells and are associated with anemia in dogs and cats FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Tablin, F Comp Animal Biotechnology The Tablin laboratory’s expertise is in APC Equine Cell Biology platelet cellular physiology and Lab Animal Physiology biochemistry. We are currently defining a Human Biochemistry heritable bleeding diathesis in a family of Thoroughbred horses, as well as identifying affected genetic loci. One aspect of additional work in the laboratory focuses on the use of freeze-dried platelets for wound healing both in horses and humans. Further studies involve understanding the role that platelet upregulation plays in thromboembolic disease associated with feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Tannenbaum, All Species Animal, Ethical foundations of animal, agricultural PHR J Veterinary, and and environmental law; animal research Adjunct Prof. Agricultural ethics; animal welfare; professional School of Law ethics and law veterinary ethics Teh, SJ Aquaculture Aquatic Special emphasis on adverse effects of APC (Fish & Ecosystem environmental endocrine disruptors and Shellfish) Health other contaminants (e.g., herbicides, Cancer Research Pesticides, steroid hormones, PCB, and Endocrine PAH) in the embryonic development, Disruption growth, and reproduction of invertebrates, Genomic fish and shellfish populations. Toxicology Development of biomarkers of exposure Histopathology and deleterious effects in aquatic organisms. Development of a screening assay for endocrine disrupting chemicals utilizing microarray technology. Tell, LA Minor and Clinical Clinical pharmacology studies relating to VME Major Food Pharmacology both companion and food animal VMTH Animal producing species. Species Companion Exotic Animals (birds, reptiles, small mammals) Théon, AP Comp Animal Biotechnolgoy Radiobiology; tumor biology; radiation VSR Equine Cancer Research oncology; clinical hyperthermia; VMTH
  • 20. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS Immunology intratumoral chemotherapy Thomas, WP All Species Cardiology Veterinary and comparative cardiology; VME Comp Animal Clinical Med cardiovascular ultrasonography VMTH (echocardiography); interventional cardiology techniques; congenital heart disease; feline heart disease Uzal, FA Ruminants Clostridial Diagnosis, pathogenesis, pathology, animal CAHFS diseases models Diagnosis VandeVoort, Primate Biotechnology Non-human primate reproductive biology, CNPRC Catherine A. Physiology sperm zona interaction, fertilization, IVF, Reproduction oocyte maturation and cryopreservation, cell culture of reproductive tissues and reproductive toxins, embryonic stem cells FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Van Rompay, Primate Infectious HIV, SIV; anti-HIV & other antiviral CNPRC KA Viral Disease drugs; drug resistance; immunology; Immunology pediatric aids – primate model; prevention Retrovirus of perinatal HIV infection; HIV vaccines; international HIV programs Van Winkle, Lab Animal Pulmonary The role of sex-differences and xenobiotic APC L Primate Toxicology metabolism in lung pathology and Cell Biology toxicology. Air pollution including tobacco smoke, particulates and ozone. Growth factors and cell-cell interactions in lung wound healing, in lung disease (lung cancer and asthma) and during lung development. Cell proliferation and progenitor cells. Microscopes and imaging methods Verardi, PH Mice Vaccine Molecular virology; development of novel, LMBTD Rats Development safer and more efficacious recombinant Primates vaccine vectors; viral pathogenesis and Cattle immunomodulation; poxviruses; AIDS Vernau, W Comp Animal Cancer Research Molecular and phenotypic characterization PMI Immunopathology of spontaneously occurring hematopoietic Clinical Pathology neoplasia, especially canine hematopoietic neoplasia; general clinical pathology with an emphasis on veterinary hematology and cytology; diagnostic assessment of cerebrospinal fluid Verstraete. All Species Cancer Research Veterinary dentistry and oral surgery VSR FJM Comp Animal Clinical Med VMTH Vidal, MA Horse Musculoskeletal Our research interests focus on unraveling VSR Rodents disease; growth, differentiation, and senescence Human Stem cell biology; characteristics of equine somatic stem cells Regenerative and their response to tissue targeting, tissue repair growth factor-induced functional enhancement and appropriate scaffolds; The long-term goal is to identify effective techniques in using stem cells for regenerative tissue repair in horse affected by tendonitis and desmitis. Vulliet, PR Comp Animal Stem Cells Applications of stem cell therapy to a VMB Equine Biotechnology variety of veterinary diseases including Lab Animal Pharmacology diseases of the heart, kidney, eye, GI, and musculoskeletal systems. Adult bone
