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This presentation summarizes How should Topshop enter the Indian market. It complies all the ideas, the marketing strategies, the target consumers etc of Topshop in the Indian market.

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  • The theme revolves around using Audrey Hepburn’s style, clothes and looks from the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and other movies of the same period like Charade, Roman Holiday, My Fair Lady etc. Audrey Hepburn was a British actress, and hence associating her movie with Topshop will communicate the brand identity of a British brand.
  • The story Breakfast at Tiffany’s, revolves around a girl called Holly who lives in a world of denial. She is scared to face the realities of life, and when confronted by them, she goes to Tiffany’s where she is at ease.
  • Tiffany's, the jewellery store for which the movie is named, plays an important part in the life of Holly Golightly. It is the only thing that can cure her of the "mean reds",that is described by her as a state of anxiety that is worse than just fear.
  • There are millions like Holly who are trying to find a place where they felt at ease, and take their mind off the other displeasures and problems they are facing. Topshop aims at creating that kind of a fairy tale atmosphere which mesmerizes the customers and lead them to another world of temptation and pleasure.
  • Holly as described above is one of us. She has problems in life, and to take it off her head she tries to find a place where she feels safe and believes nothing bad can happen. She sees Tiffany’s as that place, and similarly, Topshop aims at making its store a place to experience a fairytale where dreams come true.
  • When a ‘Holly’ walks in the store, she goes through various emotional swings. She is suppressed by her problems of exams, divorce, break-ups, children, marks, responsibilities etc, and the only way to have a momentary escape from these problems is to look around and substitute those emotions by temptations and the pleasure of looking good. And Topshop is the place to experience this.
  • Everyone knows that Topshop sells stylish and fashionable clothes, and that it is a contemporary fast fashion retailer. Hence there is nothing to tell that could excite the customers in India. This is why the ad campaign saying Breakfast at Topshop will give the customers many other reasons to visit Topshop than shopping.
  • 80% of the customers consider shopping as a form of entertainment and hence there needs to be entertaining factors in the store to keep the customers coming back.48% customers agree that entertainment is missing while shopping in India. 28% agree that India lacks attractive Visual merchandising in store and 20% agree that Indian shopping lacks festivity
  • The launch of Mango in India was very silent. There were ads in the newspapers, magazines and banners about its arrival. However the Indian market was very young at that time, and the news of a brand was travelled very fast through word of mouth, and eventually hype was created as not many options were available.
  • French connection made its entry in the Indian market, in the year 2007. It took part in the Lakme fashion week, which is as it is glorified in India, and thus it got extreme publicity.
  • Breakfast at Topshop is going to be used as a slogan, and be presented like the following. The words “breakfast at” is written in a cursive font to give a feel of luxury and class, and the word Topshop is written the way Topshop is usually written to denote that it will retain its original style of fun and colours. The survey conducted disclosed that all the target customer would like to sit in a cafe their favourite store.
  • “Breakfast at Topshop” is quite clear a phrase to communicate what Topshop is going to do, for its launch in India. That is, serve Breakfast at Topshop. Being the month of Holidays for schools and universities, the young market of the age-group 15-22 are free for breakfast. Hence, Topshop is targeting this market in particular.An average Indian woman has late breakfast. Their breakfast falls in the category of Brunch, which they have at around 10:30-11 am. The reason for this is also because they want to serve breakfast to their husbands who leave for work, do their religious morning prayers and then have their breakfastBreakfast will be served till late, and hence all those working women around the Topshop flagship store in South-ex, can come have lunch in their break, as well as visit the store.
  • Breakfast at Topshop gives the women another reason to visit the store. Being women, one can’t leave the store without glancing at the merchandise and getting tempted to buy something. For this reason, the Visual merchandise inside the store and windows will play a very important role to catch the customer’s attention.The sitting area should have a TV screen showing Audrey Hepburn movies. This will promote the styles even further.
