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Team Management
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Team Management



"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work a company work, a society work, a civilization work." --Vince Lombardi

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work a company work, a society work, a civilization work." --Vince Lombardi



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    Team Management Team Management Presentation Transcript

    • Team ManagementNot a job, it’s aN art….
    • You Matter!!!•Team Leaders arethose who lead theteam all the times ofUps & Downs.•A high degree ofcustomer satisfaction isexpected from TeamLeaders before THETEAM.•You are answerable tomany Heads beforeTHE TEAM. SO YOU MATTER!!!!!
    • Roles ofInspirational Leaders
    • Set and Communicate Clear Standards!!!Do Not Manipulate The Things in terms of , Accuracy, Behavior, Appearance and Good Customer Service. Staff need to know what you expect from them… STANDARDS SHOULD BE SAME FOR “ALL”.
    • Capture and Share Examples of Really Great ServiceRecognition to the individual who delivered good services. It helps others to learn and to build confidence…Motivate, Appreciate One but Don’t Criticize Others..
    • Treat Staff as You Treat Your Customers…Happy Staff Lead to Happy Customers.Motivate and RETAIN good staff. Turnover is expensive, both in recruitment and training costs, as well as in respect of lost experience.They want to feel valued, so think about ways to give them positive feedback. Build A Sense of Pride….
    • Build Strong Relationships.Create a “Go Together “ Feeling. Make them feel that You understand their issues, You are concerned about their well being…Understand that “ Together Everyone Achieve More”Teams do not have to be friends, but there does need to be mutual respect and trust for high performance levels…..
    • Prepare Yourself as “The Facilitator”Be in a positive state of Mind. Help Them When They Need, Answer Them When They Ask.Understand that Improvement may take a little more time than EXPECTED…
    • .Criticize the Behavior, Not the Person.Do not criticize one in front of others. Everybody has a self respect..React Aggressively but DoN’t Get Angry.be Loud but doN’ t shout.
    • “The key to being a good leader is keepingthe negative people away from those whoare still undecided.” „Casey Stengel‟
    • Provide an Inspirational Vision &Strategic Alignment. Passionately believe that you and your team make a huge difference in company‟s growth and image. Try to lift up your teams‟ spirit through motivating them by all possible means. Remember that Motivational Factors are Different for All.
    • Help Your Team to Connect TheirPersonal Goals to Company‟s Goals. • You Perform Better Profile. • Company Grows= You Grow. • Company „s Profit = Your Incentive. • Satisfied Customer More Business Company‟s Growth Your Growth
    • Involve Everyone, Empower & Trust Employees.• Develop Emotional Intelligence.• Try to show their the desired fruit to all of your team members.• Leverage others to utilize their maximum skills.• Enhance the skills of your team.• Celebrate every small victory.
    • Dont Provide All the Answers – LetThem Think & Keep an Eye on Them.. You are the Leader. But You don’t have amonopoly on all of the good ideas. If your team is hesitant to make decisions without asking your opinion first, you havent properly empowered them. Change Your Tactics.Allow them to make small mistake, they will make wise decisions a day, they will give you good results a day….