  • 21. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS marrow stem cells are isolated and amplified from a variety of species and then injected into target organs with active disease. Various imaging modalities are used to demonstrate the presence and state of differentiation of the auto- and allogenic grafts. The potential for these cells to correct genetic errors is also being tested. Wack, RF Exotics, esp. Infectious Disease Clinical studies using zoo populations, free VME Reptiles Pharmacology ranging wildlife studies WHC Primates Anesthesia Carnivores Clinical Pathology FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Watson, J Equine Immunology Focus is on the molecular and cellular VME Hypersensitivity markers of and mechanisms of Type I Diseases hypersensitivity diseases in the horse with Pulmonary particular interest in Recurrent Airway Immunology Obstruction (RAO) Respiratory Diseases Werner, I Aquatic Ecotoxicology Sublethal stress responses, biomarkers, APC Organisms Aquatic stress proteins, toxicity testing Toxicology Whitcomb, Equine Ultrasonography General equine ultrasonography, equine VSR MB Orthopedics meniscal injuries/soft tissue stifle injuries, VMTH deep digital flexor tendonitis White, S Comp Animal Clinical Med Dermatology VME Equine Dermatology Zoo/Exotic Wilson, DW All Species Cell Biology Pulmonary & toxicopathology; respiratory PMI Pulmonary & diseases of domestic animals, pathogenesis VMTH Cardiovascular of pulmonary hypertension; cardiac and Pathology vascular diseases, endothelial cell biology Wilson, WD Equine Infectious Disease Equine preventive medicine, infectious VME Respiratory diseases, vaccinology; susceptibility of VMTH Disease bacterial pathogens to anti-microbial Therapeutics agents; clinical pharmacology of Internal Medicine antibiotics; developmental pharma- cokinetics in neonatal foals; respiratory diseases Wisner, ER All Species Diagnostic Contrast media development; targeting VSR Imaging mechanisms, molecular imaging, computed Biotechnology tomography, magnetic resonance imaging Cancer Research Pharmacology Clinical Med Wong, A Human Mitochondrial Glial and neuronal model, molecular VMB disorders biology, cellular assays to investigate mechanism of mitochondrial diseases Woods, L Avian Infectious Disease Infectious diseases of exotic birds, plant CAHFS Wildlife Toxicology toxicosis, toxicology of avian species,
  • 22. FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS Exotic Avian infectious disease of deer, adenovirus Livestock hemorrhagic disease in deer as interfaced (Zoo/Exotic) with livestock; circovirus infection in pigeons Woolcock, P Avian Avian Virology Diagnostic virology; avian virology; CAHFS Infectious Disease electron microscopy of viruses; avian PHR influenza; infectious bronchitis; viral infections of waterfowl. Wu, R Lab Animals: Biotechnology Cell differentiation and neoplastic cell APC Mouse, rat, Pulmonary development; mucus cell development; rabbit immunity mucus cell differentiation and retinoids; Primate Toxicology molecular cloning and expression of cell Bioinformatics differentiation - Associated genes, profiling Stem Cell gene expression pattern, ES cell and regenerative medicine, airway innate and adaptive immunity FACULTY SPECIES SCIENCE RESEARCH INTERESTS DEPT/UNIT Xing, Z Chicken Infectious Viral Molecular virology, cancer cell biology and PMI Mouse Diseases oncogenesis, innate and cellular immunity Pathogenesis Yellowley, CE Mouse Musculoskeletal Mechanical control of bone remodeling at APC Rat Disease the cellular level. Mechanosensing in bone Human Orthopedics and cartilage cells. Identity of candidate mechanoreceptors. Effects of biophysical signals on cell signaling and gene expression. Hypoxia and bone cell biology. Bone and cartilage cell electrophysiology; ion channel expression Yilma, T Beef Cattle Retrovirus Veterinary viral vaccines; molecular PMI Dairy Cattle Vaccine biology; vaccinia virus; recombinant ILMB Small Development vaccines; rinderpest virus; baculovirus and Ruminants expression vectors; human immuno- Immuno- deficiency virus (HIV); simian immuno- Lab Animal modulating agents deficiency virus (SIV); lymphokines, Rift Primate Valley Fever Virus, Foot-and-mouth- Ruminant disease virus, Peste des petits virus, Smallpox vaccine development Ziccardi, M Wildlife Epidemiology, Effects of oil on wildlife (marine baiurds PMI Ecotoxicology and mammals), epidemiology of infectious Wildlife and non-infectious disease on free-ranging Health Ctr wildlife (with particular emphasis on marine and N. American species), diagnostic test validation for free-ranging wildlife Zwingenber- Canine Diagnostic Targeted peptide imaging of canine VSR ger, AL Feline Imaging lymphoma, CT angiography and hepatic perfusion in portosystemic shunts