  • The style of the clothing has to be inspired by the Audrey Hepburn movies and her style in particular. The windows and in-store displays should be made using the vintage props, but not forgetting the fact that it will be the peak of summers hence use cool colours like yellow, pinks, violets etc. along with the use of water bodies like a fountain, swimming pool and beach to give a summer effect. Using of props like a ice-cream stall, juice bar, flowers etc will also give a summer feel to the store.
  • The sitting area and the cafe should have a TV screen showing Audrey Hepburn movies. This will promote the styles even further. 
  • The store will have a small powder room, where customers can learn the Audrey Hepburn’s make-up and hair-do, and get it done on themselves.
  • This is an example of the kind of VM to be displayed in the store.A window with rectangular pannels, displaying a collection of fashion items and enlarged figures of food product together, communicating the theme of Breakfast at Topshop.The fashion style vintage, and the food is what we eat for breakfast.
  • Forgotten are the days when the ads talked about the product. The ads spoke what the product tried to communicate. The 50’s 60’s and the 70’s gave us mesmerizing advertisements that were literally the mirror reflection of what the brand wanted to offer.
  • Topshop would redefine advertising in the Indian market. The concept of breakfast at Topshop is the vintage feel. Hence the advertisements will be very vintage.
  • .Every brand does a photo shoot, and creates a story behind it. But the concept of sketched ads is forgotten, and is now called vintage. The times of the 50s and the 60s, when the ads were painted and yet looked real are ancient to the Indian eyes. During that time, advertising was a new concept to India, and when it became popular the new technologies were introduced, making all ads look alike. The vintage ads are going to catch the customer’s attention amongst all the other common photo ads.
  • .It is hard to identify the brand looking at its advertisement as long as the brand is not mentioned in the advert. . Looking at the ad, the customer can tell it’s a Topshop ad, with Topshop being written there.
  • The vintage ads were eye-catching, colourful and fun. They had an element of surprise in it, and so does topshop’s theme. The styles and the clothes of Topshop will be promoted alongside its theme. The ads will not just be picture of the models wearing the clothes; they will talk to the customers
  • This ad communicates the words: summer, holidays, fun, vintage, and food.These are the main ideologies being communicated by Topshop to the target audience.The black back ground creates a drama, and makes the colours stand out.
  • This is a sketch of audreyhepburn, from the movie breakfast at Tiffant’s.However she is re-styled to wear the vintage designs the Topshop way with more fun and colours.The British flag in the background is to communicate the brands identity of a British brand, and also promote the present fashion on the high street of british flag.
  • These ads are inspired from the movie, breakfast at tiffanys, from the scene when Audrey Hepburn goes to Tiffanys with her breakfast.
  • The ads were shot in front of Topshop at oxford circus. The dress worn is the little black dress, Holly wears in the movie when she goes for breakfastattiffanys.
  • The phrase “history repeats itself”, is very apt for fashion. The old school designs are back on high-street with some variations, but inspiration being the same. Late 50s, 60s and the early 70s are repeated on the runway shows as well as the high-street stores. The A-line dresses, slim dresses, bows, frocks are all back in fashion with a bang. London and New York leading the list of fashion innovators brought the 50s and 60s back to fashion, which we now refer to as the Vintage and Retro.
  • The repetition of the old sitcoms like bewitched, I dream of Jeanie, the Brady bunch etc also motivated the youth to accept the new look and style with its own modern variations. The popular gossip girl TV series, deciding the teen wardrobe today, has also helped in getting the vintage and retro culture back to high street
  • It is now time for other fashion conscious countries like India, to accept the looks which are a hit in fashion capitals of London and New-York. India has evolved as a country in various aspects, one of the reasons being the influence of the west. Cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore etc look up to the cities of London and New York and get inspired by their styles and try to copy their trends. With a large number of people travelling abroad and the favourite tourist location being London, they carry the styles and fashion back home. Hence the fashion and style in London today, is imitated by India tomorrow.
  • Vintage wear was in limelight in UK and America, the whole last year including both the major seasons of summer and winter. The waist belts, bows, polka dots, midi dresses etc took over the market with surprise. At this time India was still selling the boot-cut jeans and just a section of the society were shifting to skinny jeans ones who were more aware of styles and fashion. Skinny jeans made a come-back in the fall of 2006, in UK. And again the history repeated itself when the Indian women went back to wearing skinny jeans copying the west, but much later.
