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BF SKINNER - Behavior Learning Theory

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BF SKINNER - Behavior Learning Theory …

BF SKINNER - Behavior Learning Theory
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Manuel Plascencia
Ashton Potter

More in: Education , Technology
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  • 1. B.F. SKINNER Behavior Learning Theory Manuel Plascencia Ashton Potter
  • 2. ABOUT SKINNER Born March 20, 1904 Susquehanna, Pennsylvania Credited for “Behavior Learning Theory”
  • 3. ABOUT SKINNER Born March 20, 1904 Susquehanna, Pennsylvania Credited for “Behavior Learning Theory”
  • 4. WORK BEFORE IDT Experimented with Rats and Pigeons Project Pigeon AKA “Project Orcon” Concepts Reinforcement Feedback Behavior Objects Practice
  • 6. WORK IN IDT Experience during “Fathers Day” Developed a learning machine Developed adaptive learning machine
  • 7. BEHAVIOR LEARNING THEORY EXAMPLE 1 Lets say a teacher wrote an equation such as 4 + 3 = on the chalkboard. And I chose one of my students to give an answer. If that student would answer 8. Now if no FEEDBACK and REINFORCEMENT is given for the correct answers, the student and class could continue believing that 4 + 3 is indeed 8. How helpful would that be to learning if the students are not told that this is incorrect. This is where Skinnerʼs research helped the learning process. He believed that positive or negative FEEDBACK must be REINFORCED immediately. Only in this way can the learner know if the BEHAVIOR OBJECTIVE that was required from him or her was correct.
  • 8. BEHAVIOR LEARNING THEORY EXAMPLE 2 Lets say I wanted to find out the latest scores on a game. I know to navigate to ESPN.com, because my experience for finding scores has been good on that site. ESPN.COM has REWARDED me with getting those scores fast and easy, and this is REINFORCED every time I go there. Therefor my BEHAVIOR has been SHAPED by this website to go to them because i am quickly REWARDED. Now lets say LATIMES.COM who makes it harder to navigate and doesn't have the up to the minute scores. This would effect my BEHAVIOR, lack of scores on LATIMES would REINFORCE my BEHAVIOR of not going there , because they don’t REWARD you.