Airports, are you wasting money building your own mobile app


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Why build mobile apps when you can join the Streamthru airport network, share mobile infrastructure with other like minded airports whilst retaining control over the passenger experience and revenue for trips through your airport.

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Airports, are you wasting money building your own mobile app

  1. 1. AIRPORTS ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP? © 2010 Mantic Point Solutions Ltd e: w:© 2010 Mantic Point Solutions Ltd v1.0
  2. 2. AIRPORTS: ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP? want from an app, are you certain what benefits youEVERYONE WANTS AN APP want to get from an app, do you know which platforms to support, do you know how to makeAccording to, a Smartphone is a device your app stand out in a crowded app store?that lets you make telephone calls, but also addsfeatures that you might find on a personal digital These are all natural concerns, which we aim toassistant or a computer. address in the next few pages. So, read on to find out a little more about: the Smartphone market, whatSmartphones also let you download and run travelers really want from a mobile travel app, whatapplications or apps. And, since the launch of Apple’s you want from a mobile travel app, and what’s theiPhone and its App Store, it seems like everyone best way for you to use apps to engage yourwants an app. customers.A number of airports have launched their own apps. Hopefully, we’ll help you decide if building your ownYou may well be considering launching an app, too. mobile app is a good idea or a waste of money.If so, are you concerned about the cost of developingan app, are you clear what your customers actually© 2010 Mantic Point Solutions Ltd Page|2 v1.0
  3. 3. AIRPORTS: ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP?HOW BIG IS THE SMARTPHONE MARKET? It’s clear to see that Smartphones are a significant part of many traveler’s lives. After all, travel andThe Smartphone market is going from strength to mobile were made for each other . And, mobile is astrength. Analyst IDC predicts the global Smartphone great way for you to engage your customer’s whenmarket will grow by 55% in 2010, with an impressive they’re on the move.269 million new handsets shipped, representing18.3% of all phones sold this year. WHAT ARE THE MAIN PLATFORMS?And, when we look specifically at travel, we see that Smartphone’s aren’t just about Apple’s iPhone. InSmartphone adoption is even higher. For example, fact, this sector is still dominated by Nokia, but youPhocusWright’s latest survey shows the level of would be forgiven for not knowing this, because mostSmartphone ownership by frequency of travel: media coverage focuses on the US market where, curiously, Nokia has an insignificant market share. Leisure Business1-2 Trips / Year 35% 49% When you think about developing mobile apps you3-4 Trips / Year 39% 58%5+ Trips / Year 50% 75% are best thinking in terms of platforms (or operating systems). IDC’s forecast for 2010 suggests that theSource: PhocusWright’s Consumer Technology Survey 2010 top 4 platforms cover 89% of the market.© 2010 Mantic Point Solutions Ltd Page|3 v1.0
  4. 4. AIRPORTS: ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP?Operating System 2010 Market Share  If you have a large number of businessSymbian (Nokia) 40.1% travelers passing through your airport, youBlackberry OS (RIM) 17.9%Android (Google) 16.3% probably have a large population ofIOS (Apple) 14.7% Blackberry users, too.Windows Mobile (Microsoft) 6.8%Others 4.2 %Total 100.0% So, when you prioritize platforms, you need to dig beneath the headline figures to understand which areSource: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker,September 7, 2010 the most popular handsets with your target audience.However, when you prioritize platforms for yourapps, market share isn’t the only consideration. Forexample:  Although IDC ranks Apple 4th for market share, Apple certainly has the most successful App Store whether measured in terms of the number of apps available or the number of downloads.© 2010 Mantic Point Solutions Ltd Page|4 v1.0
  5. 5. AIRPORTS: ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP?THINK LIKE A TRAVELLER Our approach is to consider what types of passenger pass through your airport, and what help they maySo, if you’re going to use an app to communicate with need.your customers, what information should you share Here, we’ll consider 4 types of traveler:with them?Well, the first thing to say, is don’t just replicate your  The departing localweb-site in a mobile app.  The arriving visitor  The transit passengerWhen travelers visit your airport, they’re on the  The meeter / greetermove, if they open your app they’re looking forspecific information. THE DEPARTING LOCALSo, what type of information should we share with Assuming retail is a major source of revenue for you,our travelers? And, what benefits do you, the airport, then you probably want to help this group negotiatewant to gain by engaging through mobile? your airport in as stress-free a manner as possible and encourage them to visit your shops, bars and restaurants.© 2010 Mantic Point Solutions Ltd Page|5 v1.0