  • Hence looking back at the trend, the question of what is next in India, can easily be answered. Latest bollywood movies have exposed the masses to the Vintage wear. The high waist skirts, high-waist shorts, a-line dresses, empire lines etc have been worn by the actress repetitively. The celebrities are spotted with a vintage look at most of the events, hence increasing the popularity. Thus it is the time to introduce a new level of vintage fashion to the Indian’s time for Topshop to get vintage and retro on to the Indian high-street. Thus, the theme Breakfast at TOPSHOP is aiming to promote the vintage and retro wear in India by using Audrey Hepburn’s looks and clothes from her movies.
  • In 2008, Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue said “Audrey Hepburn, with her hair piled high and sleeveless black sheath, encapsulates the zenith of celebrity style fame and fashion, morphed into a lasting, inspirational image. It's what all the stores are looking for in their much publicised celebrity fashion brands,” she explains.The Brussels born beauty, Audrey Hepburn is one of the biggest style icons of our time. She brought new looks and images to the face of the fashion world, that influences the fashion industry till today.
  • The survey conducted showed that 84% of the target customers are familiar with Audrey Hepburn, out which 72% of them claim to like her styles in the movies.
  • Those oversized sunglasses which are so much in fashion now were brought to people’s attention when Audrey wore them in her movies. Before this was the trend of wire-frames and if she wasn’t there the trend would have continued. The Capri pants of all colours and ballet flats were the other two pieces she brought to mainstream fashion. No one could have dared to wear the boyish button-down shirt, but Audrey made it a high street trend to be worn with silky scarf and a high-waist skirt, after her movie ‘The Roman Holiday’.
  • Coco Chanel started the trends of the time-less pearls, but they were mainstreamed by Audrey years later. The black dress with pearls never faded from fashion, and is a signature look of Audrey Hepburn.
  • Holly’s collection is going to have clothes inspired from the movie breakfast at Tiffany’s. The clothes are going to be an altered version of the clothes worn by Audrey Hepburn in that movie.
  • Holly’s collection will be a part of the Topshop boutique and will be priced more than the other collection. The signature piece of the Holly’s collection is the Little Black dress with the pearl necklace. The dress is a combined look of the various black dresses she wore in the movie, the most famous being the one she wore to go and have breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  • The survey conducted, showed that 96% of the women gets influenced to go to a store by looking at its advertisement, out of which 51% belonged to the age group 14-24 and 49% belonged to the age group 24-35 years.
  • The survey conducted revealed that customers learn about a brand maximum by word of mouth and second by Magazines.For brands to advertise in India, the strongest source is through PR. Publicity creates hype, and hype is always fruitful in the Indian market. The best way to promote a brand in the Indian market is to have the brands presence in the fashion magazines. Topshop’s main competitor in the Indian market is Mango and Promod. They both have strong PR, and are always promoted by Vogue, Seventeen, Elle, Femina etc.
  • Radios are considered a weak medium to promote fashion brands. Fashion advertising has to be visually presented, and hence it makes radios a week medium to advertise. And thus retailers do not use radios to advertise in India.Even though retailers do not use radios to advertise in India, radios are a strong medium to advertise the promotional deals and other offerings by the brand. The survey conducted showed that 88% of the target customers, listen to radio in the car, and 84% of the target customers have a chauffeur driven car; hence they pay attention to the advertisements on the radios. According to the research done, radios form a strong medium to advertise promotional deals and events of the brand.
  • In India, many low-middle retailers like Pantaloons, Westlife, Globus etc advertise on TV. The high-street brands are not seen advertising on TV. This is due to the reason that the TV ads are short and the main purpose is to show the product and create the awareness of its usage. This is hard for a high street brand to do as it has a range of products, with only one use for which no awareness needs to be created. Also, TV ads are in between a programme the customer is watching. Hence the minute the programme starts the customer is bound to forget about the advertisement, unless it is consumer goods which is necessity for the customer. It is different for value retailers as they can advertise their stylish stock at low prices. Whereas a high-street brand can’t do that, as it does not aim at catering to that section of the society.
