Investigation and research


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Investigation and research

  1. 1. Investigation and Research GUIDING QUESTIONS: These were my questions to make a great poster that will attract the people to go to the event. What can I use to make a good poster? Use big letters, so people can read it. Use light color to make the poster eyecatching I will also not use funky fonts because it might be too hard to see from far away. Make many pictures and don't read the poster with too much info. Have some big pictures, so people will get excited for it. Just support all the keynotes, by not writing too much. The spelling obviously has to be right ad also get feedback of your poster after you made a rough draft. The writing must be balanced. People have to read it, see it from far away. The setup and the writing is fundamental in a poster. This is the only way I can make a successful poster. How is a poster structured? The poster has to advertise the event your work is acknowledged on. Presenting your poster allows you to interact with people who have question or are interested about the event. A poster has to allow you to get detail. This will all be done with a good layout, title, overview, abstract, results, references, and acknowledgements. Give some thought to the reader how he navigates through it. Keep short with not too much information. Long sentences are not allowed. Make the title the most visual thing on the poster (the biggest). You have to have written the w’s for all the information. Keep it short with no long words or sentences. Have several people read over your abstract and let them give you comments. Make sure that figures, graphs, images, or pictures are large enough for the people to
  2. 2. see from far away. The color and the shapes need to match with the written words and with the fonts you have used. If you have the right structure you are sure the poster will be great. What should I do to make the poster eye-catching? A good poster will have a clear aim on the event and on the purpose. We have to draw attention to the people to make the read the poster. For example you can use bait messages to catch the readers in. You have to use all the space in the poster effectively with good quality images or good quality illustrations. Images and Illustrations are always eye-catching. Posters have to be large and so you need to be sure that you use this advantage to make the message as large and visible as possible. Always keep a poster very simple without many huge sentences. If you use all these steps you will make a great eye-catching poster to draw people’s attention. Should I make the poster black and white or colorful? After looking at some black and white posters and colorful posters I truly decided to create a colorful poster. It is more interesting to see a poster colorful. Itis better because dark letters will make it tiring and hard to read. Like I found before, if a poster wants to draw people’s attention easily I will have to use easy nice bright colors and good fonts. Anyways, a poster cannot get to colorful. It can hurt people’s eyes if something is too bright and colorful. I cannot use too many colors, but I can use some colors. With a colorful poster I am sure I will concede to a fabulous poster and have success.
  3. 3. Which software should I use to make the poster? I will use Microsoft Publisherfor a poster. This software is meant for posters and you have many different affects you can put on images or words. I really like all the affects you can try and see for the poster. For Example: Shadowing, see-through, 3D effect, and many more. There is also any color you want and you put it on the poster. You can change the whole poster with a random effect of color. If a color is to boring for you, then you change the brightness of a color or you make it darker and the whole poster will change. After you finished your successful poster, you can also print it very easily anyhow you want it because you can change every single millimeter of the print setup. Microsoft Publisher will make a fantastic poster and will help me a lot. Explain what the use is of the poster? A poster is there to advertise an event. Without posers events wouldn’t even happen because all the people going to the event first read a poster of it. Without posters people couldn’t have anything to read about it and they don’t know it is happening, so they obviously don’t go. Adults, children and students have to come to the event, so we advertise this with posters. The posters will attract people to first read them, and then they will be so excited they will want to go to the show. Without posters, people won’t know where to go and will have no info. Instead, with eye-catching posters, people will start reading them and they will know it’s a great event. They are going to come and have fun watching the shows. The use of a poster is that important because it advertises the whole show. Otherwise, it will be cancelled and we don’t want that.
  4. 4. How could I improve the poster after having started the questions above? First of all I would ask my teachers, friends, parents and other students to comment on my poster. They can tell me what I should change or what they like or do not like. Then, after listening to their comments, I would change what they wanted me to change. Before asking them though, it is fundamental to check spelling, info, poor figures, and if there is noconstant structure. I would also ask teachers for their comments because they are always right about everything. They can help me a lot with assignments, exercises, or posters. They could check everything for me and make some improvements. Then after asking everyone and checking my rough draft, I would start my final draft of the poster. Then, I am sure that the final poster will be perfect.
  5. 5. Bibliography 1. Website: %20making%20posters%20-.pdf 2. Website: 3. Website: 4. Website: 5. Website: 6. Website:*/50161 I am half German, so I chose these German books, so they could help with the poster and the Guiding Questions. The first book is both German and translated in English. The second book is only German. 1. Book: Plakate- Posters. by: Dieter Urban. Novum Presse. Buch Bruckmann. 2. Book: Monografie des Plakats. by: Herbert Schwindler. Sueddeutscher Verlag.