  6. 6. AIRPORTS: ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP?  50% uplift in average transaction value on a tax and duty free campaign To engage with your departing locals, you may want to provide them with:  Flight status Sample customer journey: a departing local (airport  Terminal check (for multi-terminal airports) touch-points highlighted)  List of alternate flights in the case of delaysYour retail partners should be eager to target and  Road traffic conditionscommunicate their special offers to these passengers  Airport terminal guide + maps (shops, bars,on departure day. And, targeted, timely offers can be restaurants, services, etc)hugely successful.  Security wait times  Way-finding to gateFor example, we’ve seen:  Save parking reminder for return journey  10% redemption rates on foreign currency campaigns© 2010 Mantic Point Solutions Ltd Page|6 v1.0
  7. 7. AIRPORTS: ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP?On their return, you’ll probably want to share On arrival, you probably want to help them leave thebaggage reclaim details, parking reminder and road airport as smoothly as possible, making them awaretraffic conditions. of their ground transport options, andTHE ARRIVING VISITOR The types of information you’d share includes:You’ll typically have 2 interactions with this group of  Baggage reclaim updatesusers. When they arrive at your airport for the start  Airport guides + maps (how to leave theof their trip and when they return to your airport on airport)the way home. On their departure for home, you probably want to help the traveler negotiate what may be an unfamiliar airport to them and to encourage them to visit your shops, bars and restaurants. Your concession holders will most likely want to target and communicate a small number of offers toSample customer journey: an arriving visitor (airport these travelers. touch-points highlighted)© 2010 Mantic Point Solutions Ltd Page|7 v1.0
  8. 8. AIRPORTS: ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP?The types of information this group would find useful restaurants. You probably also want to allow yourincludes: concession holders to share their special offers with target groups of transit passengers.  Flight status  Terminal check (for multi-terminal airports)  List of alternate flights in the case of delays  Airport terminal guide + maps (shops, bars, restaurants, services, etc)  Security wait times  Way-finding to gate Sample customer journey: a transit passenger (airportTHE TRANSIT PASSENGER touch-points highlighted)You probably want to ensure the time the transit The types of information you could provide includes:passenger spends in your airport is as stress-free as  Connecting flight statuspossible, and for travelers on a longer layover you  Connection guide between terminalswant to encourage them to visit your shops, bars, and  List of alternate flights in the case of delays© 2010 Mantic Point Solutions Ltd Page|8 v1.0
  9. 9. AIRPORTS: ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP?  Airport terminal guide + maps (shops, bars, pick-up area. So, is an app the best way to serve the restaurants, services, etc) needs of this group? Could an SMS (text messaging)  Way-finding to gate service with flight status do the job more effectively?THE MEETER/GREETER Tip: take-up of this type of service tends to improve when the meter/greeter has the ability to registerPerhaps your goal with this group is to encourage flights in advance, ideally through your web-site.them to park-up and to buy a coffee.The types of information you could provide to helpmeters and greeters includes:  Flight status  Short-term parking options  Food / drink offersHowever, a large part of this group are likely to betaxi drivers trying to time their run to your arrivals© 2010 Mantic Point Solutions Ltd Page|9 v1.0
  10. 10. AIRPORTS: ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP?WHAT ELSE DO TRAVELERS WANT? recommendations for places to visit, find out what’s on locally, check the local weather, etc)? And whatWe’ve considered some of the ways in which you about the other airports they fly to and through,could provide useful content to your customers to won’t they need apps from them, too?encourage them to use your app. And, when So, why would the traveler download your app?customers are using your app, we’ve seen how you What makes your app stand out from the crowd?can educate them about the shops, cafes, bars,restaurants, bureau de change and other servicesavailable to them … and, how you can target specificpromotions to specific types of traveler to boostretail revenue.But, we also need to remember that the traveler whopasses through your airport is on a trip. Critically, youonly interact with them for a part of their journey.What information will they need at other points intheir trip (e.g. check their itinerary, get© 2 0 1 0 M a n t i c P o i n t S o l u t i o n s L t d P a g e | 10 v1.0