  • Newspapers like the delhi times, which cover all thedelhi social scenes on PAGE 3, is a very effective medium for promotion.Also, the news paper is an effective medium for advertising, as it is read by 96% of the target market.100% of the young target market agreed to be regular with this newspaper.
  • The third common answer for learning about a brand was the banners on the road. The survey revealed that 84% of the target market has chuffer driven cars, thus the customers inside the car do look around and notice the banners on the roads. The interesting point of a banner is, that it can stimulate a desire in the customer to go visit the store. A customer is on road, and hence can turn the car around to quickly visit the store after getting influenced by seeing the advertisement. This is a form of Selective attention, and it depends on which stimuli customers will notice. Being women and fashion conscious, women are bound to notice fashion adverts, especially when it’s easily reachable at that spur of the moment.
  • No brand has entered India with an ad camp which has a theme behind it. Even though Mango has used Penelope Cruise to promote its brand in India, but merchandise inspired by a legendary vintage actress is new to the Indian market.
  • Most of the movie halls are built in the shopping malls, thus advertising the brand and its offerings in the interval, would again stimulate a desire amongst the customers, and again it is easily reachable at theta spur of the moment. Again, due to the same reason, movie tickets can be used as a medium to advertise the brands offerings.
  • Selling water in bottles with their Breakfast at Topshop logos, Paper cups carrying the same logo, packets carrying the same logo is another form of creating awareness and promoting Topshop during its launch.
  • Porsche areas such as GK, VasantVihar, Malviya Nagar, Nizamudin East etc should be targeted, and catalogues should be distributed randomly to inform the customers about Topshop’s arrival and its theme Breakfast at Topshop. Even though Internet is not used as much to advertise fashion in India, Topshop should look at advertising on the internet. E-catalogues are a much cheaper way, and will be effective as the number of internet users are growing everyday in India. Sponsored link is another form of advertising, and is again to gain selective attention.
  • The launch party of the Topshop store, will take place on a Sunday morning.It will start with a fashion show showcasing the collection, followed by a Sunday brunch.Kate Moss will walk the ramp wearing the little black dress, with pearls, with a audreyhepburn hair-do and make up.
  • The launch party of the Topshop store, will take place on a Sunday morning.It will start with a fashion show showcasing the collection, followed by a Sunday brunch.The decor will be vintage, and have some elements of british flag, like the drapes on the table, chairs, floor mats etc.
  • Kate Moss will walk the ramp wearing the little black dress, with pearls, with a audreyhepburn hair-do and make up.
  • The guest list will include all the socialites of Delhi, to have a full media coverage.The dress code will be vintage.The guests will get a goody bag, containing a Breakfast at Tiffany’s dvd , Audrey hepburn t-shirt, mug and poster.
  • A counterfeit product is an imitation which infringes upon a production monopoly held by either a corporation.It is not illegal to purchase counterfeited goods, however it is illegal to manufactire them as it infringes trademarks, intellectual property rights etc.Since india is a land of cheap labour, it is very easy to get cheap tailors to copy the latest designs and sell them in small boutiques. It is also a common practice in india by many small boutiques like mazoom, muaah, nun, etc.
  • It was observed that Counterfeitting is not as big a threat to High street retailers as it is to the luxury brands.The high street retailers themselves work on a model that follows contemporary fashion and missy fashion, that is to mainstream the trends on the runway.They themselves copy the trends and designs on the runway and get to the consumers at an affordable price.True there is a threat of these designs being copied by the individual boutiques in India, however, the fast fashion model will make it difficult for the boutiques to copy a design and get it in store in 3 weeks. Topshop changes its stock as fast as 3 weeks, and hence introduces variations in the trends, thus customers want to have it first rather than get it from a boutique that will copy topshop, as they are not eve sure if that style will be available at the boutiques.
  • This figure classifies the Indian consumers. The target market of Topshop are the two top most groups, The rich and the consuming class, that forms 39% of the household in India.
