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Smart Code Examples

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Smart Code Examples

  1. 1. Manvel Highway Mixed-Use OverlayTexas Smart Code Examples<br />1. Leander,TX SmartCodeThe Leander SmartCode is a complete SmartCode calibration for a specific district in Leander Texas. This replaces the base zoning in that area. In addition to the full SmartCode, the Leander Code includes detailed architectural overlay standards. Those standards may be more appropriate for the SH-6 Overlay, but are useful examples nonetheless. This code is a particularly good example because it contains connectivity standards, and it illustrates the development patterns that would result from adherence to the code.<br />How it relates to Manvel: Provides connectivity standards and illustrations of possible development scenarios that are results of adhering to the code.<br />2. Mesquite, TX Truman Heights Revitalization CodeThis code also specifically replaces the existing zoning in a limited area. This code has several good ideas. First, the code specifically uses the terminology from the broader SmartCode, even though it only selects certain terms to employ. For instance, the revitalization area is specifically identified as containing T-1 and T-4 zones, though it could have been re-labeled as simply “natural zone” and “urban zone.” This allows the code to easily blend with a future implementation of city-wide Smart Code, a particular concern of Manvel’s. The code also includes xeriscape provisions, which Manvel might be interested in.<br />How it relates to Manvel: Written to easily blend with future overall ordinance re-write and has xeriscape provisions that help lessen the burden on the water systems by using plants that are native to the local climate and doesn’t introduce potential harmful non-indigenous plant life to the area. <br />3. El Paso, TX Smart CodeThis code is constructed as an optional alternative to the existing development code throughout the city. The biggest strength is the illustrations that are provided explaining the difference in allowable density and reduced parking requirements that are available for developers who choose to make use of the alternate code.<br />How it relates to Manvel: Very graphic, provides visual explanations of elements of the ordinance that help developers understand the desired look and feel the city wishes to have.<br />4. Hutto, TX Downtown Master PlanThis smart code implementation is for a fast-growing rural town outside of Austin, TX. Hutto specifically has a massive regional road (US 79) and a railroad track going through the middle of its city center. The plan specifies phased infrastructure investments and joint development opportunities to invigorate and urbanize the city’s core in a way that promotes and protects its role as the heart of a rural, small-town community.<br />How it relates to Manvel: Hutto is very similar to Manvel in regards to its site and situation. Has established parameters for phasing and joint partnerships that enhance its rural character.<br />5. Forth Worth, TX Mixed-Use Zoning Standards<br />This ordinance provides detailed landscaping, parking, and block length requirements for mixed-use projects as a way to enhance promote connectivity, the pedestrian realm and create a distinct sense of place. <br />How it relates to Manvel: Provides base standards for block lengths and how site design promotes the pedestrian realm and creating a distinct sense of place. <br />6. Denton, TX Zoning Districts and Limitations<br />This ordinance takes a more rural approach to mixed use, ensuring existing residential uses are protected via setbacks and buffering. It also distinguishes between community scale and regional scale projects. More typical zoning based as opposed to introducing SmartCode principles, but outlines allowable functions well.<br />How it relates to Manvel: Sets parameters for protecting existing residential uses which Manvel has stated was a major goal in creating and enforcing the Highway mixed-use district.<br />