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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae






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    Curriculum Vitae Curriculum Vitae Document Transcript

    • Curriculum Vitae October 19, 2010 Name: Nancy Elsa Mueller (formerly Gutensohn) Date of Birth: August 26, 1938 Education Degree Discipline Institution Date BA (cum laude) Biology Beloit College 1961 SM Epidemiology Harvard School of Public Health 1974 SD Epidemiology Harvard School of Public Health 1980 Research and Professional Experience University of Wisconsin Medical School Research Assistant, Department of Clinical Oncology 1961-1963 Research Assistant, McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research 1966-1968 Harvard School of Public Health Teaching Fellow in Epidemiology 1975-1980 Assistant Professor of Epidemiology 1980-1984 Associate Professor of Epidemiology 1985-1991 Professor of Epidemiology 1991-2008 Professor of Epidemiology Emerita 2009- Massachusetts Cancer Registry Research Subcommittee, 1984-1994 Chair 1986-1987 Advisory Committee, Chair 1995-2006 AIDS Institute Research Council, State of New York 1984-1986 AIDS Research Council, Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1984-1986
    • Graduate Summer Session in Epidemiology Faculty University of Minnesota 1985 University of Michigan 1991, 1993-1999 Cancer Control Research Unit for Connecticut at Yale: Scientific Advisory Committee 1986-1991 Harvard University Extension School, Faculty 1986-1988 Harvard University Study Group on AIDS & Public Policy 1986-1989 PHS Task Force on Public Health Curriculum on AIDS 1987 National Review Panel, AIDS Education Project for Minority Youth; National Coalition of Advocates for Students 1987-1994 Advisory Committee, Newborn Seroprevalence Survey, NIH 1987-1988 American Foundation for AIDS Research, Scientific Advisory Committee, Ad hoc Member 1987-1989 Member 1990-1992 "Epidemiology and natural history of AIDS" Panel Chair, Society for Epidemiologic Research Annual Meeting, 1987 National Advisory Council, AIDS Subcommittee Ad hoc Member, NIAID 1988-1990 Symposium, “The Epidemiology of HIV infection: Transmission and Natural History” AAAS Annual Meeting (Convener) 1988 Division of AIDS Research Advisory Committee & AIDS Liaison 1990-1993 Subcommittee, NIAID International Panel of Scientific Advisors, National 1989-1991 Cancer Institute, Fondazione Pascale, Naples, Italy Editorial Board, Epidemiology 1990-1993 Myeloma Working Group, Divisions of Cancer Biology Diagnosis and Cancer Etiology, NCI 1989-1990 American College of Epidemiology, Fellow 1990- External Review Committee, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Program, 2
    • University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center 1990 Fourth International Conference on Human Retrovirology: HTLV Program Committee; Chair, Epidemiology 1990 Eighth International Conference on AIDS Program Committee: Epidemiology Track 1990-1992 Ad hoc Review: "Women and Infants Transmission Study", NIAID (DAIDS) 1990 Ad hoc Review: "Heterosexual AIDS Transmission Study", NIAID (DAIDS) (Chair) 1990 American Epidemiology Society, Member 1991- Ad hoc IARC Monographs Advisory Group on Viruses and other Biologic Agents such as Parasites, Rapporteur 1991 Harvard/Bundesgesundheitsamt Epidemiology Course Faculty, Berlin 1991 External Program Review Committee, Retrovirus Diseases Branch, Division of Viral and Rickettsial Disease, CDC 1991 American Journal of Epidemiology Associate Editor 1992 -1997 Review Committee, Environmental Epidemiology Program, 1992 Veteran's Administration (Chair) Expert Panel: Review of Long Island Breast Cancer Incidence, 1992 Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, CDC Program Review: National Cooperation Vaccine Development Groups, NIAID (DAIDS) 1992 International Retrovirology Association: HTLV and Related Viruses: Planning Committee 1992 Charter Member 1993 Advisory Board 1994-1997 IARC Monographs Working Group: Hepatitis Viruses 1993 American Association for Cancer Research 1993-2008 Board of Scientific Counselors, Division of Cancer Etiology, NCI 1993-1995 International Association for Research on EBV and Associated Diseases 1993-2006 3
    • Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention, Executive Committee 1993-2006 Editorial Committee, Revista del Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia "Mexico" 1994-2006 Sixth International Conference on Human Retrovirology: HTLV Conference Scientific Committee 1994 Project Review: "EMF, OCPs and breast cancer on Long Island, N.Y.," SUNY at Stony Brook, NCI (Chair) 1994 Program Review: "Viral Epidemiology Branch of Division of Cancer Etiology", NCI (Chair) 1995 Project Review: "Women's Interagency HIV Study", NIAID (Chair) 1996 IARC Monographs Working Group: HIV and HTLV 1996 Board of Scientific Advisors, NCI 1996-2004 Board of the Medical Follow-up Agency, Institute of Medicine 1996-2003 Review Panel of studies of transplacental toxicity of AZT, NIAID 1997 IARC Monographs Working Group: Gamma Herpesviruses: Epstein-Barr Virus and Human Herpesvirus 8 (Chair) 1997 Science Research Review Committee, American Cancer Society Massachusetts Division 1997-2002 Editorial Board, Journal of Human Virology 1997-2000 5 A Day for Better Health Foundation Advisory Meeting, NCI 1997 Advisory Committee, Cooperative Family Registry for 1997-2001 Breast Cancer Studies, NCI SPORE Grant Evaluation Subcommittee, NCI 1998 Surveillance Implementation Group, NCI 1998 Ad hoc Tenure Review Committee, Columbia University 1998 IARC International Course: “Infections that increase the risk of cancer” Faculty member 1998; 2001 Ninth International Conference on Human Retrovirology: Organizing Committee; Workshop co-Leader 1999 4
    • Program Review: Viral Epidemiology Branch, NCI 1999 Society of Epidemiological Research Annual Meeting: Tutorial leader: “Infections and Cancer” 1999 Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center: Associate Director for Population Sciences 1999- 2007 Director: Rapid Case Identification Core 1999- 2008 Advisory Workshop: Epidemiology and Genetics Research Program NCI, (Chair) 1999 NIH Molecular Biology & Pathogenesis of HTLV-I Workshop (Discussant) 2000 Society of Epidemiological Research Annual Meeting: Symposium Chair: “Infections and Cancer: Establishing Cause And Causal Mechanisms” 2000 Workshop on Hodgkin’s Disease, International Association for Research on EBV and Associated Diseases Annual Meeting, co-leader 2000 National Cancer Policy Board 2000-2003 External Advisory Board, Kaplan Comprehensive Cancer Center New York University 2001-2008 NCI Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma Progress Review Group Roundtable (Participant) 2001 External Advisory Board, Sylvester Cancer Center University of Miami 2001-2007 NCI Working Group: Biological Carcinogenesis Research Network 2002 NCI Workshop: “Gene-Environment Interactions in the Etiology of Childhood Cancer” Panel Co-Chair 2002 Epidemiology and Genetics Research Program Planning Group, NCI (Chair) 2002 International Consortium of Investigators Working on Epidemiologic Studies of Lymphoma (InterLymph) Immunology sub-group 2002-2006 ACS Award for Research Excellence in Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Committee, AACR 2003 Eleventh International Conference on Human Retrovirology: Organizing Committee; Workshop co-Leader 2003 Women and Cancer Research Update 2003, Harvard Medical School’s Center 5
    • Excellence in Women’s Heath: Panel Moderator 2003 Lymphoma Research Foundation: Environmental Working Group 2003-4 External Advisory Board, Johns Hopkins University Lymphoma SPORE 2004-2006 Advisory Board, DF/HCC Ovarian SPORE 2004-2007 Harvard Women’s Leadership Project, panel member 2004 NCI Committee, Establishing Criteria for Validating Assays: SV40 2004 NCI Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics, Visiting Scholar 2005 IARC Monographs Working Group: Biological Agents (co-Chair) 2009 Awards American Cancer Society Faculty Research Award 1988-1992 MERIT Award, National Cancer Institute: "Natural history 1988-1993 of HTLV-I infection" NCI 5 R37 CA38450 Citation for Excellence in Teaching, HSPH 1993 National Associate, National Academies 2003 6
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