  • This ad campaign in particular is designed to target the young market of 14-24, as they are into young and contemporary fashion.However, The survey revealed the 60% of the women in the age group 25-35 are house-wives, and hence are very important consumer of entertainment industry. This is the market with spending power as they spend Rs. 15000-20000 (£300-400) on leisure items. Thus they shouldn’t ignored.
  • How To Launch The Brand

    2. 2. BREAKFAST at TOPSHOP<br />INSPIRATION OF THE THEME:<br /><ul><li>Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    3. 3. Audrey Hepburn’s styles in her movies of the 60s
    4. 4. Vintage fashion- style of the 60’s
    5. 5. Chanels collection fall 2008/09-Stars</li></ul>The Theme Behind the AD campaign<br />
    6. 6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s<br /><br />
    7. 7. TIFFANY & Co<br />Tiffany's, the jewellery store for which the movie is named, plays an important part in the life of Holly Golightly. It is the only thing that can cure her of the "mean reds",that is described by her as a state of anxiety that is worse than just fear. <br />
    8. 8. TOPSHOP<br /><ul><li> Aims at doing the same as Tiffany’s.
    9. 9. Create a world of fairy-tale
    10. 10. Substitute the customers displeasure with temptation and desire of looking good.</li></ul>World of temptation and pleasures!!<br />
    11. 11. A fairy tale experience!!!!!<br />
    12. 12. RESPONSIBILITIES!!!<br />KIDS!!!!!<br />EXAMS!!!!!<br />DIVORCE!<br />BREAK UPS!!!<br />
    13. 13. Why The Theme?<br />
    14. 14.
    15. 15. When Mango Entered India<br /><ul><li>Newspapers, magazines and banners
    16. 16. India: young market with few choices
    17. 17. Hype through word of mouth</li></li></ul><li>When French connection Entered India<br /><ul><li> Entered in 2007
    18. 18. Publicity through: Lakme fashion week</li></li></ul><li> When Topshop enters India<br />Breakfast at TOPSHOP<br />
    19. 19. Breakfast at TOPSHOP<br />
    20. 20. VISUAL MERCHANDISING<br /><ul><li>Use Audrey Hepburn’s style
    21. 21. TV in the sitting area and cafe showing Audrey Hepburn’s movies and videos.
    22. 22. Powder Room- Vintage make up</li></li></ul><li>
    23. 23.
    24. 24. The Powder Room<br /><br />
    25. 25.
    26. 26. The Advertisements<br />
    27. 27.
    28. 28.
    29. 29.
    30. 30.
    31. 31.
    32. 32.
    33. 33.
    34. 34.
    35. 35.
    37. 37. Age of the 60’s<br />Today’s age<br />
    38. 38.
    39. 39. FASHION CAPITALS: Fashion innovators<br />FASHION FOLLOWERS<br />
    40. 40. INDIA<br />UK<br />In 2006<br />
    41. 41. UK<br />INDIA<br />In 2008<br />
    42. 42. What's next?<br />
    43. 43.
    44. 44. WHY AUDREY HEPBURN?<br />
    45. 45.
    46. 46.
    47. 47.
    48. 48. The Vintage Collection<br />
    49. 49.
    50. 50.
    51. 51. The Holly’s Collection<br />
    52. 52.
    53. 53.
    54. 54. ADVERTISING IN INDIA<br />
    55. 55. MEDIUM OF ADVERTISING<br /><ul><li>Magazines
    56. 56. News paper
    57. 57. TV
    58. 58. Radios</li></li></ul><li>EFFECTIVENESS OF MAGAZINES<br />STRONG<br />WEAK<br />
    59. 59. EFFECTIVENESS OF radios<br />STRONG<br /><ul><li>Considered a weak medium to advertise- NO VISUAL
    60. 60. 76% customers have chauffer driven cars
    61. 61. 88% customers listen to radios in the car
    62. 62. Pay attention to the radio ads
    63. 63. Promotional deals should be advertised</li></ul>WEAK<br />
    64. 64. EFFECTIVENESS OF <br />tv<br />STRONG<br /><ul><li>Value retailers advertise on TV: advertise their pricing
    65. 65. High-street retailers don’t advertise on TV
    66. 66. TV ads are short
    67. 67. TV ads: show the product and its usage- High street brands can not do that.