  11. 11. AIRPORTS: ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP?THE REALITY OF BUILDING YOUR OWN APP DO YOU REALLY NEED YOUR OWN APP?If you agree that for your app to be useful it needs to If your app project is a vanity project, so you can saysupport the needs of travelers throughout their trip, that your airport’s brand has a presence in one ofthen you probably realize that developing such an more App Stores, then you will need your own app,app will be costly. and that’s fine.Realistically, you’re looking at a 50,000 – 100,000 Some very large airports will feel they need to haveEuros or Dollars to get your basic app developed on their own presence in the App Stores, and that’s fine,one platform. Then you’ll incur further costs as you too.look to support other platforms, too. For these airports, the choice is to commission theirAnd, when you consider that today there’s not just an own app or to create their own version of an existingapp for this and an app for that- there’s a whole load white-label app.of apps for this and another whole load of apps for But, if you are more concerned with customerthat too –could you be about to make a big, risky experience, growing your retail revenue, and returninvestment with no guarantee of a return? on investment – do you really need your own app?© 2 0 1 0 M a n t i c P o i n t S o l u t i o n s L t d P a g e | 11 v1.0
  12. 12. AIRPORTS: ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP?Or, is it more important to retain editorial control By 2002 over 300 real estate agents listed theirover the content travelers see about your airport and properties on Righmove’s web-site and by 2007 thisto manage which promotional offers are seen by had grown to over 12,000 agents. Today, over 90% oftravelers when they’re passing though your airport? all homes for sale in the UK are listed on Rightmove and over 40 million people visit the site each month.If it’s the latter, then there are parallels and lessonswe can learn from the real estate industry. This has created in Rightmove’s words “a virtuous circle” in which home hunters have access to theLEARNING FROM THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY broadest selection of UK properties and agents can access the largest number of home hunters. A VIRTUOUS CIRCLE FOR AIRPORTS is the UKs number one property TRAVELERS?website. Launched in 2000 on the premise thathome movers don’t want to visit lots of individual What if a similar virtuous circle existing for travelersreal estate agent sites, Rightmove aims to be the one and airport operators?place where UK home movers can find details of allproperties available to buy or rent.© 2 0 1 0 M a n t i c P o i n t S o l u t i o n s L t d P a g e | 12 v1.0
  13. 13. AIRPORTS: ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP?What if there was an app which provided airports Would you be intrigued? Would you want to learnwith access to the widest number of travelers and more?which provided travelers with the widest range of If so, please contact us to find out more.content for their entire trip?Imagine if travelers could download this one app thatwas supported by and promoted by multiple airportsand was available on all the major app stores.Imagine if the traveler could add trips from anyairport, to any airport … but … when someonetravelled from your airport, the app behaved like achameleon, changing to use your branding, to showyour official airport guide, and to allow your retailersto target their promotions.And, what if this app offered a low-cost route for youto go mobile?© 2 0 1 0 M a n t i c P o i n t S o l u t i o n s L t d P a g e | 13 v1.0
  14. 14. AIRPORTS: ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP?ABOUT MANTIC POINT using proven SMS, mobile-web applications, and native mobile applications.Mantic Point designed, built, and operates Existing clients include Air New Zealand, Amadeus,StreamThru, a mobile travel assistant which provides BAA Heathrow Airport, Bristol Airport, Holiday Extras,up-to-date travel information to holidaymakers and Manchester Airport, Opodo and travelers through their mobile phones.StreamThru updates travelers automatically with WHAT OTHERS SAYtimely, personalized information about their trip, StreamThru was highlighted by Nokia as one of theincluding flight information, weather forecasts, traffic top-5 travel applications in their Ovi store for in oneupdates, itinerary reminders, destination information of their recent marketing campaignsand even quizzes to help pass the time. On the StreamThru IPHONE App:StreamThru is available in white-label form to helptravel companies keep in touch with their customerswhile they are on the move, providing up-to-the-minute, personalized travel information, which isdelivered direct to the customers mobile phone© 2 0 1 0 M a n t i c P o i n t S o l u t i o n s L t d P a g e | 14 v1.0
  15. 15. AIRPORTS: ARE YOU WASTING MONEY BUILDING YOUR OWN MOBILE APP?“StreamThru … takes all the best parts of many other CONTACT UStravel apps, and turns it into a single all-in-oneassistant … the best part is the amazing amount ofinformation included inside the app” Mantic Point Solutions LtdGadling, June 14 ,2010 Round Foundry Media Centre Foundry StreetOn the StreamThru NOKIA App: Leeds LS11 5QP UK email: web:“…the simple approach to flight information withweather, flight status and local guide makes and: www.streamthru.comStreamThru an integrated and complete resource fortravelers, especially given how you can access all theinformation offline when you reach your destination”Symbian Guru, April 6, 2010© 2 0 1 0 M a n t i c P o i n t S o l u t i o n s L t d P a g e | 15 v1.0