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Rebranding Of World Space Radio
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Rebranding Of World Space Radio


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Rebranding of WorldSpace Radio in India

Rebranding of WorldSpace Radio in India

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  • 1. Rebranding of World Space Satellite Radio
    New Media Assignment submitted to Prof. SameerAsht
    NehaPatodiya (41)
    Manvi Gupta (31)
    MBA (PR)
  • 2. 1WorldSpace
    Founded in 1990 by Noah A. Samara, its Chairman and CEO
    Targeted towards the emerging markets of Asia and Africa
    First and only company with rights to the world's globally allocated spectrum for digital satellite radio covering over 130 countries including India and China, all of Africa and the Middle East and most of Western Europe
    Currently, 1worldspace broadcasts 62 channels - 38 of which are content provided by international, national and regional third parties and 24 1worldspace-branded stations produced by or for 1worldspace
    1worldspace's program directors and radio jockeys operate from studios in Washington, DC, Bangalore, India and Nairobi, Kenya, where 18 original music and lifestyle channels are created for distribution
  • 3. About 1WorldSpace
    • To inform, entertain, educate and inspire people from all walks of life — all over the world — through the far-reaching power and versatility of satellite communication
    • A truly global community where every person not only has reliable, affordable access to the greatest variety of music, sports, news and programming — delivered over a clear, digital signal — but also has the freedom to share their own voice and influence programming
    • Provide an open forum of communication
    • 4. Embrace all forms of expression
    • 5. Respect cultural and social differences
    • 6. Leverage technology to drive positive change
    • 7. Work in global teams, for the good of all
    • 8. Are accountable for everything we do
    • 9. Create value for our customers, while maximizing value for our shareholders
  • WorldSpace India
    WorldSpace made its entry into the Indian market in the year 2000.
    The receivers introduced for the service of world reputed brands like Hitachi, National Panasonic, Sanyo and JVC.
    The service demanded purchase of an equipment priced at Rs. 2000 along with an annual subscription of around Rs1,800.
    95% of the subscribers to the service are from India.
    At this time, CD players, CDs and music systems were expensive and there was immense scope for expansion for a radio service.
    However due to inadequate branding and marketing activities, WorldSpace showed poor financial performance in India.
    WorldSpacedecided to terminate its services in India on 31st December 2009.
  • 10. Channels in India
  • 11. WorldSpace Current Branding
  • 12. What Went Wrong?
    Financial Standpoint:
    • The main reason for the termination was the refusal of US based Liberty Media-the buyer of much of WorldSpace’s global assets to buy the WorldSpace assets relating to - and supporting - its subscription business in India.
    • 13. Liberty Media has bought out WorldSpace’s liabilities from its creditors and currently holds a 40% stake in Sirius XM Radio with which it is planning to introduce a global satellite radio through a joint venture.
    Consumers Standpoint:
    • A considerably high price of Rs. 2000 for the equipment required for the service.
    • 14. A subscription cost of 900 Rupees for six months being a very big amount for an ordinary INDIAN, which restricts it from reaching towards the masses.
    • 15. It has made a wave only among IT professionals, executives, hotels, shopping malls, and bars, etc resulting in limited reach of the service.
    • 16. Introduction of PrasarBharati's new policy resulted in a lot of FM stations mushrooming in all states of Indiagiving WorldSpace a tough competition.
    • 17. All other similar services like DTH, TATA SKY, Dish TV etc also have very less subscription charges making WorldSpace less popular among the masses.
    Lack of adequate marketing strategies
  • 18. Relaunch
    To capture the growing satellite service industry in India and establish WorldSpace as the market leader
    Product Offering:
    WorldSpace will now come at an affordable price of Rs.1499 for the basic set with:
    • Monthly Subscription @ Rs. 100
    • 19. Half Yearly Subscription @ Rs. 550
    • 20. Yearly Subscription @ Rs. 1000
    Mobile and Internet Radio: WorldSpace will now also be available on Mobiles and through Internet Radio
    Fresh new content with more variety and range
  • 21. Rebranding Strategy
    To brand WorldSpace as a new age, convenient and versatile mode of entertainment for the classes and the masses.
    Branding Tools:
    • Online Branding and Promotions.
    • 22. PR & Events
    Target Audience:
    • School and College Students, Working Professionals, Housewives and any one who loves Music.
    • 23. Cafes, Lounges, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Offices, Malls, Hotels, Art Galleries etc.
    ---Tune in----
  • 24. The campaign
    Phase 1
    Phase 1 will include an online teaser campaign through popups to create a buzz before the relaunch of WorldSpace
    Duration: One month
    Phase 2
    Phase 2 will include a range of online promotions in order to reach our target audience and create a favorably buzz in the market.
  • 25. Online Branding:
    • India Specific Website
    • 26. A funky and interactive India Specific website
    • 27. Content of the website will be centered around the various genres of music WorldSpace offers
    • 28. It will have listings of musical concerts/events taking place in various cities of India
    • 29. It will feature musical charts like the US Top 10, UK Top 10, Billboard etc with names of the WorldSpace stations where these songs can be heard
    • 30. Users can vote for their favorite songs and artists and post and share their comments with other users
    SEO and SEM will be used to increase WorldSpacevisibility. This will ensure the listing of WorldSpace website whenever keywords like music, internet radio, radio etc will be searched on google
    • Blog
    • 31. A professional blog will be created to promote the brand
    • 32. It will ensure target customer participation with the brand by encouraging them to write their own blogs
    • 33. Live in studio performance on radio
    • 34. Indian and International Artists will be called upon to perform live on radio
    • 35. Promote upcoming artists
    • 36. New artists can upload music made by them on the WorldSpace website and visitors can rate their work and comment
  • Online Branding:
    • RJ Hunt for WorldSpace: “World’s Best RJ” Contest India will be introduced in which contestants will be required to upload their recordings on the website. These will which will be judged by Industry Veterans and the winner will be offered to become a WorldSpace RJ in India
    • 37. Musical Talent Hunt: A music talent hunt will be organized where new and upcoming artists can upload their music on the website and these will be voted by the audiences/visitors. WorldSpace will give a special prize and contract to the artists with the highest votes
    Social Networking:
    • WorldSpace will be promoted through fan clubs on social netwroking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn, BigAddaetc
    • 38. WorldSpace will form a tie up with Zynga Games and launch a game called “MusicVille” on Facebook
    • 39. Internet Radio:
    • 40. WorldSpace will offer its listeners an online subscription to its Internet radio
  • Why will our idea click???
    Emphasis on customer interaction across all our online branding will ensure higher brand recall and visibility
    Reducing the price of the player and the subscription amount will make WorldSpace affordable for the masses resulting in increased sales
    Uses of new media tools like social networking websites, blogs etc will help us reach our target audience more effectively
    By venturing in the mobile radio segment, WorldSpace will penetrate the market better
    The change in tagline will give the brand a funky, young and casual feel creating the desired brand inage
    New content mix will cater to the taste of a larger audience in India
  • 41. Thank You