    68. 68. Scope of selective attention is less
    69. 69. Mind is easily diverted and hence ad forgotten</li></ul>WEAK<br />
    70. 70. EFFECTIVENESS OF <br />newspaper<br />STRONG<br /><ul><li> Promotion: covers social scenes on Page 3
    71. 71. 96% of the target market reads this news paper.
    72. 72. 100% of the young market, 14-25 years, are regular with this newspaper.</li></ul>WEAK<br />
    73. 73. EFFECTIVENESS OF <br />banners<br />STRONG<br /><ul><li> 76% target customers have chauffer driven cars
    74. 74. Probability to notice ad on the road: HIGH
    75. 75. AD stimulates desire- selective attention
    76. 76. Easily reachable as the customer is already outside</li></ul>WEAK<br />
    77. 77. Topshop’s innovative Advertising <br />NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE<br />
    78. 78. TOPSHOP<br />
    79. 79. Breakfast at TOPSHOP<br />
    80. 80. Breakfast at TOPSHOP<br />
    81. 81.
    82. 82. The PR event<br />Will you join us to have <br />Breakfast at Topshop?<br />
    83. 83.
    84. 84.
    85. 85. The goody bag<br />
    86. 86. Counterfeiting<br /><ul><li> Imitation of clothes
    87. 87. Illegal as it infringes trademarks, IPR etc.
    88. 88. India: cheap tailors available
    89. 89. Easy to copy designs and sell them cheaper
    90. 90. Many small boutiques: unorganized retail sector</li></li></ul><li>Counterfeiting- is it a threat?<br /><ul><li>Not a very big threat to the high street retailers
    91. 91. High street retailers: FAST FASHION
    92. 92. High street retailers: contemporary and missy fashion
    93. 93. Topshop: new stock out in three weeks
    94. 94. Gives the boutiques small time to copy the stock- small scale operation
    95. 95. Customers not sure where to buy the counterfeited garments, and weather it will be copied</li></li></ul><li>Indian<br /> consumer<br />
    96. 96.
    97. 97. Target Customer<br />
    98. 98. 14-24<br /><ul><li>Shopping is a form of entertainment- 100%
    99. 99. Have their own car in Delhi- 56%
    100. 100. Chauffer driven cars- 92%
    101. 101. Listen to radio in car- 92%
    102. 102. Gets influenced by looking at ads to visit </li></ul>the store- 96%<br /><ul><li>Brand Conscious- 52%
    103. 103. Chose quantity over quality
    104. 104. Compromise on quality over price</li></li></ul><li>24-35<br /><ul><li>Shopping is a form of entertainment- 60%
    105. 105. Have their own car in Delhi- 96%
    106. 106. Chauffer driven cars- 76%
    107. 107. Listen to radio in car- 84%
    108. 108. Gets influenced by looking at ads to visit </li></ul>the store- 92%<br /><ul><li>Brand Conscious- 68%
    109. 109. Chose quantity over quality
    110. 110. Compromise on price over quality</li></li></ul><li>Priority<br /><ul><li>Targets 14-24 in particular: young and contemporary fashion
    111. 111. 25-35: 60% housewives, biggest consumers of entertainment industry.
    112. 112. 25-35 years: high spending power</li></li></ul><li>Aim of the Ad Campaign<br /><ul><li> To get 30,000 customers within the first one month of the launch.
    113. 113. To generate a sales of $550,000 within one month of the launch.</li></li></ul><li>Financials<br />TOTAL EXPECTED SALES = $550000<br />Launch party= $ 20000<br />AD and distribution= $50000<br />PR= $50000<br />TOTAL INVESTMENT MADE= ($120,000)<br />AVERAGE MONTHLY FIXED COST= ($ 340000)<br />PROFIT = $90000<br />
    114. 114. Thank you for having Breakfast <br />at<br />TOPSHOP<br />