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Advanced Course in Immunology, 15hp. AS-2008
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Advanced Course in Immunology, 15hp. AS-2008


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. 2008-08-21 Advanced Course in Immunology, 15hp. AS-2008 Course period: 25 August - 24 October 2008 Text-book ”Immunology” 6th edition 2007, by Goldsby, Kindt, Osborne & Kuby Lecture hall: D502 if not stated otherwise Lab work hall: E248 Diagnostic exam: September 17 (9.15-13.00) D502 Final exam: October 16 Course organizer: Eva Severinson, room F450, tel. 161567, 070-992 8060 e-mail: Aims of the course: The course will teach the basics of immunology with regard to both innate and acquired immunity. The induction and regulation of immune responses at organ-, cellular- and molecular levels will be thoroughly discussed. Some important immunological methods will be applied in laboratory experiments, which also will illustrate important immunological principles. The immunological knowledge acquired will, during the last week of the course, form the basis for a short project, which will be reported both orally and in written form during the last days of the course. To pass the course the following is required: Final exam passed Laboratory reports passed Project presentation passed (oral and written) Obligatory attendance at the laboratory training and at project presentations Observe: Laboratory reports should be handed in at the latest 2 weeks after completion of the lab and submission of final corrected reports should be done at the latest one week after the end of the course. Importantly, when writing lab or project reports, plagiarism from published texts in books, journals or Internet is strictly forbidden. Also, it is not allowed to copy text from other lab reports. Disclosure of plagiarism will be reported to the University authorities, and may lead to expulsion from the studies.
  • 2. Lecturers Klavs Berzins Professor Stockholm University ( Carmen Fernandez Professor Stockholm University Ulrika Holmlund Ph. D Stockholm University Lars Ottosson Ph. D. Karolinska Institutet Eva Severinson Professor Stockholm University ( Eva Sverremark-Ekström Docent Stockholm University ( Marita Troye-Blomberg Professor Stockholm University ( Mehmet Uzunel Ph. D. Karolinska Institutet ( Lab assistants Halima Balogun ( Nnaemeka Iriemenam ( Pablo Giusti ( Jubayer Rahman ( Ylva Sjögren (
  • 3. Advanced immunology, 15hp, AS-2008 Date Morning session 915-ca. 1200 Afternoon session 1300-ca. 1700 Monday 1015 Roll-call, lecture hall G Course presentation and August 25 introduction to immunology (Ch. 1) (Eva Severinson, ES) Tuesday Cells and organs of the immune system (Ch. Home study August 26 2) (ES) Wednesday Immunoglobulins, T-cell receptors, Ig- Antigens and immunogenicity (Ch4) (Klavs August 27 superfamily (Ch. 4, 5, 9) (Carmen Berzins, KB) Fernandez, CF) Thursday Immunological methods (Ch. 6, 23) (KB) Home study August 28 Friday Innate aspects of the immune system (Ch. 3) Home study August 29 (CF) Monday Ig genes, early B cell development, generation (1300-1400) Monoclonal antibodies (Ch. 4) September 1 of diversity (Ch. 5, 11) (CF) (CF) Tuesday Transplantation antigens (Ch. 8) (Eva Home study September 2 Sverremark-Ekström, ESE) Wednesday B cell generation, activation and Theoretical lab exercise: PCR analysis of gene September 3 differentiation (Ch. 5, 11) (ES) rearrangement Thursday Antigen processing and presentation, T-cell T-cell receptors and T-cell differentiation (Ch. September 4 activation (Ch. 8, 10) (Marita Troye- 9, 10) (MTB) Blomberg, MTB) Friday Lab exercise: lymphoid organs in the mouse, FACS analysis (all day) September 5 Monday Cytokines, structure, function and signal Home study September 8 transduction (Ch. 12) (ES) Tuesday Cytotoxic T cells, NK cells (Ch. 14) (ESE) Note! Room E210. Leukocyte activation and September 9 migration, inflammation (Ch. 13) (ES) Wednesday Immunological tolerance, regulation of the Tutorials September 10 immune response (Ch. 10, 16) (MTB) Thursday Lab exercise: analysis of membrane antigen (all day) September 11 Friday Lab exercise: analysis of membrane antigen (all day) September 12 Monday Home study September 15 Tuesday Home study September 16 Wednesday Diagnostic exam (9.15-13.00) September 17
  • 4. Thursday Lab exercise: isolation of specific antibodies (all day) September 18 Friday Lab exercise: isolation of specific antibodies (all day) September 19 Monday Immunity to infections (Ch 18) (KB) Lab exercise: mitogen activation of September 22 lymphocytes Tuesday Parasite Immunology (Ch. 18) (MTB) Note! Room E210. 13-15 Research/project September 23 work in Immunology Wednesday Lab exercise: mitogen activation of lymphocytes (all day) September 24 Thursday Lab exercise: mitogen activation of lymphocytes (all day) September 25 Friday Lab exercise: mitogen activation of lymphocytes (all day) September 26 Monday Hypersensitivity reactions, allergy (Ch. 15) 13-14 Instructions for projects/return of September 29 (Ulrika Holmlund) diagnostic exam Tuesday Cancer and the immune system (Ch. 21) Home study September 30 (ESE) Wednesday Vaccines (Ch. 19) (KB) Information from BIG about courses for spring October 1 term Thursday Immunodeficiencies (Ch. 20) (ESE) Home study October 2 Friday Transplantation immunology (Ch. 17) Home study October 3 (Mehmet Uzunel) Monday Autoimmunity (Ch. 16) (Lars Ottosson) Home study October 6 Tuesday Lecture to be decided October 7 Wednesday Home study October 8 Thursday Home study October 9 Friday Home study October 10 Monday Tutorial October 13 Tuesday Home study October 14 Wednesday Home study October 15 Thursday Final exam October 16 Friday Project work (all day) October 17
  • 5. Monday Project work (all day) October 20 Tuesday Project work (all day) October 21 Wednesday Project work (all day) October 22 Thursday Project presentations (all day) October 23 Friday End